15Aug 2022

Whatever your fashion style or the kind of pet you have, you can get the right outfit for your pet. If you own a pet dog, Sassy Dog Fashions is the place to get just the right outfit for your animal companion.

Styling Your Pet with Sassy Dog Fashions Designer Clothing

Pet owners have for years dressed their dogs in coats and sweaters to protect them from snowy and rainy walks. Pet fashion has recently moved to be more practical because of the evolution in style.

Sassy Dog Fashions is an online, retail manufacturer of luxury pet accessories, wholesale dog clothes, and a designer of dog boutiques. Our ready-to-wear custom pet clothes come in a wide range of designs to ensure they match your style and meet your pet’s fashion needs. Other reasons you should style your pet with Sassy Dog Fashions designer pet clothing include:

(1): Collar-to-harness connector strap

Sassy Dog Fashions’ collar-to-harness connector strap is a safety strap that connects from the collar of your puppy to its harness D-ring. By doing this, you can stop your puppy from escaping its harness. By acting as a backup leash, the security strap makes sure that even if your beloved puppy escapes, you will still be able to hold them by the collar.

Additionally, the product also serves as a backup collar, allowing you to keep your pet by the harness in case they manage to escape the collar. Growing puppies need more time to fill out their harness, and this attachment strap can save a life and avert a disaster.

You can get them in various sizes together with smart options for matching harnesses, leashes, and collars that will make you proud of walking your puppy

See the video on how to use the collar-to-harness connector to see how it stops your puppy from escaping its harness. 

(2): Custom-made dog harness

Custom made dog harness

Sassy Dog Fashions’ custom-made dog harnesses are for you to enjoy walking your pet around. There is a wide variety of custom embroidered dog harnesses that would have the name of your pet on them. It is also available for small, medium, or large dogs. The harness is made using world-class commercial embroidery machinery so that the work is top quality and professional.

Having a personalized dog harness will make your pet stand out in a crowd. You have the option to buy them blank in case you are not yet sure of your pet’s name, or you prefer it without the name. Additionally, the harness is adjustable, ensuring that you still get a snug fit even when you are not sure of your pet’s exact chest size.

There is also the monogrammed stylish dog harness that will be just right for kittens, toy dogs, teacups, puppies, and cats. Some of our custom-made harnesses, personalized dog harness, handmade dog harness, and adjustable dog harness are available with leashes. This means that you can get a leash set and harness in the same fabric.

(3): Customized dog collars

Customized dog collars

Sassy Dog Fashions has an online luxury pet boutique shop where you can get embroidered dog collars. For the latest pet fashion, you can purchase a customized dog collar with the name of your pet on it. To get stylish dog collars and a unique personalized pet gift, you can pick your favorite embroidery thread color and font lettering from our collection.

A customized dog collar for your pet is a collar specially made to have the name of your pet on it. It is a luxury to own, and you can get it from our luxury dog boutique. Also, available in 18 different colors is Sassy Dog Fashions’ nylon collars where you can choose and have your telephone number or name of your pet embroidered onto the strap.

The stylish dog collars available on our online store are truly customizable, except for the 3/8-inch width cat collar and teacup collar. Both these two are not customizable because they are too tiny to embroider. Aside from this, you will find a huge collection of customizable dog collars that you can style your pet with on our online store.

(4): Custom dog coats

A custom dog coat from Sassy Dog Fashions is another fashion item you can style your pet with. Our custom dog coats are made in several ways. You can pick from the collection of customizable coats and jackets in our online boutique for dogs.

Handmade dog coats are also available to ensure that you do not try to force your dog into the standard size chart. This is particularly in case your dog has an oddity or a long back. They can be made to meet your specifications and that of your pet.

Additionally, there are various custom options such as harness holes and D-rings you can add to the jacket. The name of your pet can also be custom embroidered on the jacket’s back if you want. If you have an oddly shaped or hard-to-fit dog, you will get fancy dog sweaters or dog coats tailor-made to fit your pet.

(5): Custom fancy dog sweater

There is a selection of standard-sized dog fashion sweaters in our luxury pet boutique shop. You can get them for teacups and a small dog, or custom-made to meet your specification.

Also, available in our store are custom dog sweaters for large dogs. They can also be customized so that they meet the specification of your pet. The personalized dog sweater can be made to have your pet’s name embroidered on the back as well.

Our signature go-to sweater, fleece Comfort Dog Sweaters, is in all sizes. These fashion dog clothes can be styled with a leash attachment or harness hole. Large to small dogs can also get a matching leash or matching snood.


Not every pet owner fancy putting clothing on the pet companion. However, you should with Sassy Dog Fashions’ designer pet clothing. You should indulge your urge to get a luxury item from our shop if your puppy seems to share your love for fashion. With various clothing items from our collection, you will surely get compliments as you take your pet out for a walk.

24Feb 2021

All pet parents and pet owners love their pets and would like their pets to have a comfortable life. They buy them clothes, toys, and healthy food to keep them happy and strong. But besides all these things, there are many other essential things that would be required by the pet owners. So what are these other essentials that every pet owner must have? Here is the best collection of all the essentials a pet parent would require, and you can easily get these from SassyDogFashions.

#1 Beautiful & Customized Dog Collars: Whether you have a little pooch or a big dog, you need to control their behavior and ensure their security when you’re taking them out. For that, you would be needing dog collars, which are made from premium quality fabric, are durable, and are soft to touch. 

#2 Comfortable Dog Harness: The dog harnesses are available in a wide range of fabric patterns, colors, and textures. Dog harnesses are best if you have a very active dog because it becomes difficult to control such playful and high on energy dogs with just the dog collar. 

Comfortable Dog Harness

#3 Elegant Dog Placemats: The placemats are quite important when you are serving food and water to your pets. These placemats will ensure that the floors remain clean and tidy. Dog and cat placemats are made of durable fabric and are machine washable, so you can reuse them. You can get these placemats in different colors and patterns of your choice.

#4 Wide Range Of Different Pet Carriers: Pet carriers are essential when you wish to take your pet for shopping tours. At SassyDogFashions, you can get a perfect, customizable pet sling in soft fabrics. It will ensure that your pets are comfortable and cozy inside the sling while you are busy shopping. 

#5 Animal Print Totes and Pouches/Toiletry Travel Bag: These totes and pouches are always useful when you take your dog on a trek or a picnic. You can pack all the pet essentials and even your personal gadgets in these beautiful totes and pouches. 

#6 Get A Dog Walker Bag: The dog walker bags are amazingly useful when you take your dog out for a morning or an evening stroll. The dog walker bag comes with multiple compartments. In these compartments, you can keep your personal essential items such as a phone and water bottle. Besides, it also has a doo-doo bag from which you can pull out the disposable bags and use them to discard the dog’s poop. 

#7 Diapers For The Pets: These diapers are mainly used by pet owners for dogs suffering from incontinence, dogs not completely house-broken, and female dogs during their heat. The diapers are available in different sizes, patterns, and colors. You can choose one that your dog would love. The velcro closure will ensure that the diapers don’t slip out while you are out with your dog.

Diapers For The Pets

#8 Books On Dog Training: Often, people bring in puppies but are not aware of how to handle them, what food to provide, when to provide food, taking them to the vets, grooming them, and many other responsibilities. The dog training guide or book is quite essential for new as well as experienced pet owners. 

#9 Leash: The Dog leash is necessary because they are helpful in controlling your dog, and keeping them safe while you are out with them for a walk or stroll. 

#10 Dog Clothes: Apparel is one of the most essential things that every owner must-have. Not just to dress up your pets, but to keep them protected from the changing weather and protect them from developing any sort of infection. 

#11 Dog Beds: If you want your pet to have a sound sleep, then it is quite essential to get an accurate size of dog bed for your pet. You can get a high-quality quilt and a bedsheet to decorate the bed and let your pet enjoy a good sleep.


After going through this ultimate list, you might be wondering what would be the best place to find all the pet essentials. Well, nothing could be better than the online store for pets – SassyDogFashions. You get all the high-quality pet essentials made from premium fabric which is extremely durable. Just visit the website, and we are sure you would love it.