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11May 2021

Millions of people have pets, and they are the beloved members of the family. For pet parents, they are just like their kids — a responsibility that brings joy and happiness. Yes, whether it is a dog or a cat or any other animal, they are your responsibility, and you need to ensure that you are taking good care of them. 

According to a survey, it has been observed that people generally have dogs as their pet animals — as dogs are considered to be a bundle of joy, a companion who provides you immense emotional support. In return, you take good care of your little friend and make them feel your affection. You regularly take them for checkups, and you buy clothes, toys, and healthy food. But when it comes to their safety — what will you choose? A dog harness or a dog collar? 

If you would consult experts, they would always recommend you to opt for a dog harness instead of dog collars, especially if you have a very playful or hyperactive dog. If you have a little dog that is usually very less active, then you can go ahead and get dog collars. You might be thinking, why is a dog harness considered better than a dog collar, don’t you? Let’s understand the important reasons behind it.

#1 Dog Harness Is Better when it Comes To Controlling: 

When you are taking your dog out for a walk, it becomes essential to have strong control over them so that they do not run on the road and cause any serious injuries to themselves or others. Hence the pet parents are making use of the dog harness to keep better control of the dogs. 

Dog collars are not at all a safe or better option when you want to control your dogs. It becomes difficult to control the dog with the dog collars. The dogs can easily pull you with them as the control remains with the dogs. And if you try to exert extra pressure through the collars, it might cause injuries to the neck and throat. With a dog harness, the chest portion, neck, and upper body are covered with the harness. So when you are exerting force to keep the dog in control, the pressure evenly spreads across the body and does not cause harm to your dog. 

Moreover, when using the dog harness, you can have control over the entire body and not just the neck. Thus dog harnesses are considered a better option when you want to keep your dogs safe and have proper control over their body. So based on the size and nature of your dog, you can choose whether to get a dog harness or a dog collar. 

#2 You Can Choose To Have Dog Harness To Protect Your Pet From Trachea Problems: 

You Can Choose To Have Dog Harness To Protect Your Pet From Trachea Problems

If you use the dog collars for a long period, your dog might develop a trachea problem in its neck, which might lead to various breathing issues. On the initial day, you might not feel the effect, but after a month or so, your dog might show symptoms of breathing problems. With a dog harness, you can protect your dog from all such issues. 

#3 You Must Get A Dog Harness If Your Dog Is Suffering From Spinal Problems: 

You Must Get A Dog Harness If Your Dog Is Suffering From Spinal Problems

The harness for the dogs is designed in such a way that it provides support to the upper body, shoulder, chest, and neck. You can choose a dog harness for the dog breeds that have long bodies, such as basset hounds, corgis, dachshunds, pekingese. Such dogs are usually vulnerable to injuries to the discs in their backs, a medical condition termed as the intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). With a dog harness, you can not only provide the right support but also reduces the excess pressure from the neck and back regions of your dog’s body.


Choosing the right dog harness for your dog can be a daunting task because there are so many factors that need to be considered — such as size, fabric, colors, design, no-pull, or pull. This might really confuse you, and you won’t be able to make the right choice. But don’t worry, Sassydogfashions has a wide collection of dog harnesses along with perfect information/details specified. So you can browse through all the dog harnesses and choose the one that suits your dog the best. You can even get customized dog harnesses with a beautiful and durable leash that could be easily replaced. 

24Mar 2021

A dog harness is an essential pet accessory that every pet parent must-have. You might be wondering why a dog harness is essential, and why not the common dog collars. Dog harnesses are better when it comes to controlling your dog, providing safety, and making your dog feel comfortable. Dog collars are only suitable if you have a small dog and when you do not have to exert pressure to keep them in control. But for medium-sized and large dogs, dog collars are not at all suitable. Even if you exert a little pressure to control your dog, the pressure, which would be applied on the neck/throat of your pet might lead to serious health problems. So now that you know why dog harnesses are quite important for every pet parent to have.

Now the question arises what type of dog harness can you get for your dog? You may not be aware that there are multiple online pet stores that provide a wide range of pet apparel and accessories. One of the best online pet stores is Sassydogfashions. You can browse through the exclusive collection of dog harnesses available for your furry friend.

#1 Pink Dog Cat Harness With Leash Option in Houndstooth Plaid: It is a completely comfortable dog harness that is made from premium quality fabric. It has a soft padding in the chest region that does not cause any irritation to the skin of your dog. The entire harness, including the neck-straps, are padded so there won’t be any issues of chafing. With this dog harness, you could give a sophisticated look to your dog. The lease that matches the dog harness is durable and of high quality.

#2 Red Stewart Tartan Plaid: The fabric used in this dog harness is top-notch, and the pattern is extremely pleasing — a royal Stewart Red Tartan. It is easy to wear and comfortable dog harness. The dog harness is available with a front and back clip to secure the harness to the chest of your furry friend perfectly.

#3 A Perfect Dog Walking Harness: It is basically an easy-on and easy-off dog harness, which has multiple adjustable points for securing the harness to your dog’s torso. It has got a perfect front leash attachment that will help in discouraging pulling. It is comfortable for both small and medium-sized dogs.

#4 Amazing No-Pull Dog Harnesses: This type of dog harness is generally preferable for highly energetic and hyperactive dogs. With this dog harness, you would be getting leash-connection points where you can easily buckle the leash. These dog harnesses are extremely durable and comfortable.

Amazing No-Pull Dog Harnesses

#5 Step-In Dog Harness For Small Dogs: This type of dog harness is seamless and does not require multiple straps or buckles. It is made up of breathable and soft fabric, which can be easily put on the dog. It is suitable for large and medium-sized dogs. To secure this harness, there are two ways — you can either use the velcro strap or the buckles to secure the harness on your dog.

#6 Dog Harness For Hyperactive Dogs — Designed For Freedom: It is basically an anti-pull dog harness that will perfectly connect the single-ended leash at the chest or at the back of the harness. This beautifully designed harness allows your dog a lot of freedom for movement along with allowing you to have safe control over your pet. There are multiple colors available for this dog harness, so you can choose the best color that would be suitable for your dog.

#7 Designer Black Houndstooth Plaid Soft Dog Harness: This is one of the best dog harnesses, which is made from the premium quality houndstooth plaid soft pad. This harness is easy to put on your pet and comfortable. You can use it for dogs of different sizes. It is an adjustable unisex dog harness, and you can also purchase a matching leash.

Designer Black Houndstooth Plaid Soft Dog Harness

#8 No Pull – Dog Harness With Leopard Soft Pad: It is a perfectly designed Leopard plush dog harness with a soft pad. The fabric is extremely soft, comfortable, and does not cause any skin irritation. This dog harness fabric is machine-washable and durable. So you can easily use it for your hyperactive dogs regardless of their size.

#9 Dog Harness – Red No-Pull Plush Reflective With Soft Pad: This particular dog harness is made from plush premium fabric that is extremely soft. The whole harness is padded to ensure that your little fur baby does not experience any discomfort while wearing it. The dog harness is customized with reflective trim that would be beneficial to maintain safety in the sunlight as well as in darkness. 

#10 Dog Harness — Red Buffalo Plaid With Soft Pad And Leash: It is perfect for pet parents who like to dress their dogs to look fashionable and trendy. The dog harness has an optional leash that you can attach while you are taking your dog out for a walk.


The dog harnesses available at Sassydogfashions are made from durable and premium quality fabric. The best aspect is that you can customize the dog harness by embroidering the name of your pet on the front of the harness. You can purchase these dog harnesses in different sizes, patterns as well as colors. Besides these amazing dog harnesses, there are many other dog harnesses available in the market. You can choose the best one that is suitable for your dog. But to get the premium quality dog harness, you must reach out to Sassydogfashions. You can visit the website, and check out their amazing collection today!

16Mar 2021

Are you a pet parent who is in a dilemma whether to pick a dog harness or a dog collar? Well, then you are not alone. There are many people who have similar issues when it comes to putting their pets under a leash. The dog collars and dog harness are different dog accessories that help in keeping your dog under control when you take them out while you are shopping or just for a walk. So if both dog collars and dog harnesses serve the same purpose, what is it that exhibits the differences. How will you know whether a dog collar is suitable for your furry friend or a dog harness? The simple answer is a dog harness. It is recommended by pet experts that pet parents must always opt for a dog harness rather than a dog collar.

Although dog collars are easy and convenient to use, they are suitable only when your dog is not hyperactive. To simplify this, just imagine, if you always have to pull your dog and apply force to keep them in control, the dog collars would not be useful at all. It will create pressure on the throat, neck of the dog and can lead to serious health conditions. The tension caused by the dog collars on the neck region will choke them and make them feel uncomfortable. Would you like to see your dog in pain? If not, then a dog harness would be the best option. Now let’s understand why a dog harness is considered a better option.

#1 Dog Harness Is The Safest Way Of Controlling Your Dog:

Dog Harness Is The Safest Way Of Controlling Your Dog

When you are out with your furry friend, it is quite obvious that you would have to keep them in control. Dog collars are not suitable when it comes to putting a restraint on your dog. Because while pulling or applying force on the dog, you would be creating immense pressure on the neck of the dog. Whereas, while using a dog harness, the force you apply to pull will get uniformly distributed throughout the upper body of the dog and therefore no pressure would be focused on the throat. You can get dog harnesses of different sizes and can find one that fits your little fur baby perfectly.

#2 Dog Harnesses Are Sturdy And Durable:

When compared to the dog collars, dog harnesses are considered better because they are designed to be sturdy, stable, and durable. So even if you have a large or heavy dog, you can easily maintain their safety on the roads, while hiking or while you take them on a picnic. The dog harnesses have higher strength and do not let the dog slip out from the grip.

#3 Dog Harnesses Will Prevent Pulling On Leash:

Dog Harnesses Will Prevent Pulling On Leash

When you are using a dog harness, you would not have to apply force to keep your dog under control. A slight tug will bring the entire body of the dog under control. So, after a certain period, you would witness a decrease in your pulling behavior. The dog harness is so well made that even if the dog tries to pull the leash attached to the harness, it won’t be able to move forward.

After getting to know that dog harnesses are so beneficial and better than dog collars, you would definitely think of buying them. But where? Well, Sassydogfashions is one of the best online pet stores that will help you. They have an amazing collection of dog harnesses. The dog harness available here is made from premium quality fabric and has a soft-pad around the chest area so that your dog does not feel any irritation. The soft-pad will increase the comfort level while you take them on strolls, hikes, or picnics. You can get the dog harnesses designed in different patterns, colors, and even customize them with the name of the dog on the harness.


Dog harnesses are essential dog components that every pet parent must-have. Instead of dog collars, the harnesses are perfectly comfortable, not just for your dog but also for you. You can easily keep the dog under control and safe without putting pressure on the dog’s neck. The dog harnesses at Sassydogfashions are available in different sizes and also have a strong, adjustable strap. This strap has a buckle so that you can easily attach the leash and take your dog for its walks. You can choose the best one that suits your dog’s body and personality.

28Jan 2021

Being a pet parent brings with it happiness as well as responsibility. You need to take care of your pet just like you care for your own child. You must keep your pet protected from the changing climate, groom them, take them for regular vaccination, play with them, get them new dog clothes, provide them with proper food, take them on morning/evening walks. Now, when it comes to dog walking, it is extremely essential to know that you are using a dog harness to keep them protected and secure when they are out. There are several reasons why you must use a dog harness for your pet.

With Dog Harness, You Can Have Good Control Over Their Body Without Hurting Them:

Dog collars are without a doubt a good option, but only if you have a small dog, and to control them would not require a lot of force. However, if you have a hyperactive dog, then it is quite important for you to make use of a dog harness. With a dog harness, it would be easier for you to control the body of your dog, and it would also distribute the force you are applying through the shoulder, chest, and neck area. If you use a dog collar, then the entire force would be applied on the neck of the dogs and this might hurt them. It has been found that most pet owners/pet parents are more focused on having a dog harness and not dog collars.

Dog Harness Offers Better Safety:

Dog Harness Offers Better Safety

Moreover, most pet owners have seen that active dogs find it easy to slip out of the dog collars when they are not attached tightly. It provides an easy escape for the dogs, but this is not at all safe when you are taking them out on a walk or on a trip/vacation. With the dog harness, you are providing better safety to your dogs and also ensuring that they do not slip out of the harness. The harness covers the chest, shoulder, and neck region of the dog’s body, and therefore the dog cannot slip and escape from it.

With Dog Harness You Are Successful In Preventing Neck Injuries:

When you are trying to control your dog with the help of the dog collars around their neck, you are putting immense pressure on your dog’s trachea. In such a situation, you are damaging your dog’s trachea and making it difficult for your dog to breathe. If you continue using dog collars for a long period, it may lead to some serious issues in the respiratory system of your dog. If you do not want any of these issues in your dog, choose a dog harness. Having a dog harness will protect your dog from major injuries and illness.

Dog Harness Will Prevent Your Dog From Suffering From Collapsed Trachea and Ocular Proptosis:

Dog Harness Will Prevent Your Dog From Suffering From Collapsed Trachea and Ocular Proptosis

You may not be aware of Collapsed Tracheas. Collapsed tracheas occur when the collar is too tight around the dog’s throat, from pulling, and it eventually damages the trachea. This leads to breathing problems and can even be fatal. Another condition is ocular proptosis and this refers to the severe body condition, in which the eyeballs of a dog bulge out from its sockets. You can take your dog to the veterinarian if you feel that the eyes of your dog are bulging out. The major reason behind this is the immense pressure that is being created around the neck by the constant use of dog collars.

After knowing the benefits of using a dog harness, you would definitely want to have one for your dog, right? But where will you find a high-quality dog harness? Sassydogfashions is the one-stop-shop where you can get dog harnesses made from premium quality fabric and perfect design.

The following are different types of dog harnesses that are padded in the chest region and made of premium quality fabric. It ensures that your dog’s skin doesn’t feel irritation or experience rashes while wearing it. Moreover, you get a matching leash that is made of a durable material and ensures that you can properly control your dog. Besides this, you can even design a personalized dog harness by getting your dog’s name embroidered on the front patch. You can visit the website to check out the amazing collection of dog harnesses.


Well, the people who have dogs know how happy and cheerful their dogs make them feel throughout the day. But keeping you happy is not the sole purpose of your dog. You need to ensure what is good for your dog and what is not. So choose the dog harness that suits their body size and their personality. This type of harness is what makes them feel comfortable and keeps them safe when you take them out for a walk.

12Jan 2021

Are you thinking of buying a dog harness for your dog? Then you have come to the right place. Dog harnesses are quite beneficial for the dogs as well as the pet parents. With the help of the right dog harness, you can keep your dogs safe and secure while you are taking them out on a morning walk or an evening stroll. Dog harnesses are also helpful in controlling your dog if it is heavy.  For heavy dogs, it is not advisable to make use of a dog collar because it can hurt their neck badly. The harness is a safe way to keep the entire body of the pet in control as the leash goes around the shoulder of the dog and can easily relieve the pressure from the dog’s neck. 

In the market, you can come across a lot of dog harnesses with different colors, textures, fabrics, and sizes. You must choose the one that best suits your dog’s size and personality. So before we show you different dog harnesses available at Sassy Dog Fashions you must know these essential points that will help you to choose the best harness for your dog. 

#1 You Must Decide What Purpose You Need To Fulfill With The Dog Harness: Dog harnesses are available in different styles. The standard dog harness is best for keeping your dog in control while you take them on a walk. Apart from standard dog harnesses, you can get dog harnesses that are specifically designed only for training purposes. Further, if you take your dog out in your car, then you can opt for a dog harness that is crash-proof to protect your dog in case of any accidents.

#2 Make Sure You Are Choosing A Soft Fabric Harness: The dog harness should be made of high-quality fabric and should be extremely soft. It should not cause any irritation to the dog’s skin and should make them feel comfortable. 

#3 The Dog Harness You Choose Must Be Of Right Size: To ensure that you are getting the right size of harness, you must measure your dog properly around the ribcage. If you are getting it online, you should check out the size chart before ordering one. Getting the right size of harness is quite important, as too tight will cause suffocation and pain and too loose means your dog would wiggle out of it.  

You might be wondering where to find such a high-quality dog harness. Sassy Dog Fashions has the best collection of dog harnesses that you would love to get for your beloved pets. 

Custom Embroidered Pink Plush Dog Harness:

It is a padded dog harness made of 100% premium quality cotton, which makes it comfortable and soft. This dog harness is best for female dogs and puppies.

The padded area of the dog harness is made up of plush fabric and designed with reflective trim. The reflective trim will make it easy for you to find your pet in dark areas.  You can even customize the look of the dog harness by getting your dog’s name embroidered on it. At Sassy Dog Fashions, you will find similar dog harnesses in different sizes such as extra small, small, medium, and large.

Get An Amazing Designer Black Plaid Houndstooth Dog Harness:

If you want your dog to be safe and cheerful, you must get this fit and comfortable dog harness.  It is a durable plaid fabric and is well suited for female as well as male dogs. You can get this in a wide range of color options and designs. You will get an adjustable strap, a high-quality buckle along with the dog harness. The fabric used in the dog harness is 100% premium cotton that will ensure that your dog is comfortable and does not cause any irritation to his skin. 

Get A Red Buffalo Plaid Dog Harness With Stunning Lead Options:

An ultimate and fashionable dog harness for your beloved pet. This dog harness has a unique look that will make your dog look the best. The front part of the harness is padded with high-quality premium cotton and this perfectly fits any size of a dog. (But ensure that you are measuring the size of your dog before ordering it.)


The dog harness is essential if you want to keep your pet under control when you are out on a walk or stroll. Moreover, it is better than getting a dog collar because there are high chances that the dog collar can hurt the dog’s neck. But with a dog harness, you won’t have to worry about any such thing. So go for a dog harness but remember to choose wisely.