25Jun 2018

You know what they say – “Happiness is a warm puppy”

If you have never been loved by a dog, you’re missing out on something really great. There’s a reason why dogs are referred to as Man’s best friend. And there is no better way to return that affection to your little pooch than taking him out for a sniff along a trail.

Best Dog Friendly Walking Trails Within 20 miles of Northampton, PA - PART 2 - Image1

Dogs are required to be leashed on most of the trails. Do not forget to carry water for your pet, and plastic bags as well to clean up after them. SassyDogFashions offers a stylish must-have Dog Walker Bag to carry all the stuff when heading out for walks, hikes, and hangouts. You can carry water, doodoo bags, cell phone and more in the bag while keeping your hands-free during the trail adventure.

Dog Walker Bag

Read on to know the best dog-friendly walking and hiking trails within 20-mile radius of Northampton, PA.

D & L Trail – Lehigh Canal (South)

(Bethlehem, PA)


You and your dog can access the trailhead at Bethlehem Sand Island located behind the Depot Restaurant and behind the Ice House 56 River St, Bethlehem, PA 18018.

D & L Trail - Lehigh Canal

Bethlehem is one of the two largest cities on the D&L Trail. The trail is paved for the first few miles before reverting to crushed-stone surface. As you and your canine sidekick pedal through the trail, you’ll have a look at the impressive Bethlehem steel sacks across the river. Once one of the largest steel manufacturers in the country, the site is now home to a popular entertainment and cultural events venue.

D&L Trail – Hugh Moore Park Trailhead

(Easton, PA)


D&L Trail - Hugh Moore Park Trailhead

The Hugh Moore Park Trailhead is located along the D&L Trail spur at 2750 Hugh Moore Park Road, Easton, PA 18042. This trail spur ultimately leads to National Canal Museum, Canal Boat Rides, and D&L National Heritage Corridor offices. There’s ample parking space available in the Hugh Moore Park lot. You can reach the D&L Trail spur by walking away from the Lehigh River and toward the canal at the back of the parking lot.

Hugh Moore Bark Dog Park in Easton, PA

Hugh Moore Bark Dog Park in Easton, PA

Dog Owners have Easton’s best, new spacious dog park where they can take their dogs to socialize with other dogs and even have a cookout BEFORE they hop on the trail. Located right inside the entry of Hugh Moore Park is a brand new dog park that just opened last month. Regulations are posted and dog owners are responsible for doodoo cleanup. Whether your dog is big or small, he now can have the time of his life at Easton’s Hugh Moore Bark.

D&L Trail – Lehigh Canal (South)

(Easton, PA)


D&L Trail – Lehigh Canal (South)

The trailhead can be accessed at 220 S Delaware Drive, Easton, PA 18042. Starting at the southern end, this section of the D&L trail is the longest – spanning 60 miles from Bristol to Easton. The crushed-stone towpath dates back to the canal-building era of the early and mid-1800s. Along the trail, you will find canal locks, aqueducts, and other historical structures. A popular stop among trail users is the Locktender’s House and Lock 11 in New Hop mainly to explore the historical roots.

D & L Trail – Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail

(Weatherly, PA)


You can unload the dogs at South Lehigh Gorge Drive, Weatherly, PA 18255. The Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail cuts through 4,500 acres of river gorge parkland along the Lehigh River. The 26-mile trail features river views on one side and scattered waterfalls on the other side. A scenic view for you and your little one to enjoy. About a mile into the crushed-stone route will lead you to a renovated iron bridge that supports bicycle and pedestrian users.

D & L Trail - Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail

Lehigh Gorge Trail

(Jim Thorpe, PA)

Jim Thorpe

The Lehigh Gorge Trail links downtown Jim Thorpe with the gorgeous Lehigh Gorge State Park. You can explore the trail along with your little pooch; however, do not forget to keep him on a leash. Hike along the trail and enjoy a day surrounded by mother nature. You can also take a relaxing ride through the natural wonders in the beautiful Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway.

Lehigh Gorge Trail

So, where do you head out for some tail-wagging adventure near Northampton? Do let us know in the comments section below!

23Jun 2018

Whether you’re heading out for an early morning walk or simply to meet Mother Nature head-on, there are a lot of great hiking trails that you can explore with your little pooch within 20 miles of Northampton, PA. From easy park trails to adventurous hiking through forests and scenic river, there’s something for everyone to enjoy a good hike.

But before you get all excited and embark on these hiking trails, make sure you have taken all the necessary precautions for the safety of your canine buddy. Do not forget to carry all the must-have stuff like dog leash, dog harness, and of course, the dog walker bag.

Dog Walker Bag

You can buy this really stylish and handy bag exclusively at SassyDogFashions. With the Dog Walker Bag, you can keep your hands-free, to manage your dog and the leash while exploring the adventurous hiking. With this handy pet accessory, it’s easy to mindful about doodoo cleanup wherever you go but it’s especially useful for the trail.

Time to get your tail on the trail! Here’s a compiled list of best pet-friendly trails near Northampton that you’re sure to love.

D&L Trail – Canal Street Park

(Northampton, PA)


D&L Trail – Canal Street Park

The Canal Street Park trail connects Cementon to Northampton via a share the road portion across Route 329 Bridge. In Northampton, walkers, runners, and cyclists are encouraged to use the paved trail through Canal Street Park. The trail extends down to Catasauqua where they are working on improvements to be completed in 2020.


Do not miss the Nor-Bath Trail connection at the southern end of Northampton Canal Street Park! Trail users can follow 10th Street for about 0.2 miles, carefully cross Main Street at the new crosswalk and you’ll be on a new section of Nor-Bath Trail that connects to the existing section near the athletic fields. You and your pooch can also access the northern end of the trail at Route 329 & Jacksonville Road. Plans are underway to extend the Nor-Bath dog friendly walking and hiking trail into Bath, PA.

D&L Trail – Lehigh Canal (South)

(Allentown, PA)

Allentown, PA

Canal Park is off of Albert Street in Allentown. The Lehigh Canal (South) “rail-trail” is a great place to walk along with your little pooch in Allentown. It is an unused railroad corridor and one of the 1600 trails supported by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. The non-profit organization is aimed at creating a network of trails nationwide from former rail lines and connecting corridors.

Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center

(Wind Gap, PA)


Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center

Park your vehicle and unload your hounds at the trailhead located at 835 Jacobsburg Road in Nazareth, PA 18064. Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center is an adventurous trail offering 18.5 miles of network of trails for hikers and their little one. This trail topped our tour of Dog Friendly Trails within 20 miles of Northampton however, the dogs must be leashed all the time and they’re very strict about doodoo cleanup as all the trails in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania are running through the park.

Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center-2

Bushkill Creek offers an excellent trout fishing opportunity and the dogs can take a dip, too. The park is used by hunters as well. Therefore, non-hunters are required to wear blaze orange during hunting seasons. This is a major pet friendly dog walking trail in the Lehigh Valley and it’s highly recommended by www.SassyDogFashions.com

Switchback Railroad Trail

(Jim Thorpe, PA)

Jim Thorpe

The Switchback rail-trail inspires tourists and locals alike. Switchback is made up from the intersection of two 9-mile routes. The trail runs downhill from Summit Hill to the town of Jim Thorpe. If you’re looking to enjoy a shorter ride with your pooch then pick up the trail in Mauch Chunk Lake Park. It is a great spot offering picnic areas, campgrounds, and parking for biking up and down the trail.

Switchback Railroad Trail

Ironton Rail-Trail

(Coplay, PA)


Ironton Rail-Trail

Park your car by the Coplay Borough Municipal Pool or on Chestnut Street. A quintessential rail-trail with breathtaking scenery, safe venues to exercise, and great park for your little pooch to have the time of his life. The trail consists of a 6-mile loop and 3.5-mile spur. The two rows of beautiful old cement kilns along the trail are a must-see. Also, do not miss the historical markers on the back side of these kilns explaining their relevance in American History and the trail follows the Lehigh River where it separates Northampton and Coplay (Whitehall, PA).

Plainfield Township Trail

(Easton, PA)


Plainfield Township Trail

You can access this trail at two places at the southern and northern tip. Route 191 & Sullivan Trail or Main St/191 in Stockerton. The trailhead turn in well posted from the highway. Plainfield Township Trail is a fine recreation destination and offers the best hike at approximately 7 miles long. The trail is well maintained and welcomes a variety of visitors – from mountain bikers and cross-country skiers to little pooches and their parents. Lined by large trees on both sides, the trail frames pretty views of Bushkill Creek. The trail crosses the creek on charming wooden bridges offering a splendid view of the creek far below. Almost entire pathway is surfaced with an unusual crushed red stone and is actively used by equestrians. The trail is posted heavily to remind you about doodoo cleanup.

Plainfield Township Trail-2

Natural Lands Trust’s Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary

(Easton, PA)


Natural Lands Trust's Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary

The trailhead is located at 240 Sunnyside Road, 1/2 mile northeast of Spring Hill Road.

Overlooking the scenic Delaware River and perched on the steep slopes of Bougher Hill, the 200-acre Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary offers an excellent hiking trail. The trail leads visitors through a variety of forests and meadow areas that are home to bountiful wildflowers and wildlife. Good news is you can bring along canine sidekick as long as you keep him on a leash and pick up after him. The Dog Walker Bag would come in really handy here because as usual, the trail is well posted to clean up after your dog. The Dog Walker Bag also holds your water bottles so you can water your dog and yourself.

Choose your favorite hiking trails, plan it all out, pack the right supplies, and enjoy the sights together with your trail buddy. Don’t forget to load up your Dog Walking Bag with water for you and the dogs, and most of all—clean up after your dog! Happy trails!

9Jun 2018

If you are a dog in the Lehigh Valley, you are lucky because you have many events to attend and many places to go. You will have an array of good Veterinarians to choose from and a big choice of groomers who can make your hairdo look stylish and trendy.

Looking for a place to stroll on Sunday afternoon? On Main Street in historic downtown Bethlehem, you can find many dog-friendly stores to go into and cafes for Mom to have a beverage. You know the stores and cafes are dog-friendly because they put a bowl of water out in front for passing dogs so if you do not see the bowl of water, use your discretion in entering because the owner may not want dogs in their place of business but pretty much every business downtown Bethlehem accepts dogs.

Dogs can slobber and even pee on merchandise so if you’re planning on going into a boutique, by all means, be sure to potty your dog before you even arrive on Main Street. Main Street is a very clean street but if you find your dog has an emergency, there are some trees and dirt spots along the street but there are no grassy patches unless you go behind the Sun Inn or down by the Moravian Church. Be sure to clean up after your dog to ensure we can all continue to be welcome on that historical shopping street at the shops and cafes. Oh and Hotel Bethlehem only accepts dogs if you are a hotel guest so you may wish to sit at an outdoor café along Main Street instead, if you’re looking for a dog-friendly eatery or a place to enjoy your beverage when you’re with your cute little dog.

If you are a Dog in the Lehigh Valley

Be sure to keep your dog up-to-date with vaccines before taking him in public and you can do that at our brand new Veterinarian in Northampton, PA. That’s right. We have a brand new affordable Vet in town and her name is Abby Gerenser! Abby Road Veterinary Hospital just opened their doors to the public on Atlas Road and they are accepting new patients. The facility offers full Veterinarian services to keep your pet in top condition so that he can remain active and live a long, healthy life.

With the warmer weather, we will all be out walking our dogs on a daily basis again soon. Don’t forget to get your hands on The Dog Walker Bag from www.sassydogfashions.com which has a built-in dog waste bag dispenser so when your dog goes potty in public, it’s easy to clean up. Just pull a bag from the dispenser, bag the poop and then put the bag into the main compartment and zip it shut.

The cross body bag comes in six (6) fun pet patterns and has an adjustable strap and is designed to keep your hands free so that you can manage the dog leashes and dogs and also watch your step. Great for dog parks, city walking and anywhere you need to be mindful about cleaning up after your dog.

25May 2018

Leave your paw prints behind at the Paw Prints 10th annual event hosted in Northampton. You can easily get the clothes for your pet for the event at SassyDogFashions – one of the top online pet shops providing some amazing clothes for your pet dog as well as cat. These clothes will definitely make your pet stand out from the crowd, and make them look even more adorable and cute. Sassy Dog Fashions will have their fully stocked mobile store on site, too, for all your needs. Choose from hundreds of raincoats, in various styles, colors and sizes for small to large dogs. We also offer Bandannas, Coats, Pet Lover Gifts, The Dog Walker Bag, Collars and Leashes, Bags, Pouches and lots more for dogs and their humans. Come to our booth early for the best deals!

Here are the event details:

    Date and Time: Sunday, June 3rd from 11 am to 4 pm

    Location: Canal Street Park
                         Canal Street
                         Northampton, PA

Get into the dog event spirit and create a paw art ornament with your cute little pet at the Paw Prints event. The clay and supplies will be provided to you which you will be needing to create an imprint of your dog’s paw. All you have to do is to dress up your pet nicely, bring your pet in, create their imprint, and it’s yours to cherish. It’s a fun activity that can turn out to be a memorable event for both you and your pet. Along with paw prints, there will be a lot more fun activities to do. So, make sure you dress up your pet nicely. If you are confused between the pet’s outfit for the event then below are some great choices for you.

SASSY PAW Lime-Bone Pink Suzie Pullover Shirt Dress for dogs:

SASSY PAW Lime-Bone Pink Suzie Pullover Shirt Dress for dogs

This Hand-made SASSY PAW shirt dress for your little darling is just amazing for summers and you can make them wear it for the event as well. Soft Parisian pink premium cotton knit bodice accented by a lime bone and French floral double ruffle accented with lime dots looks amazing. This summer outfit is made for style and comfort and is easily available at www.sassydogfashions.com

Totally Distressed Patriotic Stars n’ Stripes Denim Vest Jacket for Pet Dogs:

Totally Distressed Patriotic Stars n’ Stripes Denim Vest Jacket for Pet Dogs

Available at www.sassydogfashions.com , this street look is summer’s hottest fashion trend to carry at the event. This is one of the clothing items that every dog needs in their wardrobe.

Stylish Dog Walker Bag:

Stylish Dog Walker Bag

Keep all manner of doggy supplies on hand at the event with this ultimate dog walker bag available exclusively at SassyDogFashions. This bag will let you keep your hands-free and conveniently clean up after your dog by pulling a doodoo bag from the dispenser in the front pocket. Just load the roll of doodoo bags into the pocket and then feed the end through the hole and you’re ready to go. You can get one over here.

Lady Bug Ruffled Harness:

Lady Bug Ruffled Harness

You can dress up your pet with this beautiful handmade dress like she’s important! Attention to detail makes this bright coloured harness a very happy staple in your princess’s wardrobe.

Bella & Friends La Rose Blue Wedding Event Dress for dogs:

Lady Bug Ruffled Harness

With this beautiful clothes, you can “Refresh” your pet’s wardrobe. This Rose Blue Couture Dress with coordinated details is synonymous with quality, and the creative design makes this hand-made dog dress sure to please your darling little girl for your special event.

21May 2018

Choosing pet clothes is not a simple task as you need to select them according to pet’s comfort, according to weather and occasion.

  • While online shopping, choose the right clothing material:
    In case you don’t have summer clothes for your pet then the first thing to do is go shopping for your pet. You can purchase online clothes from www.sassydogfahions.com as well because they provide the best quality and adorable clothes for the pets. So, while shopping, you need to keep the climate in mind. For example, if you want to get your hands on some summer clothes for your pet then you need to shop accordingly. For example, you can choose the kind of clothes and stuff that are cool enough for your pet and will not make him feel warm and irritated.

  • Simplicity is key:
    Don’t ever put all the personalized pet apparel or accessories at once on your pet. Putting the shirts, boots, tie or even a collar at the same time will end up irritating your pet and it will make them look very uncomfortable. You have to keep it simple; in case you are putting the boots then you don’t need to put a shirt, just end up the look by putting a cute bow tie or a custom leather dog collar. Similarly, along with t-shirts, you can just put a collar otherwise nothing else is required.

  • Colors matters a lot:
    Selecting the right color for the right thing is best; dress your pet according to the event. For example, if you want to dress your pet for the outing in summer then selecting any t-shirt with a dog hat is best.

  • Comfort is important:
    While dressing up your pet for any summer outing, you need to always choose the clothes by keeping its comfort in mind otherwise your whole struggle and money will get wasted. If you dog is comfortable and happy with the clothing then you will get the best outing photos otherwise get ready for the bad ones. If you are not able to find the perfect comfortable clothes for your pet then check out the clothes at Sassy dog fashions (www.Sassydogfashions.com).

These are a few things you need to keep in mind while selecting clothes for your pet. Make sure you follow all of these.