Dog Harness Safety Strap, Collar-to-Harness Connector Clip Prevents Escaping and Slipping out of Harness

Puppies are houdinis. This dog harness safety strap connects from your puppy’s collar to its harness D-ring to prevent him or her from slipping out. The security strap acts as a backup leash and you’ll still have your beloved puppy by their collar if they are slider out or step out.  Adversely it also works as a collar back up system where if your pet slips out of the collar you’ll still them by the harness. Growing puppies need time to fill out their harness and this attachment strap can save a life and prevent a catastrophe. Puppies that slip out usually dart fast running down the street into harm’s way or worse or making you run around trying to catch it which can be very exhausting, especially for people who are not in physical condition to run after a darting puppy. Keep your new puppy SAFE. See all SIZES BELOW as well as all smart options for a matching collar, leash and harnesses to make your complete new puppy walking kit. Scroll down to learn more.


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This Gadget Stops 100% of Escape Artists 

for Escaping Cats and Dogs and Puppies and Kittens

Slipping out of harness can be an issue and is very common with small puppies who have to grow enough to fill out their harnesses. New Puppies with new silky fur can easily slip out from both collar and harness. It gives you the extra protection you need and our safety strap is 100% effective. This prevents you running around chasing him or her to catch her. This harness safety strap can prevent a catastrophe, especially if you walk your new puppy or small dog on a public street. New puppies are acrobats and can simply walk backwards, stepping right out of the neck strap. This gadget will 100% stop the problem.

Small puppies, teacups, small toys and small dogs and even medium dogs who are still growing will need time, sometimes months to fill out their new harnesses until it fits snug and tightly around the neck, shoulders and chest. During that time, this little nylon strap gizmo is a life saver. Little dogs are famous for backing out of their harnesses. You will be very happy you chose this little collar connector, it has helped me with my dogs several times when they were tiny and still growing into their harnesses. I had to run and chase them several times down the street and all around the yard and on the walking trail and once it even happened far away on vacation at a lake. These dangerous moments were very scary as my little chihuahua out ran me every time and we thought we had lost her a few times as she was hundreds of yards away hiding under a car. She was spooked and it took over an hour to lure her to me so she didn’t run further because we were extremely exhausted from running already. I vowed never to be in that dangerous situation again so we created this dog strap clip. Once we put the collar-to-harness clip on her, it never happpened again.

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Sizes for Safety Straps (2 clips are added to the sides)
XXSmall 3/8 width x 3 inch strap Most popular for teacups, tiny toy puppies and tiny dogs
X-Small 5/8″ width x 4 inch strap for small growing puppies or small dogs
Small/Medium 3/4″ width x 4 inch strap for bigger puppies and small to medium breeds

Additional information

Strap Size

XXSmall 3/8" W, X-Small 5/8" W, Small/Medium 3/4" W

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