3Sep 2018

Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein

To celebrate art and encourage creativity, Easton organizes a fest annually, known as Riverside Festival of the Arts, that brings the community together every year and offers an opportunity to promote art of all the disciplines.

Attracting thousands every year, the festival-goers come to enjoy some quality time at a scenic riverside area while soaking in the visual and literary artwork.

A function of Arts Community of Easton, Inc., the fest has grown tremendously since its inception in 1997. The 22nd annual event aims at enriching the quality of life of the Easton community by offering enticing art education opportunities. A big shout-out to all the artists and art-lovers out there! This year the festival promises art, theater, crafts, performance, competition, food trucks, free workshops, and a lot more. Bring your loved ones and foster an appreciation of creativity with your artistic eye.

Here are the event details:

Date : September 15th and 16th
Time : 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Venue : Riverside and Scott Parks
Address :  Larry Holmes Dr., Easton, PA 18042

Sassy Dog Fashions Brings Mobile Store to Easton Riverside Festival of the Arts 2018.

That’s right! You can grab the best-sellers of SassyDogFashions store, like the Dog Walker Bag or stunning Dog Collars, right here at the fest. If you’re planning to bring your little furry friend to the event then you must sneak a look at these cute must-haves uniquely designed by Seamstress Auntie M.

The Dog Walker Bag

Dog Walker Bag

Keep your hands-free with this stylish and handy Dog Walker Bag at the fest or wherever you go with your little pooch. Dog parks, training, or dog walking – this bag lets you manage your dog and the leash. Additionally, you can easily clean up after your dog by simply pulling a doodoo bag from the dispenser in the front pocket.

If you want your sassy pet to be spoiled and well presented at the fest then these classic Pet Collars are meant for you! These designer collars exude total class and sophistication. You can even go for a fashionable pup walk with these stunning pet collars.

Tutu Skirt for Pet

Tipped Pink Tutu Skirt for Dogs and Cats

Fashion is a true form of art and your pet is the canvas. Dress up your princess with this tipped pink tutu skirt for the fest. This elegant skirt will look lovely on your little girl. It can be worn at a party, for a wedding or used for a photo prop. The skirt is hand sewn and gathered right here at SassyDogFashions.

Medallion Pet Collar

Fuschia Medallion Dog Pet Collar

Your girl will surely look sophisticated at the fest in this exquisite fuschia pet collar . Not something you see in a pet store, this pet collar is made in America for sassy dogs who want to be seen. You can even go one step further and personalize it with your little girl’s name. Moreover, the designer collars available at SassyDogFashions are made of only premium fabric and supplies.

Time is ticking away! The beloved festival is returning for its 22nd year. How do you plan to inspire creativity at this festival? Let us know in the comments section below!


28Aug 2018

While doing training, there are a few accessories of dogs that you need to get as they can help you in doing the whole training smoothly.

    1. Dog Walker bag:

    They are very much useful to keep all the pet essential items with you while you are on an amazing walk or on the training with your pet. You don’t want to go back to your home to bring food or water or any other thing for your pet and you also don’t want to carry all such things in hand. So, this bag is here to help you in such a situation. The dog walker bags are available in different designs and colors making them look cool while wearing them. They are not the ones that look quite boring or awful when you hang them on your shoulder. They can rather be a style statement while going for a walk with your dog if you choose the right design or color. These bags have quite good space that can let you store a few food items, water, dog toys or any other thing you want to take with you for a walk or even if you want to go at any outdoor even with your dog. They are fabulous for pet travel, too.

    2. Goggles:

    In summers, if you want to take your pet out for swimming then goggles are must haves for you. These pet accessories are one of the essential products for training. Make sure you have the kind of goggles that are comfortable for your pet.

    3. A Bandanna:

    Bandanna is a cool accessory to get for your dog or cat as it can change the whole look of your pet. It can be used while training and can make the whole look of your pet amazing. The great looking bandanna can really make your pet look adorable or cool and it can be worn at a beach party or any outdoor event.

    4. Hats:

    Hats are one of the essential accessories while training in summers as they can keep the pet safe from the harsh sunlight in the morning. There are a lot of different and unique hats available at several pet supplies online stores. Just get your pet a hat in one that your pet is comfortable and make it look cool.

For some amazing and great looking accessories make sure you check out: www.sassydogfashions.com

14Aug 2018

The Lehigh Valley is comprised of three cities: Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton and its surroundings. The population of the Lehigh Valley, PA is 821,173 residents. About 558,280 dogs and pets live here in the Lehigh Valley and dog parks have been popping up all over in recent years to serve the dog owners. Sassy Dog Fashions did a tour of these dog parks and we are presenting our favorites in this official directory.

1. Allen Township Dog Park

Located off Savage Road, behind the Atlas woods, the dog park is open to the public, township residents and others. Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy the sunshine; that’s why you need to bring your dog to the Allen Township Dog Park as the park is open from dawn to dusk.

Smaller dogs are separated from larger dogs by a gated fence. Water lines have been laid, so dogs have plenty of water to drink at the back of the park in fact, they have their very own water fountain!

Here is a quick guide to the rules of the park: https://sassydogfashions.com/blog/best-dog-parks-in-the-lehigh-valley-pennsylvania/

Allen Township Dog Park

2. Nazareth Dog Park

If you and your pooch are contemplating some high elevation fun, you should consider trying Nazareth Dog Park. They have two fenced areas, one for larger breeds and one for smaller breeds. For the most part, it’s pretty well taken care of. The freshly upgraded fence surrounds the park. The lookouts here are amazing, too!

The park permits pooches to run off some energy. Much of the encompassing trails and land is dog-friendly as well, so there’s plenty for you guys to explore.

If you’ve ever wanted to hike with your best friend, Nazareth Dog Park is the place to do it.

Nazareth Dog Park

3. Hugh Moore Dog Bark

Dog owners have a new, spacious and shaded area to frequent in Lehigh Valley. The park is fenced-in and broken into separate areas for small and large dogs and even has a pavilion with picnic tables where you could enjoy a picnic BBQ with all your dog friends.

It has two water fountains for dogs and one for humans is planned. Dogs are allowed off-leash inside the dog park but must be leashed elsewhere at Hugh Moore Park.

You can enjoy all the magnificent sights along with your pooch by choosing Hugh Moore Dog Park and you can access the D&L trail from this parking lot which is also dog friendly.

Hugh Moore Dog Bark

4. Perkasie Dog Park

The Perkasie Dog Park is inhabited off of Constitution Avenue across from the Perkasie Square Shopping Center.

The playground also offers tables where you can relax and watch your dog go crazy. We thought this dog park needed some TLC trimming work as there were a lot of unkept areas where weeds were growing out of control.

Perkasie Dog Park

5. Lower Macungie Dog Park

The Park is constructed with funding from Lower Macungie Township and private donations from Friends of Lower Macungie Dog Park.

Lower Macungie Dog Park has plenty of ways for you to pamper your pooch or let him have fun.

The resort features a dog park complete with an agility and obstacle course, and drinking fountains.

This Lehigh Valley dog park was very well groomed for our arrival.

Lower Macungie Dog Park

6. Polk Valley Dog Park

The 1+ acre Dog Park highlights separate areas for small and large dogs and chairs for dog owners. The lookouts are amazing here so do take your binoculars and the park is extensive with adjoining properties and pavilions.

The Dog Park is open year-round from dawn to dusk. Each person may bring up to two (2) dogs in the park at a time.

There’s even a separate division for dogs under 30 pounds if you’re concerned about rough play.

Polk Valley Dog Park

Don’t forget to carry The Dog Walker Bags, available on https://sassydogfashions.com

With this Dog Walker Bag, you can keep your hands free to manage your dog and the leash. You can easily carry the dog’s water, your water, doodoo bags, cell phone and more. Moreover, you can conveniently clean up after your dog by simply pulling a doodoo bag from the dispenser in the front pocket.

Dog Walker Bag

So, when are you planning to go to these parks? Or if you have already visited, DO LET US KNOW your experience in the comments section below!

9Aug 2018

Events and meet ups are the best places where you can showcase all the pet accessories. There are a lot of amazing accessories available at Sassy Dog Fashions (www.Sassydogfashions.com). Along with the Designer Dog Couture, the accessories available there are highly affordable and of excellent quality. Different accessories that you can showcase in dog friendly events meet ups happening near Lehigh valley are as follows:

Available at Sassy Dog Fashions, you’ll never see this unique product in any other pet shop. It is a classic and distinguished set of Straight Point Black Collar, Tan Plaid Bow Tie and Black Cuffs with matching plaid designer plaid buttons for your dog or cat. They are sewn with skill, using crisp black cotton and cotton blend designer fabrics, the collar is fully lined for stiffness, and has a Velcro closures at the back of the neck. This is one of the best accessories to showcase at the events meet ups.

Magenta Dot Collar Flower:

Magenta Dot Collar Flower

This is one of the best accessories for the female pets if you are going to an event meet up. If you would like to order a collar and flower set, just visit the Sassy Dog Fashions site. Choose your collar then order a custom flower to coordinate. You’ll be pleased as we sell a lot of custom sets. This accessories is one of the best one to showcase at the event meet ups.


What could be an amazing looking accessory than a classic bow-tie for pet on an event? Nothing, right? Getting your pet a cute and classy looking bow-tie can make it look adorable and classy at the same time. You can easily check out the bow-tie below from Sassy dog fashions.

A Bandanna:

A Bandanna is a cool accessory to get for your dog or cat as it can change the whole look of your pet and can be best to showcase. The amazing looking bandanna can protect your pet from winter and at the same time it can make your pet look adorable. Check this cool bandanna easily available at the Sassy dog fashions.

2Jul 2018

Turn your tongues blue at the 31st annual Blueberry Festival organized by the most-loved Historic Bethlehem. The Bethlehem community celebrates one of the sweetest festivals every July that combines family fun and irresistible food.

Explore new ways to relish the taste of blueberries at this annual event. The festival goers are offered a variety of delicacies and opportunity to taste brewery samples. There’s plenty for everyone to enjoy – exciting musical performances, dog attractions, culinary contests, walk-through exhibitions of creative gifts and handmade crafts, pie-eating contests, scavenger hunt, barn tours, and a lot more!

Here are the event details:

Date: July 21st (Saturday) & 22nd (Sunday)

Venue:   1461 Schoenersville Rd. (visit map)
Burnside Plantation
Bethlehem, PA 18018, USA

Don’t miss the fan favorite Pet Parade!

All the pet lovers and pet parents in Bethlehem– do not miss the chance to join the Third Annual Pet Parade held at this Blueberry Festival. Sunday, 22nd July will be dedicated to little pooches. The parade features pets of all breeds dressed up in quirky costumes. If you haven’t given a thought to it then it’s time you do as the best costume will win a gift basket.

Anything BLUE..

In the spirit of the Blueberry festival, this year’s costume theme is anything blue. We have picked the “best of blue” collection of pet apparel and accessories available exclusively at SassyDogFashions that your canine friend can totally flaunt at the event.

Personalized Dog Bandanna

Personalized Dog Bandanna

This Blue Personalized SASSY PAW dog bandanna is simply perfect for parades and walks! Dog bandannas by SassyDogFashions are lightweight, machine washable and super adorable. Each pet scarf has a beautiful decorative edge to make it pretty and prevent fraying.

Fringe Denim Dress for Pet Dogs

Fringe Denim Dress for Pet Dogs

Show your American pride at this Blueberry festival with this cute dog fringe denim outfit. We designed this fashionable pet dog denim dress using the best distressing techniques. A finished border has been added to the garment on the upper portions, while tufts of fringe accent the triple layer skirt hems. A beautiful whimsical American flag accents the back.

Blue Bling Dog Bone Charm

Blue Bling Dog Bone Charm

Bright Aqua Blue Rhinestone Bling Dog Charm with Lobster clasp. Pet jewelry that clasps onto a collar D-ring, that is adorned with blue crystal rhinestones. This charm features large blue crystal rhinestones set in shiny nickel. Every little man loves to wear jewelry so sass up his collar at this Blueberry festival with some silver and blue bling.

Denim Vest Jacket for Pet Dogs

Denim Vest Jacket for Pet Dogs

We’ve totally destroyed this patriotic denim vest for your bad-to-the-bone-dog. Celebrate the Blueberry festival by dressing your cool dog in this cute dog fringe denim outfit. A beautiful whimsical American flag accents the back. Tufts of fringe and shiny metal stars have been added to the entire garment. Look mean, rough and lovable with this denim jacket vest.

The Dog Walker Bag

The Dog Walker Bag

This Puppy Love Blue Dog Walker Bag for pet parents perfectly blends in with the pet parade theme and is something too handy to not carry along at the festival. With this Dog Walker Bag, you can keep your hands free to manage your dog and the leash. You can easily carry the dog’s water, your water, doodoo bags, cell phone and more. Moreover, you can conveniently clean up after your dog by simply pulling a doodoo bag from the dispenser in the front pocket.

So, how are you planning to dress up your pet at this Blueberry festival? Do let us know in the comments section below!