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15May 2018

10 Ways You Can Beautify Your Pet!

Maria Leindecker

10 Ways You Can Beautify Your Pet!

Below are 10 easy and simple ways you can follow in order to beautify your cute little pet.

    1. Double rinse after bath:
    After giving a good bath to your pet, you have to ensure that you rinse all of the shampoo and conditioner out of your pet. Any item left in can aggravate the skin causing issues; for example, dry skin, chipping, irritation, and so on.

    2. Trimming The Paws:
    Trimming the hair around and in the middle of your pet’s pads has numerous benefits. It’s simpler to wipe them clean after coming back home from anywhere and they also don’t get things so easily; for example, burrs or thorns. Your pet will likewise have better footing on slippery floors as the hairs will not get in their pads.

    3. Provide the right clothes:
    The pets clothes must be according to the season. During the cold climate, pets experience the ill effects of the freezing of paws, ears, as well as tips of tails. So, it is imperative to keep your pet warm, particularly when you have an outdoor pet. Similarly, in summers, it is important to provide them some comfortable and cool clothes otherwise they can get irritated. You can easily get your hands on some cute readymade as well as personalized pet apparel from www.sassydogfashions.com for all kind of seasons. These clothes can make your pet happier and they will look adorable as well.

    4. Provide them the right accessories:
    Along with clothes, it is also important to provide them the right accessories from a good pet shop. You can buy some custom made booties, a cap or coats for your pet to keep them warm in winters even when they are walking on the road. You can also get bow ties for them for summers and raincoats to save them from rain and snow.

    5. Provide clean and fresh water:
    Along with getting them right clothes and accessories, it is also important to provide the pets their required energy to be active in all seasons. So, it is necessary to make sure that you are providing the fresh and pure water to your little buddy. Also, keep your eye on the water bowl and make sure that the water is in a complete hygienic and clean state.

    6. Using appropriate brushes to clean and comb:
    You have to ensure that you utilize the correct brush for your pet’s type. For the pets with short-hair, you can utilize a Furminator short toothed brush and a curry brush which is good for washing. For medium-length pets with undercoat, similar to the Husky, utilize a twofold or single brush to achieve the dead undercoat. For Doodle type pets, you can utilize a stick brush and a slicker or straight brush. For wire or curly haired pets, you have to utilize a slicker brush, wide-toothed brush (for the face). Dematting and straight brushes can be convenient as well.

    7. Use the right shampoo and conditioner:
    Utilizing a good shampoo and conditioner that is defined for the pets, not people. Human shampoos can be toxic and harsh if ingested. So, you need to, pick a good natural pet shampoo as well as the conditioner. You can discuss with your vet before utilizing if your pet has any hypersensitivities or sensitive skin conditions.

    8. Exercise before grooming:
    Making your pet exercise before you groom it can enable them to remain still and quiet while you groom them. It’s particularly helpful for high energy or young pets who keep on jumping from one place to another.

    9. The cloth’s fabric:
    Pets are very sensitive to the kind of fabric you are making them wear. So, make sure you use the fabric that makes them happy and comfortable. This will surely make them look beautiful.

    10. Use accessories:
    What could be an amazing looking accessory than a classic bowtie for your cat or dog? Nothing, right? Getting your pet a cute and classy looking bowtie can make it look adorable and classy at the same time. You can easily check out the cute and colorful bowties from Sassy dog fashions.