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26Feb 2018

Getting some online custom pet or Custom Dog Clothes can turn out to be a difficult task if you have never done it before but, it will be exciting as well. Pet clothing gives an awesome look to your pet by making it look elegant while also protecting him from different climate risks. However, you must be very careful while getting your pet clothes custom made. Below are 7 most important tips that can help you in purchasing the right clothes or accessories for your pet.

  • Provide the right size:

    Size is one of the basic and first thing that comes to mind while shopping online for your pets. Before getting the custom personalized pet apparel for your pet, you need to ensure that you have the right size of your pet and need to make sure that your pet will be able to wear it easily and comfortably.

  • The pet type and comfort:

    Pet types are also important to consider while getting custom clothes for them. For example if you have a pet cat or dog with a lot of hairs then they should have different kinds of clothes than those whose hairs or fur are less. Similarly, comfort is also very important. Comfortable clothes mean a happy pet and this is an important thing to consider while shopping for your pet. If the clothes are not comfortable then your pet will not look good in it and your money will get wasted.

  • Don’t go for extra detailing:

    Keep your pet’s clothes simple and always go for the casual yet classy looking clothes while shopping online for the custom pet clothes. Clothes with several buttons or tempting accessories can make your pet uncomfortable. So always choose such Embroidered Custom Dog Clothes that are not full of detailing.

  • Get the clothes customized will buttons or zippers:

    Getting the clothes for your pets that have buttons or zippers on them can make it easy for the pet to easily remove it all by itself when they start feeling irritating.

  • Keep the weather in mind:

    In summers, if you are putting a lot of clothes on your pet then get ready to face a completely irritated pet for a whole day. You need to be very careful about the type of clothes and weather while buying your pet’s custom clothes online otherwise your money can go totally wasted.

  • Consider the right fabric:

    From a number of amazing fabrics, you need to choose the one that is most loved by your pet. If you pet seem to be active and happy in a particular fabric then try to buy all other clothes in the same fabric.

  • Consider your budget:

    At last, don’t forget to take a look at your budget. The budget friendly clothes are always the best clothes. So, it is important to consider this thing as well. For some great quality as well as affordable personalized pet apparel you can visit Sassy Dog Fashions.

24Feb 2018

A wrong collar can result in making your pet irritated so, choosing the right collar for your pet is essential as it keeps the pet comfortable and satisfied. Getting the best collar from a pet store can be a difficult task. However, below are 5 ways that can help you in choosing the right one.

  • Choosing the right size:

    Choosing the collar of the right size is very important otherwise your pet can end up getting choked around it’s sensitive neck. So, before getting yourself a good and quality collar from a pet shop, make sure that you have the correct measurements.

  • Choosing the right material:

    The material of the collar matter a lot in the comfort and ease of a pet. If the material is not smooth or delicate then your pet can become a lot more irritated while having a walk. Some good custom leather dog collars can turn out to be the perfect one for your pet’s sensitive neck.

  • Try the simple chain and collar (for calm pets):

    In the event that you don’t have issues while walking with your pet then this can be an incredible collar for you. It enables you to keep your pet securely close to you and keep them away from any harm. This collar is suggested for nice, giddy pets without obedience issues.

  • The Pack Leader Collar (for highly energetic pets):

    The Pack Leader Collar helps in keeping the slip collar at the right top of the pet, which is the neck’s most delicate part. In the event that you’ve got a slip collar for your pet yet experienced difficulty, then this collar might be the solution. It is suggested for puppies that experience difficulty on the walk, especially with pulling. In case that you put the collar on the neck lower part then you are really helping your puppy to pull you around. So, placing the custom dog collars at the right part is also important.

  • The slip pet collar:

    For the pets with issues while the walking, the slip collar can be an incredible thing for correcting their misbehaviours during the walk. In the event that your pet dog is effectively diverted by squirrels, different other pets, or by just the wind, the slip collar allows them to rapidly get back on the track. You can get high quality custom leather dog collars from Sassy Dog Fashions.

So, follow the above discussed points and get the perfect collar for your pet.

20Dec 2017

Today, almost every one of us has a pet and most of us love dogs and cats as our pets. Having a pet is great but we face some issues regarding their health. Changing weather can cause problems for your dog’s health. It can make him/her sick, feel anxious, and can cause bad effects on his/her health. Therefore, dog clothes are so much trending and important for your dog. You can buy clothes for your dog from the market or from online stores. There are designers who design and create clothes for your dog. Nowadays, clothes are not just for protecting the pups, but they are also for style and awesomeness. Some designers and brands also produce embroidered pet wear. People buy these embroidered pets wears to amuse and delight their pups. If you have a pet of your own, then you can use those embroidered pet wear to delight your pet. Here are few ways that you can delight your pet with the help of embroidered clothes.

They will look classy:

If you and your dog are going for a walk and your dog is wearing an embroidered coat with his/her name written on it. Nothing is more cool and awesome than this. Everyone will just look at you and your dog. Your dog’s look will make everyone jealous.

A brand is A Brand:

If you have seen a celebrity’s dog with embroidered clothes on Instagram or Facebook, and want your dog to look the same then you can buy designer clothes from the market or from the online shop. This will surely make your dog look cute and awesome at the same time. Your dog can make his mark on other dogs with those classy clothes within no time.

Let them play with their clothes:

There are clothes available on the market that looks amusing. Those clothes will amuse your furry friend. Some of those clothes look just like joker dress, some of those looks like police dress, some of those contain beads and other stuff that will be amusing to your dog. Your dog will play with it when every he/she will feel boring. Most of the times a female dog (bitch) loves to play with those things.

Your dog will feel comfortable:

If your dog will be wearing embroidered clothes, he/she will feel comfortable in those clothes because of his covered body. His/her clothes will give him/her a feeling that he/she is superior from all. Your dog’s clothes will save him/her from cold and sickness. Clothes will also help your dog in anxious situations. There is a jacket named “thunder shirt”, and available on Amazon or any other store near your home. This will make your dog feel that someone is always hugging him/her. This feel will make your dog feel that he is safe and protected.

3Aug 2017

Humans love to buy sweaters and jackets, especially during colder months so that they don’t feel the cold and to help them adjust to the chilly weather with complete ease and comfort. In the same way that you need protective clothing to keep you warm during winter, the same thing is also applicable to your pets. That is why it is not a big surprise to hear that there are now lots of attractive jackets and sweaters for pets you can find in the market right now. Yes, these trendy pet clothes have become more and more popular, and pet owners are rushing to grab some of these for their beloved pets.

Pet parents take care and look after their pets as if they are their own children so it is understandable if you worry about them when the weather gets colder. During this season, there is a higher chance that your pet will fall sick because of severe cold conditions. In fact, in most parts of America and Europe, the winters tend to be very cold with snowfalls.

This is the reason why you need to purchase clothes for protecting your pets from falling sick and catching cold. The best options for winter clothes are none other than sweaters and jackets. The good news here is that aside from serving as a form of protection, these are even great for showing off your fashion sense and style, something that can benefit both you and your pet.

Gone are the days when you only see pets wearing clothes in movies, looking attractive and cute, because this is now very possible even in real life. It has now become a fashion trend for pet owners to buy clothes complete with accessories so that they look attractive and unique from the rest.

Glam Up Your Pets with Sweaters and Jackets

Among the most important clothes for pets are none other than the sweaters. These are usually made from materials like wool, and they help in keeping the body of your pet warm from the inside. There are also sweatshirts to choose from and these are usually made from other materials aside from wool.

Aside from sweaters and sweaters, you can also look for jackets which are perfect for places where the weather tend to be too cold, or in climates where snowfalls are common. These jackets are also made of various materials, some of which are thick enough to offer complete protection against cold.

Choose Only the Best Sweaters and Jackets

When shopping for sweaters and jackets, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to choose one with the right size and will fit your pet perfectly. If these clothes are too tight or too loose, they might irritate your pet, and they will not have a great time wearing the clothing item. You also have to be mindful about the colors and styles and settle for the ones which will suit your pet best while showing off your own sense of fashion.

26Sep 2016

Certain dogs need to wear coats because they get cold easily. Other dogs need skin protection because they are prone to rashes or insect bites. Then there are dogs who just want to look cute so their owners dress them in pretty coats. Hunting dogs dress in orange on some days and camouflage on the others. There are many different types of coats and reasons dogs need them and we make excellent quality coats to choose from. We have standard fleeces which can be reversible and we have sassy designs which are sure to please them all. Then there are dog raincoats meant for rain and snow and there are dog coats to be worn in dry weather that keep them warm. Dogs need to wear coats for different reasons and even cats wear these pet coats. Be sure to check out our coats.