22Sep 2022

Most dog owners like taking their pets with them everywhere they go. Whether a stroll in the park or a trip to the mall, proud dog owners want their favorite pet to accompany them at all times. We’ve all seen little pups poke their heads out of their owners’ luggage and various forms of dog carriers. Pets are devoted companions, but we all know how quickly tiny dogs weary. They require regular repose, which necessitates using anything to transport them. Of course, you can carry the dog in your arms, but this is inconvenient, tiresome, and impractical. That is why you should think about obtaining a great small dog tote bag for your small dog. They are a lovely idea to make life easier for you and your dog. Wondering how? Check out the benefits.

Fashionable and Comfy

Dog carriers and dog bags are fashionable, functional, and comfy, and they come in a variety of forms and sizes. It’s a good idea to first measure your dog’s size before looking for the best bag for its size. The sling-style purse is now one of the most appealing and popular types. This bag sits at the waist and is comfy for your tiny dog. Because the dog’s weight is evenly distributed, you will not experience any strain or pain when carrying your dog. Aside from the listed types, there are also more giant carriers with a few compartments on the side. You may keep various items there, such as toys or dog food. Dog bags come in multiple hues, so pick one that appeals to you and complements your entire look.

Take wherever you go

Dog carriers and tote bags are bags that are utilitarian, practical, elegant, and appealing. If you don’t already have a little dog, you should consider obtaining one. They are great for transporting your dog wherever you go, and you will quickly realize how useful they can be. Many economical and attractive bags are available, so shop around and choose the perfect tote bag for your dog.

Keep pets disciplined

Many different breeds of dogs, believe it or not, desire to work. A dog backpack provides your dog with a sense of purpose. When your dog wears his pack, he knows he’s making a difference. As a result, he will typically act better and be happy. Consider strapping on an empty bag if your dog is little or elderly. He won’t realize it’s simply for show and will benefit from the illusion that he’s contributing. Being in “work mode” also helps your dog’s thinking. When your dog wears a pack, he knows he has a task to do. This stimulates both his brain and his body.

Sleeps Comfortably

When traveling through a crowded place, carrying the dog in a bag keeps the dog secure. Why risk having your dog snagged by someone on a crossing when you can transport it in a backpack you can carry with you? Small tote dog bags are pretty comfy for both you and your dog. The dog will love sitting inside, and you will keep him from exploring and running into unsafe situations. Bags are fantastic since they keep your hands free and allow you to accomplish your normal activities without difficulty.

Final Verdict!

There are several benefits that you can have by having small dog tote bags. So, if you plan to buy, feel free to explore our website. We bring you a versatile range of tote bags exclusively designed, keeping the needs of pet owners in mind. Refer to our website for more details!

21Sep 2022

When the weather cools and the chill sets in, our four-legged pals enjoy the warm, deliciousness of a comfortable sweater just as much as we do. To assist you in selecting the perfect fleece, hoodie, or custom made dog sweaters for your beloved companion, we’ve compiled a list of the most incredible dog sweaters for canines of all sizes.

The dog sweaters on this list are a mix of great sellers and new pieces that capitalize on some of the season’s biggest trends. These excellent options will not only keep your dog warm in cold weather, but they will also look great! Let’s know in detail!

American Flag Sweater

The patriotic American Flag dog sweater is made from 100% wool. It is knit by Artisan Knitters and is the warmest because the natural fibers have greater bulk, preventing air pockets. Wool is a renewable resource and is water-repellent. The Lavender Flower Dog Sweater will brighten up any cold winter day. The soft lavender looks fantastic on every color dog. Treat your dog to the best! For best sizing, check out our size chart!

Pinki Sweaters

The Hot Pink Ski Wool Dog Sweater is made entirely of sheep wool. The vivid pink looks great on any color dog. It comes in eight sizes, ranging from teacups to great Danes. Because of the flexibility in the yarn, these dog sweaters fit barrel-chested dogs like Pit Bulls, Boxers, and Pugs well. The sweaters are incomparable to any other dog sweater, as you will notice when you touch one in your hand.

Navy Tartan Plaid Dog Sweater

This blue, red, and green sweater with a checkered pattern is a timeless winter staple. Both male and female canines benefit from this arrangement. The adorable sweaters from Chilly Dog come in eight sizes, making them suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes, from little poodles to Great Danes. Thanks to the stretchy material, Chilly Dog sweaters are an excellent option for dogs with broader chests like Pugs, Boxers, and Pitbulls. Chilly Dog sweaters are the best-made dog sweaters on the market. Indulge your dog with luxurious items. Use our size chart to get the perfect fit.

Light Blue Sweaters

This custom made dog sweaters available in 8 sizes to accommodate all dogs. Beautiful grey and blue color combinations look great on any dog. This design suits both male and female dogs. This design fits both male and female dogs! Because natural fabrics have more weight, which avoid air pockets. These sweaters are incomparable to any other dog sweater, as you will notice when you touch one in your hand. Give your dog the best! See the sizing chart tab for further information.

Peppermint Hoodie

The peppermint hoodie holiday dog sweater comes in eight sizes to accommodate any dog. This festive red sweater features bold contrasting hues, making it the ideal winter sweater. Because of the flexibility in the yarn, our sweaters fit barrel-chested dogs like Pit Bulls, Boxers, and Pugs well. The sweaters are incomparable to any other dog sweater, as you will notice when you touch one in your hand.

Paw Prints Sweaters

Buy your mini diva dog, cat, or puppy cozy, adorable toasty plush luxury sweaters. This pet fleece sweater is handcrafted in the USA from superior paw print plush fuzzy fabric and features a stylish hemline of lace, pom poms, and extra embellishments and fancy touches. It covers the belly and chest to provide additional warmth in cold, rainy weather. Our dog fleece sweaters are comfortable to wear and protect your teacup, XXS, XS, or tiny to medium dog or cat from cold weather, wind, rain, and snow.

Wrapping Up!

Hope these work best for you. So, if you are looking to buy the best sweaters for yourself. Sassy Dog Flash is your place to visit. Examine the size chart and select your size based on your chest measurement. Refer to their website for more details about the custom made dog sweaters!

14Sep 2022

Putting on a dress-up show with your dog is a delight. Dog clothes are cute, but they also have useful purposes. The challenge is figuring out how to dress your dog for a reason other than human entertainment. Dog owners should choose practical clothing for their pets that provides essentials like warmth, comfort, and security rather than just novelty costumes.

Here are some of the most crucial things to consider when picking dog clothing from the best boutique.

1. Variety of Dog Clothes
The breed of dog you have and the function the clothing will serve both plays a significant role in determining the kinds of dog clothes you should look into purchasing for your pet.
Dogs with short coats, like Pugs, have problems keeping themselves warm; therefore, in cooler conditions, they may benefit from wearing sweatshirts designed specifically for dogs. They may need dog coats for the winter. The same holds for older dogs since they may have joint discomfort if exposed to frigid temperatures.

2. Quality
Pick up garments for your dog made of a comfortable material that allows air to circulate freely, such as cotton or a premium cotton blend. Look for dog raincoats that are composed of a material that is not only lightweight but also robust and waterproof.

The method of construction is as crucial as the materials themselves. Generally speaking, the seams and buttons on an item are reliable indicators of the quality the manufacturer provides.
Make sure the printing was machine pressed if there is any; else, the pattern may flake off or fade soon. Since you can’t physically examine the product before purchasing it online, it’s important to only deal with a reputed dog clothing boutique.

3. Fit of the Apparel
There is a lot more to have the right fit for dog gear than simply being able to put it on. Every component needs to be customized to fit perfectly. If you do not take this precaution, your dog may end up wriggling, pawing, or even biting at the garments.

Also, select clothing that does not extend past the waist; otherwise, you risk getting it soiled whenever you have to go toilet.

4. Design
The design will never be less significant than the other considerations, even though it is not the most practical factor. You can choose dog gear depending on your taste and understanding of fashion.

As long as you put their ease and protection first, there is no need to avoid dressing them up.

5. Easy to Wear
Getting our pets to agree to wear clothes isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Dog garments must be easy to put on and take off when needed. If you don’t do that, you can have a lot of trouble.

Consider their collar or harness. Does it seem like it would be a hassle to carry around? Choose easy-to-wash garments always!

Always ensure to keep these tips in your mind before making a purchase from your favorite dog clothing boutique.

12Sep 2022

Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries. They are loyal, friendly, and loving companions. If you’re looking for a unique gift that makes a statement about your relationship with your dog, then buy a custom embroidered dog collar to let the world know that you are one of a kind. This post will give you handy data about the custom embroidered dog collar which you may pick up from our shop.

1. Personalized Custom Velvet Designer Dog Collar in Multiple Colors
Keep up with fashion trends with a luxurious, personalized, custom embroidered Velvet Dog Collar with name. It makes a great high-quality gift for your pet or for a pet lover gift to a dog owner. It’s a perfect treat for both male and female dogs. Choose the color, name, and size of your choice and we will turn it into a handmade styled collar that you can cherish forever.

2. Personalized Nylon Dog Collar for Dog Identification with Matching Leash Option
If you love your furbabies and want to show them, don’t settle for generic leather dog collars or metal tags. Add a name tag that is perfect for your pet’s personality. You can also select a custom stitching color with multicolored thread to match his coat. Choose a two-piece or three-piece leash/collar combination, and then add up to 24 characters of custom text on the collar itself to permanently personalize your dog’s collar. A unique design and 24-thread color options will make this collar special and personal to you.

3. Personalized Pretty Petals Vibrant Floral Custom Pet Dog Collar and Leash Set for Girls, with Poop Bag Option
Our Pretty Petals personalized designer beauty is both cute and functional! With its matching leash, our female floral dog collar will be the perfect accessory for your furry girl. This stylish female flower collar is available in sizes XS thru Large and matches the optional matching leash, along with a matching poop bag holder. Walk your girl in style today! Sassy Dog Fashions will keep you and your princess in the latest custom pet fashions.

4. Customizable Leopard DOG COLLAR and Leash with Bow Tie Set of 3
Leopard animal print is always a top trending fashion statement, so making your dog a part of that by dressing him/her in this stylish collar print is definitely a great idea. This designer Personalized Leopard Dog Collar and Leash Set Gift for Girls comes with a pretty detachable bow. The custom embroidered dog collar is available to be personalized with your pet’s name in your favorite thread color or you may order it blank, just for the print!

With a wide selection of dog collars, leashes, and harnesses, Sassy Dog Fashions can help you make your pet look its best without breaking the bank. In our online store, you’ll find many different styles of high-quality custom embroidered dog collars, each different from the others. Get one for your furry friend today.

14Oct 2020

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has created a great impact on the lives of people across the globe. It has been 6 to 7 months since the outbreak of the coronavirus but we still have to abide by the government’s COVID-19 guidelines to protect ourselves and others from infectious disease. When the people were not able to get enough surgical masks or N-95 masks, they started making use of home masks. These handmade masks are helpful in protecting a person against the spread of the coronavirus. By wearing face masks you are not only protecting yourself but also others. The coronavirus cases are still on the rise and they won’t be stopping anytime soon. So you have to be very careful whenever you are going out for work, buying groceries or any other purpose. Even the CDC is recommending that everyone wear a cloth mask when they go out in public.

You can buy face masks from various online platforms that offer handmade premium quality face masks for all the members of your family.

Get An Amazing Black Contoured Respirator Cotton Cloth Face Mask:

Well, it is a unisex face mask, and men and women can use it to cover the mouth and nose. It has got two filters and an adjustable earloop. With an adjustable earloop, you can adjust the masks so that it fits comfortably to your face. You can easily wear it in public areas or at your office to protect yourself from any sort of infection or pollutants. During the inhaling process, the flap present on the mask closes tightly to ensure no particles flow into the mask and your body. Similarly, while exhaling the air quickly leaves via the valve, effectively reducing resistance and foggy glasses and a warm face. The fabric used in the mask is extremely soft and comfortable. You can ensure that the fabric will not cause any irritation to the skin.

Super Cool Handmade Blue Camouflage Contoured Cloth Face Mask:

It is a handmade face mask that is reversible. It means that you can use the masks by flipping it to the other side. You can wear this mask in public, at home, or even in the hospitals. These are washable face masks, so you can regularly wash them and keep them clean. You can wear it over your N95 as a cover or wear it alone. Once you wear it, it will give a fashionable look to you. Moreover, it is light and breathable so won’t feel suffocated.

Stylish Handmade Heart Beat Pattern Contoured Reversible Cloth Face Mask:

It is a mask that will keep you protected from germs, infection, and pollutants in public places like offices and various grocery stores. It is extremely stylish with an amazing combination of colors and a heartbeat pattern. You can wear it with all the fashionable clothes such as jeans, a dress, summer shorts. The fabric used in the mask is 100% American cotton and extremely soft. You won’t feel irritated by wearing it, even for the whole day.

The mask is designed in such a way that it would comfortably fit around the nose and the mouth. It has got an adjustable strap, which makes it easy to tighten. Moreover, it will not fog the glasses you wear.

Pink Camouflage Face Masks For Ladies and Girls:

This face mask is contoured in a way that it fits properly to the face, covering the nose and the mouth. It is a face mask made from cotton fabric and reversible. You can wash it regularly to keep it clean and safe to wear. The face masks will protect you from getting any infectious diseases during the uncontrolled spread of COVID-19. The best thing about this mask is that it can be worn on the N95 mask and other surgical masks.

These are some amazing collections of face masks available at sassydogfashions. You can visit the website for more such products and choose the one that suits you the best.


Wearing a face mask is essential for everyone, whether you are a kid, an adult, or a senior citizen. Masks and other types of face coverings can prevent the wearer from transmitting the COVID-19 virus to others and may provide some protection to the wearer. Face masks are considered as the perfect barriers to transmission. So during fall, you must ensure that you are not going out in public without a proper face mask.

10Oct 2020

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here, and it’s high time that we show support to the fighters of breast cancer together. But how are you supposed to do that? Before we begin talking about it, let’s discuss a little about this special month.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month(BCAM) also known as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), is actually an annual international breast cancer awareness campaign organized by major breast cancer charities. All around the world, many women lose their lives every year to this cancer, all because they can’t get it diagnosed in the early stages

This is what Breast Cancer Awareness Month is all about – spreading awareness.

But how can you spread awareness? By wearing pink ribbons or maybe by hosting a fundraiser? Well, we have a unique way of spreading awareness!

Wearing Breast Cancer Awareness Month Masks

Sassy Dog Fashions came up with an intuitive and creative way of commemorating this year’s BCAM with trendy masks which helps promote awareness. Two unique designs – one black contoured with pink elements including pink ribbons, the other a pink contoured mask with contoured elements including “love” texts and pink ribbons.


The masks are not just the tools for spreading awareness but with double-layered protection, you can use them to fight against COVID-19. But how exactly will the masks help spread awareness? Here’s how:

Running Errands

If pandemic has taught us anything, it is to stay hygienic and maintain social distance. Regularly washing your hands, sanitizing the surroundings, and of course, wearing a mask. These activities have become the new normal. 

Are you going out to get some groceries? Then put on one of our breast cancer awareness month’s face masks and let people see the amazing face masks bearing the symbol of NBCAM – the pink ribbon. It is as simple as that!

Do you know the best part about it? You can wear our NBCAM masks over your N95 & K95 masks. This means you would stay extra protected along with spreading the awareness.

Use Your Social Media Skills

Do you love using your social skills on Instagram or Facebook? Then it is time you put them to spread awareness about this special month. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t take up any effort.

So, what do you have to do? When you are out, running errands, or simply wearing one of our NBCAM face masks, simply take a selfie and upload it on your social media feed! Let your family, friends, and followers know that you support the cause.

What else can you do? Whenever you share your picture with our NBCAM masks, make sure you use #breastcancerawareness or #BCAM as hashtags!

Sharing Is Caring

Don’t worry, you don’t have to share your own NBCAM mask. But you can order NBCAM for all your family members, even for the kids from Sassy Dog Fashions. Our NBCAM face masks are available in 4 different sizes – right from for 3 years old to adults with bigger faces.

This will help stir up the conversation about breast cancer, at least in your family hence, spreading awareness! You can also pose with your family wearing the NBCAM face masks, click a picture and share it on your social media!


With the pandemic upon us and with the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is important more and more people learn about Breast Cancer. And with Sassy Dog Fashions’ BCAM face masks, you can keep your guard up against COVID-19 and support BCAM too!