18Mar 2019

All dogs, regardless of size, breed, and age are curious animals that like to pull their leash and run after things. Also, dogs have their own way of walking, which can be too fast or too slow for humans, depending on the mood of the dog or the number of things that catch its fancy while walking. This behavior of dogs makes walking them very difficult and challenging. Walking a dog is even much more difficult if you have a big dog that is very energetic and very curious. When your dog does not have good leash manners, what happens is that instead of you walking your dog, your dog will be the one walking you.

Dogs are not born knowing how to walk with human, so if you want your dog to walk the way you want, you must train it. Teaching your dog leash manners can be challenging and can take some time but the result is a well-behaved dog that is a joy to walk with; therefore, everything you put into teaching your dog to walk nicely on the leash will be well worth it.

You can use various methods to teach your dogs to walk nicely on the leash because there is no single method that works for all dogs. However, below are some overall guidelines:

1. Pick The Right Leash And Collar

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The leash and collar are the equipment needed to walk a dog, so it is obvious you have to get them first. Make sure you get a suitable Dog leash and collar that fits perfectly. Most importantly, make sure the collar is not too tight; you would not want the collar choking your dog. Also, if the collar is uncomfortable, your dog will try to get it off and there is no way your dog will walk nicely on a leash when the collar is too tight.

2. Teach your Dog Basic Commands

Some of the basic commands for dogs are ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘come’. You should teach your dogs these commands before leash training. These commands come in handy when you take your dog for a walk. For example, ‘Sit’ and ‘Stay’ teaches your dog to stay still if you need to chat with a friend; when you have to wait in line; or when you have to wait before crossing a street.

3. Take Some Treats With You

The first advantage of giving your dog its favorite treat while you both go for a walk is that it will always look forward to walking with you. Treats can also be used to train your dog how to walk nicely on a leash. When you start walking, give it a treat at every few steps, then stop giving treats and walk some distance before you give the next treat. This will make it look forward to the next treat, thereby making it stay close to you and walk at a pace you like.

4. Pull Gently

Apply a gentle leash pressure anytime your dog is not walking, walking too slow, or walking too fast. Never forceful pull your dog. Reward with treats once it starts to come to you and when it starts behaving or walking the way you want.

15Mar 2019

It is quite impossible to know the time dogs have to poop. A dog can poop two or three times a day and they can do it anywhere that they find accessible. Nobody likes to step on dog poop and leaving dog poops lying around makes the surroundings unhygienic. Also, there are some risks associated with dog poop such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites; therefore, it is necessary for dog owners to know the right way to get rid of dog poop and clean any area that their dogs have pooped on.

This is an easy and compulsory thing to do in the house, but it is quite impossible or hard for people who walk their dogs, unprepared for the time their dog’s poop. It was once the norm for people to leave their dog poop on the ground and just walk away, but it has now become somewhat compulsory for people to act responsibly by removing their dog poop and properly disposing of it.

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Dog poops bags are for cleaning up poops or for collecting the poops you have picked up for proper disposal. Picking up dog poop is the best way to get rid of dog poop, but this is not something a lot of people are happy or willing to do; however, this has been made quite easy and less repugnant with poop bags. A lot of poop bags are strongly scented just to make the act of picking up dog poop easy on our sense of smell.

With poop bags, you will not have touch the poop with your bare hands (never touch dog poops with your bare hand), all you need to do is grit your teeth and close your eye (if you want), put your hand in the poop bag, pick up the poop, and turn the bag inside out. You can then put the wrapped pooped in your pocket or in a poop bag holder for the journey home or a place where you can properly dispose of the poop.

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A poop bag dispenser makes poop bags available anytime you want them and you should never walk your dog without a poop bag dispenser. A poop bag dispenser is necessary for removing dog poop and for keeping the environment clean and hygienic.

As a responsible dog walker, you must not go anywhere with your dog without a poop bag dispenser. Do not look away when your dog poops. Do the needful: “WEAR A POOP BAG, PICK IT, BAG IT, PROPERLY DISPOSE OF IT

6Mar 2019

Dog Fashion Trends For 2019


People who like to look trendy and fashionable always do all they can to keep themselves abreast of the latest fashion trends. This is what we do as a human, but who says we cannot do the same for the animal we regard as man’s best friend. Dressing your dog in lovely clothes and accessories make them look fashionable; and in addition to the distinct look they give dogs, fashionable clothes and accessories depict the dog owner as an adventurous and stylish person. In this post, you will find some amazing dog fashion trends for 2019.

Everyone loves to be stylish and adventurous

Furthermore, although dogs are blessed with natural protection against the elements, many breeds need more protection in the rain and when it snows. Therefore, if you are not interested in making your dog look stylish for the fun of it, you should be interested in clothes that protect them and also make them look stylish.

There have been a lot of changes in dog fashion over the years. Many luxury brands now make clothes and accessories for dogs in various designs and for each season of the year.

Therefore, you can make your dog look so stylish and turn heads when you both attend an event or go out for a walk.

Latest Dog Fashion Trends 2019

1. Sassy Dog TIE DYE Hippie World PEACE Soft Cotton Knit T-Shirts

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Our top pick for hip outerwear is a Sassy Dog TIE DYE Hippie World PEACE Soft Cotton Knit T-Shirts. Your dog will look a little extra cool in these ultra-vibrant colors. It’s perfect for the fashion-forward dog who wants to have fun doing and the look is expected to trend even more during the year 2019.

2. Stunning Berry Style Dog COLLAR & LEASH SET

Stunning Burberry style Dog COLLAR & LEASH SET

After being extremely popular in the last year 2018. British Tan Plaid fashion trends never go out of style! For the more classy pooch, Berry Classical Dog Collar & Leash Set is a nice accessory for a special occasion. So the look can be worn year round.

3. Blue DENIM Dog VEST Jacket Patriotic Stars ‘n Stripes

Blue DENIM Dog VEST Jacket Patriotic Stars 'n Stripes

Denim, It never goes away! This Blue DENIM Dog VEST Jacket Patriotic Stars and Stripes is expected as one of the hottest street dog fashion trends that every dog need to have in their wardrobe. An elegant American flag accents the back of the vest and your pet’s name looks very fashionable.

4. Sassy Dog Fuchsia Boucle Cold Weather Designer Dress Dog COAT

Sassy Dog Fuchsia Boucle Cold Weather Designer Dress Dog COAT

Stunning fuschia pink color is every time favorite and stylish. Your dog will look stylishly hot in this superb Chanelesque couture dog coat! We think this dress coat will definitely be trending in 2019. It’s so French!

18Feb 2019

February 22 is the National Walk your Dog Day! It is a day dedicated to the four-legged animals that we love most. It is a day of dog-walking and other fun activities that are enjoyable to dogs and their owners. February 22 is almost around the corner, so get ready to grab a leash, your walking shoes, and some treats. Get ready to celebrate the National Walk your Dog Day with your best friend. The exercise is good for you as well as for the dog.

Best National Walk Your Dog Day Activities


The National Walk your Dog Day is a day that you celebrate the friendship between you and your dog. Let your dog know the day is about them with an unlimited special treat as you both go on your jolly walk.

Buy A Leash for your Dog & walk through the street on this special day!


The National Walk your Dog Day is not a day to do things the usual way with your dog. It is a day to do fun activities that you have not tried before or that you have not tried in a long time. When you walk your dog on the National Walk your Dog Day, explore new terrain by taking a different route. You and your dog will enjoy the new sights and your dog will enjoy the new sound and scents.


If you don’t have a dog, you can visit a local animal shelter and take some dogs on a stroll.


After walking your dog for a while on the National Walk your Dog Day, you can do some fun activities like fetch, tug of war, and hide-and-seek.

Top 4 Advantages of Walking Your Dog


Going on a walk with your dog is one of the best ways to connect with your dog. Also, it will not only afford you the opportunity to connect with your dog but also gives you the opportunity to socialize and it gives your dog the opportunity to socialize with other pets.


Walking is not only the easiest exercise but also one of the best exercises. Therefore, when you walk with your dog, you are doing yourself a big favor that your body will thank you for.


Dogs are active animals so they are always happy to do any activity that will keep them active and happy. Also, dogs have a lot of energy and if they are not allowed to exert their energy, they may become restless. Walking your dog calms him and facilitates a good night sleep.


Who doesn’t love to run for a stroll with their best fuzzy companion? It’s surprising to discover a canine who wouldn’t like to go for a walk. Strolling a pooch is a fun method to explore for you and canines. There’s nothing more comforting than getting out in the outside air with your pooch. Talking about habits, leave your cellphone in your pocket.

Carry this Dog Walker Bag, every time you go out for a walk with your Puppy!

2Feb 2019

5 Easy Tricks for Homemade Dog Food


If you want your dog to be healthy and stay healthy, you have to pay attention to what it eats. Most people turn to canned foods when they want to feed their dogs because it is easily accessible and it does not require any cooking or preparation. However, a lot of canned foods are questionable and may not supply the dog with the appropriate nutrition. In today’s post, we’ll discuss some easy tricks to make delicious homemade dog food.

Nutritional Requirements for Dogs and Their sources

  1. High-quality protein – meat, dairy, egg, seafood
  2. Carbohydrate – Grains, Beans, Vegetable
  3. Fat – Meat, Oil
  4. Calcium – Milk, crushed or powdered eggshells
  5. Fatty Acids – Oatmeal, cooked egg yolk, plant oils

Your dog is part of your family so you should ensure it gets exactly what it needs in its diet just like you do for the other members of your family.

However, you should never include any of the following into your dog food: peppers, beer, pomegranate, chocolate, nuts, garlic, gum, grapes, avocado, shrimp, onions, walnuts, almonds, marshmallow and mushroom.

5 Best Tips to Make Delicious Homemade Dog Food

1. Meat and other animal products should be half of the diet

Fifty percent of dog food should contain:

  • Boneless Meat: This includes red meat and poultry
  • Organs: This should be about five percent of animal products.
  • Fish: This should be one ounce per pound of meat, but ensure you feed your dog cooked fish.
  • Dairy: This is a good source of protein and calcium; however you should limit any type of cheese that is not a cottage and ricotta cheese.
  • Eggs: A big dog can have a whole egg per day.
2. Vegetables and Grains

These are essential for providing carbohydrate calories and a lot of other essential nutrients. They should make up a very high proportion of the other fifty percent of dog food. Below are some vegetables that are good for dogs:

  • Starchy Vegetables: Potatoes, beans, and pumpkins supply carbohydrate calories that are very food for dogs, especially active dogs. However, they must not be fed to them raw and they should be limited for overweight dogs.
  • Leafy Vegetables: They can be fed in any desired quantity.
  • Grains: Oatmeal, pasta, brown rice, quinoa, and barley are good grains for dogs. However, they must be well cooked.

Dog food should contain about 1000 mg calcium per pound of food. Some calcium-rich foods that are you can feed your dogs are Kale, tofu, rice (not white rice), edamame, sesame seeds, broccoli, almond, and soy milk.


Add fish oil or cod liver oil to their diet on days you don’t feed fish or on days you don’t feed too much fish.

Vitamins and Minerals

To ensure your homemade diet can supply adequate vitamins and minerals, you can add supplements to their food.

24Jan 2019

What you feed your dog determines how healthy it will be. High-quality food containing all the essential nutrients that your dog needs is key for good growth and to maintain his health or wellness. People who love their dog feed their dog good food, but many people do not know the nutritional requirements for dogs of different breeds are quite different. in this post, we’ll discuss how you can choose the right dog food depending on their breed.

large-breed dog and a very active dog need more calories than a dog who is not a large breed dog or a dog who is not very active.

There are a lot of dog breeds out there and the only similarity dogs of different breeds have is that they are all dogs; every other thing about them is different: they are different in color, height, hairiness, size, length, temperament, and sound. However, because differences in the nutritional requirement for dogs of different breeds are not as obvious as the other differences, people do not see it as a thing to consider.

This is true to some extent because of the basic nutritional requirement for all dogs is the same; however, there are some differences that are worthy of note.

Although dogs need fat for energy, the major nutrition their body needs to survive is from animal-protein (poultry, eggs, fish, and meat); this is because dogs evolved from the Wild Wolf. Dogs do not have a specific requirement for carbohydrate; feeding them carbohydrate (plant products) can be detrimental to their health. They can derive most of their nutrition from animal-based products.

An adult dog needs a diet containing at least 18 percent protein and puppies need at least 22 percent protein. For small-breed and working breed dogs, fat plays a particularly important role because it supplies the high energy (calories) that they need. They may also need protein to maintain their lean muscle mass.

How to Choose the Right Dog Food

1. Dogs that are very active like the Australian Shepherds need a high-protein and high-calorie diet, for example, they need foods that are 30 percent protein and 12 percent fat.

2. Dogs that lie down all day do not need as much protein and calorie as the dogs that are very active.

3. Large-breed dogs need less calories than small-breed dogs.

4. Small-breed need more calories than large-breed dogs

5. Some breeds have food allergies so you should avoid feeding them any food they are allergic to. For example, the Labradoodle is a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the poodle, both of which have a high risk for food allergies. You should not feed your labradoodle foods made with corn, soy, and wheat; it is advisable to feed them grain-free foods.