10Jan 2022

Winter is there, and you need to start unpacking your jackets, sweaters, and thermals. What have you thought about your dog this winter? How will you protect them from the changing weather conditions? Most pet parents are worried about protecting their dogs in winter. Are you prepared to keep them all toasty and warm this winter?

Here is an idea that you can implement to keep your dog protected during winters. The best way is to get the best dog jackets and coats for your dog. Dog jackets and coats are usually the first options to protect them from the chilling weather. Even if you want to take your dog for their small daily walks, it is necessary to do so with warm jackets and coats.

You can buy stylish dog jackets, dog coats, and sweaters to dress up your dog in winters and make them look stunning as well as protected.

#1 Sherpa-Lined Dog Harness Coat (Available In Red & White Plaid)Sherpa-Lined Dog Harness Coat

Are you looking for two in one warm winter clothing? If yes, then this is the best coat. This is a beautiful designer dog coat that will give comfort and warmth to your dog in winters. It also comes with a perfect matching harness. The collar is lined with soft fleece fur to give a stylish look. This dog coat has a stunning neck fastener and closures at the chest. To keep your baby snuggly inside the coat. You also get a D ring to attach the matching leash. The fabric used for designing the harness coat is of premium quality.

#2 Grey Herringbone Designer Harness Coat And Matching Leash

Grey Herringbone Designer Dog Harness

Grey Herringbone designer dog coat will help you keep your fur babies looking stylish and protect them from cold weather. The dog coat is designed with premium wool and polyester mix to make it comfortable for even the pickiest dogs. The dog coat has a design that makes your dog look stunning and fashionable.

The bonus is the D-ring attachment with the coat. This D-ring is provided along with the coat so that it is easier to attract the leash to it. Worried about the right size? You can order this dog coat in various sizes. Just ensure that you are measuring your dog perfectly.

#3 Cute Dog Denim Jacket Vest (With A Red Hoodie) For Small Dogs

Want to protect your dogs and make them look dazzling? Get this hoodie jacket for your little furry friend, both boys, and girls. It is a denim jacket with a monogram designed on it. It is a very convenient and easy to put on dog jacket with closures and fasteners placed perfectly. It has also got belt loops to make the jacket look stylish and amazing.
You can get this jacket personalized by having the name of your dog embroidered on it.

#4 Warm And Soft Pink Plush Fleece Paw Print Dog And Puppy Pullover Sweater

Want to get some warm clothes for your female furry friend? Here is the best one. This is a soft and plush pullover in pink color. It has got a paw print design that will make your dog look stylish. You can dress up your dog in this pullover and take them out on a walk during winter mornings or evenings. This product is available in multiple colors. You can browse through the collection of sweaters and pullovers at SassyDogFashions and choose the best one for your dog.

#5 Custom Purple Long Sleeve Fleece Snowflake Dog Sweater Pullover

Getting a long sleeve pullover will protect almost your entire body during the winter season. You have the provision to customize it by changing the color of the threads or the fabric color. The sweater is designed with the best quality fabric to impart a comforting feeling to your dog and absolutely no irritation. It has a lovely and adorable snowflake design. This pullover is not just luxurious but also a stunning item to dress your dog in this winter. It will surely keep your dog warm and cozy during the winter season.


If you want to get some winter jackets and coats for your dog, look no further than SassyDogFashions. One of the best online stores where you can get perfect winter clothes for your dogs and cats. You can find an entire winter collection. These dog clothes are made from premium quality fabric and do not cause any rashes or discomfort to your dog. Simply browse through our collection of winter clothes and choose the best one that suits your dog’s personality.

2Sep 2021

I still remember the early days of the pandemic. Days spent juggling zoom meetings and my well-behaved dogs. That was when I tried recording TikTok videos for fun. I had enjoyed watching many funny short videos but had never tried recording one.

The first one I recorded was the Patatak Dance Challenge. In this TikTok trend, you flip your hair forward and start walking scarily towards your pet like the lady from the Ring movie to the background score of a peppy music track. I succeeded in scaring the dogs and my husband (so job well done), but the video I recorded was of poor quality. That is when I decided to figure out how to shoot perfect pet videos worthy of TikTok.

In this article, I shall share some pet TikTok video recording tips that will take your pet videos from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ and some fun ideas to get your TikTok creativity started.

Get The Basics Right 

1. Work With Your Dog’s Nature:

The best pet TikToks are the ones that highlight or capture your dog’s natural behavior and unique personality. My younger dog, a Chihuahua named Luna, is the most friendly and obedient soul. With Luna, I have recorded most of the dog videos on TikTok as she follows all commands and is a patient soul.

2. Always Practice Through Play:

My younger dog Luna is the energizer bunny in canine form. She will constantly come to lick the camera, run around the room, and be a whirring furball. With her, I turn the challenge or whatever I wish to record into a game without the camera. I give her plenty of treats and cuddles after each attempt. And once she has got the hang of it, we try to record the video.

3. Camera Choice Matters:

camera choice for tiktok

Start with your phone camera. Your pets see it daily and will not get distracted. For better video quality, I like to use a flexible tripod, which keeps my phone stable, and a Bluetooth camera remote for videos that requires me to be in the video along with my pet.

4. Get The Light And Camera Angle Right:

All dogs are cute, and they look a million bucks in the right light and camera angles. Natural light is the best to record pets. The bonus is that there will not be any flash to distract them. The camera angle choice depends on what you want to record. I prefer to record my pets from their eye level. It is refreshingly different from the top-down angle we see our pets from, brings a different perspective, and lets you record those adoringly beautiful puppy eyes up close.

5. Trends, Challenges, And Viral Songs

Look at the featured section in TikTok to see what is in trend. Try to recreate the challenges with your pet. Keep the videos short, and in the edit, make sure you use the currently viral songs. It will fetch you more views.

Pet TikTok Ideas To Try Out

Now comes the fun part. Get your TikTok creativity going by trying out some of these easy video ideas. You can follow some of the current trends, or you can record your fur baby doing something adorably unique.

1. The Walk

This is an easy TikTok video to try out for beginners. All you do is dress up your pets in their personalized harnesses from SassyDogFashions and take them for their morning stroll. Then record them cutely sashaying down your local park’s tree-lined path. Later, sync the video to the iconic track ‘Stayin Alive’ by the Bee Gees. My pick of harnesses for this TikTok would be the Denim Soft No Pull Dog Harness and the Purple Mesh Soft Pet Dog Harness. Both harnesses are ultra-soft and fully padded. You could get your pets’ names personalized to bring more cuteness to the video.

2. Sunny Windows

Both my dogs rush to each window as I open the drapes in the morning. If your dogs also have similar habits, then you could try out a simple home TikTok. Make a video with your dogs wearing pretty Custom Embroidered Cute Pet Bandanas, rushing around the room, with the video speed slowed down to sync with ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by the iconic Beatles. This is sure to win hearts and followers for you.

3. The Outfit Change

 fashionable dog clothes

You can record a doggo version of the trending outfit change TikTok. Plan a day-to-night theme for the outfits. For instance, start your pet dressed in some cute CuddlePup Dog Pajamas, then pick a dress. Try the Pink Puff Heart Dog Dress for the morning, a lovely Nautical Dog Dress with a Matching Leash for the afternoon, and finally, a high fashion Gabriella Designer Dog Dress for the night. Place a treat above the camera and record each of your dog’s jumps to sync with the music and outfit change. You have plenty of outfits to choose from SassyDogFashions extensive dog apparel collection.

4. The Beach Babies

A great beach-themed TikTok suggestion is to arrange all your house plants in one bright space at home. Get your dogs dressed in cute, matching outfits. Try Hawaiian Camp Dog Shirt— Paradise Nights and Hawaiian Red Hibiscus Designer Dog Dress. Both apparels have this cute hibiscus print and a perfectly summery vibe. Then record shots of them sipping from a coconut, balancing on a surfboard, and playing with a beach bucket and shovel set. Finally, edit all this to the music of DNCE’s ‘Cake By The Ocean.’

5. The Goodnight Cuddles

Babies, both human and canine, have their night routines before bed. Some of the TikToks with a large number of views are of dogs’ night routines. You can record your pet’s night routine too. For example, my Reve comes and hugs me adorably before going to sleep on his Enchanted Nights Dog Bed. Luna comes and does the same, but once she is in her Ritz Hideaway Dog Bed, she puts out one little paw, and I have to hold it for a few minutes as she drifts off to doggy dreamland.


With Pet TikTok videos, the goal is to have fun with your dogs. You can find many super-cute pet clothing items, accessories, and more at SassyDogFashions. It is the go-to online store for all kinds of pet needs.

26Nov 2020

Thanksgiving is an important day that is celebrated to show your gratitude for all the wonderful things that happen in your life. People love to celebrate this day with their friends and family by cooking turkey and various other delicious food items. It is the time when everyone including your dog is in a festive mood. If you are hosting a party on thanksgiving eve, you will definitely keep in mind the food that you prepare for your dog would be special and different from others. But if you are attending someone else’s party, then you should mention to them about the special food your dog would require. 

Here are some of the most essential aspects that you must keep in mind while preparing for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Party Ideas

#1 Attending  A Thanksgiving Party At Your Friend’s House: 

Different dogs show different behavior when it comes to socializing with other people. Some dogs are extremely friendly whereas some might take some time to build a rapport. So this might leave you in a dilemma whether you take your dog to the party or not. Leaving them behind on such a festive eve would not be good. So what to do? How will you ensure that your dog is included?

Well, most of the time the dogs are quite excited when you dress them up and take them out.  

Here are some of the most interesting ways to keep the spirit of the holiday alive for all.

  • If your dog is friendly and can easily socialize with people, then you can take him or her to visit a friend or relative who may be in need of some company
  • You can arrange a puppy play date with a few of your pooch’s closest pals. It would be best for them, as they will spend quality time playing around and enjoying delicious meals. 

Being a pet parent, you must understand that you are the favorite person of your pet in the world, so you must ensure to acknowledge him or her on this family-oriented day.

#2 Pay Attention To The Food You Would Be Providing On The Eve Of Thanksgiving: 


Thanksgiving eve can never be complete without a grand feast where all the family members are sitting around the table and enjoying the food. At such times, it becomes extremely tempting to include your furry family members in the over-indulgences of the holiday. But you cannot be casual with the dog food even on this day. You must keep them away from the toxic food that can create problems for their digestive system. 

While treating your dog on Thanksgiving day, always ensure that you are considering their health conditions and then prepare something delicious or get them their favorite food from the pet stores.  Here are some of the best pet-friendly Thanksgiving bites that are considered safe for most dogs as well as cats.

  • You can bake some holiday-themed treats for your dogs such as Cranberry Cheese biscuits or Turkey and Sweet Potato Meatballs. Your dog would love to have them.
  • You can even prepare pumpkin puree as a Thanksgiving treat for your dogs. (Even if you have a cat, she will love it). 
  • Along with these amazing Thanksgiving treats, you can prepare some yummy veggies, although be careful with any cooked in butter, oils, or with bacon.

#3 Dressing Up Your Dog For The Thanksgiving Eve:

Thanksgiving is around the corner and by now you might have decided what outfit you would be wearing on a special day. But what about your dog? Have you thought about how you would be dressing up your dog? If you haven’t planned it yet, don’t worry. You can get an amazing collection of dog clothes such as sweatshirts, jackets, vests, tutu dresses, dog bandanas, dog collars, bowties, and a lot more at one and only premium online pet store – Sassy Dog Fashions. Along with the clothes, you can get exciting pet accessories to make your dog feel special on the day. You can ensure that the fabric used in the dog clothes is premium cotton and it will make your dog feel soft and comfortable to move around. 

Black Friday Sale


#4 Arrange After Dinner Dog-Friendly Activities: 

You can gather all the friends of your dog and arrange some fun activities for them so that they feel happy too when you are spending time with other family members. These fun activities would make them feel happy and cheerful and it would be a perfect opportunity for you to curl up with your dog, giving him some cuddle time. 


Well, your dog might not be knowing how to read the calendar but they can feel the festive vibes around them. Thanksgiving is a special eve for everyone, so don’t make your dog feel left out. These are some of the most interesting ways in which you can celebrate Thanksgiving day with your dog. 




22Apr 2019

Dogs are always on their feet running around, jumping, playing, making us happy and angry at the same time, always trying to be there for us in their own little way. And although it doesn’t seem like it due to the sturdy nature of their paws, they do face paw problems and their paws are just as vulnerable as the human feet and need to be taken care of and protected. Carrying out regular paw checkups on your dog can help you identify, prevent or treat various issues that might be causing a lot of discomfort for your canine friend. Here are some steps you can easily follow to keep your dog paws clean and healthy.

1. Trim nails regularly

If you hear nails clicking every time your pet walks by, then you should know it is time to get the clippers out because their nails are already too long and need to be trimmed immediately. You can take up this task on your own at home or take your dog to a professional to help you get the trimming work done. Ensuring to keeping your dogs’ nail at the right length (barely touching the ground), and the hair in between their pads at the right length will help them walk comfortably and confidently with no pain or discomfort.

2. Keep their paws moisturized

Dog paws Just like the human feet and hands are prone to dryness and cracks. Ensuring your pet’s paws are well moisturized will prevent it from cracking and bleeding, causing discomfort and pain to your dog. However, it is important you use only dog pad moisturizers for your pet as human moisturizers are known to have an adverse effect on dogs and might lead to various health issues. While applying the pad moisturizers, take your time to massage your dogs’ paw and really rub it in.

3. Check regularly for foreign objects

Various kinds of objects regularly get stuck in between a dogs’ paw pads. Taking your time to carry out routine checks for these objects and remove them can help you prevent any health problems that might arise from it. It will also help your dog feel more comfortable and walk with no problems, pains or discomfort.

4. Treat cuts and scrapes

The fact is dogs are generally known to be very active in nature so they are very liable to get little cuts and bruises here and there from time to time. Ensuring you deliver on time treatment to these cuts or scrapes with the right antibiotics whenever it happens can help prevent it from getting infected or degenerating to something much worse. And depending on the size and type of wound, you might actually need to take your dog to see the vet for further treatment and advice.

5. The importance of seasonal care

As the weather condition changes so those the various kinds of problems that plague a dog’s paws. Ensuring you in tune and aware of the various effects the different kinds of weather conditions can have on your dog is important if you want him/her to maintain a healthy paw.

  • Summer time: during the summer time it is important you prevent pad burning by trying to take your dog walks in cool shades, staying away from the hot pavements and sands. And in a situation where burns occur, you can immediately treat it using the right antibacterial and bandaging the spot.


  • Winter time: dogs experience dry paws the most during the winter season, they are also prone to the dangerous effects of the chemicals used for melting ice. To solve these problems, you can always rinse your dog’s feet with warm water whenever you get back home from a winter walk or you can go classy by getting your dog a lovely paw boot that protects him from both the cold and the chemicals.


10Jan 2019

Pets are part of our everyday life. They are companions that always stay with us through thick and thin, providing us with emotional support, amusement, and sometimes defense.

Dogs are the most popular pet in the world and I am sure you are familiar with the phrase: ‘Dogs are man’s best friend’ If you own a dog, you will understand this phrase more and it should also be one of the reasons why you should always give your dog or dogs the very best care possible. One of such care is making sure you keep them warm in winter.

Dogs (especially dogs not built for cold) can also come down with illnesses because of cold temperature, so you should always keep them warm when the temperature starts to drop.

Dog coats can help you keep your dog warm during winter and I think if you really love your dog, you can get them designer coats. They deserve it, don’t they?

Five Best designer coats for Your Dog 

1. Long Sleeve Fleece Dog Pullover

Long Sleeve Fleece Dog Pullover

Long Sleeve Fleece Dog Pullover can keep your dog or cat warm in the frigid temps of winter or anytime there is cooler weather. He can wear it indoors or outdoors. Made of premium quality anti-pill fleece, it’s a good choice because it will last a long time and will not pill.

2. Reversible Field Coat in Hunting Orange and Camouflage for Sport Dogs

Reversible Field Coat in Hunting Orange

This handmade double layer HUNTING SUPPLY DOG fleece coats are REVERSIBLE and can be personalized with a name. Protect your best-hunting dogs against rough hunting, cold weather, wind, rain, and snow. Hunting orange on one side, camouflage on the other you get 2 multi-colored fleece dog jackets in 1.

3. Patriotic Stars n’ Stripes Holiday Flag Denim Vest Jacket

Patriotic Stars n’ Stripes Holiday Flag Denim Vest Jacket

Celebrate your winter holidays by dressing your cool dog in this cute dog fringe denim outfit. A beautiful whimsical American flag accents the back and your pet’s name is FREE on the garment so that people can greet him by his name.

4. Zebra Fur Coat

Zebra Fur Coat

This Zebra Fur Coat is Lined in ultra-soft and warm hot pink faux fur. Be totally chic this cold season.