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8Sep 2021

The pet apparel and accessories business has multiplied rapidly, and the last year has witnessed a massive surge in the sales of these products. Globally, the market has grown from $216 billion in 2020 to around $232 billion this year. In the US, the market has expanded from about $95.7 billion in 2020 to approximately $99.0 billion today. If you are a retailer, you need to look for the best wholesale suppliers of pet clothing and unique product manufacturers. You need to offer your clients trending products of top-notch quality.

In this article, we shall be discussing how to select a harness wholesaler for your retail business, suggest a reliable wholesaler, and take you through some of the popular harness options you should consider stocking.

How To Select The Best Harness Wholesaler

1. Original Designs

The first aspect to check is the design source of your wholesaler. If the designs of the products are in-house, it is an assurance that they are all original designs. It will help you stand out from other retailers. Moreover, this will ensure that you have the products in the latest patterns as soon as a trend starts and you start getting customer inquiries.

2. Quality Products

Unlike fast fashion or quirky decorative objects, quality is the most vital aspect of pet products. You must ensure that your wholesaler is someone who can assure you that all products are made using the best fabrics and hardware. A wholesaler with an independent manufacturing unit will have better quality control over its products, apparel, and accessories.

3. Reliable Delivery And Payment Process

In a business where trends change in a blink of an eye, and there is a lot of business volume, you need a reliable wholesale partner. Your wholesaler must be prompt in their deliveries and offer you convenient and easy payment modes. It ensures a smooth business experience for you and better customer satisfaction for your buyers.

4. International Shipping

Technology has pulled the barriers down in more than one way. If you are a retailer, you have to look for a wholesaler who offers international shipping. Most trends originate in the US. So, ideally, you need an American wholesaler who can deliver you the latest trending products as soon as the demand for that picks up in your country.

Moving on to SassyDogFashions, we strive to be one of the most popular and well-respected names in the pet accessories and apparel industry. An American premium pet clothes and accessories supplier and manufacturer, it is the brainchild of Auntie Maria. She is a fashion design graduate of The Baum School of Art. They specialize in both retail and wholesale sales of pet clothes and accessories.

The Trending Dog Harnesses For The Coming Months

These are the picks for the dog harnesses that will be in demand this year from the extensive collection available at SassyDogFashions

1. Pink Dog / Cat Puppy Harness with Leash Option in Houndstooth Plaid

This is what you get when you bring together a classic print like Houndstooth with the sweet candy floss pink color. It is a harness that offers both form and function. The harness is entirely padded with adjustable straps to ensure the puppy does not wiggle out. This ultra-soft harness is the perfect training harness for active pups. It is available in sizes extra small to large.

2. Purple Mesh Soft Pet Dog Harness

Designer Dog Harnesses

During hot summers, the demand for comfortable yet fashionable harnesses goes up. This beautiful harness in a breathable mesh is padded and ultra-soft. It gives the dogs a comfortable feel. This lovely harness is available in five bright summer shades. It is available in sizes extra small to large.

3. Turquoise Blue Plush Reflective Soft No Choke Dog Harness

For pet parents who take their dogs out for a walk in the dark, a reflective harness is a must. This harness with reflective trim is the perfect choice for them. It is made from plush, soft fabric and comes with an adjustable chest strap, a quick release buckle, and D-ring to attach the leash. Best suited for small to medium-sized dogs and is available in sizes extra small to large.

4. Red Buffalo Puppy Dog Harness with Leash

fashion dog harnesses

Many dog parents prefer the classic prints and patterns all year round. A perfect choice for them would be this all-time favorite red and black tartan/checkered harness. It is in soft, machine-washable fabric and it has comfortable padding all over. A popular choice, this harness is available in sizes extra small to extra large.

5. Leopard Soft No Pull Dog Harness

Animal prints are always in vogue. This adorable leopard print soft harness is a wardrobe must-have for all canine fashionistas. The plush fabric and generous padding make it a comfortable wear for even the most playful pets. This durable and well-stitched harness will last for a long time. This fashionable harness is available in sizes extra small to large.

6. Pink Rose Harness Dress with Matching Leash

For pet owners looking for a more fashion-forward harness, this blend of a beautiful dog dress and harness is the best choice. This lovely harness dress is perfect for outdoor parties. It comes with a ruffled skirt printed with roses and a sweet peter pan collar with roses embroidered on it. The little rosette on the waistband adds a delicate touch to the dress. It comes with a D-ring and a matching leash. The harness is available in sizes extra small to large.

7. Lady Bug Ruffled Dog Harness

Another perfect combo of a dress and harness would be this bright little outfit. A bright yellow and red dress with cute ladybugs printed on it would make any pet wearing it stand out. The cute curvy collar in popping red and the custom coordinated buttons add a bit whimsy to this lovely harness dress. A popular choice, this harness is available in a wide variety of sizes from XXS to XXL.


When it comes to the selection of a wholesaler for harnesses, care must be taken to find a reliable and creative supplier. At SassyDogFashions, all your wholesale harnesses, pet clothing, and accessories needs will be met.

20May 2021

Having a pet — a companion who is affectionate and caring is just a blessing. Millions of people across the globe are adopting a wide range of animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, as their pet animals. Pet parents love spending quality time with their pets, especially in the Spring season. 

Spring is the season when the daylight will shine for longer hours and you will feel all the positive vibes all around you. You can organize some fun activities in the backyard, bake some special food items for your pets and play with them. All these things will not just make your pets happy and cheerful but also help them develop a strong bond with you. 

Spring season seems to be the perfect time when you can take your dog out in the garden or park and let them play outdoors. You can even invite your friends and their furry friends to make them feel the best.

Dogs generally enjoy the best when they are surrounded by other canines (which is quite natural). So what type of fun activities can you arrange for your dog so that the Spring becomes enjoyable for them?

If you are confused and not sure which ideas to pick, then don’t worry. We have rounded up some amazing fun activities that will ensure that your furry friend gets the best experience. 

#1 You Should Take Your Furry Friend To Hiking Trails:

You Should Take Your Furry Friend To Hiking Trails

Hiking in the spring season is one of the best fun things, which you can do with your pet. Your dog loves to be close to nature, explore new things, new smells, run around freely, and play with you. If there is a small pond or a river nearby, your dog can even swim in it and express his happiness. The weather could change quickly on hiking trails, so make sure your pet is wearing a light coat. You can get beautiful little dog coats on Sassydogfashions They have a wide range of dog coats and jackets. If you think that there might be an unseasonal shower, then get a raincoat too from Sassydogfashion. Make sure you are keeping the paw pads of your dogs perfect and covered. It will be a great experience not just for you but also for your furry friend. 

#2 You Can Arrange A Party For The Furry Friends: 

You can invite the friends of your dog and then organize some water games or let them play with the balls and pads. Besides this, you can cook the favorite items of your dog and serve them when they get hungry. You can serve these foods on their favorite plates and observe the happiness that comes across their face. 

#3 Arrange A Movie Time For You And Your Dog: 

Just imagine, both of you watching your favorite movie on the TV, you have popcorns, and your dog is nibbling his favorite bites. Can there be a perfect moment to spend the spring days with your furry friend? You can, later on, take them on an evening stroll and let them play in the park. 

#4 Take Them To Camp: 

Camping is one of the best ways to spend the Spring with your dogs and also help your dog to connect with nature and develop a bond with you. The camping trip will take you and your dog away from the daily chaos and routine life and let you both spend some time in a peaceful environment. 

#5 You Must Take Them To The Beach: 

You Must Take Them To The Beach

You can easily dress up your dog with flowery apparel, pack the bags and then take them to the beach. You can search for some of the most beautiful and dog-friendly beaches and spend some quality time with your dog under the sun. 

#6 You Can Take Your Dog For A Shopping Trip To A Dog-friendly Store: 

Shopping is an activity that is interesting not just for you but also for your dog. There are certain pet-friendly stores that will allow you to take your dogs with you. You can buy amazing clothes, pet food, and toys for your dog. The best aspect would be to let them choose their own clothes and toys. It will make your dog cheerful and happy. Shopping trips are the most effective way to spend your time with your dogs. 

#7 Get Your Dog A Good Massage: 

You might be surprised to know that not just you but even your dog can enjoy a great massage. All you need to do is find the best massage place for your dog and for yourself. With great massage therapy, you will help your dog to strengthen immunity, get relief from stress and body pain. It will also help your dog to improve digestion and stay healthy. 


The aforementioned ways are some of the most interesting and fun ways to spend Spring with your dogs. You can try out some other activities as well that you feel perfect for spending the spring season.

20Apr 2021

Dogs are one of the most adorable animals that every other person wishes to adopt. Some people bring home a dog from an animal adoption center; whereas, some people rescue the dogs from a dangerous living condition and keep it with them. Owning A dog or adopting one, is one of the greatest experiences. Within a short period, the dog becomes an integral part of your life. You take care of him, feed him, groom him, go on evening strolls, go for a picnic or shopping, and even hiking. All these things not just make you happy but also cheerful and positive throughout the day. Having a dog in your house for the first time can be really overwhelming. However, even with all the excitement and happiness, you should ensure not to make any mistakes. Here are a few important things that every new dog owner should know about getting a dog. 

#1 Bringing Home Your New Pet Friend:

If it is your first time, you can either have a puppy or a grown-up dog. You can find a lot of senior dogs and adult dogs who require love, care, and affection and a loving home too. You can survey all the pet shelter homes and get the one that best suits you. While doing so, you should take time to consider your lifestyle, activity level, and patience before adopting. Besides this, you must also research the different breeds of dogs that will easily match your lifestyle. 

#2 Make Sure Your House Is Pet Proof:

Pet-proof means making your house safe for your pet. Making sure that there is no way your pet can get injured accidentally in your house. So, the cable wires must not lay all around the house, any sharp things must be kept away, chemicals or cleaning solutions must be properly stored in the cabinets. All the household items, which can become a potential threat to the dog must be out of their reach. Even very small toys should be kept away as the dog may swallow them unknowingly. 

#3 You Must Get Proper Training For Getting A New Pet in the House:

There are various books available, which can help you and guide you in taking care of your dogs for the first time. You might also consider enrolling in online dog training classes. It will help you to know and understand your dog. You will be able to understand when to take your dog out for his daily walks, when to feed him, when to play with him, etc. 

#4 Provide Training To Your Dog:

Besides your training, you must also train your dog. If your dog is quite small, then wait for at least 6 months and then start their training. Your dog will learn to behave and be normal around the house. They will learn all essential aspects such as, ask for food, request to go out, etc. A well-trained dog will understand your voice commands, your actions and learn to obey you.

Provide Training To Your Dog 

#5 Help Your Dog Socialize With Everyone:

When the puppy or the dog is new to your house, he might be afraid to meet other people and not like to be a part of any event. Moreover, they might get scared if a lot of people come to the house all of a sudden. So, you need to help your dog socialize with each member of the family, who is living in the house. But patiently. Do not rush anything.

#6 Make Sure You Have Good Food For Your Dog:

When you are raising a dog, the health of your dog is your responsibility. You should stock up on all the nutritious dog food and feed him at regular intervals. You can also learn to prepare special dog meals after consulting your local veterinarian.

#7 Pay Visit To The Vet:

Generally, young dogs are not accustomed to visiting the vets and maybe afraid for the first two or three times. With regular vet consultation, your dog will get friendly, and the check-up procedure will become easy.

#8 Get Dog Apparels For Your Little Friend:

Every new pet owner must ensure that they are keeping their dog clean and well-groomed. You must bathe them regularly and dress them in beautiful dog clothes. 

#9 Getting Pet Essentials For Your Dog:

While taking your dog on walks, for picnics, or on hikes, you would be needing a proper leash and dog harness to maintain your dog’s safety. So, you should have two to three dog harnesses always with you, which you can use alternatively. One of the best online stores for this is https://sassydogfashions.com/. They have a wide range of pet collars, leashes, and harnesses made of premium-grade material. All these are padded and made of soft fabrics and materials to ensure that your pet is protected and comfortable while you take them out for their regular walks and playtimes.

Getting Pet Essentials For Your Dog

#10 Proper Exercise Is A Must For Your Dog:

Your dog and his health are your responsibility. Besides providing proper food, you must take them out regularly, so that they get the required exercise and fresh air. 


A dog is just like your family member who needs due care, affection, and the right amount of attention. It is a commitment that you need to make for a long period. So you should get a dog only if you are ready to take up the responsibility.


13Apr 2021

Millions of people are adopting domestic animals as their pets. The pet animal may be a dog, a cat, a rabbit, or any other animal the person wishes to have. The very first thing that most new pet parents are excited about is giving a fun and meaningful name to their new furry friends. Just like selecting the name for your kid, you would have to take some time and think carefully before you choose the best name for your little friend. Sometimes, the naming part becomes extremely tough. Some names you find are far too common and others do not suit the personality of your dog. Some are not very trendy or some are not good for male puppies. Due to multiple such factors, the naming part seems to be extremely daunting. Are you feeling the same? Well, then don’t worry, you are not alone many people are facing a similar dilemma. 





























































Having the right name for the dog conveys not just a lot about the dog but also about the pet’s parents. Besides this, naming your puppies will also help you build a strong bond with the pet. Thus, the pet parents are very particular when it comes to finalizing a wonderful name for the newest addition to the family.

In this article, we shall primarily focus on how to shortlist names for little male puppies.

We are going to share some tips, which will help you choose the best name for your male puppy. For male puppies, there are multiple popular names that you could choose from, but the final choice depends on you as you are the pet parent. This blog will help you to narrow down your choices of names for male puppies. 

The very first step in choosing the right name for your dog is dependent on your journey, the dog’s personality, the dog’s lifestyle with you, and the habits the dog will develop. The name you choose for your male puppy must work for both of you. Only then you would be able to develop a strong bond with your puppy. 

Follow these guidelines to select the ideal name for your lovely male pup.

#1 Know Your Male Puppies: 

The names you would be choosing for your male puppies should suit their personality. So try to know and understand the habits of your dog. If he is a bit of a rough and tough guy, then you can choose some cool and tough names for your male dog, such as Bruce, Ranger, or Shadow. If he is a real gentleman in his behavior, you can choose from some lovely classic names like Charlie, George, or Max. May your little puppy is an utter sweetheart and loves to cuddle with you, then you might select names that indicate tenderness like Buddy or Teddy. If you choose the names that suit their personality, it would be helpful for them. 

Know Your Male Puppies

#2 Make Use Of The Names That Have Short Sounds: 

The names you would be choosing for your dog will make some sound. This sound has to be short. The short sounds have a higher recognition factor for the dog (male puppies) instead of long sounds. For instance, you can use the names “Chuck”, “Jacky” or “Hulk” etc. These words or names have short sounds. You should not make use of long names such as ”Christopher” or “Jonathan”. According to the experts, you should ideally choose names that have one or two syllables. Syllables are the individual sounds in a word. For instance, the word ‘table’ has two syllables ‘ta and ble.’ Male dog names such as Ace, Max, or Jax have one syllable. Whereas, names like Ollie, Cooper, or Peanut have two syllables each. 

#3 Don’t Use Female Names For Male Puppies: 

It is better to give a gender-specific name to your little pup. Such names are necessary because it helps us to distinguish them. So make sure you are not mismatching the names. Along with the gender, you must also ensure that different dog breeds should have different names. For instance, you should not use the names, which are used for small poodles for huge dogs like a St. Bernard or Pitbull. Large male dogs can be given names like Thor, Blaze, or Samson. 

#4 You Can Make Use Of Online Dog Names Generator: 

Even after following all these suggestions, it might happen that you are unable to get the right name for your male puppies. In such situations, you can use an online dog name generator. All you have to do is provide the details of your dog and you would come across 100s of unique names that you can use for your male puppies. 


There are millions of names you can use for your male puppies. But if you want the name to be unique and easy for your puppy to recognize, follow these simple points. You would definitely come up with something unique and lovely. 

8Apr 2021

The first thing all the pet parents do when they bring a new puppy home is to give them a good (you can say a trendy) name. Providing a name to the puppies is actually a good thing as it will help you refer to them or call them. It helps in creating a bond between the owner and the pet. Naming your female puppy is really a fun task but also very daunting. It is daunting because choosing the right name for the female puppies can become a bit difficult. Every pet parent wants to provide a name that is definitely unique and even suits the personality of the female pup. Besides this, the name you choose or select for your puppy also portrays your personality, hobbies, and preferences. 

Note: Naming a female puppy is also an important part of her training as she will learn to respond to the word and recognize your voice. In this article, we shall provide a list of the female puppy names in vogue right now and provide you with some tips to ensure that the naming of your new puppy is hassle-free. 






























































Pet parents are quite particular when it comes to choosing a name for their female puppies because it is something that will be used to call their little furry friend for years to come. Just like human babies’ names, the names that are given to puppies are also given due consideration. And you don’t want to choose an outdated name for your puppy, right?

#1 For Female Puppies, You Must Choose A Name That Has An Ending With A Vowel: 

For Female Puppies, You Must Choose A Name That Has An Ending With A Vowel

The vowels are the letters that make a particular sound whereas consonants do not make any sound. If you want your dog or puppy to recognize your voice, you must opt for the names that end with a vowel. It would become easier for you to gain their attention. So you can choose some interesting names for your female dogs, such as Josie, Allie, or Rossie. 

#2 Ensure That The Name You Choose Is Having Two Syllables: 

For naming your female puppies, you must avoid names that are very long. So you must choose from those names that are made up of two syllables, as it will be easier for the female puppies to understand. You can list out all the short names for female puppies that have two syllables. Now go through these names multiple times in the presence of your dog and see how she is responding to the names. You can choose the name that is comfortable for you to say and even easier for the dog to understand. Moreover, the names with two syllables are more attention-grabbing. 

#3 Don’t Choose Any Names That Feel/Sound Like A Command: 

You must focus on selecting those names that do not sound like a command to your female puppy. For instance, if you want to teach your dog a command “Fetch” for bringing anything. Then you should not use words that rhyme with such words. It will confuse them and make it difficult for them to differentiate between the two words. You can go for regular names like Jamie, Sally, or Holly to name your female dogs. 

#4 You Can Utilize The Hard Consonants While Choosing A Name For Your Female Dog: 

You Can Utilize The Hard Consonants While Choosing A Name For Your Female Dog

When you are including the hard consonants in the names of the female dogs, it becomes easier for them to recognize and grasp. Examples of such female dog names are Gracie or Julie. 

#5 Never Associate The Names Of Puppies With Negativity: 

Whenever you are calling out the name of your female puppy, she will associate it with herself and understand that something is meant to her or for her. So make sure the words you use are always used in a positive context and not something scary. 

#6 Do Not Use The Names For Puppies That Are Similar To Other Family Members: 

When you are finalizing the names for your female dogs, make sure to avoid any that are similar to other family members’ names. It will confuse them when to respond and when not to respond. For instance, if there is Sara in your home, then do not name your puppy Cara.


Selecting the right feminine name for your puppy can be extremely difficult. Being confused is quite obvious. But you are not alone in this. There are many pet parents who find it hard to choose the right name for their female dogs. But the list of names and the points will surely help you. Just keep in mind these essential points, and the naming process will become smooth for you.

4Mar 2021

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and you might be preparing yourself to enjoy yourself at the pub and have a pint of Guinness with an amazing leprechaun hat on. These are the most common things that come to your mind when you think of St. Patrick’s Day. But do you think you would be able to take your pets to the pub? I guess not! So how are you planning to spend the lovely festival with your pets around you? Without wasting a single minute, you will have to plan something fun and interesting activities that will make your dog happy. Make sure you have all the green stuff stocked up to celebrate this day.

Do you have the slightest idea why St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in America?
St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17th March every year to honor the Irish and Irish American heritage and give due respect to the culture and tradition. People in different US cities would organize parades and festivities and sing Irish songs.

#1 Dress Up Your Pet In Green Apparel:

Dress Up Your Pet In Green Apparel

You can enjoy the festival by dressing up your dog in different green clothes and accessories. You can get a green shirt with floral prints, a green dog harness, and dog collars, and a sweet green hat. You can even have a green leash for the dog collar/dog harness. You can even just put a green bow tie around the neck to make your dog look handsome. When your dog is ready, you can dress in matching apparel and get a hat on. With this look, you can join your friend to witness the parade in your city.

[Note: You can get these amazing St. Patrick’s day inspired dog apparel collections at SassyDogFashions — bowtie, t-shirts, shirts, leash, dog harness, and dog collars].

#2 You Can Watch Interesting St. Patrick’s Day-themed Movies With Your Pet:

Not everyone would like to participate in the social event, so no celebration, no enjoyment? Certainly not! You can get a collection of St. Patrick’s Day theme movies and watch with your pet, along with the perfect delicacies lined on the table beside the television. [You can even prepare some of your dog’s favorite items and see how cheerful that day would become]. Some of the best movies based on St. Patrick’s Day are Leap Year, The Secret of Kells, Waking Ned Devine, Once, P.S. I Love You, and Brooklyn. You can also choose some other movies to spend quality time just with your dog and relaxing.

#3 You Can Plan For A Photoshoot With Festive Outfits:

If your dog loves having photoshoots, then you can plan a fun activity that includes photoshoots of you and your adorable dogs. You can dress up your dog in different festive clothing that is all green. You can get some amazing leprechaun costumes for yourself and your dog and prepare for St. Patrick’s Day eve. You can later on, frame these pictures and cherish the memories.

#4 You can organize a furry friend dinner party in traditional Irish style:

Just like you, your dog might have friends in the neighborhood. You can invite his furry friends to enjoy a dinner party that can be organized in a traditional Irish style. You can ask all the pet parents to dress them up and bring them to your house. You can prepare some amazing dog treats, which your dog and his friends would love to have. Even you will have some company to enjoy the day with and watch your dog having a gala time. This would be the perfect way of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

#5 You Can Bring Your Dog To Enjoy The St. Patrick’s Day Parade:

You Can Bring Your Dog To Enjoy The St. Patrick’s Day Parade

If your dog loves being around people and socializing, then you can bring him to the St. Patrick Parade. On this day, the climate is usually pleasant, which means it’s not too cold and nor too hot. The dog would love to see how people have dressed up for the eve and how they are performing. This would be a wonderful experience for your dog.


Different people have different ways of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day — some people tend to celebrate it with their friends, some with their pet. If you have an adorable pet, then you can plan any of the aforementioned fun activities to spend some quality time with your pet on that day and make them feel cheerful.