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4Feb 2021

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and you might have already decided what you would be gifting to your loved ones. But what about the pet lovers in your group? Have you planned something for them this Valentine? If not, then don’t worry! We have some amazing gift ideas for your beloved pet lovers or pet parents that will make them feel cheerful and happy.

1. A Valentine Goodies Basket:

In this goodies basket, you can provide food items for the dog as well as your beloved pet lover. For instance, you can choose some chocolates and cookies for the pet lover, include some dog food, and pack it together in a beautiful basket. You can even decorate the Valentine Goodies Basket with little dog tags with the dog’s name engraved on it.

2. A Personalized Hand Towel:

These towels could turn out to be a special gift that you can present to your pet lover. You can give them hand towels personalized with the image of their dog, and you can include the name of the dog as well. If you are worried about where to get such towels, then the perfect place would be Sassydogfashions. You will get premium quality hand towels embroidered with the name of the dog. The best aspect of buying these hand towels from this amazing pet store is that you can get multiple towels at a time. You can get this not just for dog lovers but also for cat lovers or any other animal that your partner prefers to have at Sassydogfashions as well.

A Personalized Hand Towel

3. A Perfect Poop Bag Dispenser:

You might have seen pet lovers taking their dogs for walks for an evening stroll. So at that time, having a cute little poop bag dispenser with them would be great for cleaning up the pet waste quickly in the plastic bag and directly discarding it in the dustbin. You can get this cute little poop bag dispenser in different colors at Sassydogfashions. You will get the poop bag dispenser with a unique dog bone tag, FREE Bags, and leash clip for pet waste cleanup. Don’t you think this would be an amazing Valentine’s gift for pet lovers?

4. A Sling Bag For Carrying The Dog:

When the pet lovers are out doing grocery shopping with the dog, they find it very difficult to shop. So you can help them out by giving them a Khaki Pet Sling Carrier. At Sassydogfashions you can get these high-quality Pet Sling Carrier that is made of durable fabric and fleece. The interior of the bag is quite soft, which would keep the pets cozy and comfortable. You can carry small dogs of about 8 to 9 pounds in this carrier and shop comfortably.

5. A Customized Toiletry Travel Bag:

If you haven’t given this item a thought, then it is the right time to do so. These amazing pet toiletry travel bags are just the perfect gift for all your pet lovers. It is quite spacious and would be helpful in storing the dog’s grooming accessories or medicines and even small electronic gadgets. All the essentials can be carried in these toiletry travel bags. The exterior of the travel bag is beautifully designed with paw prints and images of dogs and cats. You can choose the one you like and give it to the pet lovers.

A Customized Toiletry Travel Bag

6. Just Amazing Dog Walker Bag:

With the help of Dog walker bags, the dog lovers would be able to keep their hands free and would be able to control the dog while they are on their morning or evening walk. The dog walker bag looks extremely stylish and is also very efficient. You can keep a water bottle, cell-phone, and other small accessories in the pouch section. In the front portion of the bag, there is a dispenser from where a doo-doo bag could be easily pulled out to clean the dog’s poop and discard the waste.

7. Tote Bags And Pouches:

The customized tote bags would prove to be a wonderful Valentine’s gift for your pet lovers. They can carry the tote bags when they are out shopping with their dogs or taking them along on their vacations.

8. Dog Feeding Mat:

You can buy these customized dog bone feeding mats at Sassydogfashions. These mats can be used while serving food to the dogs and ensure that the floor stays clean. These customized feeding mats are reversible and made up of high-quality fabric. The fabric used for the feeding mat is extremely durable and has the capacity to absorb spills. It can be easily washed and reused.

9. A Dog Training Guide/Book:

Generally, in the initial days of pet parenting, it is difficult to understand what the dogs want to convey, whether they want to go out, are they hungry, or feeling uncomfortable. This guide is a simple handbook that you can get from any bookstore and give to your pet lovers.

10. Matching Set Of Apparels For Pet Lovers And Their Pets:

You can choose a specific print and get some t-shirts for the pet lovers and the dogs in the same prints and colors. You can even get them personalized with Mom & Daughter or Dad & Junior written on them.


Now you have plenty of ideas from which you can choose the best gift for pet lovers. Most of these items you can buy from Sassydogfashions — a popular pet apparel store where you can find these amazing items at reasonable rates. Hurry and check it now!

1Dec 2020

Christmas is around the corner and you should be in festive mode. It will be a holiday season when everyone is excited. You might be busy with the decorations, spending time preparing delicious cakes and pastries, and buying gifts for your family members. Along with your family members, your little pup should be dancing around cheerfully and waiting for his gift. So have you thought about what Christmas present you will buy for your dog?

Well, if you have not yet thought about it, don’t panic. We have come up with some great ideas for dog gifts that you can give your beloved little ones this holiday season. 

Christmas Dog Gifts

Check out all the gift ideas and then choose the best one for your dog.

Luxurious Rose Pink Dog Winter Warm Rain Coat Jacket


Luxurious Rose Pink Dog Winter Warm Rain Coat Jacket

During the Christmas festival the weather is quite cold and there are chances that snowfall might occur. This luxurious jacket is suitable for small as well as medium dogs. The jacket is best for all seasons – rainy, winter, and even snow. You can see that the jacket is entirely lined with stunning pink fleece. Another great feature of this jacket is the detachable hood. It has a versatile design and you can easily remove it when your dog doesn’t need it. Don’t you think this would be the best Christmas present for your little dog? 

Lovely Dog Denim Jacket With Gray Hoodie: 

Lovely Dog Denim Jacket With Gray Hoodie

On the Christmas holiday if you want to give a cool look to your pet dog, then you can get him/her a denim jacket. You can match this denim jacket with your jeans which would make the dog feel special and happy. With this jacket, your dog will be the coolest pet on the block. The best part is that you can customize the jacket by adding his/her name on the blank side. The amazing fabric of the jacket will not only make your dog look handsome but also keep him protected from the harsh weather. 

Make Your Dog Feel Christmassy With Amazing Dog Tutus:

 Make Your Dog Feel Christmassy With Amazing Dog Tutus

The tutu dress would give a different look to your dog. The fabric used in the dress is of premium quality and would make your dog feel comfortable to play and move around. It is extremely lightweight, so if you are taking your dog to Christmas parties or events, he/she won’t feel skin irritation or suffocation. The best feature of this tutu dress is that the embellishments are handmade. They are time-consuming to make sure each detailed bead is placed perfectly and well secured.

What Could Be Better Than A Dog Bowtie For Christmas:  

What Could Be Better Than A Dog Bowtie For Christmas

This is a stunning bowtie with the right blend of colors – gold and red. It will give a stylish look to your dog on the eve of Christmas. This handsome bow tie will impart sophistication to the overall look. The center of the bowtie is metallic with the dust of gold and red which will make your dog look stunning among other pets

Best American Made Nylon Dog Leash: Amazing Set Of 12 Hot Colors

Best American Made Nylon Dog Leash: Amazing Set Of 12 Hot Colors

You can get a hand-crafted dog leash with nylon material. This leash is with heavy-duty and lightweight nylon with nylon strapping. Along with the dog jacket, you can get a matching dog leash for your dog on the eve of Christmas. Don’t forget to buy a matching collar, too. You can even personalize the dog leash by embroidering the name of your dog while you order the product. Not only this, you can get a set of 12 different and hot colors from which you can choose the best one for your dog. 


You might be wondering where to buy these amazing dog clothes and leashes online. Well, you can get everything at Sassy Dog Fashions. They are considered the best when it comes to pet clothes and pet supplies. All the dog clothes available are ready to wear and of premium quality. You can even personalize the jacket, vests, and leash by adding the name of your dog to it. Besides the dog products mentioned above, you can get various other pet clothes and supplies for your dog on the eve of Christmas. Sassy Dog Fashions is considered the most trusted and convenient pet store where you can find all the essential pet accessories including fleece dog coats, dog walker bags, hoodies, collars and leashes, canvas tote bags, and more. 

28Sep 2020

We love our pets and treat them as our family members. We take them for a walk, get pet clothes, and also provide them with nutritious food so that they stay fit and healthy. It is a well-known fact that your dog or puppy is your best companion. They love you and show affection regardless of the situation, and this is what makes them very special. They wait for you when you are not at home, they play with you and always show your loyalty. Your puppy’s birthday is around, so what have you thought to give them as a present? Just like us, our pets are also looking forward to receiving that special treatment. You can check out this amazing list of pet accessories that you can give to your four-legged baby.  

Bowties for Dogs

With colorful and stylish bowties, you can make your puppy look smart and cool on their birthday. You must choose a bowtie with vibrant cheerful colors as it would attract everyone’s attention. It would be one of the best dog accessories for your little pet. Besides color, while purchasing a bowtie for your puppy you must ensure that the bow tie has a detachable feature. Additionally, you must see that the bow tie could easily fit the conventional dog collar.   You can check out this amazing, colorful bowtie from Sassy Dog Fashions. With this gold and red plaid bow tie, you can dress up our little pup for various occasions such as weddings or parties.         

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Dog Bandanas

You can show your love to your puppies by gifting them beautiful dog bandanas on their birthday. To ensure that your dog feels comfortable, you need to choose a dog bandana that has standard high quality and durable fabric. Besides quality, the dog must also have an adjustable strap or a simple buckle so that you can easily release or tie the bandana. If you want to have a look at some beautiful bandanas just visit the website Sassy Dog Fashions. You would get a dog bandana in different shapes, sizes and also amazing colors.

These are handmade, screen printed and embroidered dog bandanas. A high-quality soft fabric is used to ensure that the dog feels comfortable.  

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Dog Collars

The market is flooded with a huge collection of dog collars available in different colors, fabrics, and prints. You can get your pup a colorful dog collar with nylon fabric or soft leather. These dog collars can easily expand as the pup grows gradually. If you are looking for some customized dog collars with your dog’s name printed on it, you can visit Sassy Dog Fashions. This red plaid dog collar would help you to keep up with dog fashion trends. It would make a perfect treat for your small, medium or large pup on his birthday.

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Dog Harness

A Dog harness would make up the best birthday gift for your dog. The dog harnesses are well padded and use soft fabric which makes the dog feel comfortable around the chest and doesn’t cause any irritation. Dog harnesses are also available in custom design. So if you wish you can get the name of your dog embroidered on the harness. Customizing the name of the harness shows that you are giving a personal touch to it. The dog harness would make your little dog look stunning and comfortable as it is made with high-quality fabric so it’s durable, too, for active dogs. 

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Dog Coats

What could be better than gifting a dog coat on his/her birthday? Dog coats would make your dog look adorable among other dogs when you take him/her to a party or any other occasion. Dog coats help the little one to stay warm and comfortable. The soft cotton fabric along with the double lining of fleece makes him/her feel good. 

This particular product – Dog coat looks quite sophisticated with a combination of different colors including tan, charcoal, burgundy, and thin strips of white. 

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Celebrating your dog’s birthday is the best thing. When you are buying any dog accessories just make sure that you choose something that your puppy would love to have and be comfortable too. Besides all the above-mentioned dog accessories, you can get different types of dog food and toys as your dog would love to fill his tummy and play with the toys all day long.

1Feb 2020

Valentine’s Day is that time of the year when you can show the dog mom or dad in your life some love. If you have a partner who snuggles with their dog in bed more than they snuggle with you, then you have come to the right post.

We’ve listed our favorites here, just to make your life a little easier & Valentine’s Day memorable.

Dive into the gift guide, and unleash some true happiness this Valentine’s Day.

1. Mini Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Soft Dog Pet Harness

Mini Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Soft Dog Pet Harness

This famous designer-inspired puppy dog harness exudes total class and sophistication and makes an ideal gift for your valentine date’s dog or even for your own dog. Personalize it just the way you want or order it blank. Starting at $27.99

2. Custom Designer Red Houndstooth Plaid Soft Mesh Dog Harness

Custom Designer Red Houndstooth Plaid Soft Mesh Dog Harness

Nothing says I LOVE YOU like a red hot soft dog harness for your own dog or for your Valentine. Personalize it with your pet’s name or order it blank. The item is stunning and nice in quality. Get the complete set of harness & leash today for your Valentine’s Day Sweetheart! We offer harness sizes from XS to L.

3. Embroidered Red Stewart Tartan Plaid Soft Dog Harness

Embroidered Red Stewart Tartan Plaid Soft Dog Harness

This custom embroidered Red Plaid fashion SOFT PADDED HARNESS for your dog shows total class and sophistication for you as well as your dog. Personalize it with your pet dog’s name or order it blank. The Royal Stewart red tartan harness makes a fine Valentine’s gift for all pet lovers and dog owners.

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9May 2019

National Dog Mom’s Day is arriving, the second Saturday in May! There will be chorus of barks, yips, and howls for all the dog mommas! National Dog Mom’s Day recognizes the bond women share with their fur kids, our dogs are like our kids only.

Undoubtedly, our pets are our family members, whether we bought them with careful planning or he came unexpectedly in our family, it is our family. Dogs are just not pets they are more than that! They understand our moods so easily, and we also understand theirs. We care for our dogs, shelter them, protect them, and share a bond, time, and memorable moments of our lives with them.

On this National Dog Mom’s Day make sure to bake up some yummy homemade puppy treats. Plan for something extra for your pet, some pampering to the mother fur. Maybe a pedicure for you and paws for the puppers will do. And, take a special selfie with fur baby to mark the occasion.

Mother’s Day gift ideas for fur moms!

Wonderful ideas to make it paw-some!

  • A Paw-Trait

    Well, every mom loves her kids a lot, not matter a human or an animal, mother’s love is always unconditional. If your Dog Mom loves her dog as much as any other human mom does, she will definitely love a paw-trait (portrait) of her favorite fur-kid. Either you enlarge her favorite photograph which you already have or hire an artist to paint a portrait. Then get the perfect frame and matte to match her decor.

  • Paw-Print Keepsake

    Paw-print keepsake is another idea for all the sentimental puppy parents. It will surely make the best gifts! There are several approach to do it, use an ink-pad and a piece of nice paper, take the impression and frame the print. Another way to do it is use a paw print kit and create a clay impression of her dog’s paw, it will be wonderful memento for the mother, and even she will treasure it for years to come.

  • Gift Jewelry

    Jewelry is another classic Mother’s Day gift, for all the jewelry loving mothers! So, why don’t you get her a beautiful dog-themed jewelry? Be it a gold, silver, sparkling or simple. You can find earrings, ring, a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet to fit her fancy!

  • Gift Flowers

    Flowers! Flowers are the most essential part of any occasion and what else can one gift a mother on Mother’s Day than a bunch of flowers. Flowers are appropriate for Dog Mom’s Day! Just be sure that the flowers you buy are not toxic to your dogs, or your dog is not allergic to them, as some flowers are toxic to them. So, when you buy them for your favorite dog mom, make sure they’re pet safe. Roses, Daisies, African violets, Begonias, and Orchids are safe. Also, most important is to arrange your flowers in a cool dog-themed vase or flower pot. Your pet will surely love the arrangement!

To conclude……

Once you have finalized your paw-fect Mother’s Day gift, next is to wrap it up in some puppy paper or in a dog gift bag along with the card wishing a Mother’s Day from the dog. Try this out, you will make fur mom’s day!

13Feb 2019

People who decide to get a puppy do so with a lot of excitement and they look forward to many years of friendship, companionship, and entertainment with their dog; although the first few days after getting a puppy can be a trying experience for the owner as the puppy gets used to its new surroundings.

If you know someone or have a friend who has just brought a new puppy home, chances are they have never had a pet, therefore they do not know much about how to take care of a puppy or what they need to buy for their dog.

You can increase their excitement and make their new journey with their pet easier by getting them lovely gifts.

Gifts for new puppy moms should be things that are beneficial to the dog and will make the dog mom very happy.

The gifts could be things they can use for taking care of their dog; it could be things they can use when they need to walk their dog; it could be things that serves as a symbol of their bonding them with their dog, and it could be things that can make their dog look fashionable.

Top 5 Gift Ideas for New Puppy Moms

1. Berry Style DOG SLING Pet CARRIER


Who would not desire to take their pup around in this simple and stylish Berry Dog Sling Pet Carrier? This pet carrier can hold pet easily and make sure your pet is safe and secure. Perfect for a new pup mom.

2. RESCUE MOM Large Luxury Spa Hand Towel

RESCUE MOM Large Luxury Spa Hand Towel

For the woman who loves her adopted puppies, absolutely there can not be a better gift than something which prompts her of her cherished pets every day. This RESCUE MOM Large Luxury Spa Hand Towel is a great purchase as a gift for any dog lover as she can be reminded of her favorite every day.

3. The Dog Walker TREAT POUCH with Built-in Bag DISPENSER

The Dog Walker TREAT POUCH with Built-in Bag DISPENSER

Get your mom this Dog Walker Treat Pouch with Built-in Bag Dispenser. It easily carries water, pet toy, kibble & treats. This really helps the new puppy mom easily handle the puppy and manage her things while out walking!

4. Poo Bag Dispenser in a Unique DOG BONE Shape

Poo Bag Dispenser in a Unique DOG BONE Shape

Perfect idea for a dog mom-to-be. Get her this Poop Bag Holder Dispenser with FREE bags for doo doo cleanup. This dog bone shaped waste bag holders is one of the best and inexpensive gifts.

5. DOG WALKER Bag with Poop Bag Holder Dispenser

DOG WALKER Bag with Poop Bag Holder Dispenser

If anyone out there wants to surprise new dog mom, Gift her a Stylish Cross Body Dog Walker Bag with Poop Bag Holder Dispenser. It is very useful for dog walking, dog park, dog training or anywhere. Excellent pup training accessory and gift for new dog Moms.