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13Apr 2021

Millions of people are adopting domestic animals as their pets. The pet animal may be a dog, a cat, a rabbit, or any other animal the person wishes to have. The very first thing that most new pet parents are excited about is giving a fun and meaningful name to their new furry friends. Just like selecting the name for your kid, you would have to take some time and think carefully before you choose the best name for your little friend. Sometimes, the naming part becomes extremely tough. Some names you find are far too common and others do not suit the personality of your dog. Some are not very trendy or some are not good for male puppies. Due to multiple such factors, the naming part seems to be extremely daunting. Are you feeling the same? Well, then don’t worry, you are not alone many people are facing a similar dilemma. 





























































Having the right name for the dog conveys not just a lot about the dog but also about the pet’s parents. Besides this, naming your puppies will also help you build a strong bond with the pet. Thus, the pet parents are very particular when it comes to finalizing a wonderful name for the newest addition to the family.

In this article, we shall primarily focus on how to shortlist names for little male puppies.

We are going to share some tips, which will help you choose the best name for your male puppy. For male puppies, there are multiple popular names that you could choose from, but the final choice depends on you as you are the pet parent. This blog will help you to narrow down your choices of names for male puppies. 

The very first step in choosing the right name for your dog is dependent on your journey, the dog’s personality, the dog’s lifestyle with you, and the habits the dog will develop. The name you choose for your male puppy must work for both of you. Only then you would be able to develop a strong bond with your puppy. 

Follow these guidelines to select the ideal name for your lovely male pup.

#1 Know Your Male Puppies: 

The names you would be choosing for your male puppies should suit their personality. So try to know and understand the habits of your dog. If he is a bit of a rough and tough guy, then you can choose some cool and tough names for your male dog, such as Bruce, Ranger, or Shadow. If he is a real gentleman in his behavior, you can choose from some lovely classic names like Charlie, George, or Max. May your little puppy is an utter sweetheart and loves to cuddle with you, then you might select names that indicate tenderness like Buddy or Teddy. If you choose the names that suit their personality, it would be helpful for them. 

Know Your Male Puppies

#2 Make Use Of The Names That Have Short Sounds: 

The names you would be choosing for your dog will make some sound. This sound has to be short. The short sounds have a higher recognition factor for the dog (male puppies) instead of long sounds. For instance, you can use the names “Chuck”, “Jacky” or “Hulk” etc. These words or names have short sounds. You should not make use of long names such as ”Christopher” or “Jonathan”. According to the experts, you should ideally choose names that have one or two syllables. Syllables are the individual sounds in a word. For instance, the word ‘table’ has two syllables ‘ta and ble.’ Male dog names such as Ace, Max, or Jax have one syllable. Whereas, names like Ollie, Cooper, or Peanut have two syllables each. 

#3 Don’t Use Female Names For Male Puppies: 

It is better to give a gender-specific name to your little pup. Such names are necessary because it helps us to distinguish them. So make sure you are not mismatching the names. Along with the gender, you must also ensure that different dog breeds should have different names. For instance, you should not use the names, which are used for small poodles for huge dogs like a St. Bernard or Pitbull. Large male dogs can be given names like Thor, Blaze, or Samson. 

#4 You Can Make Use Of Online Dog Names Generator: 

Even after following all these suggestions, it might happen that you are unable to get the right name for your male puppies. In such situations, you can use an online dog name generator. All you have to do is provide the details of your dog and you would come across 100s of unique names that you can use for your male puppies. 


There are millions of names you can use for your male puppies. But if you want the name to be unique and easy for your puppy to recognize, follow these simple points. You would definitely come up with something unique and lovely. 

4Mar 2021

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and you might be preparing yourself to enjoy yourself at the pub and have a pint of Guinness with an amazing leprechaun hat on. These are the most common things that come to your mind when you think of St. Patrick’s Day. But do you think you would be able to take your pets to the pub? I guess not! So how are you planning to spend the lovely festival with your pets around you? Without wasting a single minute, you will have to plan something fun and interesting activities that will make your dog happy. Make sure you have all the green stuff stocked up to celebrate this day.

Do you have the slightest idea why St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in America?
St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17th March every year to honor the Irish and Irish American heritage and give due respect to the culture and tradition. People in different US cities would organize parades and festivities and sing Irish songs.

#1 Dress Up Your Pet In Green Apparel:

Dress Up Your Pet In Green Apparel

You can enjoy the festival by dressing up your dog in different green clothes and accessories. You can get a green shirt with floral prints, a green dog harness, and dog collars, and a sweet green hat. You can even have a green leash for the dog collar/dog harness. You can even just put a green bow tie around the neck to make your dog look handsome. When your dog is ready, you can dress in matching apparel and get a hat on. With this look, you can join your friend to witness the parade in your city.

[Note: You can get these amazing St. Patrick’s day inspired dog apparel collections at SassyDogFashions — bowtie, t-shirts, shirts, leash, dog harness, and dog collars].

#2 You Can Watch Interesting St. Patrick’s Day-themed Movies With Your Pet:

Not everyone would like to participate in the social event, so no celebration, no enjoyment? Certainly not! You can get a collection of St. Patrick’s Day theme movies and watch with your pet, along with the perfect delicacies lined on the table beside the television. [You can even prepare some of your dog’s favorite items and see how cheerful that day would become]. Some of the best movies based on St. Patrick’s Day are Leap Year, The Secret of Kells, Waking Ned Devine, Once, P.S. I Love You, and Brooklyn. You can also choose some other movies to spend quality time just with your dog and relaxing.

#3 You Can Plan For A Photoshoot With Festive Outfits:

If your dog loves having photoshoots, then you can plan a fun activity that includes photoshoots of you and your adorable dogs. You can dress up your dog in different festive clothing that is all green. You can get some amazing leprechaun costumes for yourself and your dog and prepare for St. Patrick’s Day eve. You can later on, frame these pictures and cherish the memories.

#4 You can organize a furry friend dinner party in traditional Irish style:

Just like you, your dog might have friends in the neighborhood. You can invite his furry friends to enjoy a dinner party that can be organized in a traditional Irish style. You can ask all the pet parents to dress them up and bring them to your house. You can prepare some amazing dog treats, which your dog and his friends would love to have. Even you will have some company to enjoy the day with and watch your dog having a gala time. This would be the perfect way of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

#5 You Can Bring Your Dog To Enjoy The St. Patrick’s Day Parade:

You Can Bring Your Dog To Enjoy The St. Patrick’s Day Parade

If your dog loves being around people and socializing, then you can bring him to the St. Patrick Parade. On this day, the climate is usually pleasant, which means it’s not too cold and nor too hot. The dog would love to see how people have dressed up for the eve and how they are performing. This would be a wonderful experience for your dog.


Different people have different ways of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day — some people tend to celebrate it with their friends, some with their pet. If you have an adorable pet, then you can plan any of the aforementioned fun activities to spend some quality time with your pet on that day and make them feel cheerful.

11Feb 2021

Having fun with your dog is extremely vital not just for you but also for your dog. It shows that you love your pets and like to spend quality time with them. It also helps your dog connect with you and build a strong bond between your pet and you. But having fun and spending quality time is not just limited to indoor games or taking them for morning walks. You can take your dogs on adventure trips and let them experience the outer world. Are you one of those pet parents who love to take their dogs on treks, picnics, and vacations? Then you would definitely need a dog carrier. You can have a single multi-purpose dog carrier or multiple dog carriers, which can be used for different purposes. But the most crucial thing is to determine the right dog carrier for your dog.

According to pet experts, there are certain parameters or factors which you need to consider while choosing the right dog carrier for your dog. The selection of a proper dog carrier is crucial because not everyone has the same dog breed. When the breed of dog is different, their needs or requirements would be different. So you must understand the requirements of your dog before making the final choice.

#1 The Purpose Behind Getting The Dog Carrier:

Dog carriers are used for different purposes, some are used just for carrying them around during shopping, and others would require them for small car trips and picnics. Besides this, there are many pet parents who love to travel to different countries with their dogs. So everyone would need a different type of dog carrier. Some would require a lightweight and convenient dog carrier, whereas others would be looking for dog carriers that can be used even in-flight during air travel. So before reaching out to an online pet store such SassyDogFashions, you need to ensure the purpose behind getting the dog carrier.

#2 The Size Of The Dog Carrier:

Size of the dog carrier

As already stated that everyone owns a different breed of dog. So the requirements of the dog carriers would also differ. The size of the dog carrier should be large enough to make the dog feel comfortable inside it. The dog should be able to stand, sit and sleep comfortably. The dog should not feel suffocated inside the carrier. If you want to get a dog carrier for a long journey, your focus should be on comfort. So you should measure the size of your dog and then make your choice.

#3 The Style Of The Dog Carrier:

In the market, you can get a wide range of styles of dog carriers such as sling bags, soft-sided dog carriers, backpacks, and many more. You can choose the one that will be easier for you to carry and make your dog feel safe and comfortable. You must also look out for additional features available in the dog carriers, such as small side pockets and bottle-pouches, etc.

The Style Of The Dog Carrier

If you are confused as to where to get the right dog carriers, then the best online pet store is SassyDogFashions. Here you can get one of the best pet slings — available in Khaki Denim. The pet sling can comfortably hold small puppies and dogs that weigh around 8 to 9 pounds.

This pet sling is extremely durable and looks classic. You can use it when you go shopping or on a picnic. The fabric is quite soft, and your dog can fit in easily. Your dog would not feel any irritation because the inner fabric lining is premium and anti-pill polar, and it is very soft. It will make your dog feel warm and cozy while you get busy with your work. The entire pet sling is reinforced to ensure the stability of your pet and its comfort. You also get an adjustable strap which you adjust according to your convenience. The pet sling is machine washable, so you can wash it after every use.


Dog carriers are essential commodities for every pet parent, and you would feel the need for them when you wish to travel with your dog or take him out on picnics, trips, and vacations. While choosing a pet carrier, you must make sure that you are following all the aforementioned factors to get not only the best one for your dog but also one that looks stylish and elegant.

26Nov 2020

Thanksgiving is an important day that is celebrated to show your gratitude for all the wonderful things that happen in your life. People love to celebrate this day with their friends and family by cooking turkey and various other delicious food items. It is the time when everyone including your dog is in a festive mood. If you are hosting a party on thanksgiving eve, you will definitely keep in mind the food that you prepare for your dog would be special and different from others. But if you are attending someone else’s party, then you should mention to them about the special food your dog would require. 

Here are some of the most essential aspects that you must keep in mind while preparing for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Party Ideas

#1 Attending  A Thanksgiving Party At Your Friend’s House: 

Different dogs show different behavior when it comes to socializing with other people. Some dogs are extremely friendly whereas some might take some time to build a rapport. So this might leave you in a dilemma whether you take your dog to the party or not. Leaving them behind on such a festive eve would not be good. So what to do? How will you ensure that your dog is included?

Well, most of the time the dogs are quite excited when you dress them up and take them out.  

Here are some of the most interesting ways to keep the spirit of the holiday alive for all.

  • If your dog is friendly and can easily socialize with people, then you can take him or her to visit a friend or relative who may be in need of some company
  • You can arrange a puppy play date with a few of your pooch’s closest pals. It would be best for them, as they will spend quality time playing around and enjoying delicious meals. 

Being a pet parent, you must understand that you are the favorite person of your pet in the world, so you must ensure to acknowledge him or her on this family-oriented day.

#2 Pay Attention To The Food You Would Be Providing On The Eve Of Thanksgiving: 


Thanksgiving eve can never be complete without a grand feast where all the family members are sitting around the table and enjoying the food. At such times, it becomes extremely tempting to include your furry family members in the over-indulgences of the holiday. But you cannot be casual with the dog food even on this day. You must keep them away from the toxic food that can create problems for their digestive system. 

While treating your dog on Thanksgiving day, always ensure that you are considering their health conditions and then prepare something delicious or get them their favorite food from the pet stores.  Here are some of the best pet-friendly Thanksgiving bites that are considered safe for most dogs as well as cats.

  • You can bake some holiday-themed treats for your dogs such as Cranberry Cheese biscuits or Turkey and Sweet Potato Meatballs. Your dog would love to have them.
  • You can even prepare pumpkin puree as a Thanksgiving treat for your dogs. (Even if you have a cat, she will love it). 
  • Along with these amazing Thanksgiving treats, you can prepare some yummy veggies, although be careful with any cooked in butter, oils, or with bacon.

#3 Dressing Up Your Dog For The Thanksgiving Eve:

Thanksgiving is around the corner and by now you might have decided what outfit you would be wearing on a special day. But what about your dog? Have you thought about how you would be dressing up your dog? If you haven’t planned it yet, don’t worry. You can get an amazing collection of dog clothes such as sweatshirts, jackets, vests, tutu dresses, dog bandanas, dog collars, bowties, and a lot more at one and only premium online pet store – Sassy Dog Fashions. Along with the clothes, you can get exciting pet accessories to make your dog feel special on the day. You can ensure that the fabric used in the dog clothes is premium cotton and it will make your dog feel soft and comfortable to move around. 

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#4 Arrange After Dinner Dog-Friendly Activities: 

You can gather all the friends of your dog and arrange some fun activities for them so that they feel happy too when you are spending time with other family members. These fun activities would make them feel happy and cheerful and it would be a perfect opportunity for you to curl up with your dog, giving him some cuddle time. 


Well, your dog might not be knowing how to read the calendar but they can feel the festive vibes around them. Thanksgiving is a special eve for everyone, so don’t make your dog feel left out. These are some of the most interesting ways in which you can celebrate Thanksgiving day with your dog. 




10Nov 2020

You love your dog, but sometimes you feel that you are not able to control them when they are too excited or cheerful. Active dogs will not sit at a place, they will keep on playing around and also involve you with them. But when you take them out for a stroll, it becomes extremely difficult to deal with active dogs. 

So you must get a dog harness for your beloved pet if you want to ensure their safety and security. Even if your dog is active, with the help of a dog harness, you would be able to take control of them.  You can explore all the different types of dog harness that are easily available in online stores. You can choose the perfect dog harness for your dog. The harness you choose must be able to fulfill your as well as your dog’s requirements. Moreover, you would have to determine what type of harness your dog would love based on its color, fabric, strap. 

Well, the problem is, it becomes difficult to choose the best one when you have so many options. But don’t worry, you can follow these tips to ensure that you get the right dog harness for your lovely pet. 

#1 The Quality of The Fabric That is Used In The Dog Harness:

Well, in the market you might come across various types of dog harness that are made by using a wide range of fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, and a blend of cotton and polyester. If you want to keep your dog conformation in a dog harness, then you must get him a harness made of premium cotton fabric. Cotton fabric is soft to touch and your dog won’t feel skin irritation while wearing it. Even if you are taking your dog on long walks, the harness would be the most suitable.

You can get such lightweight cotton fabric dog harnesses at Sassy Dog Fashions. Whether you have a male dog or female, whether you have a large size dog, or medium, or small, you will get it all here. Moreover, you can order the dog harness as per your requirement as they provide a customized dog harness as well. 

#2 While Choosing The Dog Harness, Ensure Whether You Required Padding Or Not?

Generally, dog breeds with a short dog coat would require a dog harness with padding. They would feel comfortable as the pad will not rub against their skin and not cause any irritation. If you are getting a padded dog harness, then it will offer an extra flair and can make your dog look stylish. Some people who have dogs with heavy hairs on their bodies can opt for a non-padded dog harness as well. It depends on what you find convenient for your dog. 

Get these amazing dog harnesses with customized looks from Sassy Dog Fashions.

#3 The Dog Harness You Choose Must Be Suitable In The Long Haul:

You should not just look at the style of the dog harness but the fitness and comfort. Your focus should be on choosing a dog harness which will enable you to take control of your dog, especially when you are taking them on vacations or long trips. While getting the harness, make proper adjustments to it and then pay attention to the reaction of your dog while he is walking around in it. If the dog feels easy and comfortable, you can buy it. But if your dog doesn’t give you a good or good-to-go look, then just drop the idea. 

With Sassy Dog Fashions, you get to explore a wide collection of personalized dog harness which ensure that your dog will be happy.

#4 Ensure That The Dog Clips Are Appropriate And Strong:

The dog harnesses have a small clip that is used to secure the harness to the dog’s body. This clip is also used to attract the long strap with the harness. So the role of the clip is quite significant and you must not ignore it. Before finalizing the dog harness check the strength and the material of the clip. It should be strong enough and not come out when you are pulling the dog or controlling them. 


Getting a beautiful and personalized dog harness for your beloved would make them feel special. You can get their name embroidered on the harness that will help you to ensure that your dog doesn’t get lost. You can get a customized dog harness at Sassydogfashions. They provide dog harnesses made from premium quality cotton with proper padding and durable fabric.


5Sep 2020

Everyone across the globe has quite effectively adjusted to the new normal. The new normal refers to the fact that people must always wear masks and maintain social distancing. Since the last six to seven months, the number of coronavirus cases and death rates has actually petrified people. But with this, life doesn’t stop. Everyone seems to be fighting the situation bravely and have been following the COVID-19 guidelines. During the early stages, people had to face complete lockdown and had to stay at home. This was also applicable to the pets. 

According to a recent survey, social distancing efforts have posed a tough challenge for dog owners who are continuously striving to ensure their pets enjoy new experiences and are comfortable with social interactions. Within these six to seven months of time, most of the pets have grown accustomed to their new normal. An Outside stroll was only possible when they had to do their business. Moreover, pets were restricted from getting close to any other person apart from the family members. In simple words, due to the spread of COVID-19, pets had fewer opportunities to explore different places and activities. 

Just like people, pets also felt frustrated being inside the house 24/7. But not anymore. You can easily socialize your pet (dogs and cats) as the tight restriction is lifted and people can cope with life. Besides all this, taking safety measures is quite essential. Here are some interesting tips that would help you to socialize your pets after the COVID-19 pandemic.

These activities would help the pets to adjust to the new life where maintaining social distance would still be essential.

#1 Take Your Pets For A Long Walk

When you take your pet for a long walk, you give them the exposure to experience new things and play around. While you take them out, you must train them to keep a distance from other people and pets. You can take your pet’s favorite toys so that they can play with them instead of getting mixed with other pets. Moreover, you must appreciate your pets when they follow your instructions and play happily. 

You must also train them to remain calm and composed in all public areas. If they start panicking then you must cuddle them or take them home as soon as possible.

#2 You Must Take Them On A Car Ride

When you take them for long car rides, they can easily get used to it and would love spending time with you with fresh air making them feel ecstatic. 

#3 Play With Your Pets Indoors

If you are not willing to take your pets outside, you can let them play inside. You can decorate the garden area, or arrange some water activities for your pet. They would love it. You can even get some soft toys for your pet so that he could play with them without getting injured.

#4 You Can Spend Some Quality Time With Your Pets While Grooming Them

While grooming them, you must ensure that all the body parts are getting cleaned, the hair is trimmed properly. Along with all this, you must get them dressed in amazing dog clothes to keep them happy. 

You can easily get some of the best dog clothes collection at SassyDogFashions. You can get different tutu dresses, dog collars, trendy dog coats, and a lot more. Just visit the website and find out what would be suitable for your little one.

#5 Take Them To Veterinary For Regular Checkup

Get your pet dogs used to different types of handling, such as playing with their paws, tail, or ears. This will help get them ready for a nail trim, thermometers, medication, and other exam activities.

#6 Follow A Specific Routine

You must keep a schedule that will help your pet to cope up with the changing scenarios. Even pets take time to analyze the situation and around them and act accordingly. 


We love our pets, want to protect them, and always want the best for them. You were very vigilant to keep your pet safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. But even post-pandemic, you must ensure that certain guidelines are followed. The government bodies would gradually lift the restrictions so that people can move around freely, but with that, you must always ensure your pet’s safety before taking them out.

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