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12Nov 2021

Dogs are not just pets but your companions. They are your family members, and you have to take good care of them. There is a need to buy them proper dog clothes, provide them with the right food, take them for regular walks, spend quality time with them, and take them for medical checkups. Most pet parents do take care of all these aspects. However, if you are a new pet parent, you might not be aware of ensuring that your new puppy or dog gets adequate exercise.

Just like you maintain your health through regular exercise, you need to take care that your dog gets a regular workout as well. Along with nutritional food, you should focus on the physical activities of your dog. You might be thinking that you regularly take them for walks, and will that not be enough? The truth is that daily walks are not a complete exercise for your puppy or dog. So how to make your dog get the required physical activity? The answer is simple — games. You need to engage your dogs in games so that their bodies get a proper workout.

If your dog is hyperactive, you have to give him instructions and train him. Such dogs usually do not require additional physical activities. But for dogs who love to be lazy, exercise is a must. Often, due to the challenges and limitations of our modern lifestyles, you might keep your dogs indoors. It increases boredom and frustration in your dogs. While planning out some games for your dog, it is not necessary that they should happen outdoors. You can have indoor games as well. The aim should be to provide exercise to their bodies.

Here are some of the games that will help keep your dog involved and provide exercise to all the body parts. When picking fun games for your dog, ensure that the games provide physical and mental training to your dog.

According to the experts, dogs by nature are social and active. You should take this factor into consideration while planning fun activities or games for them.

Here is a list of fun games that do not require any special equipment. You can try out these games with your dogs.

#1 Run Your Dog Up And Down The Stairs

exercise for your puppy

If your home has a big flight of stairs, you can use it to exercise your dog. You can encourage your dog to run up and down the stairs. Initially, your dog will not do it on its own. You will have to run along with him. Your dog will watch you and be encouraged to follow you. Running up and down the stairs is a great way to keep your dog fit. If you are not able to run along with your dog, there is an alternative. You can put a ball or toy on the top of the stairs and give your dog a treat every time he runs up and fetches the toy. Make sure that the dog treat is a healthy one.

Usually, healthcare professionals will not suggest such activities if your dog is old, as it may strain their knees. This game will be helpful if your dog is fit and young.

#2 You Can Set Up An Obstacle Course

It is something you might have seen in the dog shows. You place obstacles at a certain distance and instruct the dog to overcome them. You can arrange these obstacles if you have a spacious room. If not, you can use the garden space for it.

You can use chairs, tables, or even balls, in the form of obstacles. When you place obstacles in the path of your dog, it will try to jump over them. It will be a fun and effective way to exercise all the body parts of your dog.

#3 You Can Play Hide-And-Seek With Your Dog

Hide-and-seek is the perfect game for your dog’s mental and physical health. For making hide-and-seek more interesting, you can hide some dog treats around the house and ask your dog to find them. The reward is to give the treat to the dog. You can change the hiding place of the treats every time you play the game. It will provide a boost to their brains and also their bodies. If you think your house is not spacious enough for hiding and seek, you can play hide-and-seek in the garden.

#4 Fetching The Ball Or Boomerang

dog accessories

It is the best game for all dog breeds. In this game, you have to throw the ball or the boomerang in a wide area. Then ask your dog to fetch it. You can give out instructions to the dog and let them understand what you are trying to say. It will help your dog to learn new words.


These are some fun games that help enhance the physical and mental health of your dog. You can make it easier for the dogs to play, learn and get good exercise. Although you are taking your dog for a walk, that is not enough. To keep your dog physically fit, inculcate games in their daily routine

9Nov 2021

Do you love spending time with your dog? I guess for all pet parents, the answer to this question is a yes. Dogs are adorable and affectionate. They will love you, roam around you, and play with you. Your dog is a perfect companion when you feel lonely or when you are with the family.

These days, we see people post super cute pictures and videos of their pets on social media. There are special accounts created for pets. On these accounts, proud pet parents post cutesy pictures of their fur babies.

You also may feel motivated to organize a photoshoot for your dog, get adorable pictures and post them on your social media. However, even after planning out everything, you are unable to get cute pictures of your dog. Why is it so? There can be multiple reasons behind it. Sometimes, your dog cannot be comfortable with the photoshoots, or he may be getting distracted. In such a situation, you cannot get cute pictures of your dog.

Often, people mention that their dogs are hyperactive. It makes it hard to get a single proper picture of the dog. If you are a pet parent struggling to get a non-blurry and cute picture of your dog, then you do not have to worry about it anymore.

Here are some expert pet photography tips that will help you to get cute pictures of your dog.

#1 You Should Be Aware Of Your Dog’s Personality

Although you may not be a great pet photographer, you can learn to be one. For getting adorable pictures of your dogs, you should know their personalities. Working according to it will ensure that you do not have a hard time managing your dog during the photo shoot.

By knowing the personality of your dog, you will understand whether your dog is hyperactive or passive. Most frequently, it becomes hard to manage hyperactive dogs. You cannot get a single picture. To get them to stay in a pose will become a far-fetched dream.

With the personality acknowledgment, you can give instructions to the dog during the photo shoot. For hyperactive dogs, you can choose a fast-paced photography style and unpredictable photography. It will help you to get cute poses from your dog.

If your dog loves to be lazy around the house, you can provide some treats to the dog. In this way, you can get the attention of your dog and capture adorable poses.

#2 Be Vigilant While Choosing The Right Place For Your Dog’s Photoshoot

designer dog collars

The shoot location is another important aspect if you want to get adorable pictures of your dog. Always ensure that you are not choosing a place that is full of distraction. If you choose a public place, your dog will be constantly distracted. In such areas, you will not be able to capture good photos of your dog. So choose a calm place with very few people around to minimize your dog feeling overwhelmed or distracted.

#3 Set The Environment For The Photoshoot

You have to decide what type of photo shoot you want to have. Based on that, arrange the setup. For instance, you can set up chairs, tables, get dog clothes and a good quality camera. You can even use props to make the pictures perfect, cute, and adorable.

#4 You Can Take Your Dog On A Car Ride For The Photoshoot

When you take your dog on the car ride, you are making them happy. When your dog is happy, you will get some cute pictures. Ensure that the weather is good, and you are taking pictures when the car is moving. The smile on your dog’s face would be natural. Everyone loves to see goofy dog smiles with their little or big ears fluttering in the wind.

#5 Have You Tried A Selfie With Your Pet

photoshoot for your dog

It is one of the best ways to get adorable pictures of your dog. You do not have to worry about controlling your dog or whether it is distracted. You can hold your pup in your arms and take a cute selfie. It will help you to maintain an adorable pose and capture multiple pictures.


These are some ways in which you can take cute and adorable pictures of your dog. If you are in search of dog clothes, you will get those at SassyDogFashions. They have a collection of dog clothes, including tuxedos, tutu dresses, pajamas, dog coats, jackets, etc. You will find it easier you get premium quality clothes at affordable rates.

18Oct 2021

Dogs are adorable creatures, and you will feel loved when they are around you. All dogs are affectionate and impart positive vibes wherever they go. You bring in dogs in the house not just to be part of the family but as a companion. Dogs are also a great responsibility. You need to take care of your dog regularly. Provide them healthy food, take them for a walk, get regular checks up, provide them toys and dog clothes.

You might be fond of buying dog clothes for your little pup. But the problem arises when you need to know the exact size of the dog. Always try to get dog clothes with proper fitting. Without correct fitting, your dog will not feel comfortable in the clothes. Moreover, the loose-fitting clothes will keep sticking to their paws. If you get very tight dog clothes, it will be uncomfortable for your dog. Therefore, it is essential to have proper measurements of your dog to get the perfect size clothes. So how to correctly measure your dog? You might have tried plenty of times, and maybe you still can not get the exact measurements for the dog clothes. Here are a few tips and tricks for you to follow while measuring your dog.

#1 Make Your Dog Stand Against The Wall

When you plan to measure the height of your dog, make them stand against a wall or a door frame. It will help you in getting accurate measurements. When you have back support like a wall or a door frame, you can mark the point of height. Ensure that your dog is standing straight without slouching. Your dog should make a square stance with all their feet aligned with each other. Their paws should be at a perpendicular angle with the floor. Maintain proper width distance between all the legs. You can use the measurement tape for exact measurement. Place the initial point of the measuring tape on the marked level and stretch it to the floor. The numerical value you get is your pet’s height.

#2 While Measuring Your Dog, Measure Around The Withers, Neck, And Chest

When you get dog clothes, ensure that they are comfortable around the shoulders and neck. If the clothes are tight around the chest, shoulder, and neck, it will make your dog feel uncomfortable. To avoid such issues, you must consider dog withers. The withers are the topmost body portion of the dog (the shoulder blades). You can feel the withers behind the neck area. The point at which you feel the withers, mark it. If your dog has a short dog coat (hair/fur), it will be easier for you to identify those points.

#3 Ensure That Your Dog Remains Still While You Take The Measurements

Keeping your dog calm and composed is essential when you take their measurements. If the dog keeps moving and running around, you will not get accurate measurements. You need to train your dog to remain still and stay focused for a few minutes till you finish taking all the measurements. Train the dog to have as little distraction as possible.

#4 Use Proper Measurement Tools To Get Accurate Measurements

dog clothes online

If you find it difficult to keep your dog under control, you can get various measurement tools. These measurement tools will ensure that you get accurate size measures without keeping your dog still. Just place the measurement tool besides your dog and move the adjustable stick to the height of your dog. While moving the measurement tool, ensure that you are leveling the stick to a perfect height. You can get these height measurement tools and other pet measurement tools from any online or physical store. With these tools, you do not have to worry about accuracy.

#5 Taking Individual Measurement Of Their Body Parts

handmade dog clothes

Once you have measured the accurate height, you need to start measuring the individual body parts. The parts you need to measure are the back/topline of your dog and their neck and chest girth. These will ensure that the harness or dog clothes will fit them right. You can use the measuring tape to get an accurate measurement of the neck, chest, and legs.


If you want your dog to feel comfortable in the dog clothes you buy, try to get the correct measurements. Extremely tight-fitting clothes will be problematic for your dog. Moreover, your dog will not be able to make free movements, play, run, or walk around. So use these perfect measuring methods to measure your dog and get the best-fit dog clothes.

11Oct 2021

You might have come across many photos and videos of cute dogs on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Different people have unique reasons to have a dog as a pet in their house. Some have a dog to protect their home, some for companionship, and others for their kids. Through these lovely photos and videos of the dogs, you get to know that people have got different dog breeds across the globe. Some people have more than one dog breed in their house. Many individuals and celebrities pose around with their dogs to display their love and bonding. You might have also tried to get a perfect picture with your dog and post it on Instagram. However, the problem is, you are not getting thousands of likes for your dog pictures. What is going wrong? You love your dog and want people to know about the lovely furry creature in your house, right?

Maybe the problem lies with your photography skills. Clicking pictures of dogs is entirely different from clicking pictures of our family and friends.

In this article, I will share a few dog photography tips and tricks. These will help you win millions of hearts on the internet.

#1 You Must Stay Cool And Calm While Taking The Photos

pet store

Taking pictures of your dog can be exhausting. Get your dog to obey you, make them try out different positions, and work on multiple takes. Of course, you cannot have a perfect picture with your very first click. You will need numerous photos to get the best one. To get the best picture, you need to have complete control of yourself and your dog. Focus on remaining calm and composed while taking your dog’s photos. It will be difficult if your dog is hyperactive and uninterested in the photography session but do not worry. Offer them some treats, calm them down, and try again.

#2 You Must Choose the Right Location

designer dog clothes

Although you might have a lot of places in your mind to make your dog photographs look great, it is necessary to keep a few factors in mind.

Not all places are suitable for your dog. There might be a lot of distractions that will not let you get the perfect shot. Moreover, your dog should also like the place. If not, your dog will not seem happy in the photos. So make sure the venue you choose must be away from the heavy traffic zones and be a private area. With excessive traffic and the public all around, your dog will feel uncomfortable and remain distracted.

#3 Provide Proper Training To Your Dog

You cannot just have one pose of your dog and give up on the idea of dog photography. You might need different poses and angles to get the best shot. For that, you should train your dog perfectly. Try to teach him to stay calm at a place, sit, stand, run, walk, play at your given commands. If the dog is unable to understand these commands, it will be hard to get the best pictures. You can take up online classes to train your dog for better dog photography.

#4 Choose The Best Clothes For Dog Photography

If you want your dog to look adorable and trendy, you can get varied dog clothes for him from online pet stores. You can find a wide range of fashionable dog apparel and accessories options at SassyDogFashions. Choose from a vast collection of dog clothes, such as shirts, t-shirts, jackets, tux, dog coats, and tutu dresses. You can choose the best dresses for your dog from SassyDogFashions. Dress up your dogs in their lovely new clothes. When your dog is comfortable and happy in the dog clothes, you will get the best shot.

#5 Focus On Lighting While Getting The Best Dog Picture

If you regularly click pictures and record videos of your dog, you might be aware of the significance of light. In the dark, the photos appear blurry and very different. Even if you are using the best resolution camera, prefer to shoot in daylight. Daylight offers the best brightness for your camera. During the daytime, your dog will also be more enthusiastic about the photoshoot.


Are you planning to arrange a dog photoshoot and post the pictures on social media? You can follow the tips and tricks provided above. It will help you get the best shot of your dog and fetch you millions of likes on Instagram.

8Oct 2021

Dogs are one of the most adorable creatures on the planet. Millions of people in the US have dogs as their closest companions. Dogs connect with humans emotionally and mentally. When you get a dog, you will spend a lot of time with it. You groom your dogs, feed them, play with them, take them to the vet, and perform a lot more activities. You buy them toys, clothes, and other accessories to keep them happy. Likewise, you get their favorite food and prepare some delicious items on special days. All these things create a bond between you and your dog.

But what about when you plan to dine out with your dog? The very first thing that comes to your mind is whether you will get permission to take your dog inside the restaurant or not. Most often, you come across restaurants and cafes that do not allow dogs.

SassyDogFashions is here to provide you some smart tips for dining out with your dog.

#1 Have A Good Understanding Of Your Dog: 

You must know how your dog will behave when he is out. When you have a good understanding of your dog’s behavior, it will be easier for you to control him. Some dog breeds are very calm and composed when they are out in public. Some dog breeds are hyperactive and love running around or barking. While you plan to dine out with your dog, be cautious about their behavior. If your young puppy/dog is still learning to follow your commands, then it might be a good idea to wait for a few months before you take them for dining out.

#2 Provide Proper Training To Your Dog: Proper Training

Before you decide to bring your dog to the restaurant for dining out, train them well. While providing training, you need to teach them to sit calmly, eat their food silently, follow your instructions, not disturb other guests, or get distracted by any restaurant noises. The training you provide to your dog will help you control your dog in public in a busy place like a restaurant or cafe. Even after proper training, it is better to start small. Take your pup to a cafe during non-rush hours. Once they are used to it, you can take them out for meals in a restaurant.

#3 Use A Dog Harness With Extremely Short Leash: 

Putting on a dog harness over your dog will be a great way to keep your dog in control while dining out. The dog harness with a short leash will keep your dog around your table. Moreover, you do not have to apply extra pressure while controlling your dog.

#4 You Must Check The Weather Before Dining Out With Your Dog: 

Weather tends to affect the behavior of dogs. If the weather is very hot or humid, your dog will not feel comfortable going out or eating. Carry your dog’s water bowl and keep them hydrated. If you plan to dine out, ensure that the weather is pleasant. Dogs would feel great and comfortable dining out when the weather is cool.

#5 Choose The Right Restaurant: 

You might know that not all restaurants allow pets. So before you choose a restaurant for dining out, check if they are allowing pets. Besides this, the restaurant must provide some facilities to keep the pets safe. You can check online portals for dog-friendly restaurants. The dog-friendly restaurant will ensure your pet’s safety, provide a playing area and serve special doggy meals.

#6 Always Call Ahead And Check With The Restaurant:

Even if you know the restaurant is dog-friendly and will provide friendly space and food for your dog, it is better to call the restaurant to inform them when you book a table. On the call, you can get to know about their pet policies in a better way. Besides this, you can let the restaurant staff know about any special arrangements you need for your dog.

#7 Check The Food The Restaurant Will Be Serving To Your Dog:Restaurant Food For Dog

The restaurant staff will not know about any allergies or health issues your dog has. You need to explain to them if your dog is allergic to any dog food ingredient. Dining out with your dog is fun as long as you and your dog can enjoy a good meal.


If you plan to dine out with your dog, use these tips for your benefit. Dining out is a fun idea to make your dog feel special. You can spend some quality time and let it be playful in the public area. The dog-friendly restaurants do have patio seating for guests who have a dog. So you can choose such restaurants and sitting areas where your dog feels more comfortable.

4Oct 2021

We all love our dogs and adore them. You might have come across many pet parents who take the best care of their dogs. They will provide healthy food, buy clothes, take them to the vet, and play with them. It is also equally important to train your dogs well. It is one thing that first-time pet parents usually forget to do properly. When you bring a new pup into the house, it is hard for them to adjust. The dogs find it difficult to understand the situation. The people they see around them are new. In such instances, dogs might get scared. You must train your dogs to help them settle down with your family.

If you are planning to bring home a new dog and are not sure which type of dog would be a good fit for your household, then do not worry. We have put together a list of the most intelligent dog breeds for you. Usually, people who want the dogs to safeguard their houses and farms get the most intelligent dog breed.
So, let us get to know some of the most intelligent dog breeds.

#1 Smartest dog Breed — Border Collie:

Border Collie is a dog breed that can do everything. It is the most intelligent dog breed. Your collie will easily understand what you convey. Border collie dog breeds are known for protecting the herd of sheep safely. They can learn cues, get into the routine, and understand human emotions. Train the dog on the daily tasks, and he will do it all perfectly. They are very loyal and get along well with children and other pets. It makes them an excellent family watchdog.

#2 A Brilliant Dog Breed — Poodle:

Brilliant Dog Breed

The poodles look adorable because of their furry and fluffy look. The poodles are not just cute, but also highly intelligent. Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and were bred for their hunting abilities. It was only much later that they became popular as show dogs. You can still get a poodle to accomplish various tasks, as they still retain their high levels of intelligence. They are also skilled swimmers, as they were originally water retrievers. The dog breed has these qualities because of their slender body and perfect height.

#3 The Wolf-Like Intelligent Dog Breed — German shepherd:

We can easily find German shepherd dogs in households, commercial areas, and even in movies. Sometimes we get scared by just looking at them. The German shepherd dogs are tall and healthy. Apart from this, they are one of the most intelligent dog breeds you will ever find. German shepherd dogs are popular for a wide range of things. You can train a German shepherd for all vital professions like the military to guard the house and police services. With adequate training, the German Shepard will be more active and brilliant in the jobs you assign.

#4 Most Loved And Intelligent Dog Breed — Golden Retriever:

Apart from the German Shepherds, you will see a lot of golden retrievers in your city. It is one of the most loved dog breeds. Most often, you will come across people who look for a golden retriever. A golden retriever is not only adorable and friendly but also highly smart as well. Golden retrievers are playful and affectionate, which helps you train them in a hassle-free way. A golden retriever is also a perfect option for people requiring emotional support animals and service animals.

#5 Dog Breed With Super Brilliance — Doberman Pinscher:

Doberman Pinscher is a famous dog breed beneficial as guard dogs. This dog breed is highly intelligent, fast, active, agile, and has high strength. They can quickly understand commands and follow them. This is why this dog breed is normally seen doing military and police tasks. The dog owners trust this dog breed to protect the house and the family.

#6 Dog Breed Full Of Brilliance — Shetland Sheepdog:Intelligent Dog Breed

Shetland Sheepdog is a close kin of the Border Collie. You will find this dog breed super intelligent as compared to other dog breeds. This dog has a high level of obedience and has high strength. They are sensitive and loyal dogs, which makes them a perfect addition to your household.


Different families like different dog breeds. The above listed are some of the most intelligent dog breeds. You do not have to provide complex training to such dogs. They are capable of understanding human commands and follow them. These dog breeds are brilliant enough to safeguard other pets, houses and families.