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24Feb 2021

All pet parents and pet owners love their pets and would like their pets to have a comfortable life. They buy them clothes, toys, and healthy food to keep them happy and strong. But besides all these things, there are many other essential things that would be required by the pet owners. So what are these other essentials that every pet owner must have? Here is the best collection of all the essentials a pet parent would require, and you can easily get these from SassyDogFashions.

#1 Beautiful & Customized Dog Collars: Whether you have a little pooch or a big dog, you need to control their behavior and ensure their security when you’re taking them out. For that, you would be needing dog collars, which are made from premium quality fabric, are durable, and are soft to touch. 

#2 Comfortable Dog Harness: The dog harnesses are available in a wide range of fabric patterns, colors, and textures. Dog harnesses are best if you have a very active dog because it becomes difficult to control such playful and high on energy dogs with just the dog collar. 

Comfortable Dog Harness

#3 Elegant Dog Placemats: The placemats are quite important when you are serving food and water to your pets. These placemats will ensure that the floors remain clean and tidy. Dog and cat placemats are made of durable fabric and are machine washable, so you can reuse them. You can get these placemats in different colors and patterns of your choice.

#4 Wide Range Of Different Pet Carriers: Pet carriers are essential when you wish to take your pet for shopping tours. At SassyDogFashions, you can get a perfect, customizable pet sling in soft fabrics. It will ensure that your pets are comfortable and cozy inside the sling while you are busy shopping. 

#5 Animal Print Totes and Pouches/Toiletry Travel Bag: These totes and pouches are always useful when you take your dog on a trek or a picnic. You can pack all the pet essentials and even your personal gadgets in these beautiful totes and pouches. 

#6 Get A Dog Walker Bag: The dog walker bags are amazingly useful when you take your dog out for a morning or an evening stroll. The dog walker bag comes with multiple compartments. In these compartments, you can keep your personal essential items such as a phone and water bottle. Besides, it also has a doo-doo bag from which you can pull out the disposable bags and use them to discard the dog’s poop. 

#7 Diapers For The Pets: These diapers are mainly used by pet owners for dogs suffering from incontinence, dogs not completely house-broken, and female dogs during their heat. The diapers are available in different sizes, patterns, and colors. You can choose one that your dog would love. The velcro closure will ensure that the diapers don’t slip out while you are out with your dog.

Diapers For The Pets

#8 Books On Dog Training: Often, people bring in puppies but are not aware of how to handle them, what food to provide, when to provide food, taking them to the vets, grooming them, and many other responsibilities. The dog training guide or book is quite essential for new as well as experienced pet owners. 

#9 Leash: The Dog leash is necessary because they are helpful in controlling your dog, and keeping them safe while you are out with them for a walk or stroll. 

#10 Dog Clothes: Apparel is one of the most essential things that every owner must-have. Not just to dress up your pets, but to keep them protected from the changing weather and protect them from developing any sort of infection. 

#11 Dog Beds: If you want your pet to have a sound sleep, then it is quite essential to get an accurate size of dog bed for your pet. You can get a high-quality quilt and a bedsheet to decorate the bed and let your pet enjoy a good sleep.


After going through this ultimate list, you might be wondering what would be the best place to find all the pet essentials. Well, nothing could be better than the online store for pets – SassyDogFashions. You get all the high-quality pet essentials made from premium fabric which is extremely durable. Just visit the website, and we are sure you would love it.


17Dec 2020

Being a pet parent, you might be aware of the fact that not all dog collars are equal. They might have different fabric, color as well as design. So when you wish to buy a dog collar for your dog, you must ensure that you are choosing the right one. A dog collar is considered an essential accessory that you would want your dog to wear when you are taking them for an evening or morning stroll. This means that your dog would be wearing it for quite a long period of time, so you need to ensure that you are getting the best one. You must conduct proper research and analyze each and every dog collar before you finalize it. 

Here are some essential points that you must consider while choosing the dog collar. 

#1 Focusing On The Size Of The Dog Collar:

Well, if you want to get a perfect size dog collar, then measure the neck of your dog. Jot down the measurement and then set out to get the best collar length for your dog. Size is quite an important factor. The dog collar shouldn’t be too tight as it will suffocate your dog. It shouldn’t be too loose or it might not be able to control your dog. Thank goodness our dog collars have adjustable straps. These straps can be easily set according to the neck size of your dog. 

You can get these dog collars with adjustable straps at Sassy Dog Fashions.  

#2 The Fabric/Material Of The Dog Collar:

It is quite essential to know what type of fabric is being used in the dog collar. Your dog should feel comfortable while wearing it and it should not cause any irritation. The material should be waterproof or moisture-wicking quality, so it would be easy for your dog to swim in water or play water games while wearing it. If you want to get dog collars made up of premium cotton fabric, then you can visit the online pet store Sassy Dog Fashions. They have a huge collection of dog collars with amazing leashes. 

#3 The Style Of The Dog Collar:

Blue Paper Rolls Designer Dog Pet Collar

Well, the dog collars are available in numerous styles and patterns. But the two most recommended styles are traditional buckle dog collars and quick release buckle dog collars. According to a survey, it was revealed that pet parents generally opt for a quick release buckle dog collar as it is easy and convenient to attach and release around your dog. Moreover, the attaching buckle does not hurt the skin of your dog. So it is recommended that you must choose a dog collar with a quick-release buckle along with an adjustable strap. 

#4 Color Of The Dog Collar:

DESIGN YOUR OWN Personalized Dog Collar for Dog Identification with Matching Leash Option

Well, most people don’t consider this as the most important factor. But if you are concerned about your dog, you must dig out the right set of colors for your dog. If you want your dog to stand out from other dogs then, it is essential to choose seasonal colors such as bright blue, floral prints, a combination of yellow and orange, and many more.

Sassy Dog fashions is the best online pet store that is quite popular for providing a wide range of pet stuff, such as dog collars, harness dog clothes, bandanas, and much more. They make use of high-quality premium cotton fabric for designing all the dog clothes, collars, and harnesses. In this festive season, they are also providing a lot of exciting offers you would love to have. Just visit the website https://sassydogfashions.com to browse through the amazing collection of all the essential things for your dog. 


Dog collars are considered an important dog accessory that every pet parent must have. They are beneficial in controlling your dog and keeping them safe while you are out with them. If you feel that your dog is extremely active then you can also opt for a dog harness. These are perfect to keep heavy and active dogs under your control. So don’t wait for anything, just grab this golden opportunity to get some amazing stuff for your puppies.

16Sep 2020

We all love our pets and are likely to spend time with them, play with them, take them on a walk, and on vacations. Well, while thinking of vacations, the first thought that comes to the mind is of Pet Carriers! Pet carriers are quite useful when you plan to travel the world with your dog or take him to the vet. Pet carriers keep your dogs safe while traveling to different places. Most often pet owners think that the dog carriers are heavy, bulky crates. But it is not so. The pet market is flooded with amazing lightweight dog carriers so that owners do not have to use the heavy, bulky crate. Before finalizing your dog carrier, have a look at the helpful guidelines to narrow down the selection.

Basically, a well-designed dog carrier should be secure and comfortable for both you and your pet. While choosing the dog carrier you must not compromise on your pet’s safety or comfort, or your own, and think about your entire journey. Most often the dog owner gets overwhelmed while selecting a perfect dog carrier. In the market you would get plenty of pet carriers – some are in the form of crates and kennels which seem to be very bulky whereas other pet carriers are soft cloth slings. The pet slings have gained popularity because it keeps your hands free. You can easily tuck in on your shoulders and move around as well as keep your little dog safe and secure.

#1 The Size Of The Dog Sling/ Sling Pet Carrier

The dog slings are available in various sizes. But you must choose a sling in which you can keep your pet comfortably. To simplify the fact, you must focus on the height and depth of the dog sling before purchasing it. Your pet should be able to comfortably sink into the sling and see out without risk of falling out.

#2 Choose A Dog Sling With Good Features

Once you have determined the height and depth of the dog, you must verify whether the dog sling provides an adjustable strap or not. For every dog sling, there must be an adjustable strap with custom fitting so that the owner can adjust it according to their height for maximum comfort.

Besides the adjustable strap, there must be interior hooks or clasps which you could use to attach to the dog collar. It will ensure that your dog does not fall out and keep them tucked in. Moreover, a dog carrier must also have additional design features such as small side pockets for keeping dog food and toys. These additional features can actually come handy during emergencies. 

#3 Pay Attention To The Quality And Design Of The Pet Carrier

While choosing the dog carrier it is quite essential to check the quality and design of the carrier, especially if you are planning to take the pet on long vacation trips. Generally, people assume that good quality carriers are expensive, but they do have the benefit of better safety and sturdiness. You must examine the quality of the material, whether it is soft and durable. As per the experts, the dog sling must be made up of extremely soft fabric so that the pet’s skin doesn’t get irritated with the fabric. 

Having a dog sling with soft fabric is also beneficial for the owners, as it would not rub against the skin while carrying the dog on the shoulders. 

#4 Pet’s Type and Temperament

You might be wondering why a pet’s type and temperament should be given consideration while choosing the carrier. Well, because the type and temperament of your dog will let you know how comfortably your pet would adjust inside the carrier. Generally, a calm pet would adjust well to a small-sized carrier or dog sling, but a curious, hyperactive pet would need more space. So for such active little dogs, you would require a spacious dog sling along with strong hooks and a broad strap. The broad strap will help you to keep your dog in control when they feel like jumping out. 


Pet Carriers or popularly known as dog sling come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. But choosing the right type of carrier for your pet may take a little time and research to find just the right one. Looks and style are nice, but the right size, high-quality fabric, and comfort for your pet are some of the best things to look for when choosing your pet carrier. Once you are clear about your requirements, it would become easy for you to choose the right pet carrier. 

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10Aug 2020

No matter what kind of dog you have, or how often you may visit a professional groomer, it’s fairly common to need basic grooming supplies at home for your pet.  Having quality, basic dog grooming supplies on hand can allow you to take better care of your dog, and make grooming sessions easier.  Regular grooming helps owners to bond with their furry friends and helps keep your pet looking and feeling healthy.  Below, we have highlighted some of the basic dog grooming supplies that every dog owner needs to have at home, and some of the details to consider when purchasing those supplies. 

Essential Dog Grooming Supplies:

#1 Pet Shampoo

Your dog’s coat requires the perfect balance of nutrients in order to look and perform the best it can. Furthermore, your pet is capable of rolling in some pretty foul stuff, whether you like it or not! For this reason, a good dog shampoo should always be among the top dog grooming essentials

In the market you would generally find two types of pet shampoo that every pet owner should have: 

  • Clarifying shampoo 
  • Mild Shampoo for weekly baths

Basically, clarifying pet shampoo is formulated to deep cleanse the fur & pores on the skin of your dog more effectively as compared to regular pet shampoos. Being a pet parent you must not use products like dry pet shampoo because they can cause product build-up on the skin and clog pores of your dog’s skin. The clarifying pet shampoo also helps to effectively remove oil and dirt, unclogging your dog’s pores. This can be done monthly to ensure that the dog’s coat and skin remain healthy & clean.

You can use mild pet shampoos for weekly baths because they are not so drying and at the same time cleans the excess oil off your dog. Pick one that is professionally approved, contains natural ingredients, and has a deodorizing element for best results!

#2 Best Quality Dog Nail Grinder

If your dog’s nails are too long, they’ll probably find it very difficult to walk without pain, discomfort, or awkwardness. Long nails can also result in some nasty injuries, as they can easily get caught and pulled out – a very nasty thought. A dog nail grinder is a highly recommended essential pet grooming item every pet dog owner should have! A pet nail grinder is essential for pet owners who struggle to clip their dog’s nails. Using a pet nail grinder will not frighten your dog and also make the nail trimming session easier for the dog owners.

The pet nail grinder can be used comfortably when your dog is lying down or sitting on your lap. Pet owners need not fear over cutting their dog’s nails causing it to bleed. You can simply grind your pet’s nails down without hurting your dog. Moreover, you can get a pet nail grinder that is integrated with an interchangeable head that can be switched to a paw pad shaver for dogs! How awesome and convenient is that! 

#3 Oral Hygiene Products

All good professional groomers take care of a dog’s teeth as well as their coat and nails. Doggy toothbrushes are great – if you can get your pet to hold long enough – but there’s a much tastier option available as well. Dental chews can reduce your dog’s tartar by up to 80% and keep their teeth and gums healthy throughout their life. They also serve as a great healthy treat for your pooch to gnaw on!

#4 Premium Dog Brush

A good quality dog brush doesn’t cost much, and usually will last for quite a long time.  Just don’t let your dog use it as a bone or chew toy! When considering brushes for your dog, you must ensure that they should have smooth and soft teeth that won’t irritate or cut into your dog’s skin.  You also need to consider the kind of coat your dog has, in order to choose the best type of brush for them.

Dogs with smooth, shorter coats usually benefit the most from curry-type brushes, often made from rubber or a similar material.  They are meant to remove the short hairs that typically shed on smooth-coated dogs, and work equally well on wet coats (such as during a bath) or dry coats.

Dogs with longer or thicker coats need a slicker-style brush.  These brushes are constructed to reach past the outer hairs to the undercoat, removing dead and damaged hair, and preventing mats and tangles that can become a nightmare.  Choose a brush with the right size to easily fit in your hand, and appropriate for the size of the dog you have. 

#5 Amazing Dog Apparels

Dog clothes are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics. These clothes are important to protect your pet from the harsh weather. Moreover, when you dress your pets in different apparels they feel happy. You can buy premium dog clothes at Sassydogfashions. They have a huge collection of dog clothes right from dog pajamas, tutu dresses, dog shirts, dog coats, jackets, and even dog tuxedos. 

Sassydogfashions is a popular brand name when it comes to supplying high-quality, beautiful, and soft clothes that make your dog feel comfortable and happy. You can even order designer dog clothes that would be customized according to your needs. 


By ensuring you have these basic dog grooming supplies on hand, you can help take proper care of your pet.  Keeping them clean, and smelling good will make them feel better, and more of a joy for you to cuddle and play with.  Dog grooming also helps reduce unwanted shedding all around the home, reduce tangles and knots in hair, and helps keep your pet cleaner between baths.  If your pet doesn’t like grooming, take things slowly and gently, and use treats to train them if necessary.  Always allow your dog to smell and investigate any grooming implements you plan to use on them and be firm but supportive in your approach to grooming them.  This will help them to become more comfortable with it – making things easier for both of you.


20Jul 2020

A dog is not just a pet, it is so much more than a pet. A dog is your companion who is always there for you. He can be your playmate, a friend, and a walking buddy. When you bring a new puppy home, within no time he becomes part of your family.

And because you love your puppies so much, it is very essential that they look their best and stay well protected from external elements. Puppies are generally more vulnerable to the harsh weather than an older dog. Hence, while choosing pet clothes for puppies, you need to be meticulous. You must explore all possible doggy clothes and then evaluate which one would work the best for your pup.

What Are Some Of The Important Features To Consider While Choosing Clothes For Puppies?

Dog clothes are basically designed to serve various purposes such as:

  • Keeping your pup warm
  • To make a fashion statement
  • To keep them healthy and safe

Points to consider:

Heat Consideration: If your puppy has a lot of furs then he must not be put in heavy dog clothes as there would be a risk of overheating. So you must choose something that is lightweight and comfortable.

Weather Conditions: While you are taking your dog out for a walk, make sure that the weather is suitable for him. Also, you must make your dog wear clothes that go with the weather.

  • Winter: Make sure you have a good collection of sweaters, scarves, boots, and jackets.
  • Summer: Have a separate summer collection of puppy clothes. Pet clothing that is made up of soft fabric, bright colors, and lightweight.
  • Rainy: Get some raincoats and showerproof dog clothes and use them only when you are taking them out.

Warmth For Short-Haired Pup: If your puppy breed is short-haired then you must get him dog clothes that provide warmth.

Must’ve Clothes For Your New Pup


Pajamas For Puppies:

Dog pajamas! These amazing dog pajamas are full-body, knitted, and have thermal qualities. It is best for the puppies as it covers the full body and keeps them protected from the external weather. These jammies are ideal for keeping your furry friend warm all night. Made from thick and warm fabric, beautifully soft, and skilfully created, your pup will be the envy of all the dogs on the block in these pajamas.

Dog Vest – Puppy Vests:

The dog vests are basically designed for the puppies who are active and love to play outdoors. The dog vests are considered super comfortable because they can easily slip over your dog’s head, to stay securely in place.

  • Made from 100% cotton to keep the puppy dry and cool
  • Vests can easily slip over your puppy’s head
  • You do not require any velcro, buttons or zippers to contend with
  • It gives a stylish look to your puppy
  • It is machine-washable to remove dirt

Beautiful Tutu Dress For Your Puppy:

You can get a beautiful, cute, and colorful tutu dress for your puppy. Tutu dresses are generally available in all sizes so you would not have to face difficulty in finding the right size. An adorable gauze tutu dress can turn your pup into a pup princess. While choosing the tutu dress, make sure that the material of the dress is soft to touch and comfortable. Generally, the tutu dresses are suitable for dog breeds such as Chihuahua, Poodle, Cup Poodle, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frise, Cocker Spaniel.

Dog Jumpsuit:

Adorned with a ribbon, this super cute leopard print velvet jumpsuit will make your pup the envy of all the dogs at the dog park. It is machine washable and dryer friendly, and there is no reason why you can’t keep your pooch looking dapper all day long. Dog Jumpsuits are available in all sizes and come in exclusive prints that make your puppy look fashionable.


Regardless of the type of dog, if you intend on keeping your dog outside in cold weather for extended periods of time, consider investing in dog clothes. You wouldn’t go out in just your jeans and a t-shirt when there’s a blizzard blowing, so don’t expect your dog to enjoy going out in it either.

16Jul 2020

Dogs are blessed with natural dog coats that help them to protect against the cold and harsh weather. But sometimes dogs also need protection during cold weather. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes with different heft and types of fur and all these can influence how cold will affect their body. Some dogs have an insulating body whereas some don’t. Moreover, your dog’s capacity to bear the cold weather depends on its breed. Your dog can help you in understanding the signs whether he needs a jacket or coat. 

Why Does Your Dog Need A Coat?

Dog coats are not just a fashion statement but also provide protection against extreme weather conditions. Dog breeds with thin body types usually lose the heat when they are exposed to cold weather. A dog coat is helpful in keeping the dog dry, clean, and healthy. 

Dogs that need a coat:

  • Dogs with short-haired or tiny dogs
  • A dog who has a weak immune system
  • Older dogs or young puppies
  • All the dog breeds accustomed to warm clothes
  • Skinny dog 

Essentially, dog coats are designed to provide warmth and protection against bacteria and infections. You must invest in a high-quality dog coat to shield your dog from precipitation, snow, sleet, and harsh weather. You can also get a dog coat with reflective properties. It will be helpful when you are taking your dog for an evening or morning stroll. It provides visibility, which is an important safety factor.

What Material Should I Choose? 

The material that you choose for your dog’s coat must keep your dog extra warm. To provide an extra layer of protection to your pup, you can choose dog coats that are lined with fleece, quilting, and padding. It protects your dog from wind and harsh weather conditions. 

The material of the dog coat also depends upon the area where you live. If the area is prone to wet weather, then you would need to have a waterproof or showerproof coat for your dog. If you live near the coastline, then a wind-resistant dog coat would be more valuable. 

Which coat is right for my dog?

The choice of the material for a dog coat also depends on the way you would be using it for. If you are taking your dog for a long walk then you would need a coat made up of a strong and durable material that provides insulation. The best dog coat would be one that provides resistance from the wind as well as water. It must have proper visibility, removable thermal layers, and reflective strips.

You must also give preference to your dog’s choice of comfort. Sometimes your dog feels more comfortable moving around in a soft and lightweight fabric. So, you must buy a dog coat that is not too bulky for his body and does not cause an itching sensation. If your dog has thin fur, then you must choose a coat that is lined with soft material. 

What Materials You Should Avoid?

You must avoid buying dog coat made of wool, silk, polyester or nylon fabric as they cause skin irritation

Tip: Make sure the material you choose for the dog coat is machine washable so that you can regularly wash the coat to keep it clean and odorless.

What Measurements Would Fit Your Dog?

While looking for a dog coat, you should take your pup’s body into consideration. The dog coat has to be of the right length and must fit him comfortably. You can take your dog to a suitable store where you can try on a different variety of coats and buy the one that ideally suits your dog. 

If you wish to measure your dog, start from the shoulder blades and move downward to the base of the tail. Then you must measure around the fattest part of the chest and narrowest part of the waist. Finally, you must take the measurement around the neck. This will help you in ensuring that you are buying the dog coat that will fit him comfortably. Generally, different retailers make use of different measurements, so it would be better for you to make a note of the measurements so that you can search the best fit.


While buying the ideal dog coat you must take into consideration various factors such as

  • Whether the dog coat is machine washable or not?
  • Whether your dog would be able to move easily with the coat?
  • Whether the available dog coats are within the budget?
  • Does the dog coat use velcro to keep it secure around the body?

So, you can easily follow these guidelines while buying a dog coat for your little ones.