9Jun 2021

When you have a dog, you would definitely like to spend time with him, take him on evening or morning strolls, on vacations, hikes, treks, and camping trips, wouldn’t you? On such trips, you would have to make sure that your dog is carried in a safe way so that he does not get injured. 

Besides this, you need to ensure that the dog feels comfortable throughout the journey and does not get exhausted due to being inside the carrier. For this, you would need to have a perfect dog carrier that will not just keep your dog safe but provide warmth and comfort to them. 

Apart from the comfort of your dog, the dog carrier must be convenient for you to carry around while you are on a trip. 

According to the experts, the pet carrier is quite essential for traveling and specifically designed with amazing features to keep your pets safe. The pet carriers are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and materials. Every pet owner has the opportunity to choose the best one for their dog while they are planning a trip. 

While choosing the pet carrier, you must note that the carrier has sufficient space so that your pet can move around freely and feel comfortable. The pet carriers must have small pockets or pouches so that you can store some small dog essentials inside them. Besides this, the pet carrier should not be very heavy but extremely lightweight so that it is easier for you to carry around. 

But where to get these amazing pet carriers? One of the best online pet stores where you can get different types of pet carriers is SassyDogFashions. They have got one of the best collections of pet carriers, and you can choose the best one for your dog from their collection. 

#1 Handmade Dog Carrier With Imperial Crystals 

Handmade Dog Carrier With Imperial Crystals   

If you want the spotlight to be turned towards your lovely pet and also ensure their safety, then this is one of the best pet carriers. This is a perfect masterpiece with glittering crystals all over the carrier and soft fabric in the interior. It will ensure that the dog stays comfortable inside even if you are traveling for a longer period. Besides this, the pet carrier has got multiple pockets inside, which can be used to store dog essentials or any small things. It would be best for the small dogs that weigh around 7 lbs.

#2 Amazing Porsha Pet Carrier — Suitable For Your Little Pup

Amazing Porsha Pet Carrier — Suitable For Your Little Pup

This pet carrier is quite luxurious and has a YKK secure zipper and is quite spacious. You can comfortably place your dog in the pet carrier in a cozy way, as it has quite a large space. 

The inner part is lined with ultra-soft fabric. Besides this, it has got multiple pockets in the front, which can be used to store essential travel accessories. It is not just comfortable, but quite stylish too. 

#3 Pet Sling With A Classical Tan Khaki – It Is Best For Carrying Almost 9 Pounds: 

The Pet sling is one of the best pet carriers that you can get for carrying your pet around while traveling. It is available in two different fabric materials — one is in khaki, and the other one is in denim. It is quite good if you have a small dog of size about 9 pounds. 

The interior of the khaki pet sling is adorned with soft fabric ensuring stability and comfort for the dog/cat. Besides this, it has an adjustable strap so that you can adjust it according to your height and carry your pet around while you are shopping. These pet slings are machine washable, so even if the slings get dirty, they can be easily washed and reused. 


Sassydogfashions is one of the best online stores for finding all types of pet essentials. You can browse through the different categories of pet essentials available right from apparel, to bandanas, collars, harnesses, pet beds, and even pet carriers. The best aspect of buying from SassydogFashion is that you can ensure that the products you would be getting are of the highest quality, durable and affordable. So don’t wait for long and grab this golden opportunity and get the best pet carrier today!

11Feb 2021

Having fun with your dog is extremely vital not just for you but also for your dog. It shows that you love your pets and like to spend quality time with them. It also helps your dog connect with you and build a strong bond between your pet and you. But having fun and spending quality time is not just limited to indoor games or taking them for morning walks. You can take your dogs on adventure trips and let them experience the outer world. Are you one of those pet parents who love to take their dogs on treks, picnics, and vacations? Then you would definitely need a dog carrier. You can have a single multi-purpose dog carrier or multiple dog carriers, which can be used for different purposes. But the most crucial thing is to determine the right dog carrier for your dog.

According to pet experts, there are certain parameters or factors which you need to consider while choosing the right dog carrier for your dog. The selection of a proper dog carrier is crucial because not everyone has the same dog breed. When the breed of dog is different, their needs or requirements would be different. So you must understand the requirements of your dog before making the final choice.

#1 The Purpose Behind Getting The Dog Carrier:

Dog carriers are used for different purposes, some are used just for carrying them around during shopping, and others would require them for small car trips and picnics. Besides this, there are many pet parents who love to travel to different countries with their dogs. So everyone would need a different type of dog carrier. Some would require a lightweight and convenient dog carrier, whereas others would be looking for dog carriers that can be used even in-flight during air travel. So before reaching out to an online pet store such SassyDogFashions, you need to ensure the purpose behind getting the dog carrier.

#2 The Size Of The Dog Carrier:

Size of the dog carrier

As already stated that everyone owns a different breed of dog. So the requirements of the dog carriers would also differ. The size of the dog carrier should be large enough to make the dog feel comfortable inside it. The dog should be able to stand, sit and sleep comfortably. The dog should not feel suffocated inside the carrier. If you want to get a dog carrier for a long journey, your focus should be on comfort. So you should measure the size of your dog and then make your choice.

#3 The Style Of The Dog Carrier:

In the market, you can get a wide range of styles of dog carriers such as sling bags, soft-sided dog carriers, backpacks, and many more. You can choose the one that will be easier for you to carry and make your dog feel safe and comfortable. You must also look out for additional features available in the dog carriers, such as small side pockets and bottle-pouches, etc.

The Style Of The Dog Carrier

If you are confused as to where to get the right dog carriers, then the best online pet store is SassyDogFashions. Here you can get one of the best pet slings — available in Khaki Denim. The pet sling can comfortably hold small puppies and dogs that weigh around 8 to 9 pounds.

This pet sling is extremely durable and looks classic. You can use it when you go shopping or on a picnic. The fabric is quite soft, and your dog can fit in easily. Your dog would not feel any irritation because the inner fabric lining is premium and anti-pill polar, and it is very soft. It will make your dog feel warm and cozy while you get busy with your work. The entire pet sling is reinforced to ensure the stability of your pet and its comfort. You also get an adjustable strap which you adjust according to your convenience. The pet sling is machine washable, so you can wash it after every use.


Dog carriers are essential commodities for every pet parent, and you would feel the need for them when you wish to travel with your dog or take him out on picnics, trips, and vacations. While choosing a pet carrier, you must make sure that you are following all the aforementioned factors to get not only the best one for your dog but also one that looks stylish and elegant.

14Aug 2020

We all love puppies and bringing home a new little friend is extremely overwhelming. But you must understand that having a puppy is a great responsibility, and it requires an understanding of what you would need to do for the puppy, both in the short-term and the long-term. It is very essential for everyone to understand that dog ownership should not be an impulsive decision. Instead, you must take time and plan out everything before you bring a puppy home. Well, all the puppies are like kids, – they need your time and attention. Moreover, you need to provide the right training, food, and also take them for regular health checkups. 

#1 You Must Get The Right Supplies And Equipment

Every dog owner needs to ensure that they have all the supplies for the puppy. Getting all the things beforehand is important so that you can spend some quality time with your pet and not rush to the shop for supplies at the last moment. So what are the things that you should get for your puppy? Here is a list of the things that you would be needing for your little one.

  • Dog Collar and Lead: Every dog loves colorful dog collars. You can get some fancy dog collar from online shops like Sassydogfashions

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  • Providing a Dog bed (before buying a dog bed consider the size of your dog when its fully grown, unless you’re happy to upgrade)
  • Healthy And Nutritious Puppy food
  • Different size bowls for food and water
  • Lots of puppy toys
  • Puppy pads
  • Dog carrier 

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  • Stair gates (if you wish to restrict access in the house)

#2 You Must Be Prepared For House Training

Puppies require house training as they will not automatically know what is the right place to do their business. It’s the responsibility of the dog owner to house train the dog. This would require time, lots of patience, and a consistent – dedicated regimen. Moreover, it will also help you to understand your dog and his behavior. 

  • Before you bring a new pup home, you should decide what behaviors are encouraged, and which are forbidden? While training your puppy, your consistent effort is very important, so make sure everyone will stick to enforcing the new system.  You could even write out a list of all the words you want to use so everyone will use the same commands.  
  • Learn some handy house training tips: You can enrol in small online courses on how to train your puppy, feed them and groom them. It will help you in the long-term. 

#3 Choose A Vet & Register Your Puppy

So now you have got your house set up with everything a puppy could ever need, it’s a good idea to speak to your local vets and get your puppy registered. You can do this even if you haven’t agreed on a name and they’ll be able to talk you through any appointments your dog will need, from getting microchipped to receiving their first lot of vaccinations.

#4 Prepare Your House For The Puppy

  • Shut the cupboards and secure harmful substances: Keep cupboards and drawers securely shut and ensure harmful substances are kept locked away. Puppies are very inquisitive, and this could lead them into potentially dangerous situations with household chemicals, rodent poisons, and other toxic substances.
  • Remove chewing and choking hazards: Watch out for loose change, small children’s toys, trailing wires, and anything small lying around that could become chewing or choking hazard – puppies like to use their mouths to explore, and chewing is instinctive for dogs. 

#5 Reduce Noise Levels

Be aware of noise levels when bringing lots of people or young children into your home during the settling in period, as puppies’ senses are very acute and this could be overwhelming and potentially scary for them. It can be a good idea to have a designated space or room during this time which is off-limits to kids and other pets.


Planning to bring home a tiny puppy is an exciting time for everyone, from toddlers to grandparents. You would probably find yourself more popular than ever with people booking your time in advance, ready for when the new dog arrives. And rightly so, puppies are mega cute, but you don’t want to overwhelm them! So, it’s important to prepare yourself and your home before you bring your new family member home. After all, you won’t have much time to think once it’s through the door.