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20May 2019

Like regular exercise is important for you, similarly exercising regularly is important for your dog too. It is important that you take care of your dog’s health and fitness also. More often than not, it is seen the more active your pet is, the healthier he is going to be throughout. Well, for that you don’t have to take your dog on a 5-mile run every day, just some simple steps you can follow so that you can improve your pet’s physical fitness as well as your own.

Here are a few best fun activities to do to improve physical fitness of your pet.

  • Jogging

    Jogging has always been considered a best exercise, if it has not been your thing in the past, then you have the reason to ease into it. More often than not, dogs love to run, all you need to do is to take time to build up endurance by starting with a couple of short jogs with your pet several times a week. And, gradually you can increase the length of the jog. Make sure you are warming up before you head out to jog, also keep an eye on your dog throughout to make sure he isn’t getting too tired. Like this you and your pet will have a routine to follow and along with that a nice way to spend quality time together.

  • Swimming

    Swimming is another activity which can help you improve your dog’s health. Any dog would be there who loves to splash in water, and water games are the most favorite games for dogs. The only thing which you need to see is the weather condition, of course swimming is not for winters. Only when the temperatures heat up, you can head to the beach or pool to make a splash. Swimming is an excellent low-impact exercise that can keep your dog not only moving, but also having fun. If you find your dog resisting getting into the water, throw a ball or a toy for him to retrieve and then see him have fun in the water.

  • Brisk Walking

    Not always is leisure walking is enough, sometimes you and your dog need to kick up your fitness level by picking up the pace of your walk. For that you can start brisk walking with your dog, you can aim for between 15 and 20 minutes per mile. This is a nice speed to get going, also, you will feel like you are putting in a good effort, however, your dog may begin to pant. Panting is fine, as long as your dog doesn’t start to exhibit labored breathing, then you should stop for a while to rest.

  • Agility Training

    Agility training is fun for dogs, besides being a great form of exercise. Agility training keeps your dog active while weaving through poles and running over planks help dogs develop their muscles. If you don’t have access to an agility course, don’t worry, you can use low walls and fences, fence posts and other existing objects for such training of your pets.

  • Disc Dogging

    Last but not the least, disc dogging is another great dog sport to get into. It’s very easy–simply start throwing around a dog-friendly disc in the backyard or at the park that’s all. Initially throw the disc at short distances, gradually you can throw up to longer distances as well. Your pet will love to chase the disc and will gladly bring it back for another round. Disc dogging not only will get your blood pumping, but also will strengthen the bond between you two.

To conclude…..

It is highly recommended to get your dog involved into some activity so that he is fit, fine and healthy throughout. After all health is wealth!!

9May 2019

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Fur Moms


National Dog Mom’s Day is arriving, the second Saturday in May! There will be chorus of barks, yips, and howls for all the dog mommas! National Dog Mom’s Day recognizes the bond women share with their fur kids, our dogs are like our kids only.

Undoubtedly, our pets are our family members, whether we bought them with careful planning or he came unexpectedly in our family, it is our family. Dogs are just not pets they are more than that! They understand our moods so easily, and we also understand theirs. We care for our dogs, shelter them, protect them, and share a bond, time, and memorable moments of our lives with them.

On this National Dog Mom’s Day make sure to bake up some yummy homemade puppy treats. Plan for something extra for your pet, some pampering to the mother fur. Maybe a pedicure for you and paws for the puppers will do. And, take a special selfie with fur baby to mark the occasion.

Mother’s Day gift ideas for fur moms!

Wonderful ideas to make it paw-some!

  • A Paw-Trait

    Well, every mom loves her kids a lot, not matter a human or an animal, mother’s love is always unconditional. If your Dog Mom loves her dog as much as any other human mom does, she will definitely love a paw-trait (portrait) of her favorite fur-kid. Either you enlarge her favorite photograph which you already have or hire an artist to paint a portrait. Then get the perfect frame and matte to match her decor.

  • Paw-Print Keepsake

    Paw-print keepsake is another idea for all the sentimental puppy parents. It will surely make the best gifts! There are several approach to do it, use an ink-pad and a piece of nice paper, take the impression and frame the print. Another way to do it is use a paw print kit and create a clay impression of her dog’s paw, it will be wonderful memento for the mother, and even she will treasure it for years to come.

  • Gift Jewelry

    Jewelry is another classic Mother’s Day gift, for all the jewelry loving mothers! So, why don’t you get her a beautiful dog-themed jewelry? Be it a gold, silver, sparkling or simple. You can find earrings, ring, a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet to fit her fancy!

  • Gift Flowers

    Flowers! Flowers are the most essential part of any occasion and what else can one gift a mother on Mother’s Day than a bunch of flowers. Flowers are appropriate for Dog Mom’s Day! Just be sure that the flowers you buy are not toxic to your dogs, or your dog is not allergic to them, as some flowers are toxic to them. So, when you buy them for your favorite dog mom, make sure they’re pet safe. Roses, Daisies, African violets, Begonias, and Orchids are safe. Also, most important is to arrange your flowers in a cool dog-themed vase or flower pot. Your pet will surely love the arrangement!

To conclude……

Once you have finalized your paw-fect Mother’s Day gift, next is to wrap it up in some puppy paper or in a dog gift bag along with the card wishing a Mother’s Day from the dog. Try this out, you will make fur mom’s day!

18Mar 2019

All dogs, regardless of size, breed, and age are curious animals that like to pull their leash and run after things. Also, dogs have their own way of walking, which can be too fast or too slow for humans, depending on the mood of the dog or the number of things that catch its fancy while walking. This behavior of dogs makes walking them very difficult and challenging. Walking a dog is even much more difficult if you have a big dog that is very energetic and very curious. When your dog does not have good leash manners, what happens is that instead of you walking your dog, your dog will be the one walking you.

Dogs are not born knowing how to walk with human, so if you want your dog to walk the way you want, you must train it. Teaching your dog leash manners can be challenging and can take some time but the result is a well-behaved dog that is a joy to walk with; therefore, everything you put into teaching your dog to walk nicely on the leash will be well worth it.

You can use various methods to teach your dogs to walk nicely on the leash because there is no single method that works for all dogs. However, below are some overall guidelines:

1. Pick The Right Leash And Collar

Burberry Inspired DOG COLLAR & LEASH Set

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The leash and collar are the equipment needed to walk a dog, so it is obvious you have to get them first. Make sure you get a suitable Dog leash and collar that fits perfectly. Most importantly, make sure the collar is not too tight; you would not want the collar choking your dog. Also, if the collar is uncomfortable, your dog will try to get it off and there is no way your dog will walk nicely on a leash when the collar is too tight.

2. Teach your Dog Basic Commands

Some of the basic commands for dogs are ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘come’. You should teach your dogs these commands before leash training. These commands come in handy when you take your dog for a walk. For example, ‘Sit’ and ‘Stay’ teaches your dog to stay still if you need to chat with a friend; when you have to wait in line; or when you have to wait before crossing a street.

3. Take Some Treats With You

The first advantage of giving your dog its favorite treat while you both go for a walk is that it will always look forward to walking with you. Treats can also be used to train your dog how to walk nicely on a leash. When you start walking, give it a treat at every few steps, then stop giving treats and walk some distance before you give the next treat. This will make it look forward to the next treat, thereby making it stay close to you and walk at a pace you like.

4. Pull Gently

Apply a gentle leash pressure anytime your dog is not walking, walking too slow, or walking too fast. Never forceful pull your dog. Reward with treats once it starts to come to you and when it starts behaving or walking the way you want.

2Jul 2018

Turn your tongues blue at the 31st annual Blueberry Festival organized by the most-loved Historic Bethlehem. The Bethlehem community celebrates one of the sweetest festivals every July that combines family fun and irresistible food.

Explore new ways to relish the taste of blueberries at this annual event. The festival goers are offered a variety of delicacies and opportunity to taste brewery samples. There’s plenty for everyone to enjoy – exciting musical performances, dog attractions, culinary contests, walk-through exhibitions of creative gifts and handmade crafts, pie-eating contests, scavenger hunt, barn tours, and a lot more!

Here are the event details:

    Date: July 21st (Saturday) & 22nd (Sunday)

    Venue:   1461 Schoenersville Rd. (visit map)
                     Burnside Plantation
                     Bethlehem, PA 18018, USA

Don’t miss the fan favorite Pet Parade!

All the pet lovers and pet parents in Bethlehem– do not miss the chance to join the Third Annual Pet Parade held at this Blueberry Festival. Sunday, 22nd July will be dedicated to little pooches. The parade features pets of all breeds dressed up in quirky costumes. If you haven’t given a thought to it then it’s time you do as the best costume will win a gift basket.

Anything BLUE..

In the spirit of the Blueberry festival, this year’s costume theme is anything blue. We have picked the “best of blue” collection of pet apparel and accessories available exclusively at SassyDogFashions that your canine friend can totally flaunt at the event.

Personalized Dog Bandanna

Personalized Dog Bandanna

This Blue Personalized SASSY PAW dog bandanna is simply perfect for parades and walks! Dog bandannas by SassyDogFashions are lightweight, machine washable and super adorable. Each pet scarf has a beautiful decorative edge to make it pretty and prevent fraying.

Fringe Denim Dress for Pet Dogs

Fringe Denim Dress for Pet Dogs

Show your American pride at this Blueberry festival with this cute dog fringe denim outfit. We designed this fashionable pet dog denim dress using the best distressing techniques. A finished border has been added to the garment on the upper portions, while tufts of fringe accent the triple layer skirt hems. A beautiful whimsical American flag accents the back.

Blue Bling Dog Bone Charm

Blue Bling Dog Bone Charm

Bright Aqua Blue Rhinestone Bling Dog Charm with Lobster clasp. Pet jewelry that clasps onto a collar D-ring, that is adorned with blue crystal rhinestones. This charm features large blue crystal rhinestones set in shiny nickel. Every little man loves to wear jewelry so sass up his collar at this Blueberry festival with some silver and blue bling.

Denim Vest Jacket for Pet Dogs

Denim Vest Jacket for Pet Dogs

We’ve totally destroyed this patriotic denim vest for your bad-to-the-bone-dog. Celebrate the Blueberry festival by dressing your cool dog in this cute dog fringe denim outfit. A beautiful whimsical American flag accents the back. Tufts of fringe and shiny metal stars have been added to the entire garment. Look mean, rough and lovable with this denim jacket vest.

The Dog Walker Bag

The Dog Walker Bag

This Puppy Love Blue Dog Walker Bag for pet parents perfectly blends in with the pet parade theme and is something too handy to not carry along at the festival. With this Dog Walker Bag, you can keep your hands free to manage your dog and the leash. You can easily carry the dog’s water, your water, doodoo bags, cell phone and more. Moreover, you can conveniently clean up after your dog by simply pulling a doodoo bag from the dispenser in the front pocket.

So, how are you planning to dress up your pet at this Blueberry festival? Do let us know in the comments section below!

25Jun 2018

You know what they say – “Happiness is a warm puppy”

If you have never been loved by a dog, you’re missing out on something really great. There’s a reason why dogs are referred to as Man’s best friend. And there is no better way to return that affection to your little pooch than taking him out for a sniff along a trail.

Best Dog Friendly Walking Trails Within 20 miles of Northampton, PA - PART 2 - Image1

Dogs are required to be leashed on most of the trails. Do not forget to carry water for your pet, and plastic bags as well to clean up after them. SassyDogFashions offers a stylish must-have Dog Walker Bag to carry all the stuff when heading out for walks, hikes, and hangouts. You can carry water, doodoo bags, cell phone and more in the bag while keeping your hands-free during the trail adventure.

Dog Walker Bag

Read on to know the best dog-friendly walking and hiking trails within 20-mile radius of Northampton, PA.

D & L Trail – Lehigh Canal (South)

(Bethlehem, PA)


You and your dog can access the trailhead at Bethlehem Sand Island located behind the Depot Restaurant and behind the Ice House 56 River St, Bethlehem, PA 18018.

D & L Trail - Lehigh Canal

Bethlehem is one of the two largest cities on the D&L Trail. The trail is paved for the first few miles before reverting to crushed-stone surface. As you and your canine sidekick pedal through the trail, you’ll have a look at the impressive Bethlehem steel sacks across the river. Once one of the largest steel manufacturers in the country, the site is now home to a popular entertainment and cultural events venue.

D&L Trail – Hugh Moore Park Trailhead

(Easton, PA)


D&L Trail - Hugh Moore Park Trailhead

The Hugh Moore Park Trailhead is located along the D&L Trail spur at 2750 Hugh Moore Park Road, Easton, PA 18042. This trail spur ultimately leads to National Canal Museum, Canal Boat Rides, and D&L National Heritage Corridor offices. There’s ample parking space available in the Hugh Moore Park lot. You can reach the D&L Trail spur by walking away from the Lehigh River and toward the canal at the back of the parking lot.

Hugh Moore Bark Dog Park in Easton, PA

Hugh Moore Bark Dog Park in Easton, PA

Dog Owners have Easton’s best, new spacious dog park where they can take their dogs to socialize with other dogs and even have a cookout BEFORE they hop on the trail. Located right inside the entry of Hugh Moore Park is a brand new dog park that just opened last month. Regulations are posted and dog owners are responsible for doodoo cleanup. Whether your dog is big or small, he now can have the time of his life at Easton’s Hugh Moore Bark.

D&L Trail – Lehigh Canal (South)

(Easton, PA)


D&L Trail – Lehigh Canal (South)

The trailhead can be accessed at 220 S Delaware Drive, Easton, PA 18042. Starting at the southern end, this section of the D&L trail is the longest – spanning 60 miles from Bristol to Easton. The crushed-stone towpath dates back to the canal-building era of the early and mid-1800s. Along the trail, you will find canal locks, aqueducts, and other historical structures. A popular stop among trail users is the Locktender’s House and Lock 11 in New Hop mainly to explore the historical roots.

D & L Trail – Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail

(Weatherly, PA)


You can unload the dogs at South Lehigh Gorge Drive, Weatherly, PA 18255. The Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail cuts through 4,500 acres of river gorge parkland along the Lehigh River. The 26-mile trail features river views on one side and scattered waterfalls on the other side. A scenic view for you and your little one to enjoy. About a mile into the crushed-stone route will lead you to a renovated iron bridge that supports bicycle and pedestrian users.

D & L Trail - Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail

Lehigh Gorge Trail

(Jim Thorpe, PA)

Jim Thorpe

The Lehigh Gorge Trail links downtown Jim Thorpe with the gorgeous Lehigh Gorge State Park. You can explore the trail along with your little pooch; however, do not forget to keep him on a leash. Hike along the trail and enjoy a day surrounded by mother nature. You can also take a relaxing ride through the natural wonders in the beautiful Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway.

Lehigh Gorge Trail

So, where do you head out for some tail-wagging adventure near Northampton? Do let us know in the comments section below!