26May 2021

Pets are really adorable, especially a dog, and you will understand it when you get one home yourself. Pets have a sort of unique affection and love towards the owner and this is what makes them feel wanted all the time.

When you are getting a pet, it is quite essential that you make them feel welcomed in the house. You should prepare your home and make sure you have pet-proofed it properly.

You should cover up all the potentially dangerous chemicals in a box and put them away. Besides this, you would have to keep all the sharp objects at a safer height so that the pet does not accidentally get hurt. You would also have to take care that the pets are getting their vaccines on a regular basis that will keep them strong and keep all the infections away.

Besides this, there are a lot of things that you would love to get for your dog. But what about the dog owner? There are some essential things that are required by the dog-owner when they are getting a new dog at home. These essential items will make it easier for the dog owner to provide the best life to their dogs and make them feel loved and comfortable.

#1 Getting A Set Of Dog Collars

These are some of the most essential things that you should buy when you bring home a new dog. The dog collars would be helpful in keeping your dog under control while you take them out on a morning walk or an evening stroll. You can get beautifully crafted dog collars with premium quality fabric and amazing colors at Sassydogfashions. You get to choose from collars in ribbon, fashion, and nylon varieties. You can also attach a small tag with all the information about the dog and you, the dog-owner.

#2 Consider Getting A Dog Harness

For a dog owner, it is essential to have both a dog collar as well a dog harness. Dog collars are useful when you are taking them on a small stroll, and a harness would be perfect when you are taking them for hiking or trekking or on an adventurous trip. It will help you to keep your dog safe and protected during their trip in the woods.

#3 Animal-Printed Placemats

You would love to serve good, healthy, and tasty food to your dog, but your dog won’t eat it without spilling it all over, especially when they are in their puppyhood and are still being trained. So you save yourself from all the extra cleaning hassles. You can get food placemats. The placemats available at Sassydogfashions are quite soft and washable. So you can easily wash and reuse them.

#4 Stylish Dog Walker Bags

Stylish Dog Walker Bags

When you are taking your dog out for his work, you can carry a small dog walker bag along with you. It has multiple slots in which you can keep your essentials, such as a phone or water bottle. Along with that, it has a doo-doo socket from which you can easily pull out the disposable dog-poop bags or doo-doo bags, to cover up and throw it away and throw it away. It is an extremely convenient bag to have for all dog owners.

#5 You Can Get A Dog Sling (Dog Carrier)

If you have a small dog of about a size of 9 pounds then you can have a perfect dog sling. It is a comfortable bag or a pet carrier in which you can safely keep your dog while you are out shopping. The fabric inside is so soft that it will make your dog feel comfortable and cozy, and you can shop around without any hassle.

#6 How About Having A Proper Travel Bag With Customization

While you are traveling along with your pet, you need to carry your essential things as well as your dogs’ so you need to ensure that you have a medium size bag that can store everything in it. You can customize it by getting an animal image or engraving your dog’s name on it. It will look exotic and perfect.

#7 Getting Diaper Belly Bands For Your Dogs

Getting Diaper Belly Bands For Your Dogs

This is one of the most essential things that a dog owner must have. You can carry extra diaper belly bands that are available for both male and female dogs. When you are out with your dog in a mall or in a restaurant, then such belly bands would come in handy and very useful.

#8 Customized Animal Printed Hand Towels

Hand towels are quite useful, and we all know that. You can get a perfect hand towel made from premium fabric and customize it by getting an image of your dog on it. You can use it for household purposes or for traveling, depending on your preferences.

#9 Toiletry Travel Bags For Dog Owners

Just a small toiletry bag that you can carry while you are on a camping trip or hiking. It will hold all the essential items that you may require for your dog during the trip.,

#10 Dog Poop Dispenser Bag

There are a wide variety of poop dispenser bags in the market, but the best one is a cute little dog bone-shaped dispenser bag. You can get it at Sassydogfashions. You can use it when you take your dog out for a walk or for evening strolls in the park. It has got a small bag clip that will make it easier to attach to your jeans or carry bags.


There you have, a quick checklist of all the essential items you would be needing as a new pet parent before you bring home the latest addition to your family. This ready reckoner is also helpful for those who are confused and are wondering what to give as a gift to a friend who has recently become a pet parent.

27Apr 2021

Dog lovers are some of the best people you would ever come across. They love their pets and are quite concerned about providing them with the best food, clothes, and toys. There are a lot of things you can purchase to provide comfort to your pets. Items such as dog clothes, dog beds, favorite dog food, and many other things. However, confusion arises when it comes to giving something special to dog lovers. What can you gift to dog lovers in the year 2021? Make sure to leave out all the old gifting ideas and think of something innovative. Something that a dog lover would love to have and would make full use of. If you are unable to come up with something, then don’t worry. We have rounded up some of the all-time best and interesting gifts that you can purchase for all the dog lovers in your life, which will make them feel truly cherished and special. 

#1 Khaki/Blue Pet Sling For The Dog Lovers:

Khaki Blue Pet Sling For The Dog Lovers

If the dog lover has a small dog that weighs around 9 pounds, then this can be gifted to them. It is a perfect Pet Sling for carrying their dog around while they are out running errands or shopping. These dog slings are available at Sassydogfashions in two different colors — khaki and blue. These pet slings are made from a durable fabric, which helps the sling last for a longer period. The inner portion of the pet sling is designed with soft fabric so that the dog does not feel any sort of irritation and can sit comfortably till the work is finished. The design of the Pet Sling is quite trendy and makes dog lovers look fashionable. The fabric that is used in the pet sling is machine washable so it can be washed and reused as required.

#2 Personalized Feeding Placemats: 

The cleaning becomes a tough job after the dogs have completed eating their meals. More so if the dogs are playful and tend to play with their food. Even after providing proper training, you would observe that there are water droplets or food spilled on the floor. Such things create a huge mess all around the house if you do not get it cleaned up as soon as the pets have had their meals. So, to make it simple and convenient for dog lovers, you can gift them a set of 3 to 4 personalized feeding placemats that can be used alternatively. You can get the names of the dogs and the dog owner embroidered on the placemats to make them look unique. You can get these customized feeding placemats at Sassydogfashions. They are machine washable and can be reused multiple times. 

#3 Doodoo Pouches/Dog Walker Bags For The Dog Lovers: 

The doo doo pouches or dog walker bags are easy to carry around while the pet parents take their dogs on a morning walk or an evening stroll. The bag has an in-built slot where you can attach all the doo doo roll-on bags and use them whenever you are out with your dog. It has multiple slots, where you can keep your phones and bottle or any other essential items conveniently. Moreover, the bag has a long strap that will make it easier for you to carry it anywhere, and by looping it around your wrist, you can keep your hands free. 

#4 Amazing Dog Carrier Handmade With Imperial Crystal: 

Amazing Dog Carrier Handmade With Imperial Crystal

You can give this amazing crystal bright dog carrier to a dog lover. This dog carrier is entirely covered with attention-grabbing crystals that will make the dog and the dog lover look fashionable. The interior portion of the dog carrier is perfectly lined with soft white fabric to make the pet feel comfortable and inner side pockets. It is a multipurpose bag that can be used anywhere and everywhere. It is guaranteed to make the dog lover and their fur baby look super fashionable.

#5 Gifting The Dog Lover A Customised Pet Tote Bag: 

The tote bag available at Sassydogfashions is one of the best things, which you can give to a dog lover. These tote bags are printed with animal prints on the front portion, which gives a classy look to the bag. 


You can easily avail these items at Sassydogfashions. It is a reliable online pet store that is known for providing premium quality products at affordable rates. You can check their website and browse through their amazing collection of pet products and products for pet lovers. So what are you waiting for? Visit the online store today and buy the products all the dog lovers would love to have!