18Sep 2019

Walking a dog is a fun thing to do and it seems like an activity that anyone that can hold a leash can do without having to take lessons in dog walking. However, as strange as they may sound, there are some mistakes people make when walking their dogs. They are mistakes that anybody can make regardless of their age, size, height, and location.

Here are six common dog walking mistakes you are making and how to avoid them:

Disregarding Safety Hazards

When you walk your dog, it is very important to be mindful of anything that could harm you and anything that could harm your dog. Some of the things that can be dangerous to you and your dog as you go for a walk are cars passing, broken bottles, wet or slippery floors, sharp or pointed objects, spilled chemicals, water bodies, and electrical connections. To avoid any form of harm, be mindful of everything around you and your dog; move your dog away from anything that could harm it; and put booties on their paws.

Using The Wrong Leash

One of the reasons why people like to use a retractable leash or a long leash while walking their dogs is to give their dogs a lot of freedom to walk around them and to make sure they do not bump into their dogs. This seem like a good idea, but it is not advisable. The reason is that it is difficult to control a dog using a retractable or long leash. When you do not have a good control of your dog while walking them, they can run off when they see an animal they would like to chase and run into danger.

Approaching Unknown Dogs

Some dogs can get hostile with each other, especially when they are meeting each other for the first time. Also, some dogs can attack you if they do not know you. Therefore, it is advisable to be wary of unknown dogs when you approach them without your dog and when you approach them with your dog. Ensure the situation is safe before you let yourself or your dog get close to another dog.

Stopping For Stubborn Dogs

Some dogs, especially smaller dogs are generally more stubborn than bigger dogs when you take them for a walk. Stubborn dogs move haphazardly and frequently stop while you walk them, making it difficult for you to control them and difficult for you to enjoy walking your pet. Instead of stopping intermittently, take a handful of kibble with you and use it to motivate them to continue walking.

Ignoring Pet Behavior

It is never a good idea to ignore any changes in the behavior of your pet. Changes in the behavior of dogs could be a warning sign that they are sick, injured, or around danger.

Not Rewarding Your Dog

Rewarding your dog with treats during and after a walk will make your dog look forward to the next time you both will go out for a walk.

19Oct 2018

One of the busiest shopping holidays of the year is back in the line-up this November. The citizens of America are all geared up to “shop local” and celebrate Small Business Saturday to encourage and support local businesses across the entire country. All the small business owners out there, buck up for the peak sales period of your business!

An initiative by Small Business Administration (SBA), Small Business Saturday highlights the success of local brick as well as mortar businesses. Counterpart to Black Friday, there is an entore day to encourage shoppers to patronize small businesses and help communities flourish and stay vibrant.

Back in 2010, American Express launched the first SBS campaign on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. Soon the initiative thrived on success and became a social phenomenon within its second year. Today, Small Business Saturday forms the best pre-Christmas shopping season for the local communities of America.

Best Pet Accessories at Sassy Dog Fashions

Christmas is around the corner and what better way to celebrate it with your little pooch than gifting him the best pet accessory! Here are some of the irresistible pet products by SassyDogFashions that pet lovers would drool over.

Pet Collar

Pet Collar

Your beloved friend will undoubtedly look classy wearing any of these distinguished Dog Collars. The stunning designs look beautiful year round, particularly during special occasions like Christmas.

All the collars at Sassy Dog Fashions are one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted using the best quality material. Your buddy can strut in style wearing any of these ultra-lightweight and comfy collars. The designs are exclusively made in America for sassy dogs who want to be spoiled and well presented. They depict a perfect mix of color, vibrancy, and happiness. Your pet will look unique, no matter what his personality is!

The Dog Walker Bag

The Dog Walker Bag

A fabulous gift for pet parents – The Dog Walker Bag is stylish and great for the dog park, dog obedience training, dog walking, or anywhere you need to be mindful about responsible doodoo cleanup. This grab-and-go bag is designed to carry your everyday essentials like the dog’s water, your water, cellphone, doodoo bags, and more for dog walking. You can conveniently clean up after your little bud by simply pulling a doodoo bag from the dispenser in the front pocket. Just load the free roll of doodoo bags into the pocket and then feed the end through the hole and you’re ready to go. However, keep your hands free all the time!

Pet Coats, Fleeces, and Jackets

Pet Coats, Fleeces, and Jackets

They’re so chic! Keep your furry friend stylishly warm this Christmas with these gorgeous coats and fleeces by Sassy Dog Fashions.

The more we adorn our dogs in luxury, the happier they are! Furthermore, these coats protect your canine companion from rain, wind, and snow. Made from ultra-soft premium quality material, these stylish clothes are designed for sassy pets who want to be seen.


Let’s celebrate together the small businesses that make our communities unique!
So, what are your plans for this shopping holiday? Do let us know in the comments section right below!

25Jan 2018

Dressing your pet for the festive occasions is one of the best and most enjoyable things to do with your pets as it makes your pet look cuter and it would seems like along with you and your family, your pet is also enjoying that festive occasion. Below are some tips that can help you in dressing up your dogs for festive occasions.

  • Do the shopping:
    In case you don’t have festive clothes for your pet then the first thing to do is shopping for your pet. You can purchase online clothes from www.sassydogfahions.com as well because they provide the best quality and adorable clothes for the pets. So, while doing shopping, you need to keep the festive occasion in mind. For example, if you want to get your hands on some Christmas clothing for your pet then you need to shop accordingly. For example, you can choose the red colored sweatshirt along with a collar having bells in it etc.
  • Keep it simple:
    Don’t ever put all the personalized pet apparel or accessories at once on your pet. Putting the shirts, boots, tie or even a collar at the same time will end up irritating your pet and it will make them look very uncomfortable. You have to keep it simple, in case you are putting the boots or socks then you don’t need to put a sweat shirt, just end up the look by putting a cute bow tie or a custom leather dog collar. Similarly, along with a coat or jacket, you can just put a collar otherwise nothing else is required.
  • Select the right colors:
    Selecting the right color for the right occasion is best to dress your pet according to the occasion. For example, if you want to dress your pet for the Christmas then selecting white or red colored clothes is best and in case you want to dress your pet for Halloween you can go for black or orange colors.
  • Keep the comfort in mind:
    While dressing up your pet for any festive occasion, you need to always choose the clothes by keeping its comfort in mind otherwise your whole struggle and money will get wasted. If your dog is comfortable and happy with the clothing then you will get the best festive photos otherwise get ready for the bad ones. If you are not able to find the perfect comfortable clothes for your pet then check out the clothes at Sassy Dog Fashions www.sassydogfashions.com.

So, just follow these entire basic tips and select the best clothes and accessories for your pets for any festive occasion from Sassy Dog Fashions.

18Jun 2017

I never realized how cool dog t-shirts were until I tried them on my dogs. I made a pink pet t-shirt for my girl and a blue dog shirt outfit for my boy. When I put the pullovers on my dogs for the first time I thought they looked like little people! They were so cute and we just could not get over just how cool they looked. We took many photos and selfies that day for Instagram and we even took videos and everyone loved them.

Doggie shirts are one of the least expensive ways to make your pet really stand out in the crowd. Once you get a dog t-shirt on your pet, and take him to the dog park or for a walk, everyone notices him and gets excited and before you know it, you have made new pet friends. Sassy Dog Fashions has an extensive line of dog pullovers for your beloved pooch, because once I saw how much my dogs loved to wear them, I started making them for other dogs. Ater many years of working with dogs and sewing commercially for dogs as a professional pet seamstress, there are quite a few dogs and even cats who love my pet shirt pullovers. 

My garments are handmade in the USA. You could have your pet’s name embroidered onto the shirt. Everyone loves to see their name and seeing one’s pet’s name makes the dog owner love his dog even more. So imagine the purple shirt above with your pet’s name on it, it takes on a whole new artistic fashionable look. And it really says a lot about how you treat your dog when he is dressed up in cute little dog outfits. You could even suggest the color of the thread in the notes to your dog outfit clothing order. 

Remember that cute little dog shirts on your pet dog or cat protects their skin from bug bites and crawly little insects. 

18Jun 2017

As the warmer weather takes us out to the pool, the lake or the beach, it is important to remember our dogs need protective dog clothes, too. Dog Swim Wear is a good example of protective dog clothes in summer. A dog tanktini or swim top or swim shirt helps to protect your dog’s coat and skin while having fun in the water. You can also coordinate their swimwear with the rest of the family’s suits for that spirit of togetherness, that seems to be missing today. Our dog swim tops are made of the brand called Lycra and for the reason they dry quickly and Lycra makes fun and vibrant patterns and colors. Our dog swim wear can also be used out of the water, as a dog pullover t-shirt to protect it from insects and bug bites. Dog shirt pullovers are a natural remedy to dangerous pesticides they try to get us to use.

But how does pet swimwear help protect the animal? Just think of all of those insects down at the level of the grass and sand competing for your pet’s skin. They can’t tell you when they have a bug bite so we must take a precaution for them when outdoors in the summer. With gnats, flies, fleas, sand fleas, ticks, hot direct sun, etc. your dog’s skin is constantly at risk and when their coats are wet the insects are drawn toward your pet even more than when they’re dry. Gnats, flies and mosquitoes are the worse because they leave painful bites on the skin which can lead to allergic reactions, infections, not to mention all that burning and itchiness which causes scratching.

All these bug issues can be avoided if we just cover the dog with a swim suit to add a protective layer around the skin and coat. It’s also good habit to dry your dog off with a towel after it exits the water. While most dog owners think their swimsuits are just for fun and fashion, this type of pet clothes can provide some UV protection against the sun, too. Don’t forget the sunscreen on the nose area!!