22Aug 2022

A good harness is what you need if you just bought a new dog or need a better way to walk your pet during regular day-to-day activities or training. Harnesses come in a range of prices, colors, styles, and sizes to suit the need of your pets. With a premium quality harness, you will have control of your pet as you go out for a walk.

10 Premium Quality Harness to Safeguard Your Pets

Harnesses are a great choice for unruly pets as they will give you unrivaled control over your dog. They are also the perfect choice for well-behaved pets, keeping them safe and secure even when things are not going the right way.

Here is a look at 10 premium quality harnesses on the market today.

(1): Sassy Dog Fashions Soft Padded

The designer Soft Padded Dog Harness by Sassy Dog Fashions is one of the best custom embroidered harnesses you can find in the market. It offers extra comfort for your dog as it is a well-padded, no pull adjustable puppy harness. For a snug fit, you can always adjust the chest strap.

Since it is customizable, you can order one for your dog with a name on it or get it blank. Additionally, this harness is made with a high-quality material that ensures its durability for teacups and toys and dogs of various sizes. You can get them in various sizes together with smart options for matching leashes and collars.

See the video on how to use this harness!

(2): PetSafe Easy Walk

PetSafe Easy Walk

The PetSafe Easy Walk is a premium quality harness that is the best overall as it gives you complete control over your pet. The harness loops around the neck of your dog, putting no pressure whatsoever on the neck so that they are not put in any physical danger.

PetSafe Easy Walk is a top dog harness as it can be used to control even large-breed dogs. With it, you can cut down on lunging and pulling, teaching your dog how to properly behave on walks.

(3): Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart 

This harness is a premium choice harness that will bring your worries to rest if you are concerned that your dog will escape from its harness. This harness makes use of a steel nesting buckle to ensure that your dog is securely locked in.

Additionally, the harness has five different adjustment points to ensure that you can give your pup an absolute custom fit. Also, the padded chest will reduce stress on the sternum and trachea of your dog. So, you do not have to worry that the harness will make your dog uncomfortable.

(4): Petal Power Floral Personalized

The Petal Power personalized Floral Dog Harness for girls is another top-quality product exclusively created by Sassy Dog Fashions. The harness has a fully adjustable chest and neck to easily get the right fit for your puppy. It is also extra comfortable as it is made of soft padded neoprene.

Additionally, this harness is premium quality so you can expect it to last long. You can also personalize this harness and select beautiful matching pet accessories that will look very beautiful on your dog

(5): Best Pet Supplies Voyager

best pet supplies voyager

This harness is the easiest harness to use. It is a single-piece mesh option that hugs the torso of your dog. Its quick-release buckle and easy-to-use fastener allow you to put it on and take it off your pet easily.

The harness is suitable for use in the summer because it is lightweight and has an extremely breathable mesh. It is unlikely that it will irritate the skin of your pet. Best of it all, it is the most affordable option in the market.

(3): Chai’s Choice Reflective

You will appreciate this front clip dog harness if you enjoy taking your pet out for a late-night walk. This is particularly because of its reflective piping that is interwoven into its exterior.

The reflective feature ensures that your dog is more visible at night, keeping your pet companion and you safe. It also has plenty of padding on the neck and chest so that your dog will be more comfortable wearing it.

(4): Sporn Mesh No Pull

This premium quality harness is a model intended to curb your pet’s unwanted behavior. It has a mesh chest piece to ensure that there is plenty of slack for your dog when they are being restrained. 

Every part of the Sporn Mesh No Pull dog harness is made to keep your dog safe. The restraint arms are even padded. This reduces the risk of chafing and keeps your dog comfortable. It is a good option for your pets.

(5): HDP Big Dog 

This no-pull dog harness is specifically designed to teach a larger-breed pup not to tug on the leash. It is safe because it redistributes force throughout the shoulders and chests of the dog.

There is both a handle and a D-ring on the top of the harness. These rest between the shoulders of your dog and gives you plenty of control over your pup. It is a great choice for senior dogs.

(6): Puppia Polyester Back Clip

This dog harness is a good option if you want to make a minimalistic choice. There is a little fabric to it that will not cover the entire body of your dog. This feature makes it streamlined and sleek.

However, the lack of fabric means a loss of durability particularly when your dog is an active puller. There is also a little slack to work with, making it hard to customize the fit.

(7): OneTigris Tactical

This vest dog harness looks like something designed for the battlefield. The harness looks cool but comes with some flaws that may cause issues.

No matter how much you adjust this harness, it does not stay in place. As a result, it flops and flips over the place during walks. It is not also durable as its several plastic clips break easily when not handled with care.


There is a wide range of quality harnesses that will protect and keep your pet safe. The best has been discussed here. Your choice should depend on your needs and that of your pet.

11May 2021

Millions of people have pets, and they are the beloved members of the family. For pet parents, they are just like their kids — a responsibility that brings joy and happiness. Yes, whether it is a dog or a cat or any other animal, they are your responsibility, and you need to ensure that you are taking good care of them.

According to a survey, it has been observed that people generally have dogs as their pet animals — as dogs are considered to be a bundle of joy, a companion who provides you immense emotional support. In return, you take good care of your little friend and make them feel your affection. You regularly take them for checkups, and you buy clothes, toys, and healthy food. But when it comes to their safety — what will you choose? A dog harness or a dog collar?

If you would consult experts, they would always recommend you to opt for a dog harness instead of dog collars, especially if you have a very playful or hyperactive dog. If you have a little dog that is usually very less active, then you can go ahead and get dog collars. You might be thinking, why is a dog harness considered better than a dog collar, don’t you? Let’s understand the important reasons behind it.

#1 Dog Harness Is Better when it Comes To Controlling: 

When you are taking your dog out for a walk, it becomes essential to have strong control over them so that they do not run on the road and cause any serious injuries to themselves or others. Hence the pet parents are making use of the dog harness to keep better control of the dogs.

Dog collars are not at all a safe or better option when you want to control your dogs. It becomes difficult to control the dog with the dog collars. The dogs can easily pull you with them as the control remains with the dogs. And if you try to exert extra pressure through the collars, it might cause injuries to the neck and throat. With a dog harness, the chest portion, neck, and upper body are covered with the harness. So when you are exerting force to keep the dog in control, the pressure evenly spreads across the body and does not cause harm to your dog.

Moreover, when using the dog harness, you can have control over the entire body and not just the neck. Thus dog harnesses are considered a better option when you want to keep your dogs safe and have proper control over their body. So based on the size and nature of your dog, you can choose whether to get a dog harness or a dog collar.

#2 You Can Choose To Have Dog Harness To Protect Your Pet From Trachea Problems: 

You Can Choose To Have Dog Harness To Protect Your Pet From Trachea Problems

If you use the dog collars for a long period, your dog might develop a trachea problem in its neck, which might lead to various breathing issues. On the initial day, you might not feel the effect, but after a month or so, your dog might show symptoms of breathing problems. With a dog harness, you can protect your dog from all such issues.

#3 You Must Get A Dog Harness If Your Dog Is Suffering From Spinal Problems: 

You Must Get A Dog Harness If Your Dog Is Suffering From Spinal Problems

The harness for the dogs is designed in such a way that it provides support to the upper body, shoulder, chest, and neck. You can choose a dog harness for the dog breeds that have long bodies, such as basset hounds, corgis, dachshunds, pekingese. Such dogs are usually vulnerable to injuries to the discs in their backs, a medical condition termed as the intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). With a dog harness, you can not only provide the right support but also reduces the excess pressure from the neck and back regions of your dog’s body.


Choosing the right dog harness for your dog can be a daunting task because there are so many factors that need to be considered — such as size, fabric, colors, design, no-pull, or pull. This might really confuse you, and you won’t be able to make the right choice. But don’t worry, Sassydogfashions has a wide collection of dog harnesses along with perfect information/details specified. So you can browse through all the dog harnesses and choose the one that suits your dog the best. You can even get customized dog harnesses with a beautiful and durable leash that could be easily replaced.