26Mar 2020

I am sure you are thinking of bringing home a new puppy or you have decided to get a new puppy, otherwise, you will not be reading this article. Also, I am sure of the fact that you are feeling really excited and that you cannot wait to have your puppy living with you. Cool!

Puppies are cute and adorable little dogs and once you bring them into your house, you may not be interested in doing anything else than being with them. However, before you bring home a new puppy, you must understand that taking care of a new puppy can be overwhelming and that there are some essential things you have to put in place.

The things you need to buy before you bring home a new puppy are things you will need to feed them and take care of them. Also, they include the things that will make life easier for you and your puppy. Therefore, the question you need to answer before you bring home a new puppy is: Do I have everything I need? If you can give a positive answer to this question, you can bring home your new puppy. If your answer is negative, you have to do the needful before you bring in a puppy into your home. The bottom line does not bring home a new puppy if you are not fully ready to have him in your house.

Here are five essential things you need to buy before you bring home a new puppy:

  1. Food

No one needs to be told that they must get puppy food ready before bringing a new puppy home. You must figure out the kind of food they are currently eating and give them that food for a few days. You can switch their food after a few days, but make sure you introduce new food to them in a gradual fashion by mixing it with their old food. New puppies that are 1-5 months old need to be fed 3-4 times every day. When they are older than 5 months, you can reduce the number of times you feed them per day to two.

  1. Collar

Your new puppy needs a collar, so do not hesitate to get a dog collar for him. However, you must not get any collar you fancy without making sure it will fit your dog. A good collar should not be too loose and it must not be too tight. According to vets, if you can slip two fingers comfortably underneath the collar while it is on your dog’s neck, it is a good collar.

  1. Kennel and Bedding

Kennels are important for transporting your dog and for keeping him safe and to make your kennel comfortable, put some old blankets inside the kennel or buy a dog bed.

  1. Leash

You can get a retractable dog leash or a standard one. However, standard leashes are better for training and controlling your puppy. Make sure to buy a long leash that allows the dog to move freely as you walk together.

  1. Poop bag

When you bring home a new puppy, you must be ready to clean up after them. That means you must get poop bags. Buy this poop bag dispenser which makes poop bags available anytime you want them.

3Apr 2019

Dog lovers know the importance of buying dog accessories for their dogs. Dog accessories make your dog stand out and gives your dog a fun look.

The list of pet accessories for dogs is endless because people always make new pet accessories in different designs for dogs. However, there are pet accessories for dogs that have been available for a very long time.

Below are eight of these timeless pet accessories for dogs:

1. Dog Collars


Dog collars give your dog a unique look and can be used to identify your dog. When picking a dog collar, make sure you take the size of your dog and the weight of the dog and collar into consideration. You can choose collars in different colors and designs, but make sure they are side-release collars because they are the strongest and easiest to use. Look for breakaway collars for cats because they are the safest ones to use.

2. Dog Leashes



Leashes help you control the movement of your dog anytime you both are out for a walk. Make sure you get a strong leash that does not come off easily. And make sure it is long enough to allow the dog to move freely as you walk together.

3. Dog Bandanas

Personalized Dog Bandanna

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Dog bandanas can make your dog really stand out among other pets anywhere you go. They come in different bright colors and beautiful designs that you can even wear the one that complements your outfit on your dog.

4. Dog Pajamas

Sassy Dog Sleeper Dog Pajama Jumper PJ in Dog Park theme

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Yes, dogs can also wear pajamas. Get your dog nice pajamas that fit comfortably for a really unique look.

5. Dog Dresses

Bella & Friends Purple Diva Tutu Dress

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Dogs also wear dresses. If you go online, you will see dogs in beautiful dresses. If there is a party coming up, you can get your dog ready for that party by buying it a beautiful dog dress.

6. Dog Tags

Dog tags help your dog introduce itself to anyone it is meeting for the first time. Dog tags are in different nice designs that can show off your pet’s personality.

7. Backpacks for Dogs

Backpacks for dogs are great accessories that will allow your dog to carry its own stuff. They make your dog look unique, but you must make sure the content of your dog’s backpack is not too heavy for your dog.

8. Dog Floatation Devices

Most dogs can swim very well; however to make sure they are absolutely safe when inside water or around water, make sure they are wearing a floatation device. A type of floatation device is dog life vests. Life vest for dogs has handles that you can use to pull your dog out of the water if the need to do so arises.