3Jun 2021

Your dog’s birthday is around the corner, and you are really excited about it. But the thing that’s probably bothering you is how will you celebrate this special day with your dog? What gift would you be giving to your dog? Whether your dog will like it or not? You definitely want your little furry friend to be really happy and excited on that day. 

If you are confused and not sure what to get for your dog, then don’t worry. We have rounded up the 10 best things that you can gift to your dog. 

#1 You Can Get Dog Treats For His/Her Birthday

Just like us, dogs also have their favorite food. Getting them their favorite food will make them extremely happy and cheerful. The dog treats would be something different from the food that you serve him daily. You could also turn it into a fun little game for them, where every time they complete certain actions, they get the dog treats.

This will make him feel special and also help you develop a strong bond with them. You can get some of the best treats from any pet goodies store, or you can take your dog along with you and let him choose. 

#2 Gift Him A Coolest Pair Of Dog Apparels

There are numerous online and physical stores where you can get dog apparel. But one of the best is SassyDogFashions. Here you can browse through their huge collection of dog apparel such as dog shirts, tuxedos, and pajamas. 

Their new spring and summer collection has a wide range of pretty dresses for your little princesses, and cool summer prints adorned shirts for the dapper boys. You can choose the color and pattern that would suit your dog’s personality. 

#3 Get Dog Beds For your Little Furry Friend

Get Dog Beds For your Little Furry Friend

You adore your dogs and would never want them to sleep in an uncomfortable manner especially during cold weather. One of the best things is to get them a cozy and soft dog bed where your dog can sleep comfortably or spend some leisure time during the night or afternoon. 

These ultra-luxurious beds are available in different designs and with customizable bows in different colors. Head to SassyDogFashions to check out the range.

#4 Wonderful Set Of Toys For Your Dog

Your dog would love to get some toys for playing around and spending time cheerfully. You can either get him some spike balls, or some squishy shapes with which you and your dog can play together and get to spend some quality time with each other. 

#5 Gift Your Dog Amazing Dog Hoodies

Gift Your Dog Amazing Dog Hoodies

Dog hoodies will really make your dog look stylish and fashionable, and you can get numerous dog hoodies from SassyDogFashions. The fabric used in dog hoodies is of premium quality, and the inner part is lined in baby-soft fleece. 

This ensures that your dog feels comfortable in it and is able to move around freely. These hoodies have a convenient leash hole so you can attach your favorite leash while taking your little fur baby out for a walk. The best part is that these hoodies can get custom embroidery of your dog’s name on the front portion. 

#6 Dog’s Personalized Harness

Although you can also get a dog collar for your dog with amazing neon colors and a wide range of patterns and designs. It would be more suitable if you have a small dog. If you have a bigger dog (more than 9 pounds) then it would be better for you to get a dog harness. 

Dog harnesses are designed to support the whole body and could be easily used when you are taking your dog out on their walks in the morning or evening. The harness would not exert pressure on the neck, yet the control would remain in your hands. The entire harness and especially the chest region is padded with soft fabric so that your dog feels comfortable in them. Visit SassyDogFashions to choose from a wide range of super comfortable harnesses in beautiful patterns.

#7 A Cozy Dog Blanket

Along with the dog beds, you can get a dog blanket. It will be helpful in keeping your dog warm during winters. You can get dog blankets in a wide range of colors and patterns from numerous online pet stores. Make sure you choose the best one for your dogs so that they would be really cozy and feel happy. 

#8 How About Getting Dog Birthday Cake For Your Dog’s Birthday? 

What is a birthday without a cake? Get you, little fur baby, his own special customized birthday cake. Available in a wide range of flavors and amazing designs and patterns. 

These cakes would be loved by your little pup and his friends. There are many specialized dog bakeries that you could choose from to get your perfect doggy cake.

#9 Customized/ Personalized And Beautiful Dog Bandanas

You can gift a dog bandana to your dog on his birthday, and the best part is that you can customize it by giving it a personal touch. You can get the name of your dog embroidered on the bandana or get a special message written to make him look more stylish wearing the bandana. This is a perfect gift for your dog that will never go out of style. 

#10 Arrange A Photoshoot or A Birthday Party For Your Dog

Besides all the gifts, you can arrange a birthday party for your dog and invite all his friends to the party. Prepare some delicious dog food and organize dog games in the backyard where your dog can spend some happy hours with you and his friends. 


These are some of the best gifts that you can give to your dogs. Apart from this, there are many other things that can be gifted to your dogs. You can choose as per your preferences and convenience. The thing that matters the most is to make your dogs as happy on their birthday as they make you every day.

12Jun 2020

As you all know that your pets cannot tell if something is wrong. The pet owner has the fullest responsibility of taking good care of their pets. Pet caring is not just about feeding your pets regularly or on time. However, you should notice your pets and their behaviors. If you notice anything different in your pets, you should pay close attention to your pets and their differences. The reason is that it can be a sign of any serious medical condition and needs to be treated immediately.

Following are the signs that you should never ignore in your pets.

1. Excessive Consumption of Water

You might have seen your pet usually drink water after play time or an outdoor trip on a warm day. If your pet drinks water again and again at regular intervals, it is not normal. Drinking too much water can be a sign of Cushing’s disease, kidney failure, diabetes, and more. At times, excessive panting leads to excessive consumption of water. In addition, some medications may cause an increase in the consumption of water.

2. Loss of Appetite, Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a sign of illness. It is very common to say that your pet does not feel hungry and so it is not eating. However, not feeling hungry is not something that you can take lightly. You need to watch your pet carefully as a loss of appetite can bring negative impacts to its health. Loss of appetite or weight loss can result in serious medical conditions in dogs that are six months or younger. If you notice weight loss in your pet, you need to take your pet to the vet doctor to avoid further risks.

3. Change in Behavior

A behavioral change in your pet can be a sign of something is wrong. A pet’s behavioral change includes moodiness, not playing with toys, unprovoked aggression, anxiety, erratic temperament, fearfulness, hyperactivity, wish to be alone in another room, submissiveness, feeling uncomfortable when lying down, not taking foods on time, sudden onset of seizures, and more. Discomfort and pain can be the reasons for a behavioral change in your pet. Thyroid dysfunction, heart disease, pancreatitis, cancer, skin allergies, arthritis, and parasites can cause these behavioral changes.

4. Extreme Fatigue

Dogs are naturally observant and active. They can even sense the upcoming earthquakes. If you find your pet becomes lethargic or extremely fatigued, it cannot be a serious medical condition as your pet may be upset of something, but if this condition lasts for more than a day, it can be your red flag.

5. Heavy Panting

It is quite normal for dogs to pant after running around the house, chasing toys or after spending some time outdoors on a hot day. However, what is not normal is heavy panting. Heavy panting can last longer than normal panting. Lung tumors, heart stroke, Cushing’s disease, poisoning, heart failure, and pneumonia can cause heavy panting.

If you notice any of the above signs in your pet, you need to think about taking your pet to the vet doctor.

21Dec 2019

Even though dogs are known to easily curl up and nap almost anywhere within or outside the house, it is important they have their own resting place and a comfortable bed to sleep on. The health benefits your dog derives from sleeping on a comfortable dog bed are numerous. However, choosing the perfect type, size or make of bed that works well for your dog isn’t just straightforward and might seem overwhelming if you don’t know what to do, what to look out for or what exactly you want. Going into the market without the right knowledge will only frustrate your efforts especially with the endless diverse choices of beds available in the market today. You will need to pay attention to things like your dog’s age, health issue, sleeping style and the cost of the bed, ignoring them might just lead to buying an overly costly bed your dog won’t want to sleep in.

To help you navigate this maze, we have taken our time to go into details in this article on what to look out for and what needs to influence your decisions when choosing a bed for your dog in order to help you make the right decision.

Your dog’s sleeping style

One of the most important things to take note of before you go shopping for a new bed for your dog is your dog’s sleeping style. This sleeping style dictates the kind of bed that would work well for him.

  • If he likes to cuddle up by himself while sleeping, then get a smaller bed with high sides he can easily lean on like a donut bed or a nest bed.
  • If he likes to sleep outstretched, then getting a big bed is the best option.
  • If he likes to burrow, then you can get him a cave style bed.

You can also go for beds with heating and cooling features in order to help regulate his temperature throughout the night. However, if your dog tends to chew things up, this kind of bed won’t be the best for him because it costs too much and he will only end up destroying it. Instead, you can go for a cheap, simpler bed that can still provide him with all the comfort he needs and is also easily replaceable.

Health issues and special needs

Does your dog have a sleeping problem, joints or arthritis issues? Considering the health issues your dog is currently going through is important in your decision making on the type of bed to get for your pet. Orthopedic beds are made of high memory foam and can help your pets rest comfortably as it was created for the sole purpose of easing joints or arthritis pain while your dog sleeps.

The size of bed to go for

Ensuring your dog has enough bed space available for him to lay on is important. To get the exact size of bed that would be suitable for your dog, take a measurement of your dog’s length, from the tip of his nose to the end of its tail, then add between 8 to 12 inches to it. That is the bed size range that would suit him. However, while taking this measurement, you would want to consider if your dog is already fully grown or not. Except you don’t mind replacing the bed quickly as he grows.

The bed material to choose

You can find dog beds made in various materials, choosing one that works well for your dog and deals with issues like odors, allergies or bed wetting for older dogs is important. This bed includes:

  • Waterproof beds or covers for older dogs with incontinence issues
  • Cedar filled beds for odor management
  • Hypoallergenic dog covers for sensitive dogs with allergies

Also while making your choice on the bed material to buy, you would want to consider the ease of cleaning and maintenance too. Get a bed that is easy to get cleaned up and maintained.

25Jan 2018

Dressing your pet for the festive occasions is one of the best and most enjoyable things to do with your pets as it makes your pet look cuter and it would seems like along with you and your family, your pet is also enjoying that festive occasion. Below are some tips that can help you in dressing up your dogs for festive occasions.

  • Do the shopping:
    In case you don’t have festive clothes for your pet then the first thing to do is shopping for your pet. You can purchase online clothes from www.sassydogfahions.com as well because they provide the best quality and adorable clothes for the pets. So, while doing shopping, you need to keep the festive occasion in mind. For example, if you want to get your hands on some Christmas clothing for your pet then you need to shop accordingly. For example, you can choose the red colored sweatshirt along with a collar having bells in it etc.
  • Keep it simple:
    Don’t ever put all the personalized pet apparel or accessories at once on your pet. Putting the shirts, boots, tie or even a collar at the same time will end up irritating your pet and it will make them look very uncomfortable. You have to keep it simple, in case you are putting the boots or socks then you don’t need to put a sweat shirt, just end up the look by putting a cute bow tie or a custom leather dog collar. Similarly, along with a coat or jacket, you can just put a collar otherwise nothing else is required.
  • Select the right colors:
    Selecting the right color for the right occasion is best to dress your pet according to the occasion. For example, if you want to dress your pet for the Christmas then selecting white or red colored clothes is best and in case you want to dress your pet for Halloween you can go for black or orange colors.
  • Keep the comfort in mind:
    While dressing up your pet for any festive occasion, you need to always choose the clothes by keeping its comfort in mind otherwise your whole struggle and money will get wasted. If your dog is comfortable and happy with the clothing then you will get the best festive photos otherwise get ready for the bad ones. If you are not able to find the perfect comfortable clothes for your pet then check out the clothes at Sassy Dog Fashions www.sassydogfashions.com.

So, just follow these entire basic tips and select the best clothes and accessories for your pets for any festive occasion from Sassy Dog Fashions.