11Jan 2023

There are a lot of dog beds out there, and the first thing you’ll probably wonder is: What’s the right bed? The quality of your dog’s life is essential, but it’s also imperative to consider what kind of habits your dog might have. If your dog lies on his or her belly most of the time, you’re in luck — assuming you want him/her to be comfortable. But, then, it’s best to read this article right now. We’ll be going to tell you everything you need to know about getting a better bed for your dog.

How to Decide on the Right Bed for Your Dog?

Think About Your Dog’s Health and Behavior

Every day, your dog sends you hints regarding the ideal dog bed; you need only learn to read their body language.

Does your dog, for instance, have trouble relaxing and find that their bed is the best spot to do so? Instilling feelings of safety and protection is possible by using a nest bed with elevated borders.

Dog behavior also relates to their desire to chew. Problem chewers require sturdy bedding that won’t be torn to pieces while you’re out doing errands. Investing in a dog bed that will last will save you money in the long term, as you won’t have to keep buying new ones every year.

The best dog beds have a big zip opening and zipper protection to protect your flooring and discourage your chewing companion from messing with the zipper head.

Find a Dog Bed That Fits Your Dog

OK, this step sounds basic, but so many dog owners need to correct it!!!

The bed you choose for your dog should be roomy enough that they won’t have to lay with their paws on the floor even if they desire to.

Dog beds that allow them to curl up are popular among toy and smaller breeds. Selecting a little bed for a small dog breed is like taking them back to their den days with their littermates; it makes them feel secure and snuggled.

Pick a Dog Bed That Can Be Washed

Dog beds may be difficult to keep clean, especially if you have a dog that sheds a lot.

The best dog bed will have removable covers and other features that make cleaning a breeze. You don’t want to be scratching your head while trying to hand-clean a fur-covered bed because of allergies. Make sure the cover of your dream bedroom can be removed and washed whenever you want.

Pick a Bed for Each Dog

It’s cute to see numerous dogs sharing a bed and squishing each other as they did when they were puppies. While ideally, you’d provide one bed per dog, two will suffice.

This will reduce the likelihood of competitive behavior and provide all dogs a haven to go to when they need a break.

Get separate beds for each dog you have in case you have more than one pet.

Final Words!

There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing a bed for your dog. We’ve discussed the most important ones, including your dog’s needs, preferences, and sleeping habits. Now it’s up to you to decide which bed is best for your dog. Hopefully, we’ve helped you narrow down the options a bit, but if you follow our advice, there’s a good chance you’ll find the perfect fit for your dog.

5Jan 2023

Let’s face it, having a pet is one of the greatest things that can happen to you as a pet parent.

It opens a world of positivity and closeness unlike any other type of relationship you will ever have.

Pet ownership can also cause tremendous stress, as caring for an animal is much more challenging than caring for a child.

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to relieve all stress by turning to your best friend: your online dog boutique.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best pet boutique.

1. Browse the Store’s Website

The first step in deciding which pet boutique is right for you is to browse the store’s website. This will give you a sense of what they offer and if they have anything that matches your needs or wants.

It’s important to take your time and research before making a purchase, so make sure you take notes as you go through each page of their site.

If any items on their website interest you, keep them in mind as we move forward into our next steps!

2. Look for Reviews Online

Look online for reviews of pet boutiques and listen to what customers say. If you are reading a review about the shop, look at the comments section and see if anyone has anything negative to say about it or their service.

Also, read any other reviews left by past customers. You can also check out Google Maps or Yelp if you want to know where the store is located, but these sites only sometimes have reviews for every pet boutique.

3. Ask Them About Their Policies

If you’re considering purchasing from a pet boutique, it’s essential to know exactly what you’re getting into.

Here are some things you should ask your potential retailer about their policies and procedures:

  • What is their exchange policy?
  • Do they accept returns? How long do they have to process them?
  • How do they accept payments?
  • Do they offer any guarantee on their products?

4. Ask if They Have Any Special Offers or Discounts

Some pet boutique owners offer special deals and discounts for their customers. If you find a pet boutique that offers a good deal, it’s worth checking out its website and seeing what they offer.

You can also ask them in person if they have any special offers for you or your pet.

5. Don’t Forget the Pricing

If you’re new to pet shopping, knowing exactly what you should be paying for your new pet can be challenging. There are so many different types of boutique pets that it can be hard to know what’s a reasonable price.

The best way to find out how much your pet needs to be priced is by checking out their website or asking them directly about their pricing. You should also consider checking out the price of a similar pet in the same type of store and make sure that it isn’t too high.

If you have any questions about the price, feel free to ask them!

In The End…

Finding the best pet boutique means knowing what to look for and how to find it. There are too many factors involved in choosing a pet store to list them all here, but these seven tips should help you get on the right track.


16Dec 2022

As a pet parent, you feel like your furry pal is your baby and hate going anywhere without them. Enter the designer dog bag. Whether planning an international vacation or just a trip downtown, having the right designer dog bag can make all the difference in carrying them around in style and comfort.

From a backpack to a tote carrier, there are many styles to fit your lifestyle and your dog’s breed. For avid travelers, finding a TSA-approved Designer Dog Bags for Small Dogs that meets all FAA requirements is a top priority. Other pet parents may want the right bag to get prepped for a trip out on the town.

Many top-notch brands offer designer dog bags for small dogs that allow you to carry your fur baby in sophistication without causing any discomfort.

Here are the designer dog bags to tow your little one around in.

Types of Designer Dog Bags for Small Dogs 

• Sling Style Carrier Bag for Small Dogs

A sling-style carrier bag is a must-have if you are looking to carry your fur baby in style and turn you into the ultimate pet parent. The trendy designer bag for small dogs exudes total class and sophistication. Made of super soft mesh, the designer dog bag is comfortable for you and your pet, and the extra-wide padded strap is easy to adjust. You can go for the one with the fleece lining to keep your pup warm and to snuggle within.

• Tote Carrier Bag for Small Dogs

For a fashion-forward pet parent, a tote dog bag is the purse of your dreams. This luxury designer dog bag comes with adjustable shoulder straps, giving you more freedom while carrying your furry baby. The dog bag features a side mesh window and pocket, a tether for safety, and a luxurious faux fur mat to give your pup extra comfort. It is available in various colors of your choice and handmade with leather.

• Wheeled Carrier Bag for Small Dogs

The wheeled carrier is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a designer dog bag that functions like a stroller but doesn’t look like one. It has all the same features as the tote handbag but with wheels and a cute little flag for visibility in crowded airline terminals.

• Canvas Carrier Bag for Small Dogs

You can use canvas carrier bags for small dogs to carry your pets to local places such as a supermarket or anywhere nearby. These dog bags are trendy, made of 100% cotton canvas, and come with or without fleece lining. The bag has a peep window allowing you to check on your pet and for them to peek out.


All the designer dog bags for small dogs mentioned above incorporate high fashion, comfort, and function, allowing you to carry your furry companion gracefully.

Your pets are your best friends, and you should give them all the necessary care, and traveling with them should be comfortable for you and the pet. Therefore, designer dog bags for small dogs are the best option. Many companies offer classy dog carriers and purses for everyday wear and travel but look for credible companies such as Sassy Dog Fashions to buy your bag.

7Nov 2022

What size dog coats do I need? People who are looking for dog coats for their four-legged pals frequently ask this question. A crucial step in preparing your dog’s winter wardrobe is to take the time to measure him and purchase the appropriate-sized coat. A well-fitting coat is a crucial first step in teaching your dog to enjoy donning clothing and makes it simpler for them to grow used to the feeling.

Don’t you think it would be ideal to keep your dogs comfortable and dry during the winter? You may accomplish that by getting them cozy Custom Dog Coats. No breed, including labradors, greyhounds, and others, is genetically programmed to withstand the cold. They lack natural clothing to withstand the winters and stay warm. Just as you wouldn’t dress in sleeveless attire during the cold months. Your cherished pets are affected in the same way, so don’t forget about them.
If you are still confused about placing the Custom Dog Coats order, here are a few top reasons to do so:

• It is the best thing that you can get it for your dog during winters
Even animals cannot survive in harshly cold locations throughout the winter. Dogs must be shielded from inclement weather and environmental fluctuations as well. When taking your dog outside in such conditions, investing in some warm, thick hoodies can be a lifesaver. They prefer it when their skin is still protected by an additional covering.

• Much needed protection from allergens
Coat and additional garments can serve as a barrier against various allergens and harsh materials. You may provide your dogs with sun protection. Additionally, it is a smart idea to have a hoodie for your pet.

• Makes a style statement
It can serve as your dog’s fashion statement in addition to serving as a comfortable collar. By clothing the same, you can create a pair that matches to elicit the “aww” reaction. Different designs of hoodies are available, and your pet stands out among the crowd as a fashionable pet.

• Greater night visibility
When pets are clothed in gorgeous hoodies, they can look even cuter. Your pet will become more lively if you force them to wear their favorite hoodies.
Your dog will be more noticeable at night if you make them wear a colorful sweatshirt. Additionally, if you let your dog off the leash, you don’t need to worry. coats with lots of reflective material will make finding your dog easy. Since their fur protects you from sand and grime, you may unwind and take pleasure in whatever you’re doing.

Your dog will combat anxiousness if you keep them dressed. Dogs, like humans, can occasionally become worried. Dogs that are dressed experience less anxiety, allowing you to leave your pet at home for a lengthier period. Dogs are delicate works of God, and Custom Dog Coats give them a sense of safety and protection. Dogs enjoy being pampered by their owners.

21Oct 2022

Don’t you think you can give your dogs the best by keeping them warm and dry in winter? Well, you can do that by buying them warm hoodies. No breed, be it labradors, greyhounds, or others are wired genetically to beat the cold environment. They do not have natural clothing to fight the winters and keep themselves warm. Like you would not wear sleeveless clothes in winter to shiver. The same applies to your beloved pets, hence you should think about them.

There are several other reasons for buying dog hoodies for small dogs.

Keeps them clean

Most pet owners worry about their little pups when they take them out. Pets track dirt and mud easily and quickly, and clothes and hoodies keep them covered. In addition, you don’t have to give your pet an instant and impromptu shower. Clothes keep them covered for their best. So, get your dog its protective hoodies.

Keeps your dog extra warm

Harsh cold climates are not manageable, and even animals cannot manage chilling winters. Dogs also need protection from harsh weather and climatic changes. Buying warm thick hoodies can act as a savior for your dog when taken out in such weather. It makes them feel more comfortable when their skin remains covered with an extra layer.

Keeps dog healthy

Extra clothing and hoodies can act as a deterrent to different types of allergies and coarse materials. You can protect your dogs from sunburn. Moreover, it is a wise move to carry a hoodie for your pet.

Fashion statement

Apart from a comfy collar, it can also act as a fashion statement for your dog. You can make a duo wearing matching clothes by dressing up the same to get that “aww” factor. Hoodies come in different styles, and your pet catches everyone’s attention as a stylish pet.
Pets are cute and can look adorable when dressed in cute hoodies. If you make your pet wear their favorite hoodies, you will see them getting more playful.


Making your dog wear a colored hoodie can make them visible at night. Moreover, you don’t have to worry if you let your dog off the collar. Highly reflective hoodies will help you find your dog anywhere. Their fur acts as a shield from dirt and sand, and you can easily relax and enjoy whatever you do.


When you keep your dog dressed, it helps them to fight anxiety. Not only humans but dogs can also get anxious at times. A dressed dog feels less anxious when dressed, and you can leave your pet at home for an extended period. Dogs are fragile creatures of God, and clothes make them feel secure and protected. In short, dogs love to get pampered by their owners, and getting dog hoodies for your small dogs is the best way to show your affection. Don’t wait and get your dog small adorable hoodies.


21Oct 2022

Do you own a dog? If you take your dog for regular walks, harnesses are important. But even the best-behaved dogs can become sidetracked when running and end up losing their owners. Therefore, you should need your dog to wear a collar or harness to keep them close to you at all times, whether you’re walking, running, or driving. When you go out, a dog harness will do the trick. The harness has several advantages for your pet, including preventing neck injuries caused by pulling. However, this is why you can find a number of harnesses online. But choosing the right personalized dog harness and leash set might be difficult since options are more.

Things to keep in mind when selecting a personalized dog harness and leash set

Find the proper fit

Obviously, the size of your dog is going to be a major factor in determining what kind of harness would work best for you. If you get the proper size, they’ll be more at ease on your strolls. While most harnesses for dogs may be adjusted to fit a wide range of sizes, it’s still important to get one that’s the closest fit for your pup.

Consider Padding

When taking our dogs on walks, the last thing we want is for them to be in pain. You’re providing them with a harness so that when you need to bring them back to you, they won’t have to strain their neck or throat to do so. Even though your dog is wearing a harness, it may experience discomfort if you tug on it, especially if it is trying to escape. Adding padding is a great method to make sure your dog is comfortable even if they struggle to stay in the harness.

Pick one that coordinates with your leash

Not all dog harnesses are compatible with the same leash set. Even though you would think your everyday leash would do the trick, you won’t be able to use it if it doesn’t securely fasten to your dog’s harness.

When picking out a dog harness, it’s important to make sure it works with the leash you already have. For this, our personalized dog harness and leash set can be a great option. This is especially true if you have an excellent retractable leash that you don’t want to replace. There is a possibility that your leash will not work because of the disparity in lock sizes. If you need help finding the correct harness for your dog at the pet store, simply bring its leash along.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best dog harness for your pet might be difficult due to the wide variety of products available. There are many options out there, but if you keep the aforementioned considerations in mind, you should be able to select the best one for your dog. We at Sassy Dog Fashions are here to provide you with a personalized dog harness and leash set meet your specific needs. Feel free to explore and shop the best.