6May 2020

Summer is the best time to have lots of fun with your dog. But when the temperatures soar you need to be very careful while taking your dog out for a walk or in your car. The hot temperature can really hit your dog hard. Now, it’s time to keep your furry friends safe and cool.

Providing A Reliable Shade For Your Pet:

You must find a cool and comfortable personal space for your little furry friends with the help of a thermometer. Not every yard has enough trees to provide natural shade. You can get beautiful collapsible shade tents, portable sun shades, patio umbrellas, shaded pet beds, or pop up canopies that are readily available at garden stores. These provide enough shade along with circulation and cooling. Moreover, these tents or shades can be easily folded whenever your pet doesn’t need it.

You Must Carry Fresh Cold Water For Your Pets:

Summer times are fun and you might have made plans to take your puppies along with you. While you are taking your dog on a hike or on a walk or for a picnic, it is essential to make sure that you have enough fresh cold water for him. A portable collapsible water bowl would come handy to you while giving him water every 15 to 20 minutes.

Playing In Water Splash & Mist:

During summer, you must take proper care of your dog’s coat and keep them well hydrated. This will keep him cool and cheerful. Generally, experts recommend planning some outdoor activities with your pooch that involves playing with water such as sprinklers, pools, or lakes can all be fun and cooling. These water fun activities will maintain the body temperature of your puppy as well as make him feel good. You can even try misters, a small water spray that creates a mist. They are really great for cooling your pooch while he is playing and running around cheerfully.

Always Avoid The Midday Heat:

During summer, you must schedule your dog’s playing time depending on the heat and humidity. You must avoid taking your pet out when the temperature is high.

You Must Focus On Any Signs Of Heatstroke In Your Dog:

In the hot scorching summer, Dogs are really at risk of getting heat strokes. You can protect your dog from heatstroke by paying close attention to his behavior while you take him out on a walk. If your dog is holding back and doesn’t seem to be excited about going out, that’s the clear sign to give your dog a break and cool him off. Some common symptoms of heat strokes include:

  • Excessive panting and/or salivating
  • Obvious discomfort
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Disorientation
  • Seizures

If you notice any of the signs in your furry friend, immediately get them into some cooler environment or get help from a professional veterinarian if the condition becomes severe.

Staying Indoors:

It is very obvious that you should protect your dog during the summer months and try to keep them as cool as possible. Even after staying indoors you can sit and spend some time with your little pup such as giving him a good bath, trimming the dog coat, giving him good food, and playing with him.


During the summer season, dogs love playing in the water. That is something which helps them cool the body temperature and help them feel good. So you must focus on some summer activities that involve water. Moreover, schedule the playing time when the heat is not so scorching as it will protect your dog from getting heat strokes.

27Apr 2020

Like regular exercise is important for you, similarly exercising regularly is important for your dog too. It is important that you take care of your dog’s health and fitness also. More often than not, it is seen the more active your pet is, the healthier he is going to be throughout. Well, for that you don’t have to take your dog on a 5-mile run every day, just some simple steps you can follow so that you can improve your pet’s physical fitness as well as your own. Here are a few best fun activities to do to improve physical fitness of your pet.

Jogging has always been considered a best exercise, if it has not been your thing in the past, then you have the reason to ease into it. More often than not, dogs love to run, all you need to do is to take time to build up endurance by starting with a couple of short jogs with your pet several times a week. And, gradually you can increase the length of the jog. Make sure you are warming up before you head out to jog, also keep an eye on your dog throughout to make sure he isn’t getting too tired. Like this you and your pet will have a routine to follow and along with that a nice way to spend quality time together.

Swimming is another activity which can help you improve your dog’s health. Any dog would be there who loves to splash in water, and water games are the most favorite games for dogs. The only thing which you need to see is the weather condition, of course swimming is not for winters. Only when the temperatures heat up, you can head to the beach or pool to make a splash. Swimming is an excellent low-impact exercise that can keep your dog not only moving, but also having fun. If you find your dog resisting getting into the water, throw a ball or a toy for him to retrieve and then see him have fun in the water.

Brisk Walking
Not always is leisure walking is enough, sometimes you and your dog need to kick up your fitness level by picking up the pace of your walk. For that you can start brisk walking with your dog, you can aim for between 15 and 20 minutes per mile. This is a nice speed to get going, also, you will feel like you are putting in a good effort, however, your dog may begin to pant. Panting is fine, as long as your dog doesn’t start to exhibit labored breathing, then you should stop for a while to rest.

Agility Training
Agility training is fun for dogs, besides being a great form of exercise. Agility training keeps your dog active while weaving through poles and running over planks help dogs develop their muscles. If you don’t have access to an agility course, don’t worry, you can use low walls and fences, fence posts and other existing objects for such training of your pets.

Disc Dogging
Last but not the least, disc dogging is another great dog sport to get into. It’s very easy–simply start throwing around a dog-friendly disc in the backyard or at the park that’s all. Initially throw the disc at short distances, gradually you can throw up to longer distances as well. Your pet will love to chase the disc and will gladly bring it back for another round. Disc dogging not only will get your blood pumping, but also will strengthen the bond between you two.

To conclude…..
It is highly recommended to get your dog involved into some activity so that he is fit, fine and healthy throughout. After all health is wealth!!

11Apr 2020

As you all know that your pets cannot tell if something is wrong. The pet owner has the fullest responsibility of taking good care of their pets. Pet caring is not just about feeding your pets regularly or on time. However, you should notice your pets and their behaviors. If you notice anything different in your pets, you should pay close attention to your pets and their differences. The reason is that it can be a sign of any serious medical condition and needs to be treated immediately.

Following are the signs that you should never ignore in your pets.

1. Excessive Consumption of Water

You might have seen your pet usually drink water after play time or an outdoor trip on a warm day. If your pet drinks water again and again at regular intervals, it is not normal. Drinking too much water can be a sign of Cushing’s disease, kidney failure, diabetes, and more. At times, excessive panting leads to excessive consumption of water. In addition, some medications may cause an increase in the consumption of water.

2. Loss of Appetite, Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a sign of illness. It is very common to say that your pet does not feel hungry and so it is not eating. However, not feeling hungry is not something that you can take lightly. You need to watch your pet carefully as a loss of appetite can bring negative impacts to its health. Loss of appetite or weight loss can result in serious medical conditions in dogs that are six months or younger. If you notice weight loss in your pet, you need to take your pet to the vet doctor to avoid further risks.

3. Change in Behavior

A behavioral change in your pet can be a sign of something is wrong. A pet’s behavioral change includes moodiness, not playing with toys, unprovoked aggression, anxiety, erratic temperament, fearfulness, hyperactivity, wish to be alone in another room, submissiveness, feeling uncomfortable when lying down, not taking foods on time, sudden onset of seizures, and more. Discomfort and pain can be the reasons for a behavioral change in your pet. Thyroid dysfunction, heart disease, pancreatitis, cancer, skin allergies, arthritis, and parasites can cause these behavioral changes.

4. Extreme Fatigue

Dogs are naturally observant and active. They can even sense the upcoming earthquakes. If you find your pet becomes lethargic or extremely fatigued, it cannot be a serious medical condition as your pet may be upset of something, but if this condition lasts for more than a day, it can be your red flag.

5. Heavy Panting

It is quite normal for dogs to pant after running around the house, chasing toys or after spending some time outdoors on a hot day. However, what is not normal is heavy panting. Heavy panting can last longer than normal panting. Lung tumors, heart stroke, Cushing’s disease, poisoning, heart failure, and pneumonia can cause heavy panting.


If you notice any of the above signs in your pet, you need to think about taking your pet to the vet doctor.

1Apr 2020

As a dog owner, you should keep your dog physically and mentally healthy. This is where you should consider buying pet-friendly toys to promote balanced temperament in your dog. Toys are a great way to provide both physical and mental stimulation but you can spend some time with your pet to enhance and strengthen your bonding.

You should not choose the complicated pet toys as your pets will lose interest to play with those toys. On the other hand, you should not choose the toys that are too cheaply made as your pets can shred them into pieces. Make sure to visit the right pet store to choose the best pet-friendly toys for your pets.

Here are a few toys that you should consider buying for your pets.

1. Air Squeaker Tennis Balls

This toy encourages playtime and exercise. It contains three tennis balls with squeakers in each ball. These balls can float and gives an ultimate fun time to your dogs. This ball is easy to find in the snow. This ball is made of durable materials and can last longer.

2. Talking Babble Ball

Your pets would definitely love playing with these balls. Your dogs will become curious to play with these balls as they talk. You can see your pets are trying to find out where these sounds are coming from. These balls can raise the eyebrows of your canine friend for a long time and keep them guessing. The sounds come when the ball moves and stops when the ball stops. This ball is a battery-operated one and available in different sizes to choose from.

3. Rubber Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy

This toy is made of rubber and it is flexible and durable. These rubber toys are gentle and smooth, so it would not hurt your dog’s mouth. With no doubts, your dog will enjoy playing with these toys. You can find these toys in the pet supply stores.

4. Mad Scientist for Dogs

If you want to enhance the problem-solving skills of your pet, then you need to use these toys. Three tubes are fastened on a stick and propped on a double A-frame stand. Tubes contain lids with holes to allow the treats to be dispensed from it. Your dog’s job is to flip the tubes so that the treats will slide down through the holes.

5. Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toys

This is the best ever dog toy. It contains a plush tree trunk and three squeaky squirrels. You can play hide and seek with your dog and you both can have fun.

6. Tug-a-Jug Meal Dispensing Toys

It contains three dog toys in one. Yes, it is a treat dispensing toy, looks like a stress ball and helps to clean your dog’s teeth.

7. Bob-A-Lot Dog Toys

It contains one bulbous container and 2 compartments that hide 2 of your pet’s favorite treats. Your dog’s job is to get those hidden treats.

The above-mentioned toys will surely keep your dogs busy and mentally and physically stimulated.

26Mar 2020

I am sure you are thinking of bringing home a new puppy or you have decided to get a new puppy, otherwise, you will not be reading this article. Also, I am sure of the fact that you are feeling really excited and that you cannot wait to have your puppy living with you. Cool!

Puppies are cute and adorable little dogs and once you bring them into your house, you may not be interested in doing anything else than being with them. However, before you bring home a new puppy, you must understand that taking care of a new puppy can be overwhelming and that there are some essential things you have to put in place.

The things you need to buy before you bring home a new puppy are things you will need to feed them and take care of them. Also, they include the things that will make life easier for you and your puppy. Therefore, the question you need to answer before you bring home a new puppy is: Do I have everything I need? If you can give a positive answer to this question, you can bring home your new puppy. If your answer is negative, you have to do the needful before you bring in a puppy into your home. The bottom line does not bring home a new puppy if you are not fully ready to have him in your house.

Here are five essential things you need to buy before you bring home a new puppy:

  1. Food

No one needs to be told that they must get puppy food ready before bringing a new puppy home. You must figure out the kind of food they are currently eating and give them that food for a few days. You can switch their food after a few days, but make sure you introduce new food to them in a gradual fashion by mixing it with their old food. New puppies that are 1-5 months old need to be fed 3-4 times every day. When they are older than 5 months, you can reduce the number of times you feed them per day to two.

  1. Collar

Your new puppy needs a collar, so do not hesitate to get a dog collar for him. However, you must not get any collar you fancy without making sure it will fit your dog. A good collar should not be too loose and it must not be too tight. According to vets, if you can slip two fingers comfortably underneath the collar while it is on your dog’s neck, it is a good collar.

  1. Kennel and Bedding

Kennels are important for transporting your dog and for keeping him safe and to make your kennel comfortable, put some old blankets inside the kennel or buy a dog bed.

  1. Leash

You can get a retractable dog leash or a standard one. However, standard leashes are better for training and controlling your puppy. Make sure to buy a long leash that allows the dog to move freely as you walk together.

  1. Poop bag

When you bring home a new puppy, you must be ready to clean up after them. That means you must get poop bags. Buy this poop bag dispenser which makes poop bags available anytime you want them.

26Mar 2020

Shedding is a normal process in dogs. Dogs lose damaged and old hair through shedding. Health, season and breed type can vary the amount and frequency of hair that is shed. Some dogs develop thick coats in the winter and lose them in the spring. I know you love your dog, but you would not love the shedding. You can reduce shedding in your dog and keep down the amount of damaged hair scattered in and around your home.

The following points will let you know how to reduce shedding in dogs.

  • Give Healthy Food to Your Dog

Make sure the food you feed to your dog has good nutrition. You need to consider giving quality dog foods that can reduce shedding. Do not consider the cost factor alone, but also consider your dog’s health. The expensive dog foods can be made of good quality ingredients and can supply good nutrition to your dog. You can give occasional human food or snacks for your dog. Pay a visit to the pet shop to buy good food for your pet.

  • Brush Your Dog Regularly

How many of you do this? I know only a few dog owners. The more you brush your dog, the more hair you will remove and this can avoid shedding with your dog. Fall and spring are the shedding seasons of dogs. During this season, you need to brush your dog as many times as possible, but at least twice a week. If your pet has a double coat, you need to use the grooming tool to remove the damaged or loose hair.

  • Give Omega 3 Fatty Acids

No matter the kind of dog food you are giving to your dog, make sure it has omega 3 fatty acids. You can ask your vet to suggest the best dog food that contains omega 3 fatty acids. On the other hand, you can simply visit the pet store to buy the dog supplements that contain omega 3 fatty acids. The omega 3 fatty acids can provide numerous health benefits and especially healthy skin to your pet, which can reduce shedding.

  • Give Regular Bath to Your Pet

The best way to reduce shedding in dogs is to give regular baths to dogs. You need to use dog shampoo and conditioner for bathing your dog. You need to brush your dog thoroughly before giving a bath. Brushing can help you remove as much hair as possible before giving a bath to your dog. Your dog needs to be bathed at least once a month.

  • Consider Clipping

You need to clip your dog if your dog has a thick, profuse coat that sheds frequently or you reside in hot summer or warm climate. You need to take your dog to the professional groomer to clip its hair. This can reduce the amount of hair that sheds.

You can follow these steps to keep your house free of pet hair. If you have carpeting on the floor, you should change it, as your dog’s hair will stick to it.