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10Jan 2022

Winter is there, and you need to start unpacking your jackets, sweaters, and thermals. What have you thought about your dog this winter? How will you protect them from the changing weather conditions? Most pet parents are worried about protecting their dogs in winter. Are you prepared to keep them all toasty and warm this winter?

Here is an idea that you can implement to keep your dog protected during winters. The best way is to get the best dog jackets and coats for your dog. Dog jackets and coats are usually the first options to protect them from the chilling weather. Even if you want to take your dog for their small daily walks, it is necessary to do so with warm jackets and coats.

You can buy stylish dog jackets, dog coats, and sweaters to dress up your dog in winters and make them look stunning as well as protected.

#1 Sherpa-Lined Dog Harness Coat (Available In Red & White Plaid)Sherpa-Lined Dog Harness Coat

Are you looking for two in one warm winter clothing? If yes, then this is the best coat. This is a beautiful designer dog coat that will give comfort and warmth to your dog in winters. It also comes with a perfect matching harness. The collar is lined with soft fleece fur to give a stylish look. This dog coat has a stunning neck fastener and closures at the chest. To keep your baby snuggly inside the coat. You also get a D ring to attach the matching leash. The fabric used for designing the harness coat is of premium quality.

#2 Grey Herringbone Designer Harness Coat And Matching Leash

Grey Herringbone Designer Dog Harness

Grey Herringbone designer dog coat will help you keep your fur babies looking stylish and protect them from cold weather. The dog coat is designed with premium wool and polyester mix to make it comfortable for even the pickiest dogs. The dog coat has a design that makes your dog look stunning and fashionable.

The bonus is the D-ring attachment with the coat. This D-ring is provided along with the coat so that it is easier to attract the leash to it. Worried about the right size? You can order this dog coat in various sizes. Just ensure that you are measuring your dog perfectly.

#3 Cute Dog Denim Jacket Vest (With A Red Hoodie) For Small Dogs

Want to protect your dogs and make them look dazzling? Get this hoodie jacket for your little furry friend, both boys, and girls. It is a denim jacket with a monogram designed on it. It is a very convenient and easy to put on dog jacket with closures and fasteners placed perfectly. It has also got belt loops to make the jacket look stylish and amazing.
You can get this jacket personalized by having the name of your dog embroidered on it.

#4 Warm And Soft Pink Plush Fleece Paw Print Dog And Puppy Pullover Sweater

Want to get some warm clothes for your female furry friend? Here is the best one. This is a soft and plush pullover in pink color. It has got a paw print design that will make your dog look stylish. You can dress up your dog in this pullover and take them out on a walk during winter mornings or evenings. This product is available in multiple colors. You can browse through the collection of sweaters and pullovers at SassyDogFashions and choose the best one for your dog.

#5 Custom Purple Long Sleeve Fleece Snowflake Dog Sweater Pullover

Getting a long sleeve pullover will protect almost your entire body during the winter season. You have the provision to customize it by changing the color of the threads or the fabric color. The sweater is designed with the best quality fabric to impart a comforting feeling to your dog and absolutely no irritation. It has a lovely and adorable snowflake design. This pullover is not just luxurious but also a stunning item to dress your dog in this winter. It will surely keep your dog warm and cozy during the winter season.


If you want to get some winter jackets and coats for your dog, look no further than SassyDogFashions. One of the best online stores where you can get perfect winter clothes for your dogs and cats. You can find an entire winter collection. These dog clothes are made from premium quality fabric and do not cause any rashes or discomfort to your dog. Simply browse through our collection of winter clothes and choose the best one that suits your dog’s personality.

14Jun 2021

Dogs are the most adorable animals, and if you have a pet dog then you could easily understand this feeling. Within a short period, the dogs become a part and parcel of your life and make you feel happy and cheerful. You spend quality time with your little fur baby, take him on evening strolls on camping trips, hikes, or do any other fun activity that helps to strengthen your bond with your dog. 

One of the best and most entertaining activities that you can plan for your dog is a perfect photoshoot. During the photoshoot, you can dress up your dog in a wide range of dog clothes or apparel and see them having a lot of fun after spending the entire day with you. To make it more interesting, you can even let your dog choose the apparels. It will make the photoshoot session more fun and interesting. 

So what clothes would you select for your dog to make the photoshoot exotic? Well, this is something that might confuse you, and you might think of skipping the entire photoshoot. If you do not want yourself to be confused, then here is the best thing. We have compiled some of the best and latest dog apparel that will help in dressing up your dog and having a wonderful time at the photo shoot of your little star.

#1 You Can Dress Up Your Dog In Dog Tees/T-Shirts: 

You can select some dog shirts with different patterns and colors and even in different sizes. All types of dog shirts are available at SassyDogFashions. These dog t-shirts are made from high-quality cotton fabric. The dog shirts are hand-made and are available in a wide range of color collections. 

The latest summer collection has these gorgeous striped dog t-shirts, which will make your dog look classic and best for the photoshoot. The color and fabric are so perfect that the pictures would stand out from the crowd and also make your dog happy.

The fabric is washable, and so you can easily reuse it even after multiple washes. 

#2 Get Your Dog The Best Dog Shirts — Hawaiian Camping Dog Shirts: 

Get Your Dog The Best Dog Shirts — Hawaiian Camping Dog Shirts_

We may not be hitting the beaches yet, but that should not stop us from bringing in a little tropical charm into our homes. These lovely dog shirts are available in different prints from floral to citrus and more. 

You can choose these best dog shirts that are made from 100% premium cotton. You can dress up your dog in different prints of Hawaiian dog shirts that will improve the entire look of your dog for photoshoots. If you want the photoshoot to be exotic, you can select all the patterns. 

#3 You Can Dress Up Your Dog In PullOvers

Get a collection of dog pullovers in a wide range of patterns and colors such as hot pink, blue, metallic, and various other colors. It will make your dog look trendy and stylish. While conducting a photoshoot, you can let your dog wear all the colors and analyze which suits him the best. The dog pullovers are designed with ultra-soft fabrics that, in turn, will ensure that your dog does not feel irritated even if he has to wear it all day long. 

#4 Yet Another Interesting Way To Dress Up Your Dog —Denim Jackets And Warm Jackets:

Yet Another Interesting Way To Dress Up Your Dog —Denim Jackets And Warm Jackets

You can make use of denim jackets and a perfectly designed monogram to make your dog stand out from the crowd. The jacket has a perfect close that will remain secure even when your dog is playing and moving around for the whole day. 

It has got a stylish hoodie to give a fun look to your dog. The fabric is quite soft, and your dog would feel cozy and comfortable in it. The denim jacket also has a paw print and different signs on it to enhance the effect during the photoshoots. 

By any chance, if you are conducting the photoshoot in the winter season, it will be better to opt for a cozy warm winter jacket. This jacket is available in different colors and imparts a luxurious look to your dog. 


If you are searching for the best or the latest dog apparel for your dog’s photoshoot, then there cannot be a better place than SassyDogFashions. You will always get premium quality products that are handmade and have a stylish look. They have a wide collection of dog apparel, and you can easily browse through each of the categories and choose the best one that suits your dog. 

1Dec 2020

Christmas is around the corner and you should be in festive mode. It will be a holiday season when everyone is excited. You might be busy with the decorations, spending time preparing delicious cakes and pastries, and buying gifts for your family members. Along with your family members, your little pup should be dancing around cheerfully and waiting for his gift. So have you thought about what Christmas present you will buy for your dog?

Well, if you have not yet thought about it, don’t panic. We have come up with some great ideas for dog gifts that you can give your beloved little ones this holiday season. 

Christmas Dog Gifts

Check out all the gift ideas and then choose the best one for your dog.

Luxurious Rose Pink Dog Winter Warm Rain Coat Jacket


Luxurious Rose Pink Dog Winter Warm Rain Coat Jacket

During the Christmas festival the weather is quite cold and there are chances that snowfall might occur. This luxurious jacket is suitable for small as well as medium dogs. The jacket is best for all seasons – rainy, winter, and even snow. You can see that the jacket is entirely lined with stunning pink fleece. Another great feature of this jacket is the detachable hood. It has a versatile design and you can easily remove it when your dog doesn’t need it. Don’t you think this would be the best Christmas present for your little dog? 

Lovely Dog Denim Jacket With Gray Hoodie: 

Lovely Dog Denim Jacket With Gray Hoodie

On the Christmas holiday if you want to give a cool look to your pet dog, then you can get him/her a denim jacket. You can match this denim jacket with your jeans which would make the dog feel special and happy. With this jacket, your dog will be the coolest pet on the block. The best part is that you can customize the jacket by adding his/her name on the blank side. The amazing fabric of the jacket will not only make your dog look handsome but also keep him protected from the harsh weather. 

Make Your Dog Feel Christmassy With Amazing Dog Tutus:

 Make Your Dog Feel Christmassy With Amazing Dog Tutus

The tutu dress would give a different look to your dog. The fabric used in the dress is of premium quality and would make your dog feel comfortable to play and move around. It is extremely lightweight, so if you are taking your dog to Christmas parties or events, he/she won’t feel skin irritation or suffocation. The best feature of this tutu dress is that the embellishments are handmade. They are time-consuming to make sure each detailed bead is placed perfectly and well secured.

What Could Be Better Than A Dog Bowtie For Christmas:  

What Could Be Better Than A Dog Bowtie For Christmas

This is a stunning bowtie with the right blend of colors – gold and red. It will give a stylish look to your dog on the eve of Christmas. This handsome bow tie will impart sophistication to the overall look. The center of the bowtie is metallic with the dust of gold and red which will make your dog look stunning among other pets

Best American Made Nylon Dog Leash: Amazing Set Of 12 Hot Colors

Best American Made Nylon Dog Leash: Amazing Set Of 12 Hot Colors

You can get a hand-crafted dog leash with nylon material. This leash is with heavy-duty and lightweight nylon with nylon strapping. Along with the dog jacket, you can get a matching dog leash for your dog on the eve of Christmas. Don’t forget to buy a matching collar, too. You can even personalize the dog leash by embroidering the name of your dog while you order the product. Not only this, you can get a set of 12 different and hot colors from which you can choose the best one for your dog. 


You might be wondering where to buy these amazing dog clothes and leashes online. Well, you can get everything at Sassy Dog Fashions. They are considered the best when it comes to pet clothes and pet supplies. All the dog clothes available are ready to wear and of premium quality. You can even personalize the jacket, vests, and leash by adding the name of your dog to it. Besides the dog products mentioned above, you can get various other pet clothes and supplies for your dog on the eve of Christmas. Sassy Dog Fashions is considered the most trusted and convenient pet store where you can find all the essential pet accessories including fleece dog coats, dog walker bags, hoodies, collars and leashes, canvas tote bags, and more. 

18Jan 2019

Dogs and cats top the list of all pets in the world. They are wonderful companions and they keep us entertained whenever we are around them. Pets, especially dogs and cats, are part of the family of those who have them and it is important that they receive good attention and care just like every other member of the family.

As humans, we look forward to our birthdays with excitement and we expect to receive gifts from our family and our friends, but dogs and cats do not know if there is anything called a birthday; however, we can make their birthdays an exciting day for them by getting them lovely gifts.

You can buy any gift that you know your dog or cat will love; however, there are some gifts that they will love more than other pet gifts. Also, a lot of gifts for dogs and cats will make them look fashionable and make them stand out anywhere they are.

Best Birthday Gifts for Dogs and Cats

1. Furberry Plaid Dog Collar

Furberry Plaid Dog Collar

If your furry friend walks well on a leash, this standard collar may be all he needs. This collar is absolutely pawsome and great for walking and training your dog. Gift a Furberry Plaid Dog Collar to your furry members of the family. Check out the Furberry Plaid Dog Collar.

2. Furberry Plaid Bow Tie

Furberry Plaid Bow Tie

Do you know? Dog Bow ties are not just for weddings anymore. Dogs are shaking their bow ties every day. This is the perfect accessory to your pup’s wardrobe! Gift this Furberry Plaid Bow Tie and don’t let your pooch left out.

3. Dog Jacket

Dog Jacket

Make your dog stand out with Pet Threads’ cute and smart designs on his Birthday! Here is the cute & long sleeve red fleece T-Shirt Pullover. This T-shirt keeps your dog warm and cozy on Birthday and throughout the year in cool weather.

4. Personalized Dog Bandana

Personalized Dog Bandana

Looking for something special gift for your four-legged special friend? A bandana is a perfect gift accessory for your dog to wear. There are plenty of dog bandanas in the market, but we think that the Sassy Dog Fashions’ Personalized Dog Bandana collection is a lovely, chic option for your four-legged buddy.

5. Bella & Friends La Parisienne Pink Couture Tutu Dress

Bella & Friends La Parisienne Pink Couture Tutu Dress

Brighten up your Pup’s Birthday with this Bella & Friends La Parisienne Pink Couture Tutu Dress. It’s the perfect Birthday gift for your Yorkie or Chihuahua. Get your dog the gift of LOVE for her & Sparkle it up on her Birthday!

6. Custom Reversible Dog Crate Pet Pad Mat

Custom Reversible Dog Crate Pet Pad Mat

Spoil your pooch with custom reversible ergonomic Dog Crate Pet Pad Mat. Excellent gift choice for dog lovers. Crate pads turn your doghouse into a cozy hideaway. They are reversible and come with a contrast color on the back. Pick from 15 fun premium anti-pill fleece colors. Order an ergonomic Crate Pet Pad Mat Today!

10Jan 2019

Pets are part of our everyday life. They are companions that always stay with us through thick and thin, providing us with emotional support, amusement, and sometimes defense.

Dogs are the most popular pet in the world and I am sure you are familiar with the phrase: ‘Dogs are man’s best friend’ If you own a dog, you will understand this phrase more and it should also be one of the reasons why you should always give your dog or dogs the very best care possible. One of such care is making sure you keep them warm in winter.

Dogs (especially dogs not built for cold) can also come down with illnesses because of cold temperature, so you should always keep them warm when the temperature starts to drop.

Dog coats can help you keep your dog warm during winter and I think if you really love your dog, you can get them designer coats. They deserve it, don’t they?

Five Best designer coats for Your Dog 

1. Long Sleeve Fleece Dog Pullover

Long Sleeve Fleece Dog Pullover

Long Sleeve Fleece Dog Pullover can keep your dog or cat warm in the frigid temps of winter or anytime there is cooler weather. He can wear it indoors or outdoors. Made of premium quality anti-pill fleece, it’s a good choice because it will last a long time and will not pill.

2. Reversible Field Coat in Hunting Orange and Camouflage for Sport Dogs

Reversible Field Coat in Hunting Orange

This handmade double layer HUNTING SUPPLY DOG fleece coats are REVERSIBLE and can be personalized with a name. Protect your best-hunting dogs against rough hunting, cold weather, wind, rain, and snow. Hunting orange on one side, camouflage on the other you get 2 multi-colored fleece dog jackets in 1.

3. Patriotic Stars n’ Stripes Holiday Flag Denim Vest Jacket

Patriotic Stars n’ Stripes Holiday Flag Denim Vest Jacket

Celebrate your winter holidays by dressing your cool dog in this cute dog fringe denim outfit. A beautiful whimsical American flag accents the back and your pet’s name is FREE on the garment so that people can greet him by his name.

4. Zebra Fur Coat

Zebra Fur Coat

This Zebra Fur Coat is Lined in ultra-soft and warm hot pink faux fur. Be totally chic this cold season.