15Aug 2022

Whatever your fashion style or the kind of pet you have, you can get the right outfit for your pet. If you own a pet dog, Sassy Dog Fashions is the place to get just the right outfit for your animal companion.

Styling Your Pet with Sassy Dog Fashions Designer Clothing

Pet owners have for years dressed their dogs in coats and sweaters to protect them from snowy and rainy walks. Pet fashion has recently moved to be more practical because of the evolution in style.

Sassy Dog Fashions is an online, retail manufacturer of luxury pet accessories, wholesale dog clothes, and a designer of dog boutiques. Our ready-to-wear custom pet clothes come in a wide range of designs to ensure they match your style and meet your pet’s fashion needs. Other reasons you should style your pet with Sassy Dog Fashions designer pet clothing include:

(1): Collar-to-harness connector strap

Sassy Dog Fashions’ collar-to-harness connector strap is a safety strap that connects from the collar of your puppy to its harness D-ring. By doing this, you can stop your puppy from escaping its harness. By acting as a backup leash, the security strap makes sure that even if your beloved puppy escapes, you will still be able to hold them by the collar.

Additionally, the product also serves as a backup collar, allowing you to keep your pet by the harness in case they manage to escape the collar. Growing puppies need more time to fill out their harness, and this attachment strap can save a life and avert a disaster.

You can get them in various sizes together with smart options for matching harnesses, leashes, and collars that will make you proud of walking your puppy

See the video on how to use the collar-to-harness connector to see how it stops your puppy from escaping its harness. 

(2): Custom-made dog harness

Custom made dog harness

Sassy Dog Fashions’ custom-made dog harnesses are for you to enjoy walking your pet around. There is a wide variety of custom embroidered dog harnesses that would have the name of your pet on them. It is also available for small, medium, or large dogs. The harness is made using world-class commercial embroidery machinery so that the work is top quality and professional.

Having a personalized dog harness will make your pet stand out in a crowd. You have the option to buy them blank in case you are not yet sure of your pet’s name, or you prefer it without the name. Additionally, the harness is adjustable, ensuring that you still get a snug fit even when you are not sure of your pet’s exact chest size.

There is also the monogrammed stylish dog harness that will be just right for kittens, toy dogs, teacups, puppies, and cats. Some of our custom-made harnesses, personalized dog harness, handmade dog harness, and adjustable dog harness are available with leashes. This means that you can get a leash set and harness in the same fabric.

(3): Customized dog collars

Customized dog collars

Sassy Dog Fashions has an online luxury pet boutique shop where you can get embroidered dog collars. For the latest pet fashion, you can purchase a customized dog collar with the name of your pet on it. To get stylish dog collars and a unique personalized pet gift, you can pick your favorite embroidery thread color and font lettering from our collection.

A customized dog collar for your pet is a collar specially made to have the name of your pet on it. It is a luxury to own, and you can get it from our luxury dog boutique. Also, available in 18 different colors is Sassy Dog Fashions’ nylon collars where you can choose and have your telephone number or name of your pet embroidered onto the strap.

The stylish dog collars available on our online store are truly customizable, except for the 3/8-inch width cat collar and teacup collar. Both these two are not customizable because they are too tiny to embroider. Aside from this, you will find a huge collection of customizable dog collars that you can style your pet with on our online store.

(4): Custom dog coats

A custom dog coat from Sassy Dog Fashions is another fashion item you can style your pet with. Our custom dog coats are made in several ways. You can pick from the collection of customizable coats and jackets in our online boutique for dogs.

Handmade dog coats are also available to ensure that you do not try to force your dog into the standard size chart. This is particularly in case your dog has an oddity or a long back. They can be made to meet your specifications and that of your pet.

Additionally, there are various custom options such as harness holes and D-rings you can add to the jacket. The name of your pet can also be custom embroidered on the jacket’s back if you want. If you have an oddly shaped or hard-to-fit dog, you will get fancy dog sweaters or dog coats tailor-made to fit your pet.

(5): Custom fancy dog sweater

There is a selection of standard-sized dog fashion sweaters in our luxury pet boutique shop. You can get them for teacups and a small dog, or custom-made to meet your specification.

Also, available in our store are custom dog sweaters for large dogs. They can also be customized so that they meet the specification of your pet. The personalized dog sweater can be made to have your pet’s name embroidered on the back as well.

Our signature go-to sweater, fleece Comfort Dog Sweaters, is in all sizes. These fashion dog clothes can be styled with a leash attachment or harness hole. Large to small dogs can also get a matching leash or matching snood.


Not every pet owner fancy putting clothing on the pet companion. However, you should with Sassy Dog Fashions’ designer pet clothing. You should indulge your urge to get a luxury item from our shop if your puppy seems to share your love for fashion. With various clothing items from our collection, you will surely get compliments as you take your pet out for a walk.

6Jun 2022

A dog harness is a great way to walk your dog. A harness will give you much better control over your pup, especially if he tends to pull on his leash.

There are different types of harnesses available for dogs. Some are designed for use with back clips, others with front clips. Some are designed for small dogs, others for large dogs.

In this article, we will discuss how to teach your dog how to wear a personalized dog harness with a back clip, so that you can have fun walking together in no time!

What is a Back Clip Dog Harness?

The back clip dog harness is a type of dog harness that is designed to be worn on the back of your dog. It is often used as an alternative to a collar and leash when walking your dog. This type of harness has become more and more popular in recent years because it offers several benefits over traditional collars and leashes:

It is comfortable for your dog: The back clip harness allows your dog to move naturally with less restriction, which reduces strain on the neck, shoulders and spine.

It is safer for both you and your pet: The back clip harness keeps your pet close by so that you can keep an eye on them at all times. Many people use this type of harness because they have very active pets who are prone to running away if they get loose from their collar or leash.

It helps train your dog not to pull on the leash: A back clip harness has a back leash attachment point, which means that you can use it to teach your puppy or adult dog how to walk properly without pulling on their collar or leash by using positive reinforcement training methods.

How To Put On A Harness With A Back Clip:

Here are some steps that I use with Luna and Reeve when helping them put on a custom dog harness with a back clip:

1. Identify the Neck Hole

The first step would be to identify and position the neck hole. Most back clip harness designs will come with more than one hole, that is, one for the neck and two for the legs. The neck hole is bound to be the smaller between the two. You should then position it such that the D-ring will be at the back.

2. Put on the Harness

Put the harness over your dog’s head while keeping it in position. Then go ahead to place the front legs in their respective holes.

3. Adjust the Chest Strap

Adjust the chest strap so that it fits snugly around his chest without pinching or rubbing against any part of his body. You should be able to fit a finger between his chest and the strap when it is adjusted properly.

Here are some Personalized Back Clip Harnesses by SassyDogFashions that you can try:

Custom Embroidered Denim Soft No Pull DOG HARNESS

Custom Embroidered Denim Soft No Pull DOG HARNESS

This No Pull Dog Harness is the perfect solution when taking your dog out for walks. It has been designed to ensure no chafing or rubbing so that your pet can have a comfortable walk. The harness has an adjustable chest strap that gives the perfect fit, while the high-quality soft denim material makes it durable and long-lasting. The denim style also gives your pup a cool appearance. You can add to the style with the embroidered name customization option.

Mesh Soft Pet Dog Harness with Embroidered Name Option

With the softest, most breathable material, this custom dog harness is a must-have for your pup. It is made of a mesh fabric that covers the soft padding to ensure that your pup is extra comfortable. This colorful dog harness option comes in a variety of 5 different vivid colors that you can choose from. This, plus our embroidered name customization option, will make your baby stand out in a crowd.

Adjustable No Pull Pink Dot Pet Dog Harness

You can now safely walk your baby girl during the summer with this lightly textured girl dog custom harness! It is made of slightly plush textured fabric with a cute pink color and a dotted pattern. Your best friend will be comfortable in this no-pull harness that is also padded. It also features an adjustable chest strap. You also have the option to add the optional matching leash, which you can attach to the D-ring found at the back of the harness.

Leopard Soft No Pull DOG HARNESS and Leash Set Option

Leopard Soft No Pull DOG HARNESS and Leash Set Option

This No Pull Dog Harness by SassyDogFashions shows you that it is possible to keep your pup fashionable and trendy. It comes decorated with a rich leopard print fabric with black binding around it. The polyester material is not only baby soft and super comfy, but also highly durable to enable it to last for a long time. Being a No-pull harness, it is designed to put pressure on the torso of your dog, which allows them to pull less. It is a great black clip harness for your dog to wear!


A harness with a back clip can be very helpful if your dog tends to pull on the leash. However, putting it on your pet can feel complicated if you are not used to it. Above, we have covered a few simple steps on how to get it done. If you need more help getting started, try watching this video illustration.

5Aug 2021

Dogs are one of the most adorable creatures on our planet, and you would have heard this from all of the dog owners. People love their dogs, play with them, spend quality time with them, take them on vacations, camping, trekking, and daily morning and evening walk. While taking your dog out, your first priority is to ensure that they are safe and do not run alone or injure themselves. For this, the pet parents use dog collars and dog harnesses to keep their dogs in control. Now for many new pet owners, there is a dilemma between which one to choose — dog collars or dog harnesses. Both are excellent choices and can be used for your dogs as they will help keep your dog under control. However, it is always advisable to choose according to the size and activity levels of your pet. If you have a small dog or a passive dog, then you can easily go for the dog collars because you would not have to exert any extra pressure to keep your dog in control. But if you have a large dog or a dog who is very hyperactive by nature, you should opt for a dog harness. In this case, a harness is a better choice because you may have to apply extra pressure to keep your dog under control, or they might try to yank the leash as they go to sniff at the squirrels or chase the pigeons. The harness will evenly distribute this pressure across their torso and prevent any harm to their neck or throat.

Now, moving on to the styles and colors of dog collars and harnesses. Like we shop trendy outfits for ourselves, most pet parents like to have a variety for their dogs as well. We have put together a list of the currently most popular dog collars and harnesses for your dog in the list below. 

#1 You Can Get A Hot Pink Mesh Soft Pet Dog No Pull Harness:

personalized dog collars

Dog harnesses are helpful when you have an active dog because you can easily keep the dog under control without putting extra pressure on them. This is a colorful dog harness that will make your dog look fashionable and be utterly comfortable for them to wear for walks. This no-pull harness is completely padded and is comfortable for your dog to wear. The fabric that is used in the design of this dog harness is 100% cotton and of premium quality. The mesh makes this the perfect warm-weather harness. This harness can be easily personalized with your pet’s name by choosing a suitable thread color and font. These beautiful mesh harnesses are available in 5 bright summery colors, from breezy blue to stunning purple. You are sure to find one that suits your pet perfectly.

#2 Fuschia Medallion Dog Pet Collar:

wholesale dog collars

This bright-colored and beautiful pet dog collar is as well made as it is attractive. It has been crafted specially to fit your dog’s neck comfortably. It is triple stitched at all the usual stress points to ensure that the collar lasts you for a long time. The best quality buckle and tarnish-proof nickel D ring ensure the utmost safety of your pet. You can also order a beautiful matching flower to make your little girl look prettier.

#3 Pink Rose Harness Dress With Matching Leash:

If you are considering a harness, then you should definitely check the harness dresses available. Our favorite is this beautiful pink rose motif dress with delicate ruffles and an adorable pink rosette at the waist and pink roses embroidery around the collar. It comes with a matching leash and can be the perfect wear for your little princess for any summer gathering. She will surely turn heads in this little floral-themed harness dress.

#4 Pineapple Luau Dog Harness Dress with Matching Leash:

If you are looking for a beautiful summery harness dress, then this is the one you want. A beautiful combination of turquoise, lime, and yellow colors gives this harness dress the ultimate summer vibe. The little ribbon tied into a bow at the waist sends the cuteness meter soaring. If you have pool party invitations, then this is the harness dress for your little girl to wow everyone at the party.

#5 Buffalo Plaid Red Dog Collar:

Now something for the good boys and gentlemen dogs. When you are getting the red buffalo plaid dog collar for your dog, it will not just be used for his safety, but also keep him perfectly trendy. The fabric that is used in the dog collar is of premium quality and does not cause any irritation to their skin. The design pattern and color of the dog collar are just right for all types of dog breeds. You can get these dog collars for small pooches as well as big dogs as the collars are available in different sizes. It comes with a detachable bow tie to up the classy factor. You can even get it personalized with your dog’s name. 


These are some of the best and in-demand dog collars and dog harnesses that you can get from SassyDogFashions. They have a wide collection of dog collars and dog harnesses which are made from premium fabric and 100% cotton. Your dog will definitely feel comfortable while wearing it and enjoy their walk.

26May 2021

Pets are really adorable, especially a dog, and you will understand it when you get one home yourself. Pets have a sort of unique affection and love towards the owner and this is what makes them feel wanted all the time.

When you are getting a pet, it is quite essential that you make them feel welcomed in the house. You should prepare your home and make sure you have pet-proofed it properly.

You should cover up all the potentially dangerous chemicals in a box and put them away. Besides this, you would have to keep all the sharp objects at a safer height so that the pet does not accidentally get hurt. You would also have to take care that the pets are getting their vaccines on a regular basis that will keep them strong and keep all the infections away.

Besides this, there are a lot of things that you would love to get for your dog. But what about the dog owner? There are some essential things that are required by the dog-owner when they are getting a new dog at home. These essential items will make it easier for the dog owner to provide the best life to their dogs and make them feel loved and comfortable.

#1 Getting A Set Of Dog Collars

These are some of the most essential things that you should buy when you bring home a new dog. The dog collars would be helpful in keeping your dog under control while you take them out on a morning walk or an evening stroll. You can get beautifully crafted dog collars with premium quality fabric and amazing colors at Sassydogfashions. You get to choose from collars in ribbon, fashion, and nylon varieties. You can also attach a small tag with all the information about the dog and you, the dog-owner.

#2 Consider Getting A Dog Harness

For a dog owner, it is essential to have both a dog collar as well a dog harness. Dog collars are useful when you are taking them on a small stroll, and a harness would be perfect when you are taking them for hiking or trekking or on an adventurous trip. It will help you to keep your dog safe and protected during their trip in the woods.

#3 Animal-Printed Placemats

You would love to serve good, healthy, and tasty food to your dog, but your dog won’t eat it without spilling it all over, especially when they are in their puppyhood and are still being trained. So you save yourself from all the extra cleaning hassles. You can get food placemats. The placemats available at Sassydogfashions are quite soft and washable. So you can easily wash and reuse them.

#4 Stylish Dog Walker Bags

Stylish Dog Walker Bags

When you are taking your dog out for his work, you can carry a small dog walker bag along with you. It has multiple slots in which you can keep your essentials, such as a phone or water bottle. Along with that, it has a doo-doo socket from which you can easily pull out the disposable dog-poop bags or doo-doo bags, to cover up and throw it away and throw it away. It is an extremely convenient bag to have for all dog owners.

#5 You Can Get A Dog Sling (Dog Carrier)

If you have a small dog of about a size of 9 pounds then you can have a perfect dog sling. It is a comfortable bag or a pet carrier in which you can safely keep your dog while you are out shopping. The fabric inside is so soft that it will make your dog feel comfortable and cozy, and you can shop around without any hassle.

#6 How About Having A Proper Travel Bag With Customization

While you are traveling along with your pet, you need to carry your essential things as well as your dogs’ so you need to ensure that you have a medium size bag that can store everything in it. You can customize it by getting an animal image or engraving your dog’s name on it. It will look exotic and perfect.

#7 Getting Diaper Belly Bands For Your Dogs

Getting Diaper Belly Bands For Your Dogs

This is one of the most essential things that a dog owner must have. You can carry extra diaper belly bands that are available for both male and female dogs. When you are out with your dog in a mall or in a restaurant, then such belly bands would come in handy and very useful.

#8 Customized Animal Printed Hand Towels

Hand towels are quite useful, and we all know that. You can get a perfect hand towel made from premium fabric and customize it by getting an image of your dog on it. You can use it for household purposes or for traveling, depending on your preferences.

#9 Toiletry Travel Bags For Dog Owners

Just a small toiletry bag that you can carry while you are on a camping trip or hiking. It will hold all the essential items that you may require for your dog during the trip.,

#10 Dog Poop Dispenser Bag

There are a wide variety of poop dispenser bags in the market, but the best one is a cute little dog bone-shaped dispenser bag. You can get it at Sassydogfashions. You can use it when you take your dog out for a walk or for evening strolls in the park. It has got a small bag clip that will make it easier to attach to your jeans or carry bags.


There you have, a quick checklist of all the essential items you would be needing as a new pet parent before you bring home the latest addition to your family. This ready reckoner is also helpful for those who are confused and are wondering what to give as a gift to a friend who has recently become a pet parent.

17May 2021

We all love our little furry friends. They bring this boundless joy and love into our lives. Honestly, after some time, it becomes hard to even remember what our lives were like before these fur balls entered our lives and changed them for the better.

As a pet parent, I am constantly on the lookout for things that can make it easier for me to care for the little tornado in my life. One of the recent changes I have made is I have stopped using collars and made the shift to a dog harness.

Many pet parents do not consider the collar and the harness to be that different, so why do we need to switch to a dog harness? Let me tell you a little about my dog. 

My dog not only loves his daily walks in the park but also loves to chase every pigeon and squirrel that catches his eye. He hears any loud sound and rushes to investigate it, sees other dogs, and decides to yank me in that direction so we can go over and say hi. Do you get the picture? When I take my dog out for a walk, I am constantly bracing myself for the sudden pull and run that he loves to do. He does live up to his name, Dennis, as this little dog is certainly a menace.

This is why I switched to a harness. A harness is a better way to take your dogs out on their walks safely and without curbing their natural enthusiasm and playfulness.

How Does A Harness Work?

Unlike a traditional dog collar, which basically puts maximum pressure around a dog’s neck and face, a harness distributes the pressure across a wider area of the dog’s body while ensuring that it is focused on the less sensitive regions. These areas are generally the dog’s chest and flank. This benefits your dog as it’s more comfortable and also helps your arms as you do not have to exert that much pressure to control your dog when they are being little too active.

The Best Dog Harness For All Kinds Of Dogs

1. Plush Chest Harness — The best harness for dogs, which are smaller in size or are less frisky would be the padded chest and back harness, with a back clip. Small dogs tend to get their feet tangled on the leash if you for a front clip harness. A wide range of ultra-soft and completely padded back clip harness range is available at Sassydogfashions. You get to choose between beautiful patterns and you can even get your dog’s name custom embroidered on the harness.

Plush Chest Harness

2. No Pull Harness — For slightly bigger dogs with higher energy levels an ideal harness would be a double strapped no-pull harness with multiple leash attachment clips. These are basically two crisscrossing straps, which go around your dog’s body. This lets the dog have complete mobility while walking and allows you better control due to the double leash attachments.

3. Soft Reflective Harness — reflective harness is a must not only during winters but also if you are someone who frequently takes their dog out at night for their daily walks. A reflective harness would keep both you and your pet safe from any traffic on the roads. If you are considering getting these, then these are also available at Sassydogfashions. They are padded in soft material and have completely adjustable chest straps to provide a snug yet comfortable fit for your dog. Get in the color of your choice and with your little friend’s name embroidered on it.

4. Soft Mesh Dog Harness — In warmer climates, dogs generally find the plush or heavily padded dog harness uncomfortable. They may even constantly try to wiggle out of the harness or keep on trying to pull their way to freedom and comfort. For such dogs, the airy and breathable mesh harness is the perfect answer. The one at Sassydogfashions is made of ultra-soft fabric, so your dog is comfortable in all weather conditions. Available in beautiful hounds tooth plaid, your dog is going to be the most sophisticated-looking dog at the dog park.

Soft Mesh Dog Harness

5. Gentle Head Collar — If your dog is the type that eats things off the ground without permission. Or have the habit to lunge suddenly without warning at passersby, then a gentle head collar might be what you need. Irrespective of the size of the dog, if you are able to control your dog’s head, then you can control their body. This type of harness actually goes only over the dog’s snout. It does not choke or pull near the neck region. 

6. No-Pull Step In Harness — If it is the first time your little puppy is being made to wear a harness, then you can consider  a step-in harness. These step-in harnesses are easier to put on your small puppies as they hardly stand still. It could be like a fun little game wherein they give their cute furry paws to you as you gently get them into the harness. You can keep them distracted and get them into these harnesses with utter ease. These harnesses are gentle and give you little puppy enough room for mobility. They help your dog get used to wearing harnesses when being taken out for a walk. 

7. Harness Dresses — My last pick is fun yet durable and useful type of harness. Most of us love dressing up our puppies? Yet, when it comes to taking them to a social gathering means to choose between an outfit or a harness. What if we could have both? At Sassydogfashions they have these unique and adorable little summery floral dresses which can double us as a harness. Each dress has a D-ring and comes with a matching leash. Who says we can not dress up and keep our dogs safe at the same time?


So, here was my round-up of the 7 different types of harness you can consider switching over to. As pet parents, it is our responsibility to work with our dogs, to understand their behavior, and find the best way to help them lead a happy life. A harness goes a long way in providing the right kind of care for your pet child.