14Oct 2019

5 Good Habits Your Dog should Learn


Dogs are lovely animals and they can be great companions. However, you need to teach your dog some ‘dog lessons’ or habits if you want him to always be on his best behavior, if you want him to be easy to control, and if you want him to behave in a particular manner. The time to start training your dog is when he is still a puppy.

Puppies are easier to train; they will continue to learn and get used to the way you want them to behave as they grow in your house. Older dogs can also be trained to be on their best behavior; all you need to do is keep repeating the training or commands, praise your dog when he masters a new habit, and reward with treats.

There are a lot of habits you can teach your dogs. The habits you teach them are up to you; however there are some habit that are quite important for all dogs to learn.

The following are five of such habits:


It is natural for dogs to relieve themselves or pass their poop anywhere they want; therefore if you do not want your dog to litter your house with poop and urine stains, you must teach him how to do his toilet business. To make sure it learns fast, you must time the poop training, repeat the training many times per week, and reward good behaviour with praise and treats.


The first thing people do when they get a dog is to give it a name; however, naming your dog will be quite insignificant if your dog does not ‘know’ his name. If you want your dog to know his name, call his name many times in a day. To make him learn his name quickly, call his name when it’s time to feed him or when you have a treat in your hand.


When you start walking, give it a treat at every few steps, then stop giving treats and walk some distance before you give the next treat. This will make it look forward to the next treat, thereby making it to stay close to you and walk at a pace you like.
Apply a gentle leash pressure anytime your dog is not walking, walking too slow, or walking too fast. Never forceful pull your dog. Reward with treats once it starts to come to you and when it starts behaving or walking the way you want.


Dogs are curious and they are scavengers; therefore, they like to investigate the things they see and run after other animals. To convince your dog to stay away from something that you don’t approve of, teach him that the ‘leave it’ command is always followed by a treat. This will make him leave whatever you want him to leave and come to you.


When a dog obey these commands, it gives the impression than it is a well behaved dog. They are commands that help you easily control your dog when both of you are not home.

7Oct 2019

October: Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month


October is Adopt-A-Shelter Dog month. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) runs this event to promote the adoption of dogs from local shelters. There are round about 3 million homeless dogs as they enter shelters every year. These neglected and often abused animals are looking forlornly towards home owners who will adopt them in hope of seeking a permanent home. It is so ironic as you go out with dogs for a walk that humans try aping the dog while learning traits of patience from the dog and the dog sniffs many scents of the human lifestyle.

There is a shelter for every type of canine including breed, size and demeanor of the canine. The shelter homes have scheduled visits in place for healthy adoption for families and individuals. While shelters do take good care of the well-bred and lonely pets, they have procedural regulations that opt for healthy adoption.

Dogs love to be cuddled and fondled. Even if they have not found their permanent home, they play bountifully increasing their chances of adoption.

This four-pronged approach during adopt a shelter dog month agenda includes visit, volunteer, donate and adopt. However, you may find that adopting a shelter dog seems to be the best bet, hence it is reckoned that volunteers and donations are welcome too. Post it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and any other social media that comes to mind using #adoptashelterdogmonth .

The American Humane Association in 1982 noted that many homeless dogs were entering shelter homes and to outdo these options, American Humane Association for shelter coined Adopt a Dog month Along with these options such as sheltering and adoptions, spaying and neutering will also curtail rise of unwanted pets too.

You could probably be thinking about what an adopted dog could bring to your life. But you should go ahead and adopt a dog giving it lots of love and affection on the way. You in turn would receive big wet kisses from your pet and you may become a hero overnight. The dog would reciprocate in a fashion known to it by supporting your decisions. It is a somewhat messy but energetic life that you will have with your pet. The unconditional love that you receive from your pet far outweighs the responsibilities towards it and yet some lifestyles do not bode accordingly well to raise a dog.

It has been often said that dogs are like children and refuse to grow up. They are heavily dependent on their owners for looking after their needs ; food, water, medical attention, exercise, shelter and most importantly companionship. But unlike children, dogs don’t look on both sides of the street before they cross and they can’t stop and ask for directions if they are lost. You can’t even send them to the babysitter when your daily schedules for the day are packed.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) goes so very far in saying that adopting a dog from a shelter is far better than buying a pet from a pet store because the owners will face a better experience in the former option. This shall be taken due note of when searching for your next canine buddy.

4Oct 2019

October 4th ushers in an important day of which the significance is not lost or forgotten. This day is the world animal day raising the status of animals and making the world a suitable place for animals to stay in. This day is also shared with feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. Its celebration in different countries wades us through awareness and educational events, pet adoption events and conferences and workshops, shelter open days and fund raising events such as concerts and sponsored walks. Radio and TV Interviews and peaceful protest marches are also included in this initiative to solemnly pledge your active support to this event. It is no religious event or religious day though the day speaks of one religion; the universal religion of love towards animals.

This day takes on myriad hues and colors having progressed fast in a land underlined with technological prowess and media. This has spread the word of kindness towards animals emphatically worldwide and raising efforts in erasing all cruelty to animals. Animals as pets, friends and companions have given us so much that all it takes is a little love and understanding from us.

This is what this day stands for as a token of appreciation for all that our four-legged canines have done for us. Animals enrich the world’s ecosystem and are a part of the world’s ecosystem bringing to the fore its valued patronage by being the natural and logical conclusion to the world pet day. It is an indispensable factor to the world ecology with the multifarious roles pets play in our lives of being pets, friends and companions. It is these pets that play an emotional aspect in our lives completing the picture.

The world animal day is endorsed by many national and international celebrities and there is the media and coverage which is responsible for hiking and playing up the event in all sensibility and making a relevant point in its favor that adds up in these tough times.

The world animal day also motivates autonomous initiatives to install the event on the lines of logging on to the website and getting timely help from administrators in terms of organizational technique from them. You can also advertise the events on the website for free and get a workload of support for the cause.

By bringing around global concern over plight of animals and to unite animal lovers worldwide, the world animal day is also leaving no stone un turned in employing an ambassador in every participating country. This will have a single divergent unit that will look after the animal welfare around the world and come together to stand for a global cause.

Thus animal welfare will stand out as a single-most significant hallmark seeking early deadlines in putting an end to animal cruelty. Furthermore, this brings to light the harshness meted out to pets and an end to such gory details, making this world a better place to live in, with citizens and societies that care for animal welfare.

1Oct 2019

Are you going on a vacation with your little friend? Yes, well the 7 essential dog supplies listed below must be at the top of your list to take along with you and your pet. Scroll down and check them out.

1. The first thing to take with you is the dog’s clothes that too according to the weather of the place where you are going. To get the best clothes with perfect sizes you can visit Sassy Dog Fashions (www.sassydogfahions.com). Get some cool looking clothes and enjoy the vacation with your dog.

2. A duplicate of your pet’s last vaccination records and a health certificate from your vet are an unquestionable requirement to take with you on vacation. Likewise, make sure to inquire about vets in your city and have that data helpful in the event of some unforeseen issue.

3. A lot of poop bags must be in your list as well. Try not to stick endeavoring to clean up the dog’s poop with only a leaf and a mug you found in the street. Take a lot of poop bags with you and keep your pet and the place clean.

4. You will also need to take your dog’s most loved snack and also their regular food for their basic nourishment. Make sure to take the good quantity of the dog food according to the number of days you are going on vacation otherwise you may end up with no dog’s food.

5. You need to take all the grooming supplies of the dog as well such as tooth brushes, wipes and anything that you use to keep your pet clean. These things are essential if you are going on a long vacation i.e. more than 5-6 days.

6. You must also take the most loved toy of your dog with you. In case your dog gets bored during the vacation you can cheer them up with their favorite toy anytime.

7. The last yet the important thing to take with you on the vacation is the medications. You need to bring all the medications that your dog may need during the vacation. It will enable you to get rid of finding a medical store which will provide you the exactly same medication during your vacations.

So, if you are planning a vacation with your dog then you must go through the above points and should make sure if you are taking all such things with you to keep your pet happy throughout the holidays.

25Sep 2019

National Dog week has arrived and it is time to plan the frills and thrills with your pet in mind. How about a new outfit for your pet each day of the week? Give your dog a session in haute couture with custom dog clothes, the likes of which you have never seen. Let’s perk him up in the latest trendy gears such as waterproof dog coats, designer dog collars and personalized dog bandanas and surprise him with some surprising stunts each day of the coming week, the national dog week.

Monday zooms in and you have decided to treat your pet to a puppuccino from Starbucks. Yummy! Puppuccino is an espresso size of whipped cream to get the dog delighted and beaming from ear to ear. You are also overjoyed with this perfect little treat to the canine for being your favorite four-legged buddy.

Tuesday slips in with a promise of a lovely clear blue sky and a stretch of succulent grass enveloping the perimeter of the sea coast brightened with tapering sun-kissed beaches. And the inviting waters has your dog both nervous and excited as he darts on the beach, scampering away from the cool waters zeroing in as the frothy sea is a hit with the dog. A planned regatta underway has the dog excited after which, over to the pizza corner for his yummy appetizer to celebrate the national dog week in regale and glory. A jog on the sandy beaches with lines blurring between sand and dog on the golden beaches will have him craving for more.

Wednesday brings out the child in you and the canine with the warm and smelly pups that tracks any smell with its squirming presence, so cuddly and cozy that I can’t think of a better idea than to take your pooch to his favorite dog store. Dogs are welcome to the shop with our Golden Retriever pup that scampers out into the open, about to trip on its own legs.

It is Thursday and that time of the year when we go out for a small excursion with dogs going silly, prancing and horsing around with unlimited freedom to the masters calls. After all, this week is dedicated to him in all earnest and we shower him with joy abound. Make your four-legged companion a homemade pumpkin recipe and be assured that the dogs would love being singled out for this attention on National Dog Week. Many outdoorsmen know the value of having a dog accompanying them on hunting trails and fishing extravaganza or hiking and exploring the rich outdoors in the company of their owners.

Dogs love being the center of attraction and this calls for some more gaiety. So how about taking a selfie of your favorite canine and uploading it on the Facebook Page. There is a facebook page dedicated to your doggie on the National Dog Week Facebook Page and let’s check out some of the cute doggie pictures uploaded there too.

Dogs are the most natural scavengers on the block today and nothing would be more interesting to him than solving a few riddles before getting to eat his meals. It does become a tad boring eating the same meal from the same bowl seven days a week. This is one sure way of keeping your pup away from trouble and focused busily on the activity of solving the puzzle.

18Sep 2019

Walking a dog is a fun thing to do and it seems like an activity that anyone that can hold a leash can do without having to take lessons in dog walking. However, as strange as they may sound, there are some mistakes people make when walking their dogs. They are mistakes that anybody can make regardless of their age, size, height, and location.

Here are six common dog walking mistakes you are making and how to avoid them:

Disregarding Safety Hazards

When you walk your dog, it is very important to be mindful of anything that could harm you and anything that could harm your dog. Some of the things that can be dangerous to you and your dog as you go for a walk are cars passing, broken bottles, wet or slippery floors, sharp or pointed objects, spilled chemicals, water bodies, and electrical connections. To avoid any form of harm, be mindful of everything around you and your dog; move your dog away from anything that could harm it; and put booties on their paws.

Using The Wrong Leash

One of the reasons why people like to use a retractable leash or a long leash while walking their dogs is to give their dogs a lot of freedom to walk around them and to make sure they do not bump into their dogs. This seem like a good idea, but it is not advisable. The reason is that it is difficult to control a dog using a retractable or long leash. When you do not have a good control of your dog while walking them, they can run off when they see an animal they would like to chase and run into danger.

Approaching Unknown Dogs

Some dogs can get hostile with each other, especially when they are meeting each other for the first time. Also, some dogs can attack you if they do not know you. Therefore, it is advisable to be wary of unknown dogs when you approach them without your dog and when you approach them with your dog. Ensure the situation is safe before you let yourself or your dog get close to another dog.

Stopping For Stubborn Dogs

Some dogs, especially smaller dogs are generally more stubborn than bigger dogs when you take them for a walk. Stubborn dogs move haphazardly and frequently stop while you walk them, making it difficult for you to control them and difficult for you to enjoy walking your pet. Instead of stopping intermittently, take a handful of kibble with you and use it to motivate them to continue walking.

Ignoring Pet Behavior

It is never a good idea to ignore any changes in the behavior of your pet. Changes in the behavior of dogs could be a warning sign that they are sick, injured, or around danger.

Not Rewarding Your Dog

Rewarding your dog with treats during and after a walk will make your dog look forward to the next time you both will go out for a walk.