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15Aug 2022

Whatever your fashion style or the kind of pet you have, you can get the right outfit for your pet. If you own a pet dog, Sassy Dog Fashions is the place to get just the right outfit for your animal companion.

Styling Your Pet with Sassy Dog Fashions Designer Clothing

Pet owners have for years dressed their dogs in coats and sweaters to protect them from snowy and rainy walks. Pet fashion has recently moved to be more practical because of the evolution in style.

Sassy Dog Fashions is an online, retail manufacturer of luxury pet accessories, wholesale dog clothes, and a designer of dog boutiques. Our ready-to-wear custom pet clothes come in a wide range of designs to ensure they match your style and meet your pet’s fashion needs. Other reasons you should style your pet with Sassy Dog Fashions designer pet clothing include:

(1): Collar-to-harness connector strap

Sassy Dog Fashions’ collar-to-harness connector strap is a safety strap that connects from the collar of your puppy to its harness D-ring. By doing this, you can stop your puppy from escaping its harness. By acting as a backup leash, the security strap makes sure that even if your beloved puppy escapes, you will still be able to hold them by the collar.

Additionally, the product also serves as a backup collar, allowing you to keep your pet by the harness in case they manage to escape the collar. Growing puppies need more time to fill out their harness, and this attachment strap can save a life and avert a disaster.

You can get them in various sizes together with smart options for matching harnesses, leashes, and collars that will make you proud of walking your puppy

See the video on how to use the collar-to-harness connector to see how it stops your puppy from escaping its harness. 

(2): Custom-made dog harness

Custom made dog harness

Sassy Dog Fashions’ custom-made dog harnesses are for you to enjoy walking your pet around. There is a wide variety of custom embroidered dog harnesses that would have the name of your pet on them. It is also available for small, medium, or large dogs. The harness is made using world-class commercial embroidery machinery so that the work is top quality and professional.

Having a personalized dog harness will make your pet stand out in a crowd. You have the option to buy them blank in case you are not yet sure of your pet’s name, or you prefer it without the name. Additionally, the harness is adjustable, ensuring that you still get a snug fit even when you are not sure of your pet’s exact chest size.

There is also the monogrammed stylish dog harness that will be just right for kittens, toy dogs, teacups, puppies, and cats. Some of our custom-made harnesses, personalized dog harness, handmade dog harness, and adjustable dog harness are available with leashes. This means that you can get a leash set and harness in the same fabric.

(3): Customized dog collars

Customized dog collars

Sassy Dog Fashions has an online luxury pet boutique shop where you can get embroidered dog collars. For the latest pet fashion, you can purchase a customized dog collar with the name of your pet on it. To get stylish dog collars and a unique personalized pet gift, you can pick your favorite embroidery thread color and font lettering from our collection.

A customized dog collar for your pet is a collar specially made to have the name of your pet on it. It is a luxury to own, and you can get it from our luxury dog boutique. Also, available in 18 different colors is Sassy Dog Fashions’ nylon collars where you can choose and have your telephone number or name of your pet embroidered onto the strap.

The stylish dog collars available on our online store are truly customizable, except for the 3/8-inch width cat collar and teacup collar. Both these two are not customizable because they are too tiny to embroider. Aside from this, you will find a huge collection of customizable dog collars that you can style your pet with on our online store.

(4): Custom dog coats

A custom dog coat from Sassy Dog Fashions is another fashion item you can style your pet with. Our custom dog coats are made in several ways. You can pick from the collection of customizable coats and jackets in our online boutique for dogs.

Handmade dog coats are also available to ensure that you do not try to force your dog into the standard size chart. This is particularly in case your dog has an oddity or a long back. They can be made to meet your specifications and that of your pet.

Additionally, there are various custom options such as harness holes and D-rings you can add to the jacket. The name of your pet can also be custom embroidered on the jacket’s back if you want. If you have an oddly shaped or hard-to-fit dog, you will get fancy dog sweaters or dog coats tailor-made to fit your pet.

(5): Custom fancy dog sweater

There is a selection of standard-sized dog fashion sweaters in our luxury pet boutique shop. You can get them for teacups and a small dog, or custom-made to meet your specification.

Also, available in our store are custom dog sweaters for large dogs. They can also be customized so that they meet the specification of your pet. The personalized dog sweater can be made to have your pet’s name embroidered on the back as well.

Our signature go-to sweater, fleece Comfort Dog Sweaters, is in all sizes. These fashion dog clothes can be styled with a leash attachment or harness hole. Large to small dogs can also get a matching leash or matching snood.


Not every pet owner fancy putting clothing on the pet companion. However, you should with Sassy Dog Fashions’ designer pet clothing. You should indulge your urge to get a luxury item from our shop if your puppy seems to share your love for fashion. With various clothing items from our collection, you will surely get compliments as you take your pet out for a walk.

17Jan 2022

Winters in homes with pets are a bit different from other homes. The mercury dropping means more than warming drinks and roasting s’mores for us pet parents. We need to plan on how to keep our fur babies safe and healthy through the cold months.

Pets, big or small, do need a bit of additional care during this season. Barring a few breeds, most dogs, and cats do feel as cold as we do. I follow a simple rule of thumb — if I am feeling cold, then my dogs are feeling the winter chill too. As a pet parent and an avid dog-lover, these are some of the simple tips I follow to keep my dogs happy and healthy during winter.

1. Keep Them Warm

Try to keep your pet indoors as much as possible. Even if your pet is used to hanging out on the porch or spending the day out in the yard, during winters it is better to keep them inside.

The weather outside can quickly change, and your pets are more susceptible to chills during low temperatures. When you take them out, it is better to make them wear a warm coat like our Sherpa-Lined Warm Dog Coat with Harness. And, even at home, for cold nights, you can put on a sweater like the Baby Love Dog Sweater or Rainbow Dog Sweater to keep them feeling all cozy.

2. Go For Shorter Walks

Custom Dog Harness

For dogs, exercise is a must. Yet, it is necessary to keep an eye on the time that you stay outside with your dog. Try to walk your dogs for shorter durations, and make sure to keep them in a warm coat with a harness or on a leash.

Pick from our SassyDogFashions coats and harnesses the best one for your dog. Taking our dogs for walks with a leash ensures that you are close enough to see that they do not injure themselves in any way.

3. Watch Out For Salt/Anti-Freeze

When you take your dogs out for their daily walks, make sure to keep an eye out for salt and anti-freeze. Anti-freeze is toxic for dogs, but as it tends to taste sweet, dogs may accidentally lick them.

Similarly, the salt on the sidewalks can cause excessive dryness and blisters on the paw pads of dogs. Make sure to thoroughly wipe their paws with a soft towel as soon as you get back home, or you can make them wear cute snow booties to protect their paws when going for walks.

4. Amp Up Indoor Play And Games

Dogs need a good level of physical activity to keep themselves healthy. With the reduction in outdoor activities, it is time to boost their indoor play.

Gather around a few common household items and get your dogs to run and play with you. Make sure that they get a good amount of playtime every day. If your dog is being lazy, you can also divide the playtime into a few chunks throughout the day. It is necessary to get them to move around every day.

5. Go Easy On The Grooming

If you are a pet parent of a shaggy or hairy dog, then the winters are when you can ease back on the grooming appointments. A little extra fluff on your dogs is actually good for them.

Get a little trim around their eyes and take a bit off their legs. It will make it easier to clean them up after their daily walks. No need to go for a complete trim until the warm weather gets here.

6. A Cozy Bed Is A Must

Luxurious Dog Bed

You might have seen your dogs nudge closer to the fireplaces or portable heaters in your home when they nap or sleep during winters. Excessive heat is also not good for your dogs.

A nice cozy bed is a better alternative for them to get all warm and comfortable while they sleep. You can place the bed at an adequate distance from the heat source and get your dogs used to sleep on it. This ensures that your dog gets a pleasant and warm sleep at night.

You can pick from a range of beautiful and luxurious dog beds from SassyDogFashions. Our current bestsellers are the Luxurious Handmade Crystal Dog Bed and the Cuddle Dog Bed. Both the beds are available in a range of lovely colors and are available in different sizes.

And if your dog already has a bed or a favorite spot, then you can keep them warm by adding a Handmade Luxurious Chinchilla Blanket from our new collection. Wrap up your fur baby in these luxurious mink fabric blankets and let them snooze peacefully.


These tips will ensure that you enjoy this time of the year with your fur babies without any worries. All the products mentioned are available at SassyDogFashions. Explore our range of winter apparel and beautiful handmade pet accessories and products today.

9Dec 2021

We all love our dogs and love to spend our time with them. You would take them to shop, dinners, hiking, trekking, and small daily walks. It is all good in the spring and summer seasons as the weather is perfect for you and your dog. How will you manage to take your dog for a walk during winter? In winter, the temperature is extreme, and your focus is to keep your dog protected rather than taking small walks. But again, you cannot just keep them in the house for the entire season. You need to find a solution for walking your dog in the winter. We have gathered some tips from the experts and curated them for you. You can check the tips provided below.

#1 You Should Plan Everything Beforehand

During winters, if you want to walk your dog, you should have a proper plan beforehand. While planning, you should check the temperature outside and whether your dog will be able to withstand it or not. You cannot take your dog walking when it is chillingly windy or snowing heavily. Besides this, you should focus on choosing a path that is safe and not a remote area. Moreover, the path you select for walking should be short so that your dog does not feel very tired from the walk. If you want to explore new places with your dog, then you can plan it for the brighter and warmer days.

#2 You Should Use Protective Dog Apparels During Winter Walks

Get dog Christmas outfit

During the cold weather, you need to ensure that your dog is protected before you step outside for small walks. The harsh climatic changes may have an adverse impact on your dog’s health. You should get some winter dog clothes for your dog and yourself. You can get dog hoodies, dog sweaters, dog coats, and jackets. With this protective winter clothing, you can ensure that your dog is protected even during the cold climate. They will feel more comfortable going out with you and even take longer paths. If you are looking for premium-quality dog clothes, then you can visit the website SassyDogFashions. All the dog winter clothing is made from premium quality fabric.

#3 Choose A Better Place For Taking Your Dog On Walks

dog coats for winter

During winter, you cannot take your dog on unsafe treks and hikes. It is important for you to take good care of not only the dog’s skin but also its paws. During winter, even the slightest injury can hurt your dog a lot. So while planning, you can list some places that are good for taking your dog on a walk. From all the listed places, choose the best one. You can even let your dog choose the walking path for himself.

When you come back in from the walk, regularly check the paws for damages and dryness. With excessive dryness, the dog’s paws may get irritated and develop cracks. You can cover your dog’s paws with comfy socks while you take them for a walk. It will protect their paws from being dry all the time.

#4 Keep Your Dog Protected From The Chemicals and Salts Used For Ice-Melting

When you are taking your dog on walks during winter, ensure that they are not ingesting anything from the roadside. During winter, you can find a lot of chemicals used for melting the ice on the road. You should keep track of your dog so that they do not ingest anything harmful. The best thing you can do is to let the dogs have their meal before you take them out for a walk. If not, you can use some dog treats along with you and feed them when they feel hungry.

#5 Always Use Dog Leash To Keep Them In Control

During winter, due to foggy weather, the visibility will be extremely low. Therefore, you should always use a leash to keep your dog under control. Moreover, it will be a protection so that your dog does not get lost. You can use the leash in neon colors as it will be radiant even in foggy weather, and you can easily locate your dog.


Taking your dog for a walk is quite essential during the season. It keeps them fit and healthy. But during winters, you have to be proactive in taking extra care of your dog. You can follow the tips to safeguard your dog while you walk your dog in the winter. Do everything you do to keep yourself safe before stepping out in winter for your dogs as well. In this way, you can enjoy comfortable and fun winter walks with them.

28Sep 2020

We love our pets and treat them as our family members. We take them for a walk, get pet clothes, and also provide them with nutritious food so that they stay fit and healthy. It is a well-known fact that your dog or puppy is your best companion. They love you and show affection regardless of the situation, and this is what makes them very special. They wait for you when you are not at home, they play with you and always show your loyalty. Your puppy’s birthday is around, so what have you thought to give them as a present? Just like us, our pets are also looking forward to receiving that special treatment. You can check out this amazing list of pet accessories that you can give to your four-legged baby.  

Bowties for Dogs

With colorful and stylish bowties, you can make your puppy look smart and cool on their birthday. You must choose a bowtie with vibrant cheerful colors as it would attract everyone’s attention. It would be one of the best dog accessories for your little pet. Besides color, while purchasing a bowtie for your puppy you must ensure that the bow tie has a detachable feature. Additionally, you must see that the bow tie could easily fit the conventional dog collar.   You can check out this amazing, colorful bowtie from Sassy Dog Fashions. With this gold and red plaid bow tie, you can dress up our little pup for various occasions such as weddings or parties.         

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Dog Bandanas

You can show your love to your puppies by gifting them beautiful dog bandanas on their birthday. To ensure that your dog feels comfortable, you need to choose a dog bandana that has standard high quality and durable fabric. Besides quality, the dog must also have an adjustable strap or a simple buckle so that you can easily release or tie the bandana. If you want to have a look at some beautiful bandanas just visit the website Sassy Dog Fashions. You would get a dog bandana in different shapes, sizes and also amazing colors.

These are handmade, screen printed and embroidered dog bandanas. A high-quality soft fabric is used to ensure that the dog feels comfortable.  

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Dog Collars

The market is flooded with a huge collection of dog collars available in different colors, fabrics, and prints. You can get your pup a colorful dog collar with nylon fabric or soft leather. These dog collars can easily expand as the pup grows gradually. If you are looking for some customized dog collars with your dog’s name printed on it, you can visit Sassy Dog Fashions. This red plaid dog collar would help you to keep up with dog fashion trends. It would make a perfect treat for your small, medium or large pup on his birthday.

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Dog Harness

A Dog harness would make up the best birthday gift for your dog. The dog harnesses are well padded and use soft fabric which makes the dog feel comfortable around the chest and doesn’t cause any irritation. Dog harnesses are also available in custom design. So if you wish you can get the name of your dog embroidered on the harness. Customizing the name of the harness shows that you are giving a personal touch to it. The dog harness would make your little dog look stunning and comfortable as it is made with high-quality fabric so it’s durable, too, for active dogs. 

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Dog Coats

What could be better than gifting a dog coat on his/her birthday? Dog coats would make your dog look adorable among other dogs when you take him/her to a party or any other occasion. Dog coats help the little one to stay warm and comfortable. The soft cotton fabric along with the double lining of fleece makes him/her feel good. 

This particular product – Dog coat looks quite sophisticated with a combination of different colors including tan, charcoal, burgundy, and thin strips of white. 

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Celebrating your dog’s birthday is the best thing. When you are buying any dog accessories just make sure that you choose something that your puppy would love to have and be comfortable too. Besides all the above-mentioned dog accessories, you can get different types of dog food and toys as your dog would love to fill his tummy and play with the toys all day long.

20Jul 2020

A dog is not just a pet, it is so much more than a pet. A dog is your companion who is always there for you. He can be your playmate, a friend, and a walking buddy. When you bring a new puppy home, within no time he becomes part of your family.

And because you love your puppies so much, it is very essential that they look their best and stay well protected from external elements. Puppies are generally more vulnerable to the harsh weather than an older dog. Hence, while choosing pet clothes for puppies, you need to be meticulous. You must explore all possible doggy clothes and then evaluate which one would work the best for your pup.

What Are Some Of The Important Features To Consider While Choosing Clothes For Puppies?

Dog clothes are basically designed to serve various purposes such as:

  • Keeping your pup warm
  • To make a fashion statement
  • To keep them healthy and safe

Points to consider:

Heat Consideration: If your puppy has a lot of furs then he must not be put in heavy dog clothes as there would be a risk of overheating. So you must choose something that is lightweight and comfortable.

Weather Conditions: While you are taking your dog out for a walk, make sure that the weather is suitable for him. Also, you must make your dog wear clothes that go with the weather.

  • Winter: Make sure you have a good collection of sweaters, scarves, boots, and jackets.
  • Summer: Have a separate summer collection of puppy clothes. Pet clothing that is made up of soft fabric, bright colors, and lightweight.
  • Rainy: Get some raincoats and showerproof dog clothes and use them only when you are taking them out.

Warmth For Short-Haired Pup: If your puppy breed is short-haired then you must get him dog clothes that provide warmth.

Must’ve Clothes For Your New Pup


Pajamas For Puppies:

Dog pajamas! These amazing dog pajamas are full-body, knitted, and have thermal qualities. It is best for the puppies as it covers the full body and keeps them protected from the external weather. These jammies are ideal for keeping your furry friend warm all night. Made from thick and warm fabric, beautifully soft, and skilfully created, your pup will be the envy of all the dogs on the block in these pajamas.

Dog Vest – Puppy Vests:

The dog vests are basically designed for the puppies who are active and love to play outdoors. The dog vests are considered super comfortable because they can easily slip over your dog’s head, to stay securely in place.

  • Made from 100% cotton to keep the puppy dry and cool
  • Vests can easily slip over your puppy’s head
  • You do not require any velcro, buttons or zippers to contend with
  • It gives a stylish look to your puppy
  • It is machine-washable to remove dirt

Beautiful Tutu Dress For Your Puppy:

You can get a beautiful, cute, and colorful tutu dress for your puppy. Tutu dresses are generally available in all sizes so you would not have to face difficulty in finding the right size. An adorable gauze tutu dress can turn your pup into a pup princess. While choosing the tutu dress, make sure that the material of the dress is soft to touch and comfortable. Generally, the tutu dresses are suitable for dog breeds such as Chihuahua, Poodle, Cup Poodle, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frise, Cocker Spaniel.

Dog Jumpsuit:

Adorned with a ribbon, this super cute leopard print velvet jumpsuit will make your pup the envy of all the dogs at the dog park. It is machine washable and dryer friendly, and there is no reason why you can’t keep your pooch looking dapper all day long. Dog Jumpsuits are available in all sizes and come in exclusive prints that make your puppy look fashionable.


Regardless of the type of dog, if you intend on keeping your dog outside in cold weather for extended periods of time, consider investing in dog clothes. You wouldn’t go out in just your jeans and a t-shirt when there’s a blizzard blowing, so don’t expect your dog to enjoy going out in it either.