18Oct 2021

Dogs are adorable creatures, and you will feel loved when they are around you. All dogs are affectionate and impart positive vibes wherever they go. You bring in dogs in the house not just to be part of the family but as a companion. Dogs are also a great responsibility. You need to take care of your dog regularly. Provide them healthy food, take them for a walk, get regular checks up, provide them toys and dog clothes.

You might be fond of buying dog clothes for your little pup. But the problem arises when you need to know the exact size of the dog. Always try to get dog clothes with proper fitting. Without correct fitting, your dog will not feel comfortable in the clothes. Moreover, the loose-fitting clothes will keep sticking to their paws. If you get very tight dog clothes, it will be uncomfortable for your dog. Therefore, it is essential to have proper measurements of your dog to get the perfect size clothes. So how to correctly measure your dog? You might have tried plenty of times, and maybe you still can not get the exact measurements for the dog clothes. Here are a few tips and tricks for you to follow while measuring your dog.

#1 Make Your Dog Stand Against The Wall

When you plan to measure the height of your dog, make them stand against a wall or a door frame. It will help you in getting accurate measurements. When you have back support like a wall or a door frame, you can mark the point of height. Ensure that your dog is standing straight without slouching. Your dog should make a square stance with all their feet aligned with each other. Their paws should be at a perpendicular angle with the floor. Maintain proper width distance between all the legs. You can use the measurement tape for exact measurement. Place the initial point of the measuring tape on the marked level and stretch it to the floor. The numerical value you get is your pet’s height.

#2 While Measuring Your Dog, Measure Around The Withers, Neck, And Chest

When you get dog clothes, ensure that they are comfortable around the shoulders and neck. If the clothes are tight around the chest, shoulder, and neck, it will make your dog feel uncomfortable. To avoid such issues, you must consider dog withers. The withers are the topmost body portion of the dog (the shoulder blades). You can feel the withers behind the neck area. The point at which you feel the withers, mark it. If your dog has a short dog coat (hair/fur), it will be easier for you to identify those points.

#3 Ensure That Your Dog Remains Still While You Take The Measurements

Keeping your dog calm and composed is essential when you take their measurements. If the dog keeps moving and running around, you will not get accurate measurements. You need to train your dog to remain still and stay focused for a few minutes till you finish taking all the measurements. Train the dog to have as little distraction as possible.

#4 Use Proper Measurement Tools To Get Accurate Measurements

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If you find it difficult to keep your dog under control, you can get various measurement tools. These measurement tools will ensure that you get accurate size measures without keeping your dog still. Just place the measurement tool besides your dog and move the adjustable stick to the height of your dog. While moving the measurement tool, ensure that you are leveling the stick to a perfect height. You can get these height measurement tools and other pet measurement tools from any online or physical store. With these tools, you do not have to worry about accuracy.

#5 Taking Individual Measurement Of Their Body Parts

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Once you have measured the accurate height, you need to start measuring the individual body parts. The parts you need to measure are the back/topline of your dog and their neck and chest girth. These will ensure that the harness or dog clothes will fit them right. You can use the measuring tape to get an accurate measurement of the neck, chest, and legs.


If you want your dog to feel comfortable in the dog clothes you buy, try to get the correct measurements. Extremely tight-fitting clothes will be problematic for your dog. Moreover, your dog will not be able to make free movements, play, run, or walk around. So use these perfect measuring methods to measure your dog and get the best-fit dog clothes.

27Jun 2019

Do you own a dog? Are you wondering how on earth you can have a perfect snoozy Sunday with your dog?

A perfect doggy date! How you ask…….

To build that special bond with your dog what matters the most is spending quality time with your lovely pet and letting him know that you care. You can have a perfect day by being creative and have a lot of fun with your dog, even your dog will love you for it!

Here are few ideas to spend a usual snoozy Sunday with your dog – A perfect Doggy Date!!

1. Scheduling An Appointment With Your Veterinarian.

All week you have been running about your work. Scheduling this appointment with your veterinarian is especially important when your dog has not been exercising regularly. Visiting your veterinarian with your dog to discuss your dog can be one way to spend a Sunday with your dog. You will get to know so many things about your dog, which you have been missing for the past a few weeks.

2. Leash Train Your Dog On Sunday.

You can take your dog for a run. If you think your dog is active, part of your perfect day can surely involve taking him out for a restorative run. A good run will not only increase your dog’s stamina and strengthens his muscles, but will also build up a strong bond between you two.

3. Go Hiking With Your Dog.

If you and your dog enjoy outdoor exercise, then you can also go for hiking with your dog. A hike will not only allow him to explore the outdoors but also he would be able to experience new things in his environment. Make sure you don’t miss to pack plenty of water, poop bags, and a first-aid kit for your dog just in case if there is some emergency.

4. Going To The Beach With Your Dog.

If you live near a dog-friendly beach and the Sunday is hot enough to enjoy splashing water on each other, then going to the beach with your god will be a perfect day. In hot summer Sunday, even dogs love to run in the sand, splash in the water, and generally enjoy going outdoors. Just keep in mind that you find a shade for him and take plenty of water to keep him cool and well hydrated. Also, a towel and a sunblock will be a great help.

5. Going To The Park With Your Dog.

Another nice way of spending a great time with your dog is to take him to some dog-friendly parks and let him unleash fully. Chances are you may meet other dog owners also with their dogs in the park. Your dog will love playing with other dogs for sure. Or else, take a ball or disc play Frisbee or fetch with your dog. Believe me, your dog will surely have fun and love you for all those great moments!! This can be ‘a perfect day’!!

Before making your way home after the perfect dog-friendly day stop by a Coffee shop, of course, the one which is for both the humans & the hounds, grab a coffee for yourself and some doggy ice cream for your pooch!! ♥♥

25Jun 2019

No matter what you are going through at any point in time – a bad day at work, breakup, and sickness, your pet will always be by your side. And for this loyalty shown, you should always show them how much they mean to you. This you can show by being the best dog mom to them. And it is a fact that to make them happy and healthy, it requires a lot of time and commitment on your part but some of such activities can be programmed into some of the daily leisure moments in order to ease the burden on you and make it livelier.

Here are the five ways you can be the best dog mom:

1. Get personalized pet garments with identification chip or tag for your dog as this will help you to easily find them if they get lost. As a caring mom, this is essential because the first thing you want to do to your real child is to be safe and be under your watch. But your dog can be naughty at times and wiggles away from home, So you can just get a dog collar with name dog clothes at www.sassydogfashions.com for easy identification. And you can put a microchip under its skin in case the tag is removed.

2. Taking your dog for regular checkups with a veterinary doctor. This will make your darling pet to be healthy as you can detect diseases at the early stage. Some studies have shown that dogs that take regular checkups with the vet doctor live longer and manifest fewer behavioral problems in their life time.

3. Placing your dog on a proper and regular diet. This makes them live longer and healthier just like it will do on human beings. What you give to an adult dog is not the same thing you give its puppies. You need to know when they need bones in their meals or when all what they need is soft food. When you get to some of these pet shops around, you can get to know other specifically formulated foods for dogs.

4. Taking an agility class with your dog. This is a fun active sport you can take with you dog and for sure, you will have a lots of fun. You guys can maneuver through weaves and tunnels, you can fly high over jumps and climb up an A-Frame. Most dogs happily partake in such training when given that chance and in a way helps their psyche, as well improve their mood as well as making both of you to connect in a brand new way.

5. Taking your dog out on a friendly vacation shows that you really care for your darling pet. When going to some places, one of the things you should consider is if the place will be a friendly environment to your four-legged pet. Take them out in your car and visit places where they play with other friendly dogs. They are social animals to a large extent, and they need treats once in a while outside their usual environment.

There are other ways you can really show your pets how you care for them but these five mentioned above can make your feel loved.

25Dec 2017

In today’s world where we love to play around with dogs, almost everyone has this little friend as a pet. But when we pet dogs or cats, the major challenge faced is taking effective care of them. Protection from bad weather conditions, while eating, or in any other aspect is necessary. Taking care of the surroundings is the most important part because with changing weather conditions, a dog’s health can be affected too. You can keep your dog safe during such times by dressing him or her up with the right clothes. There are a numerous variety of dog clothes available in the market and one of the popular category is dog coats. There are a bundle of reasons why your dog should wear coats and some of them are highlighted in this post.

They look awesome

You cannot deny that dogs wearing coats simply look awesome! When you walk around with your dog who is wearing a coat it will reflect upon your personality too. No other dog will be wearing the same clothes. Infact, all the celebrities buy clothes for their dogs. There are a lot of brands and designers out there who are designing and coming up with unique ideas for dog clothes.

Protection from cold

A dog’s coat is designed to protect the animal, keeping in mind some breeds were never meant to sustain or live in cold and harsh climate. If your dog has a short or thin coat, consider getting a sweater for protection against extreme climate.

Deal with health issues

Smaller, lighter, and less furry breeds are more comfortable in a sweater or a coat. Same goes for dogs with fresh haircuts or the ones who are aging or sick. Dogs that are genetically built to survive the cold have an extra layer of insulating fur on them. For those breeds, too many layers of a cloth could result in overheating of their body, which is just as bad as getting a chill.

Wet weather issues

Another climate-oriented reason for dressing up your pet is wet weather. Dog gear for rainy or snowy weather covers everything – from raincoat to snow boots. If dogs can tolerate the boots, they can save snow from getting stuck between the toes or from balling up on the fur. However, not every dog will appreciate boots on its feet.

They look amusing

The overall look of clothes is another reason for dressing up the animal. Even those who usually don’t dress up their pets will be amused at the sight of a small dog wearing a matching sweater with its owner. Since people tend to project their own feelings onto pets, those who are opposed to the concept of adapting latest fashion trends for doggies would think a frilly dainty little dress with matching bonnet or a clown costume simply looks silly.

They are comfortable for your dog

Dog clothes and all type of coats are really comfortable for your dog. Moreover, they will protect him/her from everything – be it extreme cold or rainy weather conditions.

Helps your dog in keeping anxiety under control

Besides keeping your dog warm, clothing can also help with keeping a check on the anxiety. The sense of security that comes from a snug-fitting vest like the Thundershirt can be soothing for anxious dogs. Next time there’s a thunderstorm in the forecast, or your town is planning a big fireworks show, try an anxiety vest. It can make all the difference in ensuring that your dog feels safe and comforted.

31Oct 2017

Keeping a pet at home is equivalent to having a small baby. You have to look after their food, their exercise, their health and their toys too. You cannot be present all the time to give company to your canine friend hence, following is a list of toys you can get for your pet, so that you can have some time to yourself too.

1. Dog Squeaky Toy

There is a squeak to help entice your dog to play. There is little filling in this toy making the mess minimal. An extra layer of material is added to help increase the durability of the toy. You can use this toy for a game of fetch or as a comfort toy.

2. Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

The flavored chew toy comes in different flavors. So dogs love the taste of it. The curve of the wishbone makes it easy for dogs to grab and bite. This is a chew toy and is not meant to be eaten. The product should be replaced if it begins to wear down including deep teeth marks, cracks or any other sign of it breaking apart.

3. Cotton Blend 3-Knot Rope Tug

This 3-knot rope tug is made for durability and safety, perfect for long games of tug-of-war. It is also particularly well-suited to the demands of heavy chewers and teething puppies.

4. Tennis Balls Tennis Balls made from all non-toxic materials are another toy that encourage exercise and playtime. Made of durable material these balls float and are easy to find in the snow making playtime anytime.

5. The Dog CasinoIt’s really fun to watch them solve the little mystery of each game, and to figure out how to help them get it. It will be the “magic of learning”, he will enjoy.

6. Rubber Dog Chew Toy provides a great jaw workout for chewers and a chase toy as it bounces all over the place. Good for dogs recovering from surgery and that have restricted mobility.

7. Rubber BallIt has extreme bounce and is puncture resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your dog sinking his teeth into this one. There is a hold drilled through the center to help its durability.

8. Rubber Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy This flying dog toy, made of all-natural rubber, durable and flexible is gentle on dog’s mouth and is fun, making his fetch game more enjoyable.

9. The Bob-A-Lot This genius little Bob-a-Lot is weighted on the bottom, so it wobbles all around like those inflatable “bop bags”. If you feed your dog kibble, you can put his entire meal in this thing. It makes mealtime last ten times as long, which is a good thing for reasons both behavioral and healthful.

10. Indestructible Boneis proven to help keep dog’s teeth clean. A combination of vigorous teeth cleaning and gum massage come together to help keep your dog’s mouth healthy while keeping them entertained at the same time.

11. Knots Bears Durable Dog Toys has an internal knotted rope to satisfy your dog’s instinct. The toy is soft and durable to last longer and keep you pup’s interest.

12. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toys dogs go crazy on walks when they see a squirrel. This toy includes three squeaky squirrels and a plush tree trunk, making your dog play hide and seek with his new squirrel friends.

13. Dental Dinosaurs coming in various shapes, these chew toys are naturally flavor-enhanced to encourage chewing, and small nubs make great dental cleaners as the clean teeth and massage your dog’s gums, giving him better breath and healthy chewing activity.

Being the pet owner, you are in a position to decide which dog toy will be more rewarding for your pet depending upon his likes, dislikes and destructive tendencies. If you keep your dog’s preferences in mind, you won’t go wrong with any of these dog toy option.