LET’S GO BRANDON Dog Collar, Replublican novelty gift, Trump Support dog gift, pet lover gift

How’s your life been going lately? Make a political statement with this Adjustable Red Custom Embroidered LET’S GO BRANDON dog collar and you can even ADD A MATCHING LEASH in 5 feet length. This funny Joe Biden – Trump style nylon dog collar is proudly made in the USA, right here in Pennsylvania using American supplies.

EASY SIZING: Choose your Neck Size (in inches):

Extra Small: 1/2″ x 7-11″

Small: 3/4″ x 10-15″

Medium: 3/4″ x 12-19″

Large: 1″ x 15-24″

Extra Large: 1″ W x 17-29″

Get your dog ready for the next Biden blunder NOW with this cool, funny pet collar. See below for more info on this product.




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Handmade LET’S GO BRANDON, FUNNY FUK JOE BIDEN Custom Dog Collar with Matching Leash Option for All Republican Dogs and Puppies Who also Have a Voice

Republicans just love this collar. We offer it here on our website at the lowest price in our stores.

Easily choose your Neck Size below (in inches):

If you’re ordering the custom 5 foot leash too, I will make it in the same width to match your custom embroidered Trump 2024 collar. It will be a complete matching set.

  • Extra Small 5/8″ W x 7-11″
  • Small: 3/4″ W x 10-15″
  • Medium: 3/4″ W x 12-19″
  • Large: 1″ W x 15-24″
  • Extra Large: 1″ W x 17-29″

Collar and Leash (Optional) Materials/Construction: 

  • MATCHING LEASH: You have the option to order a matching embroidered, high quality 5 foot leash. It’s a generous length and a luxury to use as it gives your dog a little more freedom, and you, a little more slack for extra comfort during your outdoor walk. A matching leash makes a complete set for you.

    • PROUD MEMBER: Proud Member of the let’s go Bandon fuk joe Biden community. Red trump dog collar keeps your dog in campaign-style and is a sad reminder of why it’s important to vote for policies, not personality.
    • PATRIOT DOG COLLAR: Show your republican voter pride when your dog wears cool high-quality AMERICAN MADE Presidential Novelty Merchandise. RED IS THE OFFICIAL COLOR of the REPUBLICAN PARTY, and this fuck joe Biden collar is awfully cute and will get you lots of attention and laughs.
    • EASY SIZING: Be sure to measure accurately. Choose your Neck Size (in inches): Extra Small: 1/2″ x 7-11″, Small: 3/4″ x 10-15″, Medium: 3/4″ x 12-19″, Large: 1″ x 15-24″, Extra Large: 1″ W x 17-29″
    • MATERIALS: Made in the USA with premium heavy-duty American webbing that is ultra-lightweight so it’s very comfortable to wear. Collar is Embroidered on a commercial machine for TOP quality triple stitched. Extra Durable and last long-lasting suitable for a dog’s active lifestyle.
    • JOE BIDEN FUNNY GIFTS: The large dog collar is a great birthday, holiday, or Christmas present for dog and cat lovers and pet owners. Made in America for sassy male and female dogs who want to be spoiled and well presented. Machine washable. I love America, But Since He Came to Power, My Life Has Gotten Worse


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Collar Size

Extra Small, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, Extra Large

Collar size (in inches):
5/8"x6-10"5/8"x7-11"3/4"x10-15"3/4"x12-19"1"x15-24"1" x 17-29"3/8" x 7-11"