26Mar 2020

Shedding is a normal process in dogs. Dogs lose damaged and old hair through shedding. Health, season and breed type can vary the amount and frequency of hair that is shed. Some dogs develop thick coats in the winter and lose them in the spring. I know you love your dog, but you would not love the shedding. You can reduce shedding in your dog and keep down the amount of damaged hair scattered in and around your home.

The following points will let you know how to reduce shedding in dogs.

  • Give Healthy Food to Your Dog

Make sure the food you feed to your dog has good nutrition. You need to consider giving quality dog foods that can reduce shedding. Do not consider the cost factor alone, but also consider your dog’s health. The expensive dog foods can be made of good quality ingredients and can supply good nutrition to your dog. You can give occasional human food or snacks for your dog. Pay a visit to the pet shop to buy good food for your pet.

  • Brush Your Dog Regularly

How many of you do this? I know only a few dog owners. The more you brush your dog, the more hair you will remove and this can avoid shedding with your dog. Fall and spring are the shedding seasons of dogs. During this season, you need to brush your dog as many times as possible, but at least twice a week. If your pet has a double coat, you need to use the grooming tool to remove the damaged or loose hair.

  • Give Omega 3 Fatty Acids

No matter the kind of dog food you are giving to your dog, make sure it has omega 3 fatty acids. You can ask your vet to suggest the best dog food that contains omega 3 fatty acids. On the other hand, you can simply visit the pet store to buy the dog supplements that contain omega 3 fatty acids. The omega 3 fatty acids can provide numerous health benefits and especially healthy skin to your pet, which can reduce shedding.

  • Give Regular Bath to Your Pet

The best way to reduce shedding in dogs is to give regular baths to dogs. You need to use dog shampoo and conditioner for bathing your dog. You need to brush your dog thoroughly before giving a bath. Brushing can help you remove as much hair as possible before giving a bath to your dog. Your dog needs to be bathed at least once a month.

  • Consider Clipping

You need to clip your dog if your dog has a thick, profuse coat that sheds frequently or you reside in hot summer or warm climate. You need to take your dog to the professional groomer to clip its hair. This can reduce the amount of hair that sheds.

You can follow these steps to keep your house free of pet hair. If you have carpeting on the floor, you should change it, as your dog’s hair will stick to it.

3Mar 2020

Do you own a pet? Then you’ll relate to everything we’re going to talk about.
There are so many things about dogs that only a pup parent can relate & understand, some of them are “oh-so-adorable” & some of them are disgusting but those won’t matter to you at all.

Read out to learn about 5 things – every pet owner can relate to.

1. You’ll address them with a new nickname everyday

As a pet owner you put a lot of effort & time to choose your pet name. For example, we prepared an excel sheet before choosing a name for our pets & models, Bella & Reve. But their nicknames are however a total breakdown of the English language. Those are often made in such a way that it would sound weird but lovable like mossey moo moo.

Here are Sassy Dog Fashions’ favorite names for Dogs:

  1. Sasha
  2. Toby
  3. Bo
  4. Lucy
  5. Princess
  6. Alex
  7. Daisy
  8. Sparky
  9. Dusty
  10. Sam

2. Their hair is everywhere but you’re least concerned

After years of being a pet parent, you’re now aware that every corner, every cloth in the closets of your house is covered with dog hair…no, don’t even deny that, we know. You’ll find yourself cleaning those hair follicles often.

Our advice on cleaning dog hair:

  1. Buy light color clothes
  2. Have a lint roller in your house
  3. Use a damp sponge or rubber gloves to clean furniture
  4. Use a window squeegee for carpet cleaning
  5. Use a roll of tape for loose pet hair

3. You skip your plans because they fall asleep

Tell us how many times did you cancel your parties, dates & what not just because your pet fell asleep in your arms and he is so adorable to be disturbed. Also, it can be the perfect excuse if you don’t want to attend the party & it will be considered as a valid one so no worries.

4. You celebrate every milestone

You’ll celebrate even the smallest milestone which is related to them, whether it is bringing him home for the first time or the first time you took them out for dinner.

We have made a list of 8 milestones to celebrate with your pet.

  1. The first time you bring them home
  2. Completion of core vaccinations
  3. The first time he recognized his name
  4. When he finished his training
  5. When your dog started socializing
  6. Your first trip with your Pet
  7. First successful leash walk
  8. Celebrating birthday (So obvious)

5. You’ll not need an alarm clock

You’ll no longer need an alarm clock to wake up. Your dog will wake you up every morning at the same time. Tell us would you like to wake up to the annoying alarm tone or your dog’s woof woof? Seeing your pet’s face first thing in the morning would be a great way to start your day, isn’t it?

Can you relate to any one from the above? Or all of the above? Do you know any other relatable things that you can relate as a pet owner? Do let us know in the comment section below.

18Feb 2020

Dogs offers a lot more than just companionship. If you’ve got a furry friend already, you likely have a bunch of reasons to thank your dog. Or if you’re considering getting a pet dog then it can be considered as a great therapy.

You’ll exercise more often

Owning a dog will motivate you to exercise frequently. On those days, it will be easier for you to skip the gym. Looking at your pooch standing by the door waiting for you to take him for a walk can give you the push you need to get out there. Taking your dog for a 30 minutes walk daily can greatly improve your health.

You’ll feel less stressed

There are many studies proving that having a dog can decrease stress levels. Petting a dog, playing with a dog, and simply watching your pet dog can reduce your stress gradually with each passing day. Studies also show that dog ownership reduces stress hormones.

Your social life improves

Dogs not only help you improve your health but also can help you get a date. People often stop & talk with you when you’re walking a dog. Taking your furry friend to a dog park can lead to strangers striking up conversations with you about your dog.

Your kids will be less likely to have any allergies

Children who are grown up around a dog are less likely to have allergies. In fact, living in a home with a dog can help kids grow up to have an increased immunity to pet allergies later in their life.

Your heart will be healthier

Studies have shown that having a dog lowers a person’s heart rate. Therefore, dog owners are more likely to have a healthy heart compared to those who don’t have dogs. In fact, some research has shown that dog owners are much more likely to survive a heart attack compared to those who don’t have a dog.

You’ll be less likely to be depressed

Dog owners are less likely to be depressed. Caring for a dog helps relieve depression symptoms and encourages people to be more positive.

You’ll feel safer

Dogs are better at Home Security than any CCTV cameras or security guard. Studies show barking dogs notice robbers around.

Change in mood quickly

Spending time with your dog for just 30-45 minutes everyday will help you stay calm & relaxed, reduces stress & increases happiness. So next time you’re feeling low, grab your dog’s toy & spend some time with your pup. He will surely put a smile on your face.

He will save your life

Your little furry friend has the ability to detect cancer in human bodies. In fact, since this discovery was made, dogs have been trained in just 3 Hours to detect cancer.

He will make you more AWESOME

Having a dog makes you more responsible, selfless, patient & of course committed. Studies proved that dogs improve our mental & physical health, as well as the health of those who are around them.

How does your dog makes your day? Do let us know in the comment section below, we would love to hear.

24Jan 2020

During the hottest days, swimming can be a very interesting way to have fun, cool off and have some bonding time with your pet. However, before making that decision to take your dog on an adventurous boat ride, play fetch along a river bank or deep into a private pool in your backyard or a lake, there are a few water safety tips you must keep in mind in order to ensure your dog stays safe all through the event.

Dogs are not born natural swimmers

Just like humans, “Dogs can and do drown”. This point is the first and one of the most important safety guidelines to take note of when taking your pet to the water side. Understanding that dogs are not naturally born swimmers and that they need to learn how to swim will guide you in choosing the best shallow and quiet spot for them to start their training process. And if your dog already knows how to swim, then it is important you keep an eye out for strong undercurrents and riptides while at the beach. The younger your pet is when you begin teaching him how to swim, the better he will become at handling himself in any water.

Keep an eye out for how exhausted your dog might be

Swimming can be exhausting for your dog as it takes up lots of energy. So always keep your eyes out in case your dog gets too exhausted and can’t make it back on land, your timely intervention can be the major difference between life and death.

Don’t let him eat washed up fish

Washed up fishes might look like a five-star meal to him but it would only make him fall sick leaving you with the task to deal with a dog that might end up vomiting everywhere later at night or come down with a stomach upset.

Don’t let him drink ocean water

Ocean water will mess with his internal organs and throw him off balance. Instead, bring his own pure water from home and give him a drink whenever he feels dehydrated or tasty. Trust me, this will save you lots of money and sleepless nights.

The water temperature matters

If the water is very cold, then it might not be safe for your dog to take a deep in it. Doing so will only spell problems for you. So before you let your dog take a swim, ensure the water temperature suits his own kinds of breeds.

Get your dog a life jacket for boat rides

If you would like to go on a little joy boat ride with your dog, it is important you invest in a good life jacket for him even though he knows how to swim. This way you can easily prevent any hazards that might occur if he falls off the boat or decides to jump into the water.

Fishing gears can be dangerous to your dog

Fishing gears have sharp hooks and barbs that can cause bleeding, wounds and be very painful for your dog. So while you are going fishing with your pet, it is important you take precautions to protect your dog from entangling with the fishing gear.

Always dry his ears

Water can cause infections to a dog’s ear if not properly dried. So ensure you take your time to dry your dog’s ear once he is done swimming. You can use an ear cleaner or a drying agent to achieve this easily.

22Jan 2020

Choosing the kind of workout activities you like and ensuring your pet gets the much-needed exercise from it is important for your dog in order to boost their immunity, prevent various health complications, help them maintain a healthy weight by keeping them active, healthy and fit even into their old age. Also for humans, having a workout partner is one way to achieve massive success when it comes to staying fit, but who says that work out partner as to be a human or that you can’t turn the exercise routine into play time.

To help you achieve this, we have gone ahead to research and round up some of the best fun exercise routines you can apply to help keep both you and your pet healthy and active. However, taking your time to gradually introduce your pet to whichever new exercise program you choose is important in order to help them get used to it and build the stamina for it. So don’t worry if your dog seems overly out of breath, disoriented or panting heavily after the exercises, they will gradually get used to it. You also want to ensure any exercise program you choose can be flexible and adaptable to the weather conditions, so you don’t want to end up doing outdoor activities on very hot days.

With all that said and gotten out of the way, let’s get to our list of the best fun exercise routines you can start with your pet right away.

Indoor Exercises

1. Exercise your dog by running him up and down the stairs

This is one of the best ways to keep your dog fit. The stairs as a workout for your dog can offer amazing benefits in helping your pet develop really strong muscles and the added challenge and difficulty the steps and elevation offers makes it even better to really help keep them strong. The best way to carry out this exercise is by simply playing fetch. It requires little effort from you because you will be standing at the top of the stairs and throwing your dog a toy to fetch from downstairs. A few rounds of this game and he will be worn out.

2. Exercise your dog by hiding his treats and making him work to find them

You can simply help your dog exercise and sharpen his hunting, sniffing and predatory instincts by simply taking a variety of his favorite treats and hiding them. You can hide them in difficult corners to find and behind obstacles around the house. You can rest assured that after climbing through or pushing different obstacles, lifting and walking all about, your dog should be physically tired and fully exercised by the time he finally finds all the treats.

3. Exercise your dog’s teeth and stamina with a little tug of war

You can carry out a little tug of war with your pet in order to exercise him but you need to be careful about this kind of exercise because it brings out the predatory instincts in your dog and should only be done if you have full control and trust in your dog to obey your commands. But if done right this exercise can help you strengthen his teeth muscles and work on his stamina and strength.

Outdoor exercise

1. Go for an early morning jog or cycling

You can achieve health fitness for both you and your dog. Early morning jogs will help get the blood flowing and the muscles well used and exercised. It will also help increase the heartbeat leading to more intake of oxygen, this is very useful for ensuring the brain functions well.

2. Go for a social walk in the park

You can also decide to take it slow by heading out to the park to have some chill time with your dog. While at the park you can play fetch with your dog or let them play with and socialize with other dogs. This not only helps in keeping them physically fit, but also works wonders on them mentally.

3. Take your dog swimming

One of the best ways to exercise your dog while still having fun is through swimming. Swimming allows you both to have and cool off during the hot summer months while still ensuring your pet gets the optimal exercise they need. While in the water, they constantly flex their muscles by constantly paddling with their legs in order to stay afloat. However, you would want to ensure your dog knows how to swim first.

17Jan 2020

If you ask most dog owners to tell you a thing or two about their dogs, they will tell you more than a thing or two, and most of the things they will tell you will be about how cute their dogs are. Dog owners consider their dogs as members of their families, which means they do all they can to give their dogs all the care that a family member deserves. However, in recent years, a lot of dog owners have started investing more time and money in dog care, in a bid to make their dog stand out and turn heads. In other words, many dog owners are now making their dogs models.

If you are thinking of making your dog a model or if you have a really cute dog that you would like to bring into show business, you must understand that making a dog a great model is not a walk in the park. It requires a lot of work and time. Therefore, getting your dog into show business is a hustle that you must find really enjoyable if you do not want to regret making the decision. The fun you had with your dog would be your pay off if things didn’t work out at the end of the day.

Ready to make your dog a supermodel? Here are some of the things you need to do:

Start taking his/her pictures

One of the ways to show people that your dog can be a model is by showing them awesome pictures of your dog. You do not need to spend a fortune on professional photos. You are the best photographer for your dog because no one knows your dog better than you and no one can capture your dog’s personality better than you. All you need to do is get a camera or a phone with a good camera, snap clear shots of your dog, and have them printed in a 10-by-8 inch format. You can then send the pictures with your dog’s resume to several agencies.

Get an agent

Almost all models and actors have agents, so you need to get one for your dog. Although getting your dog an agent does not guarantee success in show business, it gives your dog a good chance of becoming a successful model. Many agencies are in the business of finding dog-talent for movies, TV ads, and print ads. They are agencies that can propel your dog to stardom.

Before contacting an agent, you must:

  • Ensure your dog is comfortable around loud noises and bright light.
  • Ensure your dog is comfortable around a lot of people.
  • Ensure your dog can stay engaged for long hours.
  • Ensure your dog is well trained.
  • Ensure you can put in a lot of time and energy.
  • Be sure that any agent will fall in love with your dog at first sight.

Social Media

Social media is a really good and useful platform to show your dog to a lot of people around the world. You will able to grow your pet’s fan base too.

Would You Like Your Dog To Be A Model for Sassy Dog Fashions?