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8Mar 2021

Millions of people have pets, and they adore them. Pets, especially dogs, are the greatest companions anyone can have. They play around with you, make you feel happy and cheerful all the time. You also find ways to entertain them and plan out activities and trips to hang out with your dogs. But the most interesting thing to do is shop for your dog and dress them up. Well, it is not necessary that you dress up your dog only for special occasions. But you can do it on any casual day or while taking them for a small walk. So what are the dog fashion trends that you need to follow for the year 2021? Let’s have a look!

#1 You Can Easily Invest In Customized Dog Clothes/Outfits:

Customization and personalization of the dog clothes in something new and trendy. You don’t have to buy ready-made dog clothes. Instead, you can research some fancy latest trends (designs, colors, fabric) in the dog fashion industry and get something wonderful for your dog.

You can get some frilly dog clothes for the female dogs or a tux for the male dogs. To make the clothes look more adorable, you can get some colorful puffs, and plaids alongside the frills. You can visit the best online pet clothes store for getting personalized/customized designer dog apparel. You can assure that the quality of material used would be of the highest quality and extremely comfortable.

#2 Beautiful Bowties For The Dogs:

Beautiful Bowties For The Dogs

According to the experts and people who belong to the dog clothes industry have stated that in the year 2021, dog bow ties would be in the trend. So why not get one from a collection of different bow ties for your furry friend? At SassyDogFashions, you can get an amazing collection of bow ties — they are available in different colors, patterns, and designs. The fabric used for the bow ties is soft and comfortable and won’t cause any irritation to their skin. Moreover, the bow ties are available with a buckle and adjustable strap. You can use it for all sizes of dogs.

#3 Amazing Dog Hoodies For Fashion Forward Pups:

You can get cute, comfortable, and designer dog hoodies for your dog. The dog hoodies would look quite trendy when you take your dog for a walk or do the shopping. Although you can get dog hoodies from any pet store, SassyDogFashions has got the most desirable collection. You can get them in different colors, printed with different paw prints and intricately designed pockets. The hoodies are available in all sizes — from S (small) to 2XL (extra large). The fabric used in the hoodies is of premium quality cotton and very comfortable. The interior section of the hoodie is covered with a soft fleece. Moreover, the hoodie has got a convenient leash hole so that you can easily attach the leash and take your dog out. The fabric is machine washable.

#4 Get Some Dog Coats And Jackets:Get Some Dog Coats And Jackets

You can purchase some of the best dog coats and jackets for your dog. In the market, you can get hold of a wide range of dog jackets with different colors, fabrics, and patterns. Even SassyDogFashion has different types of dog coats — warm and waterproof dog jackets/coats for the winter season, casual dog coats (comfortable in spring and summer), and reversible dog coats, which can be worn on both sides. You can even ask to customize the dog’s coat with the name of your dog on the back of the coat. Dog jackets and coats never go out of style and would always impart a trendy and fashionable look to your dogs.


SassyDogFashions is one of the best stores for dog clothes and accessories, where you get to choose from the best collection of dog apparel, which includes coats, waterproof raincoats, dog collars, leashes, harnesses, neckties/bowties, and many other things. At SassyDogFashions, you can be assured that when it comes to dog apparel and accessories, whichever item you choose to buy, every item is of the latest trend. It is considered the most trusted pet clothing store and has a wide collection of fleece dog coats, dog walker bags, hoodies, collars, and

24Jul 2020

Every dog is adorable and there is no debate about it and every pet parent loves to dress them for different occasions. This dressing up of pets has evolved the dog fashion industry. The designers are continuously striving to design dog apparel that is comfortable as well as functional. Pet parents flock to retail or online pet clothing stores every couple of months for door-busting deals and last-minute clearance blowouts to stock up on the latest season’s apparel trends and scoop up leftovers from the last’s.

Dog Owners Love Dressing Up Their Pets

A recent study reported that due to the increase in the number of pets, there has been an immense growth in the pet clothing industry. With the increasing interest amongst pet owners, regarding dog fashion and the need to offer them comforting clothes during different climate conditions, there is greater demand for pet clothes in the market.

Dog owners are always searching for specialized and better quality products and garments for dogs. This concern and need has led to the exponential growth of dog clothes. While there certainly are numerous reasons why owners put clothes on their dogs, the bottom line is that fashion for furry friends serves a purpose beyond simply looking cute.

Trends In The Dog Fashion Industry:

Customized Unisex Dog Jackets: Dog jackets make your dog look classy. These dog jackets are making their way into the Dog Fashion industry. With fewer embellishments and customization, you can make the jacket more beautiful. Jackets make your dogs look more adorable and also impart a bit of sophistication.

Note: To keep your dog warm during winters, you can customize the jackets by adding soft fabric pads or provide double lining of fleece in the interior.
Fashionable dog jackets look completely cute on any four-legged pal.

Beautiful Beachwear – Dog Swimsuits: Take your four-legged pal on the deck with adorable swimsuits. Dog swimsuits are yet another category that is in high demand. You can dress up your dog in navy striped swimsuits. It is perfect while you take your dog boating or for a walk on the beach.

Trendy Dog Shirts: Dog shirts can make dressing up fun and interesting. You can get amazing dog shirts with a wide range of fabrics and patterns from best online pet clothing stores such as SassyDogFashions. There are different styles of shirts that you can buy for your dogs.

Polo Shirts: Generally, polo shirts have a matching collar and buttons just like the common polo shirts and give a trendy look to your dog.

Sailor Tee: Sailor Tees are similar to t-shirts which are perfect for males and female dogs.

Customized Prints: T-shirts with customized prints and cotton fabrics are best when you are taking your dog for a beach walk.

Hoodies: Hoodies are considered best for the dog who is very active and loves outdoor activities. It protects the dog from dirt and infection and imparts a high sense of fashion.

Pullovers: Dog pullovers are best when you want to mix and match. These are perfect for dog owners and their dogs with high regard to fashion.

Weather Gear – Sweaters & Raincoats: When you take your dog in the snow or rain, you must ensure that you have got the right gear to help them stay dry and warm. Your little pooch also deserves comfort along with fashion. You can get a wide variety of inclement weather items such as sweaters, puffer vests, raincoat, water-proof T-shirts, shower-proof dog coats. These will keep your furry friend fashionably warm and protected.


Generally, dog clothes are all the rage for fashionable, adorable dogs and their equally fashionable owners. What began as a way to keep short-haired or shaved dogs warm in colder months has burgeoned into a multi-faceted industry encompassing everything from dog collars to beachwear. That’s right, fashionable doggies don’t swim without appropriate clothing anymore. Make sure your furry pal is dressed to keep up with her peers with these must-have dog clothes.

27Apr 2020

Like regular exercise is important for you, similarly exercising regularly is important for your dog too. It is important that you take care of your dog’s health and fitness also. More often than not, it is seen the more active your pet is, the healthier he is going to be throughout. Well, for that you don’t have to take your dog on a 5-mile run every day, just some simple steps you can follow so that you can improve your pet’s physical fitness as well as your own. Here are a few best fun activities to do to improve physical fitness of your pet.

Jogging has always been considered a best exercise, if it has not been your thing in the past, then you have the reason to ease into it. More often than not, dogs love to run, all you need to do is to take time to build up endurance by starting with a couple of short jogs with your pet several times a week. And, gradually you can increase the length of the jog. Make sure you are warming up before you head out to jog, also keep an eye on your dog throughout to make sure he isn’t getting too tired. Like this you and your pet will have a routine to follow and along with that a nice way to spend quality time together.

Swimming is another activity which can help you improve your dog’s health. Any dog would be there who loves to splash in water, and water games are the most favorite games for dogs. The only thing which you need to see is the weather condition, of course swimming is not for winters. Only when the temperatures heat up, you can head to the beach or pool to make a splash. Swimming is an excellent low-impact exercise that can keep your dog not only moving, but also having fun. If you find your dog resisting getting into the water, throw a ball or a toy for him to retrieve and then see him have fun in the water.

Brisk Walking
Not always is leisure walking is enough, sometimes you and your dog need to kick up your fitness level by picking up the pace of your walk. For that you can start brisk walking with your dog, you can aim for between 15 and 20 minutes per mile. This is a nice speed to get going, also, you will feel like you are putting in a good effort, however, your dog may begin to pant. Panting is fine, as long as your dog doesn’t start to exhibit labored breathing, then you should stop for a while to rest.

Agility Training
Agility training is fun for dogs, besides being a great form of exercise. Agility training keeps your dog active while weaving through poles and running over planks help dogs develop their muscles. If you don’t have access to an agility course, don’t worry, you can use low walls and fences, fence posts and other existing objects for such training of your pets.

Disc Dogging
Last but not the least, disc dogging is another great dog sport to get into. It’s very easy–simply start throwing around a dog-friendly disc in the backyard or at the park that’s all. Initially throw the disc at short distances, gradually you can throw up to longer distances as well. Your pet will love to chase the disc and will gladly bring it back for another round. Disc dogging not only will get your blood pumping, but also will strengthen the bond between you two.

To conclude…..
It is highly recommended to get your dog involved into some activity so that he is fit, fine and healthy throughout. After all health is wealth!!

3Apr 2019

Dog lovers know the importance of buying dog accessories for their dogs. Dog accessories make your dog stand out and gives your dog a fun look.

The list of pet accessories for dogs is endless because people always make new pet accessories in different designs for dogs. However, there are pet accessories for dogs that have been available for a very long time.

Below are eight of these timeless pet accessories for dogs:

1. Dog Collars


Dog collars give your dog a unique look and can be used to identify your dog. When picking a dog collar, make sure you take the size of your dog and the weight of the dog and collar into consideration. You can choose collars in different colors and designs, but make sure they are side-release collars because they are the strongest and easiest to use. Look for breakaway collars for cats because they are the safest ones to use.

2. Dog Leashes



Leashes help you control the movement of your dog anytime you both are out for a walk. Make sure you get a strong leash that does not come off easily. And make sure it is long enough to allow the dog to move freely as you walk together.

3. Dog Bandanas

Personalized Dog Bandanna

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Dog bandanas can make your dog really stand out among other pets anywhere you go. They come in different bright colors and beautiful designs that you can even wear the one that complements your outfit on your dog.

4. Dog Pajamas

Sassy Dog Sleeper Dog Pajama Jumper PJ in Dog Park theme

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Yes, dogs can also wear pajamas. Get your dog nice pajamas that fit comfortably for a really unique look.

5. Dog Dresses

Bella & Friends Purple Diva Tutu Dress

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Dogs also wear dresses. If you go online, you will see dogs in beautiful dresses. If there is a party coming up, you can get your dog ready for that party by buying it a beautiful dog dress.

6. Dog Tags

Dog tags help your dog introduce itself to anyone it is meeting for the first time. Dog tags are in different nice designs that can show off your pet’s personality.

7. Backpacks for Dogs

Backpacks for dogs are great accessories that will allow your dog to carry its own stuff. They make your dog look unique, but you must make sure the content of your dog’s backpack is not too heavy for your dog.

8. Dog Floatation Devices

Most dogs can swim very well; however to make sure they are absolutely safe when inside water or around water, make sure they are wearing a floatation device. A type of floatation device is dog life vests. Life vest for dogs has handles that you can use to pull your dog out of the water if the need to do so arises.

6Mar 2019

People who like to look trendy and fashionable always do all they can to keep themselves abreast of the latest fashion trends. This is what we do as a human, but who says we cannot do the same for the animal we regard as man’s best friend. Dressing your dog in lovely clothes and accessories make them look fashionable; and in addition to the distinct look they give dogs, fashionable clothes and accessories depict the dog owner as an adventurous and stylish person. In this post, you will find some amazing dog fashion trends for 2019.

Everyone loves to be stylish and adventurous

Furthermore, although dogs are blessed with natural protection against the elements, many breeds need more protection in the rain and when it snows. Therefore, if you are not interested in making your dog look stylish for the fun of it, you should be interested in clothes that protect them and also make them look stylish.

There have been a lot of changes in dog fashion over the years. Many luxury brands now make clothes and accessories for dogs in various designs and for each season of the year.

Therefore, you can make your dog look so stylish and turn heads when you both attend an event or go out for a walk.

Latest Dog Fashion Trends 2019

1. Sassy Dog TIE DYE Hippie World PEACE Soft Cotton Knit T-Shirts

Sassy Dog TIE DYE Hippie World PEACE Soft Cotton Knit T-Shirts

Our top pick for hip outerwear is a Sassy Dog TIE DYE Hippie World PEACE Soft Cotton Knit T-Shirts. Your dog will look a little extra cool in these ultra-vibrant colors. It’s perfect for the fashion-forward dog who wants to have fun doing and the look is expected to trend even more during the year 2019.

2. After being extremely popular in the last year 2018. British Tan Plaid fashion trends never go out of style! 

3. Blue DENIM Dog VEST Jacket Patriotic Stars ‘n Stripes

Blue DENIM Dog VEST Jacket Patriotic Stars 'n Stripes

Denim, It never goes away! This Blue DENIM Dog VEST Jacket Patriotic Stars and Stripes is expected as one of the hottest street dog fashion trends that every dog need to have in their wardrobe. An elegant American flag accents the back of the vest and your pet’s name looks very fashionable.

4. Sassy Dog Fuchsia Boucle Cold Weather Designer Dress Dog COAT

Sassy Dog Fuchsia Boucle Cold Weather Designer Dress Dog COAT

Stunning fuschia pink color is every time favorite and stylish. Your dog will look stylishly hot in this superb Chanelesque couture dog coat! We think this dress coat will definitely be trending in 2019. It’s so French!