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7Oct 2019

October: Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month

Maria Leindecker

October: Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month

October is Adopt-A-Shelter Dog month. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) runs this event to promote the adoption of dogs from local shelters. There are round about 3 million homeless dogs as they enter shelters every year. These neglected and often abused animals are looking forlornly towards home owners who will adopt them in hope of seeking a permanent home. It is so ironic as you go out with dogs for a walk that humans try aping the dog while learning traits of patience from the dog and the dog sniffs many scents of the human lifestyle.

There is a shelter for every type of canine including breed, size and demeanor of the canine. The shelter homes have scheduled visits in place for healthy adoption for families and individuals. While shelters do take good care of the well-bred and lonely pets, they have procedural regulations that opt for healthy adoption.

Dogs love to be cuddled and fondled. Even if they have not found their permanent home, they play bountifully increasing their chances of adoption.

This four-pronged approach during adopt a shelter dog month agenda includes visit, volunteer, donate and adopt. However, you may find that adopting a shelter dog seems to be the best bet, hence it is reckoned that volunteers and donations are welcome too. Post it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and any other social media that comes to mind using #adoptashelterdogmonth .

The American Humane Association in 1982 noted that many homeless dogs were entering shelter homes and to outdo these options, American Humane Association for shelter coined Adopt a Dog month Along with these options such as sheltering and adoptions, spaying and neutering will also curtail rise of unwanted pets too.

You could probably be thinking about what an adopted dog could bring to your life. But you should go ahead and adopt a dog giving it lots of love and affection on the way. You in turn would receive big wet kisses from your pet and you may become a hero overnight. The dog would reciprocate in a fashion known to it by supporting your decisions. It is a somewhat messy but energetic life that you will have with your pet. The unconditional love that you receive from your pet far outweighs the responsibilities towards it and yet some lifestyles do not bode accordingly well to raise a dog.

It has been often said that dogs are like children and refuse to grow up. They are heavily dependent on their owners for looking after their needs ; food, water, medical attention, exercise, shelter and most importantly companionship. But unlike children, dogs don’t look on both sides of the street before they cross and they can’t stop and ask for directions if they are lost. You can’t even send them to the babysitter when your daily schedules for the day are packed.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) goes so very far in saying that adopting a dog from a shelter is far better than buying a pet from a pet store because the owners will face a better experience in the former option. This shall be taken due note of when searching for your next canine buddy.

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