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13Jun 2022

For me, I cannot imagine taking a vacation without my dogs, Luna and Reve. This however usually means traveling with them in the car. Car travels with your dogs can feel a bit strenuous for both you and your pets. However, this uncertainty can be mitigated if you plan well for the journey. Here are some steps to ensure that your dog needs are met along the way.

Keep Your Dog Secured in the Car

Keep Your Dog Secured in the Car

When traveling with your dog, one of the most important things to ensure is to keep them secured so they are not wandering around. Due to the excitement or anxiety of traveling, they are likely to get jumpy. This is dangerous as they can distract you and eventually cause an accident. They can even harm themselves, for example, jumping out of the window. It is also a safety precaution in case you get into any form of accident. Your pet will not be launched out of the car due to impact.
It is due to the above reasons that you want to make sure that your dog is safely restrained inside the vehicle. There are many options available for this, including pet seat belts, harnesses and crates. You can also have a carrier and strap it to the seat with a seatbelt. Nonetheless, it should be big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably.

Pack a Travel Kit

You do not want any surprises when you get into the car. Hence, when traveling with your dogs, it is best to pack everything they might need into one handy kit. Having all the supplies needed for your trip in one easy-to-grab bag also ensures that everything is always ready when needed.
One of the things you must make sure is that your dog has plenty of water and food available during the trip. The crate that they travel in should also be easy to get into and out of so that food and water can be accessed easily during stops along the way.
Also pack any medications that may be necessary during the trip. Other items that you need to pack include food bowls, water bowls, grooming supplies, toys and treats, waste bags, leashes, and Collars among others.

Add Identification to Your Dog

Add Identification to Your Dog

It is also crucial that you add some form of identification on your dog. For this, you want to ensure that they have a dog collar with an ID tag. This should contain your address information as well as your phone number. If you are traveling to a new place temporarily, ensure that you update the address information on the tag. Taking this precaution increases your chances of being reunited with your beloved pet in case they get lost while on travel.
Here are some dog clothes and accessories that you can carry with you:

Hawaiian Camp Dog Shirt – Island Life

You will love everything about the Hawaiian Camp Dog Shirt by SassyDogFashions. The bright colors and fun prints are sure to make your pup stand out in a crowd. The leash hole is ideal for simple walks in the park or longer walks around town, and you can even get a matching design in other products. We carry all sizes from extra small through extra-large, so you can get one that fits your dog perfectly.

Butterflies Dog Collar in all Sizes

This stylish designer dog collar is perfect for your girl. Made from soft nylon, this collar features a cute ribbon, patterned with butterflies and sewn onto the comfortable yet strong nylon strap for durability. The secure plastic quick release buckle makes it easy to take on and off, while the nickel-plated D-ring allows you to easily attach the matching leash. Not only does it come in multiple sizes, but also has a wide range of adjustability, helping you find the perfect fit for your pup.

Cute Personalized Dog Harness and Leash in Pink Houndstooth

This is the perfect everyday custom harness for your girl, so you can bring her along everywhere you go! It features a cute pink houndstooth pattern that gives it that extra touch of sophistication. You can also customize it with an embroidered name to make it even adorable. It is well padded both at the neck and the chest to make sure that she is comfortable. Being a no pull harness, it is a safe option for your darling as it will not put stress on her neck and hurt her. Add a matching pink leash!

Al The Gator Pet Bow Tie for Dogs and Cats

This pink bow tie with cute gator prints is a must-have accessory for any stylish pet. It can be attached to almost any of her collars to make her look dapper. This designer bow tie can be used for both dogs and cats. Made of soft materials and with the secure touch fastener strip on the back, it will be easy to attach and remove from any collar. Available in two sizes: Small and Large.


Driving with dogs is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. But, it can be a little stressful for both you and your pup. Above are some tips to help you keep your dog safe while traveling in the car.

2May 2022

I don’t know what it’s like in your household, but in mine, my pets, Luna and Reve, are part of the family. So when I get invited to an outdoor wedding party, I carry them with me to enjoy the day with me. I am also going to take this opportunity to accessorize them and make sure they are looking gorgeous and are the talk of the party.

We hope you will be inspired by all the wonderful wedding party pet accessories available in our online pet boutique shop. Even if you don’t need a new stylish pet collar or designer dog dress, perhaps one is just what your furry baby needs! With so many possibilities in terms of style and color, it’s easy to find something that will perfectly suit your four-legged friend.

Bling Clear Rhinestone Dog Collar

Our wedding luxury dog collar is a beautiful clear rhinestone dog collar. This dog jewelry is perfect for weddings, prom, or any special occasion where you want your beloved four-legged friend to look extra stylish! We are proud of the quality of this collar and it can be made in all sizes from xs to xxl and cat style. The large strap has a tensile strength of 1,200 pounds so it’s strong enough for big dogs too! You can also couple this luxurious dog collar with a matching fashion leash.

Luxury Designer Dog Wedding Dress

Luxury Designer Dog Wedding Dress

Add a little sparkle to your dog’s special day with this luxury designer wedding dog dress by Sassy Dog Fashions. Every attention to detail of this unique piece has been carefully crafted by hand. It features tulle, lace, jewels, and a fabulous train trimmed with pearls and rhinestones, just like a real wedding gown! It is sure to make your pup feel like royalty. This dress is made with love in all sizes from extra small to large.

Fancy Purple Cat Rhinestone Safety Collar

Your cat will look so fancy in our Rhinestone Cat Safety Collar! With its adorable purple color, your kitty will get to stand out at the wedding, while at the same time remain protected. It also has a nickel bell that will not tarnish and will make a great sound when cats play with each other! This is attached to a strong 3/8″ safety cat collar strap, which is triple stitched with heavy-duty thread at the stress points to provide maximum durability. Best of all, it comes with a breakaway buckle that opens under pressure – This provides a safe option for your baby as it will be able to break free unharmed if it gets stuck.

Royal Princess Pink Ruffled Dog Dress

The Royal Princess Pink Ruffled Dog Dress by Sassy Dog Fashions is a handmade classic that will work perfectly as a wedding dress for your furry princess. The hemline is finished in feminine ruffles, designed to fall beautifully on top of your dog’s hind end. It also features a satin bow adorned with a crystal crown for a touch of elegance. The luxurious dog dress is made with high-quality materials and with love to make your dog feel beautiful on a special day.

Houndstooth Dog Dress

Houndstooth Dog Dress

You’re going to love our beautiful houndstooth fashion dog dress! It’s made out of 100% cotton and trimmed with lace at the lining. It has a puff heart, as well as a matching satin bow that adds that extra touch of cuteness to any outfit. The festive dress is perfect for weddings and Valentine’s Day, or any day of the year on which you want to show off how stylish your little fur baby is! Handmade dog clothes are a luxury for dogs, cats, and puppies, who deserve their own designer wardrobe too!


So there you have it, a variety of options for some special wedding party pet accessories for your loved one. We hope that you are now more confident about shopping and purchasing with Sassy Dog Fashions. All of these dog clothes and accessories will help ensure your pet has an unforgettable wedding party experience and that they have everything they need to enjoy themselves.

14Mar 2022

With winter finally bidding us adieu, and spring almost on our doorsteps, it is time to get rid of the blues and bask in the sunshine. Along with spring-cleaning, how about revamping the wardrobes of your frisky feline fashionistas and cute canine catwalk celebs?

Spring fashion is not limited to us. There is a whole host of chic options for our fur babies as well. At SassyDogFashions, I make it a point to offer all the lovely pet parents seasonal attire for their dogs and cats. As a pet mom and designer, all my cat and dog clothes and accessories are made keeping in mind the comfort and fashion factor of the pets. So whether it is a poolside brunch, a lazy picnic in the park, or a walk by the beach, make sure that your dog is dressed to make heads turn with my latest handmade dog clothes.

The New For Spring 2022 Collection At SassyDogFashions

1. Purple Lime Harness

The first in our “New for Spring” collection is this gorgeous Purple Lime Harness. It is the latest addition to our wide range of custom dog harness collections. It loudly announces that your dog is ready for spring with its bright purple and lime green color combo. Inspired by those cooling cocktails that seem like spring in a glass, this is the perfect addition to your dog clothes and accessories shelf.

With a comfortable and easy to put on and take off harness style, it has floral motifs on the body, which flares out in a lovely skirt. There is a lime green cape with white polka dots and lime green wavy lace patterns on the skirt. This stylish dog harness comes with a matching leash, is available in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. So now no excuse for your teacup dogs, regular dogs, and large dogs not to be fashionable.

2. Blue Lagoon Hawaiian Hibiscus Dog Dress

One night I was flipping through my old photos from my life in Hawaii, and the memories of Mai Tais and Luaus led to the creation of this lovely dog dress. With a beautiful tropical hibiscus spread on a serene blue background, your dogs and cats will bloom like spring flowers in this stylish dog harness dress that comes with a matching leash and D-ring. Available in sizes to suit all dogs, from purse dogs to big dogs, pick the right size from extra small to large with the help of our sizing chart. Also, available at our luxury pet boutique shop are matching Hawaiian Camp Shirts in a similar print for all the gentlemen in the house.

3. Blue Polka Dot Dog Dress

Blue Polka Dot Dog Dress

Some days you simply want to dress in matching attire with your pet and let the world know that the little heart inside the fur ball holds all the love you need. For days like that, pick our Blue Polka Dot Dog Dress. A simple, girly, and right attire for spring. With beautiful big white polka dots, a white peter pan collar, and a big white bow, you cannot miss the spring vibes in this lightweight, soft dog harness dress with a matching leash in the same print and a D-ring to attach it to the harness dress.

4. Nautical Dog Dress

All those springs and summers that I lived in France were filled with endless trips to the French Riviera. Seeing the fashionable and chic French women dressed in their seas and sailors-inspired outfits left a lasting love in me for nautical themes. SassyDogFashions’ Nautical Dog Dress is an ode to those youthful times. This beautiful lightweight made in America dog dress is a perfect choice for those evenings at the beach. The classic blue, white, and red in this dress are sure to grab the hearts of all.

With classic blue and white stripes on the torso and a scarf in white, a blue skirt with little white anchors on them, a red satin bow to finish the look, and a matching leash with a D-ring, you cannot find more perfect vacation apparel for your dogs or cats. Pick the right size from extra small to large. Call us if you need any guidance.

5. Personalized Orange Mesh Soft Pet Dog Harness

Now something for all the boy dogs. Our personalized dog harness and leash is the perfect daily wear harness and leash set for your taking your dogs or cats out on their walks.
This plush padded harness is comfortable and has a breathable mesh outer lining. This soft harness is available in five gorgeous spring shades, and the orange one is the current in-demand color.

Available in sizes extra small to large, you get to personalize it by getting the name of your dog embroidered on it. You can also opt for this if you are in search of the perfect personalized dog gift.

6. Wire Rim Sunglasses

Wire Rim Sunglasses

And finally, the last of our latest offerings at SassyDogFashions are these super cool luxury pet sunglasses to keep the glare off for your lovely dogs and cats. These retro-style round-rimmed metallic sunglasses are a quirky fashion choice for all cat and small dog owners. No spring aesthetic Instagram picture is going to be complete without these sunglasses paired with one of our handmade dog clothes. Do not forget to tag us when you post pictures of your babies.


At SassyDogFashions, a lot of care and love is showered on making sure that your pets are dressed in the most comfortable, easy to wear, and the latest in dog fashions. So whether you are a pet parent or someone looking for a stylish boutique shop designer dog clothes and accessories, there is definitely something for all at our store.

7Mar 2022

Spring is here, making our days bright and filled with verve. Now that all the heavy winter wear has been packed up, it is time to start dressing your dog in bright apparel suitable for spring. And if you are looking to revamp your fur baby’s wardrobe, then we have got you a wide array of trendy pup and dog wear apparel choices in our “New For Spring 2022 Collection

There are several online stores where you can find an amazing spring collection for your canine friend. SassyDogFashions is known for offering trendy, chic, and comfortable seasonal clothing for your little pets. All you need to do is browse through SassyDogFashions, and you will find many must-buys in our new spring collection. Choose the best ones for your dogs, pups, or cats. I ensure all the pet (dog/cat) clothing and accessories are designed to offer maximum comfort and cuteness to your pets. My creations are always made keeping in mind the latest fashion trend and the comfort of your pets. The fabric that I use is of high quality. The dresses are handmade and attractive.

In the spring season, you might have made plenty of plans to take your dog out in the open. Whether you plan a picnic, a trek, or a poolside party, our spring dog clothing will prove to be the best choice.

The Sassiest Dog Dresses From SassyDogFashions

1. Bella & Friends #Selfie Lime Party Dog Dress

Let us start the list with a fun, frilly, frothy concoction of a dress. This lovely dress is a blend of premium cotton and tulle fabrics in colors that make heads turn. This dress is a true labor of love as it has different fabrics. It has a striking lime-colored embroidered and striped bodice, multiple layers of tulle with ribbon tips, and a ruffled waistline. I have also added a D-ring for easy leash attachment. This is a perfect choice for all the parties and pool-side gatherings your dog is going to attend this season. The best part of this dress is the custom embroidered #selfie design on the back.

2. Born In The USA Red Cotton Dog Dress

For those who believe we do not need to wait till the 4th of July to show that our hearts beat red, white, and blue, this dog dress in bright red is the right choice. This lovely dog dress is comfortable and easy to put on and take off when dressing your fur babies. The word art appears in bright red, blue, and white crystals. Made from super-soft cotton, it will be perfect for this season. If you plan a picnic with your dog, make sure your dog looks attractive in this little red dress. You can also buy the dog dress in bright white color. The dog dress is available in different sizes from XXL to L. Make sure you perfectly measure your dog before selecting the size.

3. Catching Waves Dog Dress with Matching Leash

This is a pretty perfect dog dress for your teacup dogs and small cats. You can pair the dress with Waves Camp Shirt (for the boy dog). Then your dogs can start twinning in these dresses. It will make them look adorable. The dog dress has a D ring feature. You can attach a matching leash while taking your dog for a walk.

4. Pineapple Luau Dog Harness Dress with Matching Leash

It is one of the best dog dresses, and is sure to be your favorite from your dog’s wardrobe. All dogs look lovely wearing bright colors on a sunny day. So why not a Pineapple Luau Dog Harness Dress? You can get the dress in three unique colors, yellow, turquoise, and lime. The dog dress will make your furry friend stand out from others and look adorable. The dress is available with a matching leash and a D ring. Just attach the leash and take your dog out now! This dog dress is available in different sizes for your dog – extra small, small, medium, and large.

5. Bella & Friends The Daisy Mae Dog Dress

Spring and summer are always about bright colors and different fashion trends in dog dresses. This dog dress features a perfect blend of contrasting colors – white dots on black background. This dog dress will cover all your fashion needs for your furry friend. Yellow dog bows are a perfect addition to the dress. You can dress up your dog in this for evening parties. It will make them look sassy! Sizes are available from XXS to XXL, so whether you have a toy dog, small dog, small cat, or large dog, this dress is for all.


At SassyDogFashions, our customers are our priority. We use the best quality cotton and handmade fabric to design all our pet clothing and accessories. As a customer, you will always have the option to personalize the dog dresses with names in different colors. I assure all the pet parents that you will get nothing but the best for your furry friends.

10Jan 2022

Winter is there, and you need to start unpacking your jackets, sweaters, and thermals. What have you thought about your dog this winter? How will you protect them from the changing weather conditions? Most pet parents are worried about protecting their dogs in winter. Are you prepared to keep them all toasty and warm this winter?

Here is an idea that you can implement to keep your dog protected during winters. The best way is to get the best dog jackets and coats for your dog. Dog jackets and coats are usually the first options to protect them from the chilling weather. Even if you want to take your dog for their small daily walks, it is necessary to do so with warm jackets and coats.

You can buy stylish dog jackets, dog coats, and sweaters to dress up your dog in winters and make them look stunning as well as protected.

#1 Sherpa-Lined Dog Harness Coat (Available In Red & White Plaid)Sherpa-Lined Dog Harness Coat

Are you looking for two in one warm winter clothing? If yes, then this is the best coat. This is a beautiful designer dog coat that will give comfort and warmth to your dog in winters. It also comes with a perfect matching harness. The collar is lined with soft fleece fur to give a stylish look. This dog coat has a stunning neck fastener and closures at the chest. To keep your baby snuggly inside the coat. You also get a D ring to attach the matching leash. The fabric used for designing the harness coat is of premium quality.

#2 Grey Herringbone Designer Harness Coat And Matching Leash

Grey Herringbone Designer Dog Harness

Grey Herringbone designer dog coat will help you keep your fur babies looking stylish and protect them from cold weather. The dog coat is designed with premium wool and polyester mix to make it comfortable for even the pickiest dogs. The dog coat has a design that makes your dog look stunning and fashionable.

The bonus is the D-ring attachment with the coat. This D-ring is provided along with the coat so that it is easier to attract the leash to it. Worried about the right size? You can order this dog coat in various sizes. Just ensure that you are measuring your dog perfectly.

#3 Cute Dog Denim Jacket Vest (With A Red Hoodie) For Small Dogs

Want to protect your dogs and make them look dazzling? Get this hoodie jacket for your little furry friend, both boys, and girls. It is a denim jacket with a monogram designed on it. It is a very convenient and easy to put on dog jacket with closures and fasteners placed perfectly. It has also got belt loops to make the jacket look stylish and amazing.
You can get this jacket personalized by having the name of your dog embroidered on it.

#4 Warm And Soft Pink Plush Fleece Paw Print Dog And Puppy Pullover Sweater

Want to get some warm clothes for your female furry friend? Here is the best one. This is a soft and plush pullover in pink color. It has got a paw print design that will make your dog look stylish. You can dress up your dog in this pullover and take them out on a walk during winter mornings or evenings. This product is available in multiple colors. You can browse through the collection of sweaters and pullovers at SassyDogFashions and choose the best one for your dog.

#5 Custom Purple Long Sleeve Fleece Snowflake Dog Sweater Pullover

Getting a long sleeve pullover will protect almost your entire body during the winter season. You have the provision to customize it by changing the color of the threads or the fabric color. The sweater is designed with the best quality fabric to impart a comforting feeling to your dog and absolutely no irritation. It has a lovely and adorable snowflake design. This pullover is not just luxurious but also a stunning item to dress your dog in this winter. It will surely keep your dog warm and cozy during the winter season.


If you want to get some winter jackets and coats for your dog, look no further than SassyDogFashions. One of the best online stores where you can get perfect winter clothes for your dogs and cats. You can find an entire winter collection. These dog clothes are made from premium quality fabric and do not cause any rashes or discomfort to your dog. Simply browse through our collection of winter clothes and choose the best one that suits your dog’s personality.

16Sep 2021

As a dog parent, your first and foremost responsibility is to ensure the safety of your dog. In all the seasons, you need to keep your dog comfortable and cozy with different types of dog apparel and clothing. Besides this, you would also love to dress up your dog with fancy designer clothes when you take them for a walk or to a party. So, from where to get stylish clothes for your dogs? If you are a pet parent looking for the most stunning array of designer dog clothing options, then you have reached the right place. SassyDogFashions is one of the best online pet stores where you can choose from a wide range of collections of different dog clothes. The wide range of collection of dog apparel includes — dog shirts, dog jackets, dog coats, dog pajamas, dog raincoats, dog sweatshirts, dog swimsuits, dog dresses-tutus, and many other essential things that you might require for your pet.

These are some essential dog clothing that is stylish, trendy, cozy, and comfortable.

Dog Pajamas Collection

There are different types of dog pajamas available at SassyDogFashions. There are CuddlePup pajamas, thermal pajamas, and sleeper dog pajamas. All are different from each other, but all three help your dog have a comfortable and sound sleep.

CuddlePup Dog Pajamas — Fluffy Clouds — [Coral/Purple/Blue]

dog pajamas

CuddlePup Dog pajamas are best for snuggle times as they are made from premium cotton and are lightweight. These are an excellent option for summer. The pajamas have got extra-wide cuffs, which will help the dog to drift peacefully in sleep. You can get these in different sizes as well as colors.

Sassy Dog Sleeper Dog Pajama Onesie Jumper

These are some cute and comfortable pajamas for your dog. These dog pajamas are entirely handmade, and the fabric used is ribbed cotton. Wearing these, your dog would feel comfortable and warm while sleeping. It has got a snap closure on the chest for a trendy and stylish look. The following are some of the most popular ones.

  • Sassy Dog Sleeper Dog Pajama Onesie Jumper in Dog Park theme
  • Sassy Dog Sleeper Dog Pajamas Jumper in Purple and Lime
  • Sassy Dog Sleeper Dog Pajamas Jumper in Multi-Color Stripes

Embroidered Sweet Dreams Thermal Dog Pajamas

These are the best sweet dream pajamas you can get for your dog. They are available in different colors — pink/alloy gray/purple and in sizes ranging small, medium, and large. The thermal pajamas are made of high-quality fabric. These pajamas have 70% cotton, 55 spandex, and 25% polyester fabric mix. These dog pajamas are perfect, stretchy, and comfortable. It has also got an open-tail end that can be used for quick potty breaks.

Collection of Dog Tees and Shirts

Candy Striped Dog Tee

dog t shirts

At SassyDogFashions, you will get an amazing collection of stripped as well as plain dog tees. They are handmade from premium cotton fabric and are lightweight. You can get these in 5 bright colors and different sizes. Along with the candy stripe dog tees, you can also get dog tees such as:

  • Teddy Bear Dog Tee
  • Oh My Heart Dog Tee

Collection Of Dog Shirts

You can easily dress up your dog in different dog shirts with beautiful and fun prints. The dog shirts are available in various patterns and colors. The fabric used is soft on your dog’s skin. You can get a collection of Hawaiian shirts –

  • Hawaiian Camp Dog Shirt — Island Life
  • Hawaiian Camp Dog Shirt — Vintage Hibiscus
  • Hawaiian Camp Dog Shirt — Surfboards and Palms
  • Hawaiian Camp Dog Shirt — Moonlight Sails
  • Hawaiian Camp Dog Shirt — Ocean Blue and Palms
  • Hawaiian Camp Dog Shirt — Pineapple Luau
  • Hawaiian Camp Dog Shirt — Sunset Hibiscus

These dog shirts are made from 100% cotton fabric and have got brilliant summery prints. You can get these dog shirts if you plan to take your dog on vacation or even for the neighborhood pool parties.

Dog Dresses And Tutus

At SassyDogFashions, you can get a stunning collection of stylish, trendy, and designer dog dresses. In these dog dresses, you can dress your little girl in high fashion that will make heads turn. These are the perfect choice to dress your dog for a party. These designer dog dresses are of high-quality premium fabric. They are also fashioned with satin ribbons and embroidery to make your dog look the best. You can get different types of ballerina dresses and other dog dresses such as:

  • Ballerina Dog Dress — Pink/Black
  • BFF Designer Pink Dog Dress
  • Blue Lagoon Hawaiian Hibiscus Dog Dress with Matching Leash
  • Catching Waves Dog Dress with Matching Leash
  • Blue Polka Dot Dog Dress with Matching Leash


SassyDogFashions is one of the best online pet stores where you can get a stunning collection of dog clothes and accessories. These dog clothes and accessories are a designer collection and of premium quality fabrics. You would get the choice to personalize clothes and accessories for your dog/ You could get your dog’s names embroidered on the dog collars, harnesses, bandanas, neckties, dog hoodies, dog shirts, and many more items. At this store, you would not just get things for your dog, but also items for yourself. Items such as pet placemats, dog slings, and dog doo-doo bags make the life of a pet parent easy. You can visit the website SassyDogFashions and check out the latest collection of stylish and trendy dog clothes and accessories.