26Aug 2019

National Dog Day: August 26


Dogs are our faithful friend in need and truly for the quantity of love and affection we shower on our faithful companion, it is immensely less. National Dog Day remembers your canine friend and this day is for honoring the dogs. The dogs are remembered for their unstinting support in times of disasters, in times of law enforcement duties, and in helping the blind. This day also remembers their unflinching devotion to us in times of pulling bomb affected persons to safety and detecting bombs in tense times.

National Dog Day reminds us of our eternal companion for his love which we can surely reciprocate by showering some affection for dogs ourselves. One is by celebrating August 26 as dogs day. National dog day has been reserved for heaping praises and admiration on him and the recognition he so much deserves.

National Dog Day is a holiday that was founded in 2004 with the pure aim of celebrating all dogs on earth of every breed, color, mix and size. The National Dog Day was founded by Colleen Paige, a Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate. 

This holiday is celebrated to imbibe within us the pure love and affection of dogs and how dogs make your lives better. People are working tirelessly to help all dogs in need, providing care and affection especially from Veterinary doctors, foster families and dog rescuers.

National Dog Day is a sure way to indulge in some fun activities with your favorite pooch in tow. Showering affection on dogs, we also can hope for the best when it comes to offering a permanent home for the shelter-less is  a fine way to show how much you dote on him. Capturing him on lens will demonstrate your love for the dog. You could go one step further and take a selfie with your pet romping around in the playground. 

For the unconditional love that the dog displays, National dog day should be celebrated all year round! If you are considering adopting a dog, this would be the best service you could do to him because from being an unloved lonely four-legged creature, you could get him home and take care of him. You can be sure to win the dogs admiration by looking into his soulful eyes that he really cares for you and thanks you for surrounding him with compassion.

Many get so attached with their dogs that they would love to take him on all travelling expeditions that they embark on. Hotels also have a pet-friendly  room designated for dogs alone and many hotels also are offering pup-themed parties and special packages to fall in line with National Dog Day. Some events will also line a lot of freebies and discounts for dogs and their owners. 

Also you can stack up their wardrobe with pretty dog collars, bandana with their name or even with raincoats personalized from Sassy Dog Fashions.

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25Jun 2019

5 Ways to Be the Best Dog Mom


No matter what you are going through at any point in time – a bad day at work, breakup, and sickness, your pet will always be by your side. And for this loyalty shown, you should always show them how much they mean to you. This you can show by being the best dog mom to them. And it is a fact that to make them happy and healthy, it requires a lot of time and commitment on your part but some of such activities can be programmed into some of the daily leisure moments in order to ease the burden on you and make it livelier.

Here are the five ways you can be the best dog mom:

1. Get personalized pet garments with identification chip or tag for your dog as this will help you to easily find them if they get lost. As a caring mom, this is essential because the first thing you want to do to your real child is to be safe and be under your watch. But your dog can be naughty at times and wiggles away from home, So you can just get a dog collar with name dog clothes at www.sassydogfashions.com for easy identification. And you can put a microchip under its skin in case the tag is removed.

2. Taking your dog for regular checkups with a veterinary doctor. This will make your darling pet to be healthy as you can detect diseases at the early stage. Some studies have shown that dogs that take regular checkups with the vet doctor live longer and manifest fewer behavioral problems in their life time.

3. Placing your dog on a proper and regular diet. This makes them live longer and healthier just like it will do on human beings. What you give to an adult dog is not the same thing you give its puppies. You need to know when they need bones in their meals or when all what they need is soft food. When you get to some of these pet shops around, you can get to know other specifically formulated foods for dogs.

4. Taking an agility class with your dog. This is a fun active sport you can take with you dog and for sure, you will have a lots of fun. You guys can maneuver through weaves and tunnels, you can fly high over jumps and climb up an A-Frame. Most dogs happily partake in such training when given that chance and in a way helps their psyche, as well improve their mood as well as making both of you to connect in a brand new way.

5. Taking your dog out on a friendly vacation shows that you really care for your darling pet. When going to some places, one of the things you should consider is if the place will be a friendly environment to your four-legged pet. Take them out in your car and visit places where they play with other friendly dogs. They are social animals to a large extent, and they need treats once in a while outside their usual environment.

There are other ways you can really show your pets how you care for them but these five mentioned above can make your feel loved.

25Jul 2017

Any dog owner can clothe her dog in a coat without considering where or how the coat was produced but what’s really involved in a creating actual fashion for dogs? A fashion designer is someone who loves to study fashion trends, sketch designs, plan and select materials, and oversee the entire production process. It’s the same whether we’re producing dog clothes or human clothes. Did you know it takes many weeks if not months for a garment to go from the design stage until it reaches the store? 

Working with the arts takes inspiration that can come from many sources. If you’re creating high quality clothes from design to conception, you have to love studying fashion magazines and watching fashion shows to see the newest fashion trends in Paris, Milan and New York. Having lived in Paris, I am no stranger to  glamour and fashion–and I love to study it! I know what looks exotic, smart or elegant on a woman or a dog. My favorite human clothing brand is Chanel because Karl Lagerfeld designs the garments to be wearable and practical and they’re always en pointe. In fact, I love to include current fashion elements in my own custom dog clothing designs.

Second, I sketch a lot of garments and models of what I create. When the creative stamina is strong and 25 different dog coat design ideas pop into my head, you’ve got to store them somewhere so I sketch everything in books to be able to retrieve them later. From there I make final choices on form, shape, skirt length as well as button colors, wool textures, silk ribbon embellishments, etc. These sketches have notes, too. I often listen to remarks from people around me, clients, people who visit my website as well as my assistant. I take many of my garments to show the instructors at the Baum School of Art for their input, too. 

Premium dog clothes always start with professionally drawn patterns. Drawn by hand, each pattern and its alterations, are again, time consuming. After all, a quality custom dog garment is based on the quality of the pattern. It needs to be precise and symmetrical or your end result garment will be lacking style, precision and creativity.

After we call in the canine models to take their measurements, we make our last alterations to the dog clothing patterns. We then purchase all the supplies and I’m often running to the ends of the earth for all the perfect little materials and accents. Eventually we find find the most exquisite raw materials and everything we’ll need to make the cute little dog clothes, the personalized dog coat, puppy sling, dog dress or even a fancy harness. Every product of ours starts with a thought and a pattern!

After rounding up the dog clothes materials, we are ready to make the first prototype. Once we get the pet wear look we want, we construct the final garment and then decide on the final embellishments. Sometimes we choose to personalize or customize the dog garment with an embroidered name. This process often takes a lot of time and I often study some more or find inspiration to make these final touches. You can never rush design so being patient is important in producing a quality garment or look. Often I change my mind and have to buy more supplies and trim until I get it just right. A garment should never be over-decorated, but it should be correct. 

After production is complete, the item arrives in our online store and also to physical pet stores in our region. Here on our website and in this blog, the new client can be taught how hand-made pet apparel differs from a mass produced garment purchased from a big box pet store. Designing custom dog clothes is truly an art and involves passion and free flowing creative stamina. Everyone loves art and women love pretty things. You could see the premium quality in our photography and you could also get a sense of our product quality by studying what kind of dog clients shop here. We have been known to serve many sophisticated dog owners and the latest fashion trends and many elements of fashion design concepts are present in all our pet apparel. I really like that aspect of the canine fashion design because I am able to dress each pet dog (or cat) and incorporate my signature style into each of the pet garments—Sassy Dog Fashions creations that you will truly enjoy seeing on your pet.

18Jun 2017

I never realized how cool dog t-shirts were until I tried them on my dogs. I made a pink pet t-shirt for my girl and a blue dog shirt outfit for my boy. When I put the pullovers on my dogs for the first time I thought they looked like little people! They were so cute and we just could not get over just how cool they looked. We took many photos and selfies that day for Instagram and we even took videos and everyone loved them.

Doggie shirts are one of the least expensive ways to make your pet really stand out in the crowd. Once you get a dog t-shirt on your pet, and take him to the dog park or for a walk, everyone notices him and gets excited and before you know it, you have made new pet friends. Sassy Dog Fashions has an extensive line of dog pullovers for your beloved pooch, because once I saw how much my dogs loved to wear them, I started making them for other dogs. Ater many years of working with dogs and sewing commercially for dogs as a professional pet seamstress, there are quite a few dogs and even cats who love my pet shirt pullovers. 

My garments are handmade in the USA. You could have your pet’s name embroidered onto the shirt. Everyone loves to see their name and seeing one’s pet’s name makes the dog owner love his dog even more. So imagine the purple shirt above with your pet’s name on it, it takes on a whole new artistic fashionable look. And it really says a lot about how you treat your dog when he is dressed up in cute little dog outfits. You could even suggest the color of the thread in the notes to your dog outfit clothing order. 

Remember that cute little dog shirts on your pet dog or cat protects their skin from bug bites and crawly little insects.