5Sep 2020

Everyone across the globe has quite effectively adjusted to the new normal. The new normal refers to the fact that people must always wear masks and maintain social distancing. Since the last six to seven months, the number of coronavirus cases and death rates has actually petrified people. But with this, life doesn’t stop. Everyone seems to be fighting the situation bravely and have been following the COVID-19 guidelines. During the early stages, people had to face complete lockdown and had to stay at home. This was also applicable to the pets. 

According to a recent survey, social distancing efforts have posed a tough challenge for dog owners who are continuously striving to ensure their pets enjoy new experiences and are comfortable with social interactions. Within these six to seven months of time, most of the pets have grown accustomed to their new normal. An Outside stroll was only possible when they had to do their business. Moreover, pets were restricted from getting close to any other person apart from the family members. In simple words, due to the spread of COVID-19, pets had fewer opportunities to explore different places and activities. 

Just like people, pets also felt frustrated being inside the house 24/7. But not anymore. You can easily socialize your pet (dogs and cats) as the tight restriction is lifted and people can cope with life. Besides all this, taking safety measures is quite essential. Here are some interesting tips that would help you to socialize your pets after the COVID-19 pandemic.

These activities would help the pets to adjust to the new life where maintaining social distance would still be essential.

#1 Take Your Pets For A Long Walk

When you take your pet for a long walk, you give them the exposure to experience new things and play around. While you take them out, you must train them to keep a distance from other people and pets. You can take your pet’s favorite toys so that they can play with them instead of getting mixed with other pets. Moreover, you must appreciate your pets when they follow your instructions and play happily. 

You must also train them to remain calm and composed in all public areas. If they start panicking then you must cuddle them or take them home as soon as possible.

#2 You Must Take Them On A Car Ride

When you take them for long car rides, they can easily get used to it and would love spending time with you with fresh air making them feel ecstatic. 

#3 Play With Your Pets Indoors

If you are not willing to take your pets outside, you can let them play inside. You can decorate the garden area, or arrange some water activities for your pet. They would love it. You can even get some soft toys for your pet so that he could play with them without getting injured.

#4 You Can Spend Some Quality Time With Your Pets While Grooming Them

While grooming them, you must ensure that all the body parts are getting cleaned, the hair is trimmed properly. Along with all this, you must get them dressed in amazing dog clothes to keep them happy. 

You can easily get some of the best dog clothes collection at SassyDogFashions. You can get different tutu dresses, dog collars, trendy dog coats, and a lot more. Just visit the website and find out what would be suitable for your little one.

#5 Take Them To Veterinary For Regular Checkup

Get your pet dogs used to different types of handling, such as playing with their paws, tail, or ears. This will help get them ready for a nail trim, thermometers, medication, and other exam activities.

#6 Follow A Specific Routine

You must keep a schedule that will help your pet to cope up with the changing scenarios. Even pets take time to analyze the situation and around them and act accordingly. 


We love our pets, want to protect them, and always want the best for them. You were very vigilant to keep your pet safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. But even post-pandemic, you must ensure that certain guidelines are followed. The government bodies would gradually lift the restrictions so that people can move around freely, but with that, you must always ensure your pet’s safety before taking them out.

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24Jul 2020

Every dog is adorable and there is no debate about it and every pet parent loves to dress them for different occasions. This dressing up of pets has evolved the dog fashion industry. The designers are continuously striving to design dog apparel that is comfortable as well as functional. Pet parents flock to retail or online pet clothing stores every couple of months for door-busting deals and last-minute clearance blowouts to stock up on the latest season’s apparel trends and scoop up leftovers from the last’s.

Dog Owners Love Dressing Up Their Pets

A recent study reported that due to the increase in the number of pets, there has been an immense growth in the pet clothing industry. With the increasing interest amongst pet owners, regarding dog fashion and the need to offer them comforting clothes during different climate conditions, there is greater demand for pet clothes in the market.

Dog owners are always searching for specialized and better quality products and garments for dogs. This concern and need has led to the exponential growth of dog clothes. While there certainly are numerous reasons why owners put clothes on their dogs, the bottom line is that fashion for furry friends serves a purpose beyond simply looking cute.

Trends In The Dog Fashion Industry:

Customized Unisex Dog Jackets: Dog jackets make your dog look classy. These dog jackets are making their way into the Dog Fashion industry. With fewer embellishments and customization, you can make the jacket more beautiful. Jackets make your dogs look more adorable and also impart a bit of sophistication.

Note: To keep your dog warm during winters, you can customize the jackets by adding soft fabric pads or provide double lining of fleece in the interior.
Fashionable dog jackets look completely cute on any four-legged pal.

Beautiful Beachwear – Dog Swimsuits: Take your four-legged pal on the deck with adorable swimsuits. Dog swimsuits are yet another category that is in high demand. You can dress up your dog in navy striped swimsuits. It is perfect while you take your dog boating or for a walk on the beach.

Trendy Dog Shirts: Dog shirts can make dressing up fun and interesting. You can get amazing dog shirts with a wide range of fabrics and patterns from best online pet clothing stores such as SassyDogFashions. There are different styles of shirts that you can buy for your dogs.

Polo Shirts: Generally, polo shirts have a matching collar and buttons just like the common polo shirts and give a trendy look to your dog.

Sailor Tee: Sailor Tees are similar to t-shirts which are perfect for males and female dogs.

Customized Prints: T-shirts with customized prints and cotton fabrics are best when you are taking your dog for a beach walk.

Hoodies: Hoodies are considered best for the dog who is very active and loves outdoor activities. It protects the dog from dirt and infection and imparts a high sense of fashion.

Pullovers: Dog pullovers are best when you want to mix and match. These are perfect for dog owners and their dogs with high regard to fashion.

Weather Gear – Sweaters & Raincoats: When you take your dog in the snow or rain, you must ensure that you have got the right gear to help them stay dry and warm. Your little pooch also deserves comfort along with fashion. You can get a wide variety of inclement weather items such as sweaters, puffer vests, raincoat, water-proof T-shirts, shower-proof dog coats. These will keep your furry friend fashionably warm and protected.


Generally, dog clothes are all the rage for fashionable, adorable dogs and their equally fashionable owners. What began as a way to keep short-haired or shaved dogs warm in colder months has burgeoned into a multi-faceted industry encompassing everything from dog collars to beachwear. That’s right, fashionable doggies don’t swim without appropriate clothing anymore. Make sure your furry pal is dressed to keep up with her peers with these must-have dog clothes.