16May 2022

You have decided that you want to adopt a dog from a shelter. That’s great! You have probably already done your homework and know what kind of dog you want and what breed traits you are looking for.

Before bringing the new dog home, it’s good to have a plan. You want your new dog to get acclimated to your home and family as quickly and as easily as possible. The first step is to prepare for bringing home your new friend. Read on for our tips on how to prepare your home for a new dog so that everyone feels comfortable and happy as soon as they walk through the door.

Set up a space for them at home

Make sure that there is a place for the new addition to sleep, eat and play. If possible, create separate spaces for each activity so that the dog can get used to having his own space. This way, he will already feel comfortable when he goes into his crate at night or when he needs some alone time during the day.
If there are other animals in the house, make sure all pets have their own feeding schedules and places to eat so that they don’t feel like they have to compete for food or attention.

Get all the necessary dog supplies

The next thing is to get all the necessary supplies for your new furry friend. This includes food, bowls, collars and leashes, toys, clothing, and bedding such as blankets and a dog bed among others. If you are not sure about what to get, ask an employee at the shelter to show you what and where you can get all the supplies so it’s easier for you. You can also consult the online dog supplies checklist.
Make sure that the area you have designated for him has everything he needs as well as any medications that might be required during his stay with you
The following are some of the dog supplies that will help you be prepared to bring your new pet home:

Customizable Dog Denim Jacket with Gray Hoodie

Customizable Dog Denim Jacket with Gray Hoodie

Keep your beloved dog warm and cozy all seasons with this Dog Denim Vest. This Sassy Dog Fashions® denim Vest jacket comes with a snap closure on the front to make it easy to put on or remove, with no hassle. This is great for small to medium dogs. There is a cute personalization option too, so if you have a boy or girl dog you can have it personalized with their name.

Custom Embroidered Cute Blue Camouflage Pet Bandana with Personalized Dog Bone and Name
Our fashion dog bandanas are super cute, don’t let your dog be left out, keep them happy with a custom embroidered bandana. These designer bandanas are 100% cotton, machine washable, and stylish addition to any dog. Sizes include small, medium, large and extra-large, you can also have a cute dog bone with your dog’s name embroidered onto the front at no extra charge!

Handmade Crib Dog Bed

Give your small dog a place to rest his head with our Crib Dog Bed. It is plush with luxurious lace trim that will make your dog feel like royalty. The separate pillow with a removable pillowcase will make maintaining it easier than ever before. Whichever of the four soft colors you choose from, this is the perfect place for your little pal to snuggle up for a nap or a good night’s sleep.

Personalized Hot Pink Mesh Soft Pet Dog Harness

This colorful dog harness by Sassy Dog Fashions® is a fashionable and trendy piece that your pet will love to wear. It is made with soft mesh for maximum comfort. It comes with an adjustable chest strap so that you are able to get a perfect fit on your pet so they are more comfortable while wearing it. You can choose to add a special touch by Personalizing it as you wish. It also has a D ring on the back so you can attach an equally stunning leash from our collection.

Purple Lime Ruffled Dog Harness for Pups

Purple Lime Ruffled Dog Harness for Pups

The Ruffled Dog Harness is perfect for every dog and pup. This fashion dog harness features a gorgeous, multi-color purple fabric with lime trim. Handmade with attention to detail using premium cotton and comfort padding, this dog harness is perfect for everyday use. Our custom dog harnesses are available in various sizes to ensure the best fit for your furry friend.


When adopting a pet, it is your wish to have it transition easily into its new home and get along with the rest of the family. Following the steps that I have recommended above helped me out a lot when I was trying to make a home for Luna and Reve. You should consider them as well if you want to have your new dog get settled in right away.

2May 2022

I don’t know what it’s like in your household, but in mine, my pets, Luna and Reve, are part of the family. So when I get invited to an outdoor wedding party, I carry them with me to enjoy the day with me. I am also going to take this opportunity to accessorize them and make sure they are looking gorgeous and are the talk of the party.

We hope you will be inspired by all the wonderful wedding party pet accessories available in our online pet boutique shop. Even if you don’t need a new stylish pet collar or designer dog dress, perhaps one is just what your furry baby needs! With so many possibilities in terms of style and color, it’s easy to find something that will perfectly suit your four-legged friend.

Bling Clear Rhinestone Dog Collar

Our wedding luxury dog collar is a beautiful clear rhinestone dog collar. This dog jewelry is perfect for weddings, prom, or any special occasion where you want your beloved four-legged friend to look extra stylish! We are proud of the quality of this collar and it can be made in all sizes from xs to xxl and cat style. The large strap has a tensile strength of 1,200 pounds so it’s strong enough for big dogs too! You can also couple this luxurious dog collar with a matching fashion leash.

Luxury Designer Dog Wedding Dress

Luxury Designer Dog Wedding Dress

Add a little sparkle to your dog’s special day with this luxury designer wedding dog dress by Sassy Dog Fashions. Every attention to detail of this unique piece has been carefully crafted by hand. It features tulle, lace, jewels, and a fabulous train trimmed with pearls and rhinestones, just like a real wedding gown! It is sure to make your pup feel like royalty. This dress is made with love in all sizes from extra small to large.

Fancy Purple Cat Rhinestone Safety Collar

Your cat will look so fancy in our Rhinestone Cat Safety Collar! With its adorable purple color, your kitty will get to stand out at the wedding, while at the same time remain protected. It also has a nickel bell that will not tarnish and will make a great sound when cats play with each other! This is attached to a strong 3/8″ safety cat collar strap, which is triple stitched with heavy-duty thread at the stress points to provide maximum durability. Best of all, it comes with a breakaway buckle that opens under pressure – This provides a safe option for your baby as it will be able to break free unharmed if it gets stuck.

Royal Princess Pink Ruffled Dog Dress

The Royal Princess Pink Ruffled Dog Dress by Sassy Dog Fashions is a handmade classic that will work perfectly as a wedding dress for your furry princess. The hemline is finished in feminine ruffles, designed to fall beautifully on top of your dog’s hind end. It also features a satin bow adorned with a crystal crown for a touch of elegance. The luxurious dog dress is made with high-quality materials and with love to make your dog feel beautiful on a special day.

Houndstooth Dog Dress

Houndstooth Dog Dress

You’re going to love our beautiful houndstooth fashion dog dress! It’s made out of 100% cotton and trimmed with lace at the lining. It has a puff heart, as well as a matching satin bow that adds that extra touch of cuteness to any outfit. The festive dress is perfect for weddings and Valentine’s Day, or any day of the year on which you want to show off how stylish your little fur baby is! Handmade dog clothes are a luxury for dogs, cats, and puppies, who deserve their own designer wardrobe too!


So there you have it, a variety of options for some special wedding party pet accessories for your loved one. We hope that you are now more confident about shopping and purchasing with Sassy Dog Fashions. All of these dog clothes and accessories will help ensure your pet has an unforgettable wedding party experience and that they have everything they need to enjoy themselves.

11Oct 2021

You might have come across many photos and videos of cute dogs on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Different people have unique reasons to have a dog as a pet in their house. Some have a dog to protect their home, some for companionship, and others for their kids. Through these lovely photos and videos of the dogs, you get to know that people have got different dog breeds across the globe. Some people have more than one dog breed in their house. Many individuals and celebrities pose around with their dogs to display their love and bonding. You might have also tried to get a perfect picture with your dog and post it on Instagram. However, the problem is, you are not getting thousands of likes for your dog pictures. What is going wrong? You love your dog and want people to know about the lovely furry creature in your house, right?

Maybe the problem lies with your photography skills. Clicking pictures of dogs is entirely different from clicking pictures of our family and friends.

In this article, I will share a few dog photography tips and tricks. These will help you win millions of hearts on the internet.

#1 You Must Stay Cool And Calm While Taking The Photos

pet store

Taking pictures of your dog can be exhausting. Get your dog to obey you, make them try out different positions, and work on multiple takes. Of course, you cannot have a perfect picture with your very first click. You will need numerous photos to get the best one. To get the best picture, you need to have complete control of yourself and your dog. Focus on remaining calm and composed while taking your dog’s photos. It will be difficult if your dog is hyperactive and uninterested in the photography session but do not worry. Offer them some treats, calm them down, and try again.

#2 You Must Choose the Right Location

designer dog clothes

Although you might have a lot of places in your mind to make your dog photographs look great, it is necessary to keep a few factors in mind.

Not all places are suitable for your dog. There might be a lot of distractions that will not let you get the perfect shot. Moreover, your dog should also like the place. If not, your dog will not seem happy in the photos. So make sure the venue you choose must be away from the heavy traffic zones and be a private area. With excessive traffic and the public all around, your dog will feel uncomfortable and remain distracted.

#3 Provide Proper Training To Your Dog

You cannot just have one pose of your dog and give up on the idea of dog photography. You might need different poses and angles to get the best shot. For that, you should train your dog perfectly. Try to teach him to stay calm at a place, sit, stand, run, walk, play at your given commands. If the dog is unable to understand these commands, it will be hard to get the best pictures. You can take up online classes to train your dog for better dog photography.

#4 Choose The Best Clothes For Dog Photography

If you want your dog to look adorable and trendy, you can get varied dog clothes for him from online pet stores. You can find a wide range of fashionable dog apparel and accessories options at SassyDogFashions. Choose from a vast collection of dog clothes, such as shirts, t-shirts, jackets, tux, dog coats, and tutu dresses. You can choose the best dresses for your dog from SassyDogFashions. Dress up your dogs in their lovely new clothes. When your dog is comfortable and happy in the dog clothes, you will get the best shot.

#5 Focus On Lighting While Getting The Best Dog Picture

If you regularly click pictures and record videos of your dog, you might be aware of the significance of light. In the dark, the photos appear blurry and very different. Even if you are using the best resolution camera, prefer to shoot in daylight. Daylight offers the best brightness for your camera. During the daytime, your dog will also be more enthusiastic about the photoshoot.


Are you planning to arrange a dog photoshoot and post the pictures on social media? You can follow the tips and tricks provided above. It will help you get the best shot of your dog and fetch you millions of likes on Instagram.