19May 2018

How Can You Choose The Best Pet Outfit For Mayfair?

Maria Leindecker

How Can You Choose The Best Pet Outfit For Mayfair?

Mayfair Festival of the Arts 2018 is making a comeback in the Lehigh Valley. It is not just an event but a tradition celebrated by the festival-goers for 30 years now. This year the festival will be hosted by Cedar Crest College over Memorial Day Weekend featuring food and craft vendors, artists, music and live performances.

Here is the detailed information regarding the event:

    Dates: Friday, May 25, 2018 – Sunday, May 27, 2018

    Venue: Cedar Crest College [ Driving Directions ]
                   100 College Drive
                    Allentown, PA 18104

Also, you can check out the details on their official website.

Did you know you can bring your furry friend to the festival too? Time to grab the best outfit for the little one! However, choosing pet clothes for Mayfair is not a simple task as you need to select them according to your pet’s comfort while keeping in mind the weather conditions. Otherwise, your pet may end up ruining the whole Mayfair by getting irritated with the clothes. Below are few tips to choose the perfect clothes for Mayfair.

  • The Perfect Clothes Material:

  • In case you don’t have summer clothes for your pet then the first thing to do is shopping for your pet. You can purchase online clothes from www.sassydogfahions.com before the event or at the event, because they provide the best quality and adorable clothes for the pets. So, while doing shopping, you need to keep the climate in mind. For example, if you want to get your hands on clothes that your pet can wear at festivals like Mayfair, then you need to shop accordingly. For instance, you can choose the kind of clothes fabric that is cool

  • Keep it Simple:

  • Don’t ever put on all the pet apparel or accessories at once on your pet. Putting the shirts, boots, tie or even a collar at the same time will end up irritating your pet and it will make them feel very uncomfortable. You have to keep it simple; in case you are making them wear boots then you don’t need to put on a shirt, just end up the look by putting a cute bow tie or a custom leather dog collar. Similarly, along with t-shirts, you can just put a collar otherwise nothing else is required.

  • Colors Matter a Lot:

  • Selecting the right color for the right event is the best way to dress your pet. Bright and vibrant colors will perfectly blend in with the liveliness of the event. You can also go with pop colors for your little girl’s dress. Make your dog the biggest showoff you can at the festival.

  • Comfort is Important:

  • While dressing up your pet for any summer outing, you need to always choose the clothes by keeping its comfort in mind otherwise your whole struggle and money will go in vain. If your dog is comfortable and happy with the clothing then you will get the best outing photos otherwise get ready for the bad ones. If you are not able to find the perfect comfortable clothes for your pet then check out the clothes at SassyDogFashions

    These are a few things that you need to keep in mind while selecting clothes for your pet for the Mayfair. Make sure you follow all of them.

    QUICK TIP – Carry a Dog Walker Bag with you!

    IMG 1986

    Do not forget to carry a dog walker bag with you in the festival. You can keep your hands-free, to manage your dog and the leash when strolling around the campus. SassyDogFashions offers stylish dog walker bags with a built-in poop bag dispenser—your all-in-one bag to carry water, doodoo bags, cell phone, the dog’s toy and food and more.

    Let’s carry the tradition forward and take Mayfair back to its roots!