10Jan 2019

Pets are part of our everyday life. They are companions that always stay with us through thick and thin, providing us with emotional support, amusement, and sometimes defense.

Dogs are the most popular pet in the world and I am sure you are familiar with the phrase: ‘Dogs are man’s best friend’ If you own a dog, you will understand this phrase more and it should also be one of the reasons why you should always give your dog or dogs the very best care possible. One of such care is making sure you keep them warm in winter.

Dogs (especially dogs not built for cold) can also come down with illnesses because of cold temperature, so you should always keep them warm when the temperature starts to drop.

Dog coats can help you keep your dog warm during winter and I think if you really love your dog, you can get them designer coats. They deserve it, don’t they?

Below are five designer coats to help you keep your dog warm this winter!

1. Long Sleeve Fleece Dog Pullover

Long Sleeve Fleece Dog Pullover

Long Sleeve Fleece Dog Pullover can keep your dog or cat warm in the frigid temps of winter or anytime there is cooler weather. He can wear it indoors or outdoors. Made of premium quality anti-pill fleece, it’s a good choice because it will last a long time and will not pill.

2. Reversible Field Coat in Hunting Orange and Camouflage for Sport Dogs

Reversible Field Coat in Hunting Orange

This handmade double layer HUNTING SUPPLY DOG fleece coats are REVERSIBLE and can be personalized with a name. Protect your best hunting dogs against rough hunting, cold weather, wind, rain and snow. Hunting orange on one side, camouflage on the other you get 2 multi-colored fleece dog jackets in 1.

3. Patriotic Stars n’ Stripes Holiday Flag Denim Vest Jacket

Patriotic Stars n’ Stripes Holiday Flag Denim Vest Jacket

Celebrate your winter holidays by dressing your cool dog in this cute dog fringe denim outfit. A beautiful whimsical American flag accents the back and your pet’s name is FREE on the garment so that people can greet him by his name.

4. Zebra Fur Coat

Zebra Fur Coat

This Zebra Fur Coat is Lined in ultra-soft and warm hot pink faux fur. Be totally chic this cold season.

5. Famous Burberry Dog Coat Designer-Inspired Tan Plaid Fashion Nova

Burberry Dog Coat

This famous designer-inspired puppy dog coat exudes total class and sophistication for you as well as for your pet. The traditional plaid outer colors are tan, charcoal, burgundy and white.

26Dec 2018

Best Cat Lady Gifts


If you have a cat lady in your life, you might already know they’re chic and cool – unlike the bad rap that usually follows feline-loving ladies. They might be quirky, but hey, that’s what makes them purr-fect!

When it comes to choosing a cat-lady gift for your girl, you know it has to match her kitty-loving vibe. Gift her something that makes her feline-filled life even more fabulous. She’s not a crazy cat lady but an adorable kitty gift will definitely drive her crazy!

Check out these super-cute cat lady gift ideas by SassyDogFashions that will definitely make her purr!

Exotic Cat Breed Tote Bag

Exotic Cat Breed Tote Bag

Love kittens? Don’t hide it, flaunt it!

Share your kitten love with the world carrying this fabulous and handy Cat-theme Tote Bag. Your favorite cat breed is embroidered on this heavy-duty canvas bag to give it a personal touch.

You can wear it on your shoulder or hold it in your hands while shopping, traveling, or simply working. Use the cat tote bag anytime you need an extra large bag. It is lined in premium cat cotton fabric. The design is handmade right here in Northampton, Pennsylvania with premium cat artwork and supplies.

Cat Selfies Toiletry Travel Bag

Cat Selfies Toiletry Travel Bag

Keep all of your makeup, toiletry supplies or grooming tools safe when you’re on the go with this Cat Selfies Toiletry Travel Bag. Put just about anything into this bag that you need to keep safe inside an enclosed zipper pouch–makeup, medicines, electronics chargers, dog or cat essentials. Whatever you need, bring it with you in this beautifully-designed and machine-washable bag.

This convenient travel bag features a premium 100% cotton fabric featuring cats smiling on the exterior. The interior features cream or beige color paw prints and reinforced sides for firmness and structure. It’s also the perfect spacious bag gift for traveling pet parents and professional groomers. Most of all, it’s the best cat lover gift you’ve ever seen!

Modern Pink Cat Placemat

Modern Pink Cat Placemat

There cannot be a better gift for the kitchen lady who loves cats and kitties!

This pretty mat decorates the kitchen or dining area with style. The modern pink quatrefoil design looks chic! We bet it will be adored by the kittens too.

It’s a reversible 2-in-1 mat so you can display the dark rose pink quatrefoil or change up your décor and display the rose pink winter snowmen instead. Constructed of premium home décor, quilter’s cotton with decorative border, it’s durable and can absorb spills.

Stunning Cat Heads Grocery Bag Holder-Dispenser

Stunning Cat Heads Grocery Bag Holder-Dispenser

This one makes for an excellent kitty gift!

Time to organize your kitchen with this premium handmade grocery bag holder-dispenser. Put all those plastic grocery bags into this handy organizer. All you have to do is feed the plastic bags into the top and pull from the dispenser at the bottom. The design comes with an extra long loop with paw print for the doorknob or hook.

The bag is made using only premium fabric to create a sturdy product. It’s also useful near the litter box to bag those cats turds as more and more cat ladies use them as a useful litter box pet accessory! Simply hang the bag dispenser down at the level of the litter box so when you’re bending down to clean out the turds, it’s right there within reach! We’re geniuses!

Universal Microwavable Bowl Cozies

Universal Microwavable Bowl Cozies

Tired of burning your fingers from microwaved bowls? Heat your food in the microwave or on the stove or in the oven and easily carry it to the table using these cozies, while protecting yourself against burns. The rich purple adds a lovely splash of color to the fabric! We bet your cat lady friend or anyone on your gift list will go head over heels!

You can put these right into the microwave too and as they double as a pot holder or hot plate so go ahead and set it right down on the table.

18Dec 2018

Best Bag Lady Gifts


There’s a reason why women love bags so much! Imagine how clumsy it would have been to carry all the essentials the moment you step out of your home. The mere thought of it gives me the chills!

Wearing a bag – be it a jumbo size tote bag or a small cute purse – is so much more than about carrying personal belongings. It’s a style statement!
We all know there’s a bag-lover in every group who drools over the next chic design the moment she lay her eyes on it (guilty as charged!).

All the bag ladies who love to get noticed on the streets, check out the top picks by SassyDogFashions that you can add to your beautiful collection.

For the Vegan Lady

For the Vegan Lady-SassyDogFashions

Heading out for grocery shopping? Time to bench the regular boring tote bags and carry this super cool Jumbo Veggies Theme Canvas Tote Bag with you! You can use it anytime you need an extra large bag. Stuff it full of fresh produce at the Farmer’s market. Or take it to work for your lunch or carry your books or knitting.

The beautiful vegetable embroidery on heavy duty canvas bag offers a vibrant look to the design. Did I say it’s eco-friendly? Using this tote bag will eliminate up to four plastic bags and protect the environment. It’s a win-win!

For the Dog Moms

For the Dog Moms-SassyDogFashions

This stylish cross body Dog Walker Bag is great for the dog park, dog obedience training, dog walking or anywhere you need to be mindful of responsible doodoo cleanup. You can conveniently clean up after your dog by simply pulling a doodoo bag from the built-in waste bag dispenser in the front pocket. Just load the free roll of dog waste bags into the pocket and then feed the end through the hole and you’re ready to go.

It forms an excellent puppy training accessory and gift for new dog moms.

For the Sports Buff

For the Sports Buff-SassyDogFashions

Gear up for the next game day with this Pretty Pink Camouflage Tote Bag! You can match the trim with your outfit or your favorite team and show some team spirit in a unique way.

The design is perfectly clear for football games and adheres to stadium guidelines. The bag is sewn with heavy-duty waterproof canvas and measures 12″W x 12″H x 6″D

You can wear it wherever a see-through bag is mandatory. Why limit its use to just stadiums when you can flaunt it on trips, casinos, concerts, airports, and more!

For the Pet Lover

For the Pet Lover-SassyDogFashions

Fido or Feline – pick a side if you haven’t already! These bags will help you define your personality. Go with the Dog Selfies Toiletry Bag if you heart, as they say, the man’s best friend or the Cat Selfies Toiletry Bag if kittens make you purr.

Keep all of your makeup, toiletry supplies or grooming tools safe when you’re on the go with this bag. Put just about anything into this bag that you need to keep safe inside an enclosed zipper pouch–makeup, medicines, electronics chargers, pet essentials. Whatever you need, bring it with you in this beautifully-designed and machine-washable bag.

For All the Bag Ladies

For All the Bag Ladies-SassyDogFashions

You can carry this Handmade Clear Bag with Pink Modern Circles anywhere you need a see-through bag to see it’s interior. Pack all the travel essentials, cosmetics, and other personal belongings in this compact and beautiful toiletry pouch. The design is 100% handmade using premium supplies and portrays excellent craftsmanship.

So, which one did you love? Do let us know in the comments section below!

13Dec 2018

Best Dog Lover Gifts for Christmas


Christmas is around the corner, and we bet there’s a dog-lover friend in your holiday gift-giving list!

To call a dog our protector would be an understatement – they stand by our side in happy and sad times; always excited to spend quality time with their human family. Share your love for dogs and celebrate this festival of giving by gifting a piece of something that your pet-lover loves the most!

SassyDogFashions has curated a list of dog-themed gifts that will undoubtedly spread a smile on their face and bring a little joy into their lives.

Designer Dog-themed Luxury Spa Towel

Designer Dog-themed Luxury Spa Towel

I want to buy this super cute hand towel

Nothing spells “Merry Christmas” to dog lovers better than a beautiful spa towel decorated with two cute dogs and a heart. You can display it anywhere you need a drying towel. This luxury gift offers a classy update to any kitchen, powder room, bathroom, or spa décor. The thick, white fluffy embroidered towel is the affordable touch of luxury you’ve been missing out on.


Material: Luxurious 100% cotton; thick & fluffy
Dimensions: 30 1/2 x 15 1/2 inches
Care: Machine Washable & Dryer

Customized Dog Breed Canvas Tote Bag

Customized Dog Breed Canvas Tote Bag

I’d love to walk the streets flaunting this bag

Show your love for dogs to the world with this jumbo size tote bag. Pet lovers can travel in style this Christmas carrying this handmade dog-themed bag. Use it for shopping, beach visits, or anytime you need an extra large bag. The best part about this item is that you can add a personal touch to it with a breed or dog name. A beautiful and handy keepsake for pet parents. Moreover, the jumbo tote bag eliminates up to four plastic bags and protects the environment.


Material: Premium cotton fabric
Dimensions: 23″ x 16″ x 10″ (approximately)
Other: Personalize with breed or dog name for FREE

Stylish Crossbody Dog Walker Bag

Stylish Crossbody Dog Walker Bag

I want to buy this grab-and-go bag

Celebrate your love for dogs this Christmas with “I LOVE MY DOG” bag specifically designed for pet parents. Made with premium fabric, the dog walker bag is loaded with both style and features. Keep your hands free to manage your dog and the leash. It’s great for a dog park, dog obedience training, dog walking, or anywhere you need to be mindful of responsible doodoo cleanup. You can carry the dog’s water, your water, doodoo bags, cell phone and more on the go!


Material: Durable and Lightweight designer cotton fabric; YKK Zippers; Premium nickel hardware; Adjustable strap
Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 4 inches
Other: Custom orders with desired fabric is welcomed

Microwavable Bowl Cozies

Microwavable Bowl Cozies

I want to buy this set

These universal bowl cozies make another excellent Christmas gift! Heat your food in the microwave or on the stove or in the oven and easily carry it to the table using these cozies, while protecting yourself against burns. They are microwavable and can be used year ’round. Designed with universal measurements, the large size fits all serving bowls and the small one fits any soup bowl. You may easily purchase a set or mix and match them and make your own set.


Material: Premium cotton and supplies
Dimensions: Small – Fits up to 7″ diameter; Large – Fits up to 10.5″ diameter
Other: Custom request for size or fabric is welcomed

5Dec 2018

How We’ve Grown in 2018


Offering pawsome pet products to the fido and feline lovers in America, Sassy Dog Fashions is well-known for its originality and intricacy all across the country.
Take a walk on the streets downtown. You’ll see sassy pets and their pet parents flaunting that exquisite pet accessory they’ve bought from this best pet shop in the USA.

SassyDogFashions-How We’ve Grown in 2018

Designing products that keep your pet safe and warm is something any pet shop can achieve. Sassy Dog Fashions, on the other hand, factors in another aspect when designing clothes and accessories for your furry friend – FASHION!
The Pennsylvania based pet store loves to inspire creativity and has an undying passion of keeping the little pooches fashion forward.

A Walk-Through of Our Journey

Achieving the pinnacle of success was no less than a roller coaster ride for Sassy Dog Fashions. Just like any other business, the store has faced its fair share of breakthroughs and setbacks. Marking a turning point in the brand building journey of Sassy Dog Fashions, the online store took the world by storm in a jiff as soon as it dropped its best seller product in the marketDog Walker Bag!

Dog Walker Bag-SassyDogFashions

The much-loved accessory is cherished by the dog moms of Pennsylvania, and why not! Keeping up with the little superman wandering on the streets while carrying all the essentials has become so much easier with it!

An Insider’s Perspective

“Dog Walker Bag is the prized possession of our venture. People love it! Did your little buddy poop in the dog park? No problem! Clean up after him by simply pulling the doodoo bag from the dispenser in the front pocket. Moreover, carrying water, cell phone, and other important stuff is so simple when you’re on the go!”

Amidst the growing popularity of this grab-and-go bag, soon another product hit the mark and contributed to the already increased sales of the online businessPet Collar.

Pet Collar-SassyDogFashions

An Insider’s Perspective

“Pet Collars are pretty common and available at every pet store; however, what makes the pet parents go furr-razy for our collars is our cool and chic collection! Designed to strut in style, these collars are exclusively made for sassy dogs who love to grab attention on the streets.”

Soon Sassy Dog Fashions picked up the right pace, and nothing was going to stop it from conquering the online pet market. To strengthen the brand identity further, the online pet store has recently expanded its target reach with the aid of two eCommerce giants – Etsy and Amazon.

The ROI and sales increased twofold as it ventured into these third-party eCommerce stores. While the Etsy store offers a magnanimous opportunity to promote art and creativity, the Amazon store provides a wider niche market to feast upon.
2018 has been a fortunate year for Sassy Dog Fashions and there’s no looking back!

The Face Behind the Brand

Every brand has a face. The ingenious person who laid the foundation of Sassy Dog Fashions – Maria Leindecker – has worked relentlessly to occupy the leading position in the pet industry of America. Today, she is living and breathing her dream!

Maria Leindecker- Founder of SassyDogFashions

Maria has been working with dogs for nearly 20 years. She has attended the Fashion Design School at the Baum School of Art in Allentown, PA and that’s where she began her career as a professional seamstress for dogs and dog lovers.

Before stepping foot in pet fashion, she has previously worked in the field of Business Management in Finance which taught her how to manage small factory operations. Indeed that’s where she learned the principles of handling business operations.

Each product designed at SassyDogFashions portrays an exemplary work of art. The online venture has observed a steep growth in recent years and continuously strives to offer an amazing experience to its customers.

Have you shopped at this amazing pet store yet? Share your experience in the comments section below!

17Nov 2018

Game Day in America comes with a dress code. Wearing the team colors is a given; however, there’s another rule to be followed when carrying your must-haves into the stadium – BE CLEAR.
That’s as explanatory as it could get!

You can carry large tote bags (12” x 6” x 12”) made of see-through plastic, while small purses that measure up to 4.5” x 6.5” (roughly the size of a hand) is only allowed.

Another alternative offered is the gallon-size Clear Ziploc Bag.

Let’s agree on this: there’s no way we’ll ruin the game day carrying a freezer bag!

SassyDogFashions has made a round-up on NFL approved tote bags that you can proudly carry around while enjoying some game time with your homies.

Pretty Pink Camouflage Tote Bag

Pretty Pink Camouflage Tote Bag

Cheer your heart out for the favorite team carrying this stylish tote bag with pink trim. The bag is available in maximum size which is 12″W x 12″H x 6″D. Moreover, it is waterproof so no need to worry about spilled drink ruining your stuff in the bag anymore. The design meets all NFL, NCAA, and PGA tour security guidelines. Its V shape with flat and broad base offers maximum interior space. Also, the zipper closure makes this handmade bag secure for you.

Vinyl Red Crossbody Bag

Vinyl Red Crossbody Bag

This classy vinyl red canvas crossbody bag will definitely complement your attire at the game. You can even choose a custom color for the trim to match your favorite NFL team. The design comes with adjustable straps and nickel hardware that will not tarnish. Added with Zipper closure, the bag offers durability and ensures the security of your precious items. Designed for both men and women, the clear tote bag is NFL approved and can be worn not only at games, but also at sporting events, concerts, airports, and more.

Jumbo See All Tote Bag

Jumbo See All Tote Bag

Made of heavy clear vinyl, you can see through the panels of the bag. Black heavy duty canvas trim makes the bag versatile to match everything. You could choose any color canvas. Match it with your favorite team or your outfit. Take it to the Gym!

It is designed perfectly to carry all the essentials like water, cell phone, towel, and more. Unlike what you normally find at retailers like Walmart, this bag is 100% handmade using the finest supplies and exhibits an excellent work of craftsmanship. Buy Now!

Large See All Pink Camouflage Tote Bag

Large See All Pink Camouflage Tote Bag

Handmade bags are always superior – just like this versatile design. Made with premium canvas and the finest supplies, this tote bag is a perfect example of excellent workmanship.

The bag represents the largest dimensions allowable for the NFL Bag Policy. The width measures 6 inches at the sides and naturally goes to 8 inches in the middle of the tote bag if you stuff it. Straps can be worn on the shoulder or held in the hand.

Head out to enjoy a game day with your family and friends! And do not forget to carry a tote bag while you live, laugh, and have fun all day long.